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PRmattcary: StatefulSet PVC auto-delete implementation
Tests 1 failed / 33005 succeeded
Started2021-11-18 06:51
Refs 99728

Test Failures TestStart 0.00s

go test -v -run TestStart$
=== RUN   TestStart
I1118 07:04:00.743947   58028 memory_threshold_notifier.go:74] "Eviction manager: created memoryThresholdNotifier" notifier="hard memory eviction threshold"
    controller.go:266: missing call(s) to *eviction.MockCgroupNotifier.Start(is equal to 0xc0005908a0) /home/prow/go/src/
    controller.go:266: aborting test due to missing call(s)
--- FAIL: TestStart (0.00s)

				from junit_20211118-065301.xml

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