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PRBenTheElder: Upgrade deps
Tests 0 failed / 0 succeeded
Started2020-06-30 01:55
Refs 1698

No Test Failures!

Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 151 lines ... v0.18.5 h1:Lh6tgsM9FMkC12K5T5QjRm7rDs6aQN5JHkA0JomULDM= v0.18.5/go.mod h1:OaXp26zu/5J7p0f92ASynJa1pZo06YlV9fG7BoWbCko= v0.0.0-20190128074634-0689ccc1d7d6/go.mod h1:ezvh/TsK7cY6rbqRK0oQQ8IAqLxYwwyPxAX1Pzy0ii0=

please run hack/update/

One or more verify checks failed! See output above...] [TEST] Test Command exit code: 1] [CLEANUP] Cleaning up after docker in docker ...
Stopping Docker: dockerProgram process in pidfile '/var/run/', 1 process(es), refused to die.] [CLEANUP] Done cleaning up after docker in docker.
================================================================================] Exiting 1