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PRsedefsavas: Bump Kubernetes to v1.24.0 and fix AWSMachinePool minsize
Tests 2 failed / 23 succeeded
Started2022-07-14 18:27
Refs 3468

Test Failures

capa-e2e [unmanaged] [Cluster API Framework] Clusterctl Upgrade Spec [from v1alpha3] Should create a management cluster and then upgrade all the providers 11m26s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=capa\-e2e\s\[unmanaged\]\s\[Cluster\sAPI\sFramework\]\sClusterctl\sUpgrade\sSpec\s\[from\sv1alpha3\]\sShould\screate\sa\smanagement\scluster\sand\sthen\supgrade\sall\sthe\sproviders$'
failed to run clusterctl init:
Error: unsupported management cluster server version: v1.24.0 - versions greater or equal than v1.22.0 are not supported


Unexpected error:
    <*exec.ExitError | 0xc0009c4000>: {
        ProcessState: {
            pid: 33766,
            status: 256,
            rusage: {
                Utime: {Sec: 0, Usec: 52780},
                Stime: {Sec: 0, Usec: 24522},
                Maxrss: 99196,
                Ixrss: 0,
                Idrss: 0,
                Isrss: 0,
                Minflt: 2341,
                Majflt: 0,
                Nswap: 0,
                Inblock: 0,
                Oublock: 0,
                Msgsnd: 0,
                Msgrcv: 0,
                Nsignals: 0,
                Nvcsw: 533,
                Nivcsw: 42,
        Stderr: nil,
    exit status 1
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capa-e2e [unmanaged] [Cluster API Framework] Machine Pool Spec Should successfully create a cluster with machine pool machines 1h5m

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=capa\-e2e\s\[unmanaged\]\s\[Cluster\sAPI\sFramework\]\sMachine\sPool\sSpec\sShould\ssuccessfully\screate\sa\scluster\swith\smachine\spool\smachines$'
Timed out after 2400.000s.
    <int>: 1
to equal
    <int>: 0
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