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Started2020-01-09 15:29
links{u'resultstore': {u'url': u''}}
repos{u'': u'release-1.14'}

No Test Failures!

Error lines from build-log.txt

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W0109 15:35:08.985] first rsync since updating gsutil, this rsync can take significantly longer than
W0109 15:35:08.985] usual. For help installing the extension, please see "gsutil help crcmod".
W0109 15:35:08.986] 
W0109 15:35:09.151] CommandException: arg (gs://kubernetes-release-dev/bazel/v1.14.11-beta.1) does not name a directory, bucket, or bucket subdir.
I0109 15:35:09.331] Uploaded to gs://kubernetes-release-dev/bazel/v1.14.11-beta.1
W0109 15:35:09.431] Run: ('/workspace/./test-infra/jenkins/../scenarios/../hack/',)
I0109 15:35:09.555] Build failed
E0109 15:35:09.567] Command failed
I0109 15:35:09.567] process 342 exited with code 1 after 4.8m
E0109 15:35:09.568] FAIL: periodic-kubernetes-bazel-build-1-14
I0109 15:35:09.568] Call:  gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file=/etc/service-account/service-account.json
W0109 15:35:10.808] Activated service account credentials for: []
I0109 15:35:10.872] process 2163 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I0109 15:35:10.872] Call:  gcloud config get-value account
I0109 15:35:11.290] process 2178 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
I0109 15:35:11.291] Will upload results to gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs using
I0109 15:35:11.291] Upload result and artifacts...
I0109 15:35:11.291] Gubernator results at
I0109 15:35:11.292] Call:  gsutil ls gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs/periodic-kubernetes-bazel-build-1-14/1215294368106156033/artifacts
W0109 15:35:12.549] CommandException: One or more URLs matched no objects.
E0109 15:35:12.729] Command failed
I0109 15:35:12.729] process 2191 exited with code 1 after 0.0m
W0109 15:35:12.729] Remote dir gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs/periodic-kubernetes-bazel-build-1-14/1215294368106156033/artifacts not exist yet
I0109 15:35:12.730] Call:  gsutil -m -q -o GSUtil:use_magicfile=True cp -r -c -z log,txt,xml /workspace/_artifacts gs://kubernetes-jenkins/logs/periodic-kubernetes-bazel-build-1-14/1215294368106156033/artifacts
I0109 15:35:14.836] process 2336 exited with code 0 after 0.0m
W0109 15:35:14.837] metadata path /workspace/_artifacts/metadata.json does not exist
W0109 15:35:14.837] metadata not found or invalid, init with empty metadata
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