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PRserathius: Introduce sig-instrumentation aliases in OWNERS_ALISES and simplify OWNERS files
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Started2019-10-10 10:21
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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 71 lines ...
2019/10/10 10:21:04 main.go:725: --gcp-project is missing, trying to fetch a project from boskos.
(for local runs please set --gcp-project to your dev project)
2019/10/10 10:21:04 main.go:737: provider gce, will acquire project type gce-project from boskos
2019/10/10 10:26:04 process.go:96: Saved XML output to /logs/artifacts/junit_runner.xml.
2019/10/10 10:26:04 process.go:153: Running: bash -c . hack/lib/ && KUBE_ROOT=. kube::version::get_version_vars && echo "${KUBE_GIT_VERSION-}"
2019/10/10 10:26:04 process.go:155: Step 'bash -c . hack/lib/ && KUBE_ROOT=. kube::version::get_version_vars && echo "${KUBE_GIT_VERSION-}"' finished in 326.971364ms
2019/10/10 10:26:04 main.go:319: Something went wrong: failed to prepare test environment: --provider=gce boskos failed to acquire project: resources not found
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "../test-infra/scenarios/", line 778, in <module>
  File "../test-infra/scenarios/", line 626, in main
  File "../test-infra/scenarios/", line 262, in start
... skipping 7 lines ...