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Open Kubernetes PRs (4438)

RepoNumberAuthorStatus▼ UpdatedAssigneesSizeTitle
istio/istio 39487 ingwonsong Pending Jul 2 costinm, dgn, ericvn, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, nmittler XXL Natively support GCR/ECR/ACR authentication
git-sync 558 thockin Pending Jul 2 nan-yu, stp-ip XS upgrade base image to address vulnerabilities
kubernetes 110921 claudiubelu Pending Jul 2 johnSchnake, logicalhan XL tests: Ports volume unit tests to Windows
git-sync 557 thockin Pending Jul 2 nan-yu, stp-ip XS v4: e2e with -v=6
steering 248 parispittman Pending Jul 2 ahmed82, anvega, cblecker, celestehorgan, cpanato, deads2k, detiber, dims, endocrimes, jdumars, johnbelamaric, justaugustus, lavalamp, liggitt, markyjackson-taulia, mpuckett159, mrbobbytables, parispittman, saschagrunert, thockin, tpepper L Adding three areas to charter: Elections, Vacancies, and Removals
git-sync 556 thockin Pending Jul 2 nan-yu, stp-ip XS v3: e2e with -v=6
istio/api 2406 ldemailly Pending Jul 2 XS [1.14 cherry pick] Clarify that EnvoyFileAccessLogProvider labels == JSON
kops 13938 hakman Pending Jul 2 olemarkus, rifelpet L Set Karpenter ttlSecondsAfterEmpty to 5 min
git-sync 551 thockin Pending Jul 2 nan-yu, stp-ip L V3: Rename e2e tests for easier partial runs
git-sync 543 thockin Pending Jul 2 nan-yu, stp-ip L V4: Rename e2e tests for easier partial runs
git-sync 541 thockin Pending Jul 2 nan-yu, stp-ip L V4: beef up askpass-url test
git-sync 549 thockin Pending Jul 2 nan-yu, stp-ip L V3: beef up askpass-url test
git-sync 538 thockin Pending Jul 2 nan-yu, stp-ip, thockin S v4: e2e: Don't manually "docker kill"
git-sync 546 thockin Pending Jul 2 nan-yu, stp-ip S v3: e2e: Don't manually "docker kill"
kubernetes-sigs/kube-scheduler-simulator 190 196Ikuchil Pending Jul 2 Huang-Wei, alculquicondor, sanposhiho XXL Add Deployment&ReplicaSet Controller 3909 k8s-infra-ci-robot Pending Jul 2 thockin XL audit: update as of 2022-07-02
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2844 wmarchesi123 Pending Jul 2 njuettner, seanmalloy XXL Add Stackpath Provider
test-infra 26491 photra Pending Jul 2 richardcase, vincepri XS Updated AWS testing variables
kubernetes-sigs/structured-merge-diff 220 alexzielenski Pending Jul 2 Jefftree, alexzielenski, apelisse, jennybuckley, lavalamp M add field-level element relationship which overrides referred type
kubernetes 107531 Zheaoli Pending Jul 2 2014BDuck, Zheaoli, caesarxuchao, jpbetz, liggitt, wojtek-t L Add extra value validation for matchExpression filed in LabelSelector
kops 13753 olemarkus Pending Jul 2 justinsb L Use dynamic client for applying channels manifest rather than calling kubectl
website 34750 bishal7679 Pending Jul 2 jihoon-seo, seokho-son, yoonian XS Fixed translation error in docs/concepts/extend-kubernetes/api-extension/apiserver-aggregation/
website 34771 seokho-son Pending Jul 2 ClaudiaJKang, jihoon-seo L [ko] Resolve conflict to merge dev-1.24-ko.1
kubernetes 110829 ardaguclu LGTM Jul 2 alexzielenski, apelisse, ardaguclu, seans3, soltysh M (kubectl apply): Remove returning patch diff
kubernetes 110913 ardaguclu Pending Jul 2 ardaguclu, harry1064, seans3, soltysh L Add prune flag support for server side apply
kubernetes 102884 vinaykul Pending Jul 2 Huang-Wei, PatrickLang, Random-Liu, XuShaohui, ahg-g, alculquicondor, bg-chun, caesarxuchao, dcantah, dchen1107, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, endocrimes, fromanirh, haircommander, halfrost, jbg, klueska, liubog2008, marosset, mikebrow, mrunalp, rphillips, ruiwen-zhao, thockin, vinaykul, wangchen615, yangjunmyfm192085, zuoshaoyi XXL In-place Pod Vertical Scaling feature
website 34739 kinzhi Pending Jul 2 Sea-n, mengjiao-liu, tengqm, xichengliudui L [zh-cn]Sync content/zh-cn/docs/reference/command-line-tools-reference/
istio/ 11522 Arhell Pending Jul 2 craigbox XS fix table width error
istio/istio 39198 adiprerepa Pending Jul 2 GregHanson, adiprerepa, howardjohn L delta xds: build resources based on cache key dependencies
istio/istio 39745 howardjohn Pending Jul 2 ericvn, nmittler, ramaraochavali M cluster: fix NACK when using STATIC Service with PASSTRHROUGH
