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PRnearora-msft: Enable creation of private endpoint for storage account
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Started2021-06-07 21:13
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Error lines from build-log.txt

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Jun  7 21:22:43.814: INFO: Kubernetes configuration file name: /root/tmp402125248/kubeconfig/kubeconfig.uksouth.json
Jun  7 21:22:44.150: INFO: Creating deployment servicelb-test
STEP: creating a public IP with tags
Jun  7 21:22:44.278: INFO: Creating public IP resource named service-lb-public-IP1fe7
Jun  7 21:22:49.968: INFO: created pip with address
STEP: creating a service referencing the public IP
Jun  7 21:22:50.219: INFO: Fail to find ingress, retry in 10 seconds
Jun  7 21:23:00.332: INFO: Fail to find ingress, retry in 10 seconds
Jun  7 21:23:10.333: INFO: Exposure successfully, get external ip:
Jun  7 21:23:10.333: INFO: checking the connectivity of the public IP
Jun  7 21:23:40.335: INFO: got error Get "": dial tcp i/o timeout, will retry