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PRlzhecheng: Cherrypick armclients 1.1
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Started2022-05-13 08:06
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... skipping 161 lines ...
level=info msg="[linters context/goanalysis] analyzers took 4m45.981107929s with top 10 stages: buildir: 3m22.416993679s, nilness: 9.043384217s, the_only_name: 6.901674836s, inspect: 4.569686198s, unconvert: 4.037162534s, gosec: 3.410857428s, goimports: 3.393678855s, fact_deprecated: 3.204686881s, printf: 2.391170764s, ctrlflow: 2.380152484s"
level=info msg="[runner] Issues before processing: 1871, after processing: 12"
level=info msg="[runner] Processors filtering stat (out/in): path_prefixer: 12/12, filename_unadjuster: 1871/1871, skip_files: 1871/1871, identifier_marker: 1871/1871, exclude: 1871/1871, diff: 12/12, path_prettifier: 1871/1871, max_from_linter: 12/12, source_code: 12/12, severity-rules: 12/12, sort_results: 12/12, path_shortener: 12/12, cgo: 1871/1871, skip_dirs: 1871/1871, nolint: 1827/1827, uniq_by_line: 12/1827, max_same_issues: 12/12, autogenerated_exclude: 1871/1871, exclude-rules: 1827/1871, max_per_file_from_linter: 12/12"
level=info msg="[runner] processing took 276.138411ms with stages: exclude-rules: 196.118654ms, identifier_marker: 66.761295ms, nolint: 8.779807ms, path_prettifier: 2.517213ms, autogenerated_exclude: 585.385µs, skip_dirs: 515.648µs, source_code: 410.804µs, cgo: 193.663µs, uniq_by_line: 121.519µs, filename_unadjuster: 114.611µs, path_shortener: 10.642µs, max_same_issues: 2.791µs, max_per_file_from_linter: 2.474µs, diff: 842ns, skip_files: 722ns, exclude: 710ns, sort_results: 550ns, severity-rules: 450ns, max_from_linter: 405ns, path_prefixer: 226ns"
level=info msg="[runner] linters took 38.241934536s with stages: goanalysis_metalinter: 37.965583703s"
pkg/azureclients/diskclient/azure_diskclient.go:39:19: cannot use &(Client literal) (value of type *Client) as Interface value in variable declaration: *Client does not implement Interface (wrong type for method ListByResourceGroup)
		have ListByResourceGroup(ctx context.Context, subsID string, resourceGroupName string) ([]compute.Disk, *retry.Error)
		want ListByResourceGroup(ctx context.Context, resourceGroupName string) ([]compute.Disk, *retry.Error) (typecheck)
var _ Interface = &Client{}
pkg/azureclients/snapshotclient/azure_snapshotclient.go:278:71: not enough arguments in call to c.listSnapshotsByResourceGroup
	have (context.Context, string)
	want (context.Context, string, string) (typecheck)
	result, rerr := c.listSnapshotsByResourceGroup(ctx, resourceGroupName)
... skipping 30 lines ...
pkg/provider/azure_managedDiskController_test.go:34:2: "" imported but not used (typecheck)
level=info msg="File cache stats: 188 entries of total size 1.3MiB"
level=info msg="Memory: 1062 samples, avg is 503.3MB, max is 2020.0MB"
level=info msg="Execution took 1m52.425090807s"
make: *** [Makefile:312: test-lint] Error 1
+ set +o xtrace