istio/istio 39756 ramaraochavali Pending Jul 2 costinm, ericvn, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, nmittler XS upgrade go control plane
kops 13892 sterchelen Pending Jul 2 hakman, olemarkus, rdrgmnzs, rifelpet, sterchelen L aws: introduce maximum instance lifetime in cluster
istio/ 11524 yanrongshi Pending Jul 2 saltbo S [zh] add /news/releases/1.14.x/announcing-1.14/upgrade-notes/
kubeflow/examples 962 ajinkya933 Pending Jul 2 jinchihe, js-ts XXL Conversion of Kaggle notebook to kfp
istio/ 11532 saltbo Pending Jul 2 L zh:added content/zh/docs/tasks/security/authorization/authz-custom/
istio/istio 39751 zirain Pending Jul 2 howardjohn, ramaraochavali, zirain L add cache for accesslog
website 34664 windsonsea Pending Jul 2 Sea-n, chenrui333, chenxuc M [zh-cn] Improve
kube-state-metrics 1697 shotnaka Pending Jul 2 dgrisonnet, fpetkovski L Add `disable-label-rewriting` option
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6401 killianmuldoon LGTM Jul 2 chrischdi, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, stmcginnis, vincepri, ykakarap L :bug: Fix nil pointers in conditions patch utils
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 842 Garrybest Pending Jul 2 Ethyling, swatisehgal, zvonkok L nfd-topology-updater: retrieve kubelet config from API `/configz`
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6808 oscr Pending Jul 2 JoelSpeed, ykakarap M 🌱 Use consistent punctuation in the clusterctl cmd short descriptions
istio/istio 39757 ramaraochavali Pending Jul 2 ramaraochavali M fix cluster nack for strict dns clusters with DR LB as PASSTHROUGH
test-infra 26731 danilo-gemoli Pending Jul 2 chaodaiG, cjwagner XS Check report field on the right ProwJob
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 460 ahmedwaleedmalik Pending Jul 2 ahmedwaleedmalik, jaypipes, nckturner, wongma7 XXL Upgrade to k8s API v0.24.0
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 466 kinarashah Pending Jul 2 micahhausler, wongma7 XXL update k8s dependencies to v1.24
minikube 13513 MdSahil-oss Pending Jul 2 afbjorklund, blueelvis, medyagh M Upating Container Runtime output on initialization without kubernetes
website 34758 seokho-son Pending Jul 2 bradtopol, pjhwa XXL [ko] 1st Korean localization work for v1.24
website 34768 seokho-son Pending Jul 2 ClaudiaJKang, ianychoi M [ko] Enhance translation for assign-pod-node in dev-1.24-ko.1
istio/istio 39752 istio-testing Pending Jul 2 costinm, ericvn, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, nmittler M Automator: update istio/api@master dependency in istio/istio@master
website 34770 kinzhi Pending Jul 2 pigletfly, xichengliudui XS [zh-cn]Sync content/zh-cn/docs/contribute/participate/
kops 13915 ederst Pending Jul 2 johngmyers, justinsb, mikesplain, olemarkus S WIP: Make it possible to configure IPv6 with Calico
website 34713 yanrongshi Pending Jul 2 mengjiao-liu, tengqm S [zh-cn]Update /docs/reference/kubectl/
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1943 zqzten Pending Jul 2 FillZpp, alvaroaleman, droot, shawn-hurley, varshaprasad96, zqzten L ✨ Introduce pprof server to manager
kops 12890 justinsb Pending Jul 2 hakman, olemarkus S WIP: GCE: We should now accept CIDRs
website 34162 kaitoii11 Pending Jul 2 inductor, kakts, nasa9084 XL [ja] Reorg debug cluster/app pages
website 34266 alanssitis LGTM Jul 2 anastyakulyk, daminisatya, tengqm XS fix typo in job example
kops 13803 rifelpet Pending Jul 2 KashifSaadat, mikesplain XS Remove vendor directory
website 28613 tengqm Pending Jul 2 kbarnard10, onlydole, sftim L [WIP] Add support to dark mode
website 32942 rohitagarwal003 Pending Jul 2 enj, liggitt, mikedanese S Remove unnecessary step to manually update the service account secrets
website 29679 anubha-v-ardhan Pending Jul 2 Sea-n, anubha-v-ardhan, celestehorgan, divya-mohan0209, natalisucks, reylejano, sftim XXL [hi] Merge Hindi localization branch to main
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 1323 andyzhangx Pending Jul 2 ZeroMagic S [WIP]test: run external tests on Windows cluster
