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PRdamdo: Add support for configurable VM Diagnostics
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Started2022-08-02 19:54
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level=info msg="[runner/skip dirs] Skipped 6 issues from dir azure/services/routetables/mock_routetables by pattern mock*"
level=info msg="[runner] Issues before processing: 1230, after processing: 1"
level=info msg="[runner] Processors filtering stat (out/in): filename_unadjuster: 1230/1230, max_same_issues: 1/1, path_shortener: 1/1, path_prefixer: 1/1, skip_dirs: 258/469, autogenerated_exclude: 258/258, exclude-rules: 9/258, diff: 1/1, cgo: 1230/1230, skip_files: 469/1230, nolint: 1/9, uniq_by_line: 1/1, source_code: 1/1, path_prettifier: 1230/1230, identifier_marker: 258/258, exclude: 258/258, max_per_file_from_linter: 1/1, max_from_linter: 1/1, severity-rules: 1/1, sort_results: 1/1"
level=info msg="[runner] processing took 34.874854ms with stages: path_prettifier: 8.953218ms, exclude-rules: 7.540434ms, identifier_marker: 5.58998ms, autogenerated_exclude: 5.518394ms, nolint: 3.846778ms, skip_files: 1.720768ms, skip_dirs: 1.305367ms, cgo: 185.406µs, filename_unadjuster: 126.86µs, source_code: 75.875µs, uniq_by_line: 3.006µs, max_same_issues: 2.593µs, path_shortener: 2.19µs, max_per_file_from_linter: 1.403µs, diff: 632ns, exclude: 517ns, sort_results: 469ns, max_from_linter: 367ns, severity-rules: 363ns, path_prefixer: 234ns"
level=info msg="[runner] linters took 36.869640537s with stages: goanalysis_metalinter: 36.834533126s, bodyclose: 49.407µs, nilerr: 17.74µs, rowserrcheck: 10.559µs, structcheck: 8.284µs"
azure/services/scalesets/scalesets.go:804:46: `(*Service).generateDiagnosticsProfile` - `ctx` is unused (unparam)
func (s *Service) generateDiagnosticsProfile(ctx context.Context, vmssSpec azure.ScaleSetSpec) (*compute.DiagnosticsProfile, error) {
level=info msg="File cache stats: 459 entries of total size 3.5MiB"
level=info msg="Memory: 696 samples, avg is 808.7MB, max is 2176.5MB"
level=info msg="Execution took 1m14.159047373s"
make: *** [Makefile:530: lint] Error 1
make: Leaving directory '/home/prow/go/src/'