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Started2019-12-27 23:59
links{u'resultstore': {u'url': u''}}

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error creating cluster: error during gcloud container clusters create --quiet --project=kubernetes-gci-gke-ingress-1-3 --zone=us-central1-c --machine-type=n1-standard-2 --image-type=gci --num-nodes=3 --network=bootstrap-e2e --cluster-version=1.16.5-beta.1.37+5a9078c6025b30 bootstrap-e2e: exit status 1
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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 15 lines ...
I1227 23:59:52.776] process 47 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I1227 23:59:52.776] Will upload results to gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs using
I1227 23:59:52.777] Root: /workspace
I1227 23:59:52.777] cd to /workspace
I1227 23:59:52.777] Configure environment...
I1227 23:59:52.777] Call:  git show -s --format=format:%ct HEAD
W1227 23:59:52.781] fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
I1227 23:59:52.782] process 60 exited with code 128 after 0.0m
W1227 23:59:52.782] Unable to print commit date for HEAD
I1227 23:59:52.783] Call:  gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file=/etc/service-account/service-account.json
W1227 23:59:53.256] Activated service account credentials for: []
I1227 23:59:53.564] process 61 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I1227 23:59:53.564] Call:  gcloud config get-value account
... skipping 478 lines ...
W1228 00:02:17.967] WARNING: Newly created clusters and node-pools will have node auto-upgrade enabled by default. This can be disabled using the `--no-enable-autoupgrade` flag.
W1228 00:02:17.968] WARNING: Starting in 1.12, default node pools in new clusters will have their legacy Compute Engine instance metadata endpoints disabled by default. To create a cluster with legacy instance metadata endpoints disabled in the default node pool, run `clusters create` with the flag `--metadata disable-legacy-endpoints=true`.
W1228 00:02:17.969] WARNING: Your Pod address range (`--cluster-ipv4-cidr`) can accommodate at most 1008 node(s). 
W1228 00:02:17.969] This will disable the autorepair feature for nodes. Please see for more information on node autorepairs.
W1228 00:02:21.653] Creating cluster bootstrap-e2e in us-central1-c...
W1228 00:02:31.801] ..................................................done.
W1228 00:02:31.892] ERROR: (gcloud.container.clusters.create) Operation [<Operation
W1228 00:02:31.892]  clusterConditions: []
W1228 00:02:31.893]  detail: u'Failed to create cluster'
W1228 00:02:31.893]  endTime: u'2019-12-28T00:02:28.322643493Z'
W1228 00:02:31.893]  name: u'operation-1577491341578-8dbb274f'
W1228 00:02:31.894]  nodepoolConditions: []
W1228 00:02:31.894]  operationType: OperationTypeValueValuesEnum(CREATE_CLUSTER, 1)
W1228 00:02:31.894]  selfLink: u''
W1228 00:02:31.894]  startTime: u'2019-12-28T00:02:21.578443535Z'
W1228 00:02:31.895]  status: StatusValueValuesEnum(DONE, 3)
W1228 00:02:31.895]  statusMessage: u'Failed to create cluster'
W1228 00:02:31.895]  targetLink: u''
W1228 00:02:31.895]  zone: u'us-central1-c'>] finished with error: Failed to create cluster
W1228 00:02:31.940] 2019/12/28 00:02:31 process.go:155: Step 'gcloud container clusters create --quiet --project=kubernetes-gci-gke-ingress-1-3 --zone=us-central1-c --machine-type=n1-standard-2 --image-type=gci --num-nodes=3 --network=bootstrap-e2e --cluster-version=1.16.5-beta.1.37+5a9078c6025b30 bootstrap-e2e' finished in 14.345128873s
W1228 00:02:32.509] 2019/12/28 00:02:32 process.go:153: Running: bash -c 
W1228 00:02:32.509] function log_dump_custom_get_instances() {
W1228 00:02:32.509]   if [[ $1 == "master" ]]; then
W1228 00:02:32.510]     return 0
W1228 00:02:32.510]   fi
... skipping 44 lines ...
W1228 00:03:38.612] 2019/12/28 00:03:38 process.go:155: Step 'gcloud compute firewall-rules describe e2e-ports-b0ff4470 --project=kubernetes-gci-gke-ingress-1-3 --format=value(name)' finished in 1.13784518s
W1228 00:03:38.612] 2019/12/28 00:03:38 gke.go:634: Found no rules for firewall 'e2e-ports-b0ff4470', assuming resources are clean
W1228 00:03:39.759] 2019/12/28 00:03:39 process.go:153: Running: gcloud compute networks delete -q bootstrap-e2e --project=kubernetes-gci-gke-ingress-1-3
W1228 00:04:23.810] Deleted [].