website 30817 sftim Pending Jul 2 andrewsykim, aojea, bradtopol, chrismetz09, robscott, sftim XXL Refactor concept & reference docs for Services, Ingress & networking
website 31261 sftim Pending Jul 2 apelisse, celestehorgan, jimangel, kbhawkey, liggitt, sftim XL Improve documentation about Kubernetes objects & managing them
kops 9855 rifelpet Pending Jul 2 KashifSaadat, mikesplain, rifelpet XXL WIP Initial support for Bottlerocket OS
kops 11639 johngmyers LGTM Jul 2 hakman, mikesplain, olemarkus S WIP Stop feature-flagging SpecOverride
kops 12922 justinsb Pending Jul 2 XXL WIP: Bare metal work
kops 12855 olemarkus Pending Jul 2 KashifSaadat, hakman XL WIP etcd manager (and etcd if need to) listening on ipv6
kops 12949 justinsb Pending Jul 2 hakman, justinsb, olemarkus, rifelpet, zetaab L WIP: Use GCE dedicated service accounts
kops 13217 nckturner Pending Jul 2 joshbranham, olemarkus, rifelpet M Use KUBETEST2_RUN_DIR for binaries if set
kops 13368 toninis Pending Jul 2 hakman, mikesplain M Parallelize the way we read files from VFS
kops 13449 nat-henderson Pending Jul 2 hakman, justinsb, mikesplain, nat-henderson, zetaab XXL Add support for fetching files from private GCS bucket.
istio/istio 38892 Kmoneal Pending Jul 2 Kmoneal, Monkeyanator, costinm, ericvn, howardjohn, jacob-delgado, linsun, nmittler, stevenctl L Dual stack intra-mesh integ tests
istio/istio 39743 nmittler Pending Jul 2 XXL [tf] Refactoring top-level security tests (#39453)
istio/istio 39708 j2gg0s Pending Jul 2 costinm, ericvn, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, j2gg0s, linsun, nmittler M wips(accesslog): support config omit_empty_values
istio/api 2240 howardjohn Pending Jul 2 ericvn, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson S Add controls around injected headers
istio/istio 39521 zirain Pending Jul 2 GregHanson, douglas-reid, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, j2gg0s, zirain XL fix multi accesslogging not working
istio/ 11216 kinzhi Pending Jul 2 Arhell, xichengliudui S zh-translation:sync content/zh/docs/setup/upgrade/canary/
istio/ 10053 AndreaM12345 Pending Jul 2 frankbu XS modify sni-proxy.conf snippet for egress to work in kube
istio/ 10288 upodroid Pending Jul 2 EronWright, IKRozhkov, howardjohn, rvennam, upodroid M Monitoring instructions for using ServiceMonitors
istio/api 2131 liuxu623 Pending Jul 2 ericvn, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, liuxu623, louiscryan, mandarjog, nrjpoddar, smawson S Add AlpnProtocols to Gateway API
istio/ 10717 saltbo Pending Jul 2 Arhell XL docs: update the networking folder for the zh-docs
istio/api 1773 ZhiHanZ Pending Jul 2 ZhiHanZ, costinm, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, lizan, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson, songdongsheng M add auto_sni and auto_san field in ClientTLSSettings
istio/api 1854 SpecialYang Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson L Add regex rewrite
istio/ 11062 zhlsunshine Pending Jul 2 S re-submit pr#10873
istio/api 2160 ningyougang Pending Jul 2 ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson XS Change dr MaxConnection data type from int32 to uint32
istio/api 2013 zhlsunshine Pending Jul 2 brian-avery, dcberg, duderino, ericvn, howardjohn, jacob-delgado, jasonwzm, justinpettit, linsun, louiscryan, mandarjog, nrjpoddar, smawson, therealmitchconnors, zhlsunshine M Istio API Feature Status using proto annotations
istio/api 2173 sschepens Pending Jul 2 ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson M Authorization policy: allow specifying string match for path and conditions
istio/api 2216 timonwong Pending Jul 2 Arhell, ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson XS Clarify concurrency setting from proxy config
istio/api 1948 shamsher31 Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, esnible, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, shamsher31, smawson S [WIP] kubectl explain add support for IstioOperator CRD + other
istio/api 2129 commixon Pending Jul 2 ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson M Add verbose flag for envoy tracing
