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PRjustinsb: Simple non-image redirect server
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Started2022-11-03 03:59
Refs 126

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Error lines from build-log.txt

... skipping 163 lines ...
go: downloading v2.1.2
go: downloading v0.8.0
go: downloading v1.28.1
go: downloading v0.0.13
go: downloading v1.0.2-0.20181231171920-c182affec369
go: downloading v0.2.0
cmd/redirectserver/app/handlers.go:107:18: Error return value of `s.serveDirectly` is not checked (errcheck)
		s.serveDirectly(w, r)
cmd/redirectserver/app/handlers.go:156:10: indent-error-flow: if block ends with a return statement, so drop this else and outdent its block (revive)
		} else {
			klog.V(2).ErrorS(err, "error reading object in canonical location", "url", u)
			http.Error(w, http.StatusText(http.StatusInternalServerError), http.StatusInternalServerError)
			return err
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make: *** [Makefile:104: verify] Error 1