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Started2020-01-16 05:30
links{u'resultstore': {u'url': u''}}

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Error lines from build-log.txt

+ bazel test --config=unit --config=remote --remote_instance_name=projects/k8s-prow-builds/instances/default_instance //... //hack:verify-all -- -//build/... -//vendor/...
$TEST_TMPDIR defined: output root default is '/bazel-scratch/.cache/bazel' and max_idle_secs default is '15'.
ERROR: The project you're trying to build requires Bazel 0.23.2 (specified in /home/prow/go/src/, but it wasn't found in /usr/local/lib/bazel/bin.

Bazel binaries for all official releases can be downloaded from here:

You can download the required version directly using this command:
  (cd "/usr/local/lib/bazel/bin" && curl -LO && chmod +x bazel-0.23.2-linux-x86_64)
... skipping 3 lines ...