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PRmattcary: StatefulSet PVC auto-delete implementation
Tests 1 failed / 31149 succeeded
Started2021-10-30 01:32
Refs 99728

Test Failures Test_Run_OneVolumeDetachFailNodeWithReadWriteOnce 1.10s

go test -v -run Test_Run_OneVolumeDetachFailNodeWithReadWriteOnce$
=== RUN   Test_Run_OneVolumeDetachFailNodeWithReadWriteOnce
I1030 01:43:07.553586   52787 reconciler.go:304] attacherDetacher.AttachVolume started for volume "volume-name" (UniqueName: "fake-plugin/volume-name") from node "fail-detach-node" 
I1030 01:43:07.553745   52787 operation_generator.go:370] AttachVolume.Attach succeeded for volume "volume-name" (UniqueName: "fake-plugin/volume-name") from node "fail-detach-node" 
    reconciler_test.go:1273: Check volume <fake-plugin/volume-name> is reported as attached to node <fail-detach-node>, got false, expected true
--- FAIL: Test_Run_OneVolumeDetachFailNodeWithReadWriteOnce (1.10s)

				from junit_20211030-013414.xml

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