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PRzhouya0: Fix describe ingress annotations not sorted
Tests 0 failed / 4 succeeded
Started2020-02-14 09:51
Refs 87275

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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 29 lines ...
Analyzing: 925 targets (4503 packages loaded, 37101 targets configured)
INFO: Analyzed 925 targets (4503 packages loaded, 38591 targets configured).
Building: checking cached actions
INFO: Found 925 test targets...
[0 / 19] [-----] BazelWorkspaceStatusAction stable-status.txt ... (2 actions, 0 running)
[2,893 / 10,263] 4 / 925 tests; GoStdlib external/io_bazel_rules_go/linux_amd64_race_stripped/stdlib%/pkg [for host]; 5s remote ... (155 actions, 154 running)
ERROR: /home/prow/go/src/ GoTestGenTest staging/src/ failed (Exit 1): builder failed: error executing command 
  (cd /bazel-scratch/.cache/bazel/_bazel_root/7989b31489f31aee54f32688da2f0120/execroot/io_k8s_kubernetes && \
  exec env - \
    RUNDIR=staging/src/ \
  bazel-out/host/bin/external/go_sdk/builder gentestmain -sdk external/go_sdk -installsuffix linux_amd64_race -tags selinux,race -rundir staging/src/ -output bazel-out/k8-fastbuild/bin/staging/src/ -import '' -import '' -src 'l=staging/src/' -src 'l=staging/src/')
Execution platform: //:rbe_with_network
gentestmain: ParseFile("staging/src/"): staging/src/ string literal not terminated
INFO: Elapsed time: 77.865s, Critical Path: 13.43s
INFO: 1156 processes: 1156 remote cache hit.
FAILED: Build did NOT complete successfully
//cluster:clientbin_test                                        (cached) PASSED in 0.4s
//cluster:common_test                                           (cached) PASSED in 0.1s
//cluster:kube-util_test                                        (cached) PASSED in 0.3s
//hack/boilerplate:boilerplate_test                             (cached) PASSED in 0.2s
//cluster/gce/cos:go_default_test                                     NO STATUS
//cluster/gce/custom:go_default_test                                  NO STATUS
... skipping 915 lines ...
//third_party/forked/golang/expansion:go_default_test                 NO STATUS
//third_party/forked/golang/reflect:go_default_test                   NO STATUS
//third_party/forked/gonum/graph/simple:go_default_test               NO STATUS

Executed 0 out of 925 tests: 4 tests pass, 1 fails to build and 920 were skipped.
There were tests whose specified size is too big. Use the --test_verbose_timeout_warnings command line option to see which ones these are.
FAILED: Build did NOT complete successfully
+ ../test-infra/hack/
+ exit 1