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PRkevindelgado: server-side metadata unknown field validation
Tests 1 failed / 507 succeeded
Started2022-07-13 16:53
Refs 109494

Test Failures

Kubernetes e2e suite [It] [sig-node] Probing container should *not* be restarted with a GRPC liveness probe [NodeConformance] 3m56s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=Kubernetes\se2e\ssuite\s\[It\]\s\[sig\-node\]\sProbing\scontainer\sshould\s\*not\*\sbe\srestarted\swith\sa\sGRPC\sliveness\sprobe\s\[NodeConformance\]$'
test/e2e/common/node/container_probe.go:910, 0xc0017dac00, 0x0, 0x4?)
	test/e2e/common/node/container_probe.go:910 +0x96b
	test/e2e/common/node/container_probe.go:534 +0xb1
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