W1228 00:04:23.878] 2019/12/28 00:04:23 process.go:155: Step 'gcloud compute networks delete -q bootstrap-e2e --project=kubernetes-gci-gke-ingress-1-3' finished in 44.119406284s
W1228 00:04:23.879] 2019/12/28 00:04:23 process.go:96: Saved XML output to /workspace/_artifacts/junit_runner.xml.
W1228 00:04:27.767] 2019/12/28 00:04:27 main.go:319: Something went wrong: starting e2e cluster: error creating cluster: error during gcloud container clusters create --quiet --project=kubernetes-gci-gke-ingress-1-3 --zone=us-central1-c --machine-type=n1-standard-2 --image-type=gci --num-nodes=3 --network=bootstrap-e2e --cluster-version=1.16.5-beta.1.37+5a9078c6025b30 bootstrap-e2e: exit status 1
W1228 00:04:27.771] Traceback (most recent call last):
W1228 00:04:27.771]   File "/workspace/./test-infra/jenkins/../scenarios/", line 778, in <module>
W1228 00:04:27.772]     main(parse_args())
W1228 00:04:27.772]   File "/workspace/./test-infra/jenkins/../scenarios/", line 626, in main
W1228 00:04:27.772]     mode.start(runner_args)
W1228 00:04:27.772]   File "/workspace/./test-infra/jenkins/../scenarios/", line 262, in start
W1228 00:04:27.772]     check_env(env, self.command, *args)
W1228 00:04:27.772]   File "/workspace/./test-infra/jenkins/../scenarios/", line 111, in check_env
W1228 00:04:27.773]     subprocess.check_call(cmd, env=env)
W1228 00:04:27.773]   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 190, in check_call
W1228 00:04:27.773]     raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
W1228 00:04:27.774] subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '('kubetest', '--dump=/workspace/_artifacts', '--gcp-service-account=/etc/service-account/service-account.json', '--up', '--down', '--test', '--deployment=gke', '--provider=gke', '--cluster=bootstrap-e2e', '--gcp-network=bootstrap-e2e', '--check-leaked-resources', '--check-version-skew=false', '--extract=ci/k8s-stable2', '--extract=ci/k8s-stable1', '--gcp-cloud-sdk=gs://cloud-sdk-testing/ci/staging', '--gcp-node-image=gci', '--gcp-zone=us-central1-c', '--gke-environment=test', '--skew', '--test_args=--ginkgo.focus=Kubectl.*\\[Serial\\] --minStartupPods=8', '--timeout=120m')' returned non-zero exit status 1
E1228 00:04:27.780] Command failed
I1228 00:04:27.780] process 268 exited with code 1 after 4.5m
E1228 00:04:27.780] FAIL: ci-kubernetes-e2e-gke-stable1-stable2-gci-kubectl-skew-serial
I1228 00:04:27.781] Call:  gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file=/etc/service-account/service-account.json
W1228 00:04:28.309] Activated service account credentials for: []
I1228 00:04:28.351] process 1612 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I1228 00:04:28.352] Call:  gcloud config get-value account
I1228 00:04:28.656] process 1625 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I1228 00:04:28.657] Will upload results to gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs using
I1228 00:04:28.657] Upload result and artifacts...
I1228 00:04:28.657] Gubernator results at
I1228 00:04:28.657] Call:  gsutil ls gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs/ci-kubernetes-e2e-gke-stable1-stable2-gci-kubectl-skew-serial/1210711865261297665/artifacts
W1228 00:04:29.537] CommandException: One or more URLs matched no objects.
E1228 00:04:29.642] Command failed
I1228 00:04:29.642] process 1638 exited with code 1 after 0.0m
W1228 00:04:29.642] Remote dir gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs/ci-kubernetes-e2e-gke-stable1-stable2-gci-kubectl-skew-serial/1210711865261297665/artifacts not exist yet
I1228 00:04:29.642] Call:  gsutil -m -q -o GSUtil:use_magicfile=True cp -r -c -z log,txt,xml /workspace/_artifacts gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs/ci-kubernetes-e2e-gke-stable1-stable2-gci-kubectl-skew-serial/1210711865261297665/artifacts
I1228 00:04:31.328] process 1783 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I1228 00:04:31.329] Call:  git rev-parse HEAD
W1228 00:04:31.334] fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
E1228 00:04:31.334] Command failed
I1228 00:04:31.335] process 2310 exited with code 128 after 0.0m
I1228 00:04:31.335] Call:  git rev-parse HEAD
I1228 00:04:31.339] process 2311 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I1228 00:04:31.339] Call:  gsutil stat gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs/ci-kubernetes-e2e-gke-stable1-stable2-gci-kubectl-skew-serial/jobResultsCache.json
I1228 00:04:32.318] process 2312 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I1228 00:04:32.319] Call:  gsutil -q cat 'gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs/ci-kubernetes-e2e-gke-stable1-stable2-gci-kubectl-skew-serial/jobResultsCache.json#1577449365156044'
... skipping 8 lines ...