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PRperithompson: Check Kubelet is running with correct Windows Permissions
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Started2021-03-10 11:17
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AzureDisk CSI Driver End-to-End Tests Dynamic Provisioning [single-az] should create a statefulset object, write and read to it, delete the pod and write and read to it again [] [] [Windows] 6m46s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=AzureDisk\sCSI\sDriver\sEnd\-to\-End\sTests\sDynamic\sProvisioning\s\[single\-az\]\sshould\screate\sa\sstatefulset\sobject\,\swrite\sand\sread\sto\sit\,\sdelete\sthe\spod\sand\swrite\sand\sread\sto\sit\sagain\s\[kubernetes\.io\/azure\-disk\]\s\[disk\.csi\.azure\.com\]\s\[Windows\]$'
Unexpected error:
    <*errors.errorString | 0xc00034a2b0>: {
        s: "timed out waiting for the condition",
    timed out waiting for the condition
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Test 29m59s

error during make e2e-test: exit status 2
				from junit_runner.xml

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