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PRk8s-infra-cherrypick-robot: [release-1.2] 🐛 util/record: fix usage of case.Title in util/record
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Started2022-09-02 14:43
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... skipping 1124 lines ...
INFO: Waiting for the machine deployments to be provisioned
STEP: Waiting for the workload nodes to exist
STEP: Checking all the machines controlled by quick-start-28q9lh-md-0-s2ftj are in the "fd4" failure domain
INFO: Waiting for the machine pools to be provisioned
STEP: Dumping logs from the "quick-start-28q9lh" workload cluster
Failed to get logs for machine quick-start-28q9lh-gmrrr-69qwx, cluster quick-start-q444p1/quick-start-28q9lh: exit status 2
Failed to get logs for machine quick-start-28q9lh-md-0-s2ftj-758f967464-6hwg7, cluster quick-start-q444p1/quick-start-28q9lh: exit status 2
STEP: Dumping all the Cluster API resources in the "quick-start-q444p1" namespace
STEP: Deleting cluster quick-start-q444p1/quick-start-28q9lh
STEP: Deleting cluster quick-start-28q9lh
INFO: Waiting for the Cluster quick-start-q444p1/quick-start-28q9lh to be deleted
STEP: Waiting for cluster quick-start-28q9lh to be deleted
STEP: Deleting namespace used for hosting the "quick-start" test spec
... skipping 3 lines ...
• [SLOW TEST:136.389 seconds]
When following the Cluster API quick-start with ClusterClass [PR-Informing] [ClusterClass]
  Should create a workload cluster
{"component":"entrypoint","file":"","func":"","level":"error","msg":"Entrypoint received interrupt: terminated","severity":"error","time":"2022-09-02T14:56:31Z"}
++ early_exit_handler
++ '[' -n 165 ']'
++ kill -TERM 165
++ cleanup_dind
++ [[ true == \t\r\u\e ]]
++ echo 'Cleaning up after docker'
... skipping 11 lines ...