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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 179 lines ...
|+ + * . S o . .  |
|++ = + o . . o . |
|o+oEo = o..   =  |
|+..+.. O oo..B   |
|..o ..o =.o+=..  |
ERROR: (gcloud.compute.config-ssh) Could not fetch resource:
 - Required 'compute.projects.get' permission for 'projects/k8s-prow-builds'

+ true
+ [[ -n '' ]]
+ init_infrastructure
+ [[ capo-e2e-mynetwork != \d\e\f\a\u\l\t ]]
+ gcloud compute networks describe capo-e2e-mynetwork --project k8s-boskos-gce-project-03
ERROR: (gcloud.compute.networks.describe) Could not fetch resource:
 - The resource 'projects/k8s-boskos-gce-project-03/global/networks/capo-e2e-mynetwork' was not found

+ gcloud compute networks create --project k8s-boskos-gce-project-03 capo-e2e-mynetwork --subnet-mode custom
Created [].
capo-e2e-mynetwork  CUSTOM       REGIONAL
... skipping 71 lines ...
x_gcloud_bgp_routing_mode: REGIONAL
x_gcloud_subnet_mode: CUSTOM
+ gcloud compute routers describe capo-e2e-myrouter --project=k8s-boskos-gce-project-03 --region=us-east4
ERROR: (gcloud.compute.routers.describe) Could not fetch resource:
 - The resource 'projects/k8s-boskos-gce-project-03/regions/us-east4/routers/capo-e2e-myrouter' was not found

+ gcloud compute routers create capo-e2e-myrouter --project=k8s-boskos-gce-project-03 --region=us-east4 --network=capo-e2e-mynetwork
NAME               REGION    NETWORK
capo-e2e-myrouter  us-east4  capo-e2e-mynetwork
Creating router [capo-e2e-myrouter]...
+ gcloud compute routers nats describe --router=capo-e2e-myrouter capo-e2e-mynat --project=k8s-boskos-gce-project-03 --region=us-east4
ERROR: (gcloud.compute.routers.nats.describe) NAT `capo-e2e-mynat` not found
+ gcloud compute routers nats create capo-e2e-mynat --project=k8s-boskos-gce-project-03 --router-region=us-east4 --router=capo-e2e-myrouter --nat-all-subnet-ip-ranges --auto-allocate-nat-external-ips
Creating NAT [capo-e2e-mynat] in router [capo-e2e-myrouter]...
+ create_devstack controller public
+ local name=controller
+ shift
... skipping 96 lines ...
+ local machine_type=GCP_MACHINE_TYPE_controller
+ machine_type=n2-standard-16
+ local servername=capo-e2e-controller
+ local diskname=capo-e2e-disk
+ local imagename=capo-e2e-controller-image
+ gcloud compute disks describe capo-e2e-disk --project k8s-boskos-gce-project-03 --zone us-east4-a
ERROR: (gcloud.compute.disks.describe) HTTPError 404: The resource 'projects/k8s-boskos-gce-project-03/zones/us-east4-a/disks/capo-e2e-disk' was not found
+ gcloud compute disks create capo-e2e-disk --project k8s-boskos-gce-project-03 --image-project ubuntu-os-cloud --image-family ubuntu-2004-lts --zone us-east4-a
Created [].
NAME           ZONE        SIZE_GB  TYPE         STATUS
capo-e2e-disk  us-east4-a  10       pd-standard  READY
+ gcloud compute images describe capo-e2e-controller-image --project k8s-boskos-gce-project-03
+ gcloud compute instances describe capo-e2e-controller --project k8s-boskos-gce-project-03 --zone us-east4-a
ERROR: (gcloud.compute.instances.describe) Could not fetch resource:
 - The resource 'projects/k8s-boskos-gce-project-03/zones/us-east4-a/instances/capo-e2e-controller' was not found

+ gcloud compute instances create capo-e2e-controller --project k8s-boskos-gce-project-03 --zone us-east4-a --image capo-e2e-controller-image --boot-disk-size 200G --boot-disk-type pd-ssd --can-ip-forward --tags http-server,https-server,novnc,openstack-apis --min-cpu-platform 'Intel Cascade Lake' --machine-type n2-standard-16 --network-interface=private-network-ip=,network=capo-e2e-mynetwork,subnet=capo-e2e-mynetwork --metadata-from-file user-data=/logs/artifacts/devstack/cloud-init-controller.yaml
WARNING: Some requests generated warnings:
 - Disk size: '200 GB' is larger than image size: '10 GB'. You might need to resize the root repartition manually if the operating system does not support automatic resizing. See for details.

ERROR: (gcloud.compute.instances.create) Could not fetch resource:
 - The zone 'projects/k8s-boskos-gce-project-03/zones/us-east4-a' does not have enough resources available to fulfill the request.  '(resource type:compute)'.

+ cleanup
+ [[ -z 577 ]]
+ kill -9 577
+ pkill sshuttle
... skipping 10 lines ...