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PRandyzhangx: fix: reduce VMSS cache refresh
Tests 0 failed / 0 succeeded
Started2022-11-23 13:44
Refs 1611

No Test Failures!

Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 101 lines ...
$ PWD=/home/prow/go/src/  git branch --force release-1.6 FETCH_HEAD (runtime: 3.142028ms)
$ PWD=/home/prow/go/src/  git checkout release-1.6 (runtime: 175.917018ms)
Switched to branch 'release-1.6'
$ PWD=/home/prow/go/src/  git submodule update --init --recursive (runtime: 29.187678ms)
# Final SHA: d451e0b622c1216a0dbfe9501b4f87b72268cd09
# Total runtime: 9.067306338s
# Cloning kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver at master(69811a84770729bb09ab3734235e2adc70c063e2)
# Checking out pulls:
#	1611(acfaeb78dd74e07d4691f0237ec9375ad9bf10fc)
$ PWD=/  mkdir -p /home/prow/go/src/ (runtime: 1.602257ms)
$ PWD=/home/prow/go/src/  git init (runtime: 6.201651ms)
hint: Using 'master' as the name for the initial branch. This default branch name
... skipping 89 lines ...
$ PWD=/home/prow/go/src/  git fetch acfaeb78dd74e07d4691f0237ec9375ad9bf10fc (runtime: 450.398942ms)
 * branch                acfaeb78dd74e07d4691f0237ec9375ad9bf10fc -> FETCH_HEAD
$ PWD=/home/prow/go/src/ GIT_AUTHOR_DATE=1669187062 GIT_COMMITTER_DATE=1669187062 git merge --no-ff acfaeb78dd74e07d4691f0237ec9375ad9bf10fc (runtime: 511.194523ms)
Auto-merging vendor/
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in vendor/
Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result.
# Error: exit status 1
# Final SHA: 
# Total runtime: 0s