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Tests 2 failed / 22 succeeded
Started2022-08-11 10:37

Test Failures

capa-e2e [unmanaged] [Cluster API Framework] Machine Pool Spec Should successfully create a cluster with machine pool machines 1h25m

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=capa\-e2e\s\[unmanaged\]\s\[Cluster\sAPI\sFramework\]\sMachine\sPool\sSpec\sShould\ssuccessfully\screate\sa\scluster\swith\smachine\spool\smachines$'
Timed out after 2400.000s.
    <int>: 1
to equal
    <int>: 0
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capa-e2e [unmanaged] [functional] [ClusterClass] Multitenancy test [ClusterClass] should create cluster with nested assumed role 19s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=capa\-e2e\s\[unmanaged\]\s\[functional\]\s\[ClusterClass\]\sMultitenancy\stest\s\[ClusterClass\]\sshould\screate\scluster\swith\snested\sassumed\srole$'
Expected success, but got an error:
    <*errors.withStack | 0xc000e8ae28>: {
        error: <*exec.ExitError | 0xc000e22ba0>{
            ProcessState: {
                pid: 30383,
                status: 256,
                rusage: {
                    Utime: {Sec: 0, Usec: 539392},
                    Stime: {Sec: 0, Usec: 291463},
                    Maxrss: 99432,
                    Ixrss: 0,
                    Idrss: 0,
                    Isrss: 0,
                    Minflt: 12151,
                    Majflt: 0,
                    Nswap: 0,
                    Inblock: 0,
                    Oublock: 25504,
                    Msgsnd: 0,
                    Msgrcv: 0,
                    Nsignals: 0,
                    Nvcsw: 4603,
                    Nivcsw: 1407,
            Stderr: nil,
        stack: [0x1a88980, 0x1a88ed0, 0x1c004cc, 0x1fb4f94, 0x2053db8, 0x947ff1, 0x9479e5, 0x9470db, 0x94cdca, 0x94c7c7, 0x958c68, 0x958985, 0x958025, 0x95a3f2, 0x9667e9, 0x9665f6, 0x2063b9b, 0x520982, 0x46d9e1],
    exit status 1
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