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PRcpanato: update ginko to v2, CAPI to 1.3.x, go to 1.19 and certmanager to v1.10.0
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Started2022-11-25 15:26
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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 56 lines ...
  - GCPClusterTemplate.ZZZ_DeprecatedClusterName: removed
  - GCPMachine.ZZZ_DeprecatedClusterName: removed
  - GCPMachineTemplate.ZZZ_DeprecatedClusterName: removed
  Incompatible changes:
  - Reader.Get: changed from func(context.Context,, error to func(context.Context,,, error
  Incompatible changes:
  - (*ObjectMeta).GetZZZ_DeprecatedClusterName, method set of *GCPCluster: removed
  - (*ObjectMeta).GetZZZ_DeprecatedClusterName, method set of *GCPMachine: removed
  - (*ObjectMeta).GetZZZ_DeprecatedClusterName, method set of *GCPMachineTemplate: removed
... skipping 9 lines ...