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PRaojea: increase iptables sync period
Tests 2 failed / 639 succeeded
Started2020-07-07 06:54
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Test Failures

Kubernetes e2e suite [] Security Context When creating a container with runAsNonRoot should run with an image specified user ID 57s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=Kubernetes\se2e\ssuite\s\[k8s\.io\]\sSecurity\sContext\sWhen\screating\sa\scontainer\swith\srunAsNonRoot\sshould\srun\swith\san\simage\sspecified\suser\sID$'
Jul  7 07:26:41.716: wait for pod "implicit-nonroot-uid" to succeed
Expected success, but got an error:
    <*errors.errorString | 0xc004afce70>: {
        s: "pod \"implicit-nonroot-uid\" failed with reason: \"\", message: \"\"",
    pod "implicit-nonroot-uid" failed with reason: "", message: ""
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Kubernetes e2e suite [sig-storage] In-tree Volumes [Driver: nfs] [Testpattern: Dynamic PV (default fs)] subPath should support file as subpath [LinuxOnly] 7m54s

go run hack/e2e.go -v --test --test_args='--ginkgo.focus=Kubernetes\se2e\ssuite\s\[sig\-storage\]\sIn\-tree\sVolumes\s\[Driver\:\snfs\]\s\[Testpattern\:\sDynamic\sPV\s\(default\sfs\)\]\ssubPath\sshould\ssupport\sfile\sas\ssubpath\s\[LinuxOnly\]$'
Jul  7 07:19:54.634: Unexpected error:
    <*errors.errorString | 0xc00208ab00>: {
        s: "expected pod \"pod-subpath-test-dynamicpv-tqbk\" success: Gave up after waiting 5m0s for pod \"pod-subpath-test-dynamicpv-tqbk\" to be \"Succeeded or Failed\"",
    expected pod "pod-subpath-test-dynamicpv-tqbk" success: Gave up after waiting 5m0s for pod "pod-subpath-test-dynamicpv-tqbk" to be "Succeeded or Failed"
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