istio/api 2212 liuxu623 Pending Jul 2 Arhell, emike922, ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, liuxu623, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, shankgan, smawson M add injectionSelectors
istio/ 10686 yanrongshi Pending Jul 2 XS zh:/events/banners/
istio/api 2231 Patrick0308 Pending Jul 2 ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson S add an field to avoid interpreting the hosts on dr and vs
istio/ 9590 orangegzx Pending Jul 2 Xunzhuo, lambdai M zh-translation: docs/ops/deployment/performance and scalability/
istio/api 2038 rsalmond Pending Jul 2 brian-avery, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rsalmond, smawson, yangminzhu XS add explicit call out about the subtle difference between empty vs omitted
istio/ 10546 Monkeyanator Pending Jul 2 Arhell, ericvn, therealmitchconnors S Update docs to reflect extended support policy
istio/client-go 163 mshri10 Pending Jul 2 XXL Patch 1
istio/ 9838 massaox Pending Jul 2 ericvn S Adding Jetstack logo to website.
istio/api 1488 TaichiHo Pending Jul 2 costinm, dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, rshriram, smawson S add uid/gid and target port
istio/ 9290 MXuDong Pending Jul 2 Xunzhuo, kebe7jun, orangegzx L zh-translation: /zh/about/feature-stages/
istio/api 1937 Niksko Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson M Add topologySpreadConstraints field to operator k8s opts
istio/ 10014 nrouda Pending Jul 2 craigbox, nrouda S Update companies.yml
istio/api 2072 yangminzhu Pending Jul 2 brian-avery, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson S jwt: support output claims to header
istio/ 10157 xulingqing Pending Jul 2 justinpettit, myidpt, yangminzhu L [Refactor] security concept page - Authn
istio/api 2082 l8huang Pending Jul 2 brian-avery, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson L Support Envoy Native Subset Load Balancing[WIP]
istio/ 8711 SerenaFeng Pending Jul 2 SerenaFeng, frankbu, howardjohn XS correct secret naming spec using in Gateway configuration
istio/api 1653 shamsher31 Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, shamsher31, smawson M Support gRPC status in fault abort
istio/api 2014 howardjohn Pending Jul 2 costinm, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson XS Add cipherSuites to DR ClientTLS settings
istio/api 1767 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 2 costinm, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, idouba, kyessenov, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson XXL Add Ratelimit API
istio/ 8869 DamianFekete Pending Jul 2 ericvn XS Use the correct filename extension
istio/api 2028 kyessenov Pending Jul 2 bianpengyuan, costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, kyessenov, linsun, louiscryan, mandarjog, nrjpoddar, smawson L first draft of rate limit API
istio/api 1378 rolandkool Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, rshriram, smawson XS Add short alias for authorizationpolicy resource
istio/ 9707 shankgan Pending Jul 2 ericvn, shankgan L task cert-management/custom-ca-k8s: preliminary doc tests
istio/api 1891 masquee Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, masquee, nrjpoddar, smawson M add support for zone/subzone level failover settings
istio/api 1902 Niksko Pending Jul 2 Niksko, dcberg, duderino, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, ramaraochavali, smawson S Update VirtualService docs with defaults for retry behaviour, remove required attribute on attempts
istio/api 1917 wzshiming Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson, yangminzhu XS Support configuring deny for AuthorizationPolicy
istio/api 1957 su225 Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson S add http header casing option to mesh config
istio/api 1918 shamsher31 Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, shamsher31, smawson XS Revision is no longer experimental
istio/api 1925 morvencao Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, morvencao, nrjpoddar, ostromart, shamsher31, smawson XXL fix volume marshal/unmarshal issue for operator api.
