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Started2020-10-26 18:55

No Test Failures!

Error lines from build-log.txt

time="2020-10-26T18:55:55Z" level=info msg="Running command [\"go\" \"test\" \"-v\" \"-run='^$'\" \"-bench=.\" \"../kubernetes/pkg/...\" \"../kubernetes/plugin/...\" \"../kubernetes/vendor/\" \"../kubernetes/vendor/\" \"../kubernetes/vendor/\"]..."
time="2020-10-26T18:55:59Z" level=error msg="Error(s) executing benchmarks." error="exit status 1"
time="2020-10-26T18:55:59Z" level=info msg="Benchmarks completed. Generating JUnit XML..."
time="2020-10-26T18:55:59Z" level=fatal msg="Error: no test suites were found in the 'go test' output." output="go: pattern ../kubernetes/pkg/... refers to dir /home/prow/go/src/, outside module root /home/prow/go/src/\n"