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PRhasheddan: Update eventing and reconcile logic
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Started2020-08-13 21:07
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Error lines from build-log.txt

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scopelint: Scopelint checks for unpinned variables in go programs [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
testpackage: linter that makes you use a separate _test package [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
wsl: Whitespace Linter - Forces you to use empty lines! [fast: true, auto-fix: false]
build/golangci-lint run
internal/pkg/controllers/profile/profile.go:128: line is 141 characters (lll)
		r.record.Event(configMap, event.Warning(reasonSeccompNotSupported, err, os.Getenv(config.NodeNameEnvKey), "node does not support seccomp"))
make: *** [Makefile:116: verify-go-lint] Error 1