istio/api 1912 lei-tang Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, myidpt, nrjpoddar, ramaraochavali, smawson L Support configuring the cipher suites for inbound TLS connections to workloads
istio/ 8885 sgc109 Pending Jul 2 L Started translation to Korean
istio/api 1754 howardjohn Pending Jul 2 costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, ramaraochavali L Mirror Destinationrule connectionPool to Sidecar
istio/api 1756 micnncim Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, ramaraochavali, rshriram, smawson XS Add short name to EnvoyFilter
istio/api 1735 carolynhu Pending Jul 2 carolynhu, costinm, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, ostromart, rshriram, smawson S Add autoscale enabled fields and PDB enabled field for IstioOperatorSpec
istio/api 1762 yskopets Pending Jul 2 costinm, dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson XS api: add `discovery_service` field to `ProxyConfig`
istio/api 1871 kailun-qin Pending Jul 2 costinm, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, kailun-qin, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, ramaraochavali, smawson S Change `http2MaxRequests` setting to `maxRequests`
istio/api 1776 xeviknal Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, shamsher31, smawson, therealmitchconnors, zerobfd S Adding message field into AnalysisMessage
istio/api 1842 kyessenov Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, kyessenov, linsun, louiscryan, mandarjog, nrjpoddar, smawson L HTTP local rate limit
istio/api 1654 rolandkool Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson XS Document new annotation
istio/api 1662 kidiyoor Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, mandarjog, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson L Distinguish upstream errors from local error for outlier detection
istio/api 1414 costinm Pending Jul 2 costinm, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson L Initial draft to allow customization of Certificate signing
istio/api 1603 m-czernek Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, m-czernek, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson S Explicitly document the root namespace behavior
istio/api 1607 sdake Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, kyessenov, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, sdake, smawson XXL WIP: Move API repository to protobuf from gogo
istio/api 1280 dhermes Pending Jul 2 dcberg, dhermes, geeknoid, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, rshriram, smawson XS Making `tls_settings` use code font.
istio/api 1314 ChenLingPeng Pending Jul 2 dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, rshriram, smawson XS add annotation to redirect from destination to local podIP 34766 zou-weidong Pending Jul 2 Sea-n XS Small Typo Fix
ingress 8771 longwuyuan Pending Jul 2 tao12345666333 XS fix bullet md format
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 867 Jan-dai Pending Jul 2 XS HighNodeUtilization: support node steal when high nodes empty
git-sync 266 neutronth Pending Jul 2 neutronth, stp-ip, thockin L Git submodules remote tracking
kubeflow/manifests 2243 kimwnasptd Pending Jul 2 PatrickXYS, StefanoFioravanzo M Update Dex for K8s 1.22
kubernetes 110886 pacoxu LGTM Jul 2 brianpursley, caesarxuchao, warmchang XXL remove componentstatus support in v1.25
kubeflow/manifests 2242 kimwnasptd Pending Jul 2 StefanoFioravanzo, yanniszark XXL Update kubeflow/kubeflow manifests from v1.6.0-rc.0
kubernetes 109334 weilaaa Pending Jul 2 caesarxuchao, roycaihw, smarterclayton, weilaaa L Thread safe store support complicated index
istio/istio 39405 ramaraochavali Pending Jul 2 GregHanson, costinm, ericvn, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, kdorosh, linsun, nmittler, ramaraochavali, vikaschoudhary16 L add xfcc authenticator
istio/istio 39665 ramaraochavali Pending Jul 2 hzxuzhonghu L use config hash for dependent configs
kubeflow/pipelines 7877 ryansteakley LGTM Jul 2 Arhell, RedbackThomson, akartsky, surajkota S chore: add missing imports for aws samples data scripts
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 1102 andyzhangx Pending Jul 2 ZeroMagic XS feat: Disable DiagTrack service on Windows image
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1977 k8s-infra-cherrypick-robot Pending Jul 2 andyzhangx, lzhecheng, nilo19 M [release-1.0] Omit case mismatch when comparing expected loadBalancing rules with existing ones
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 699 k8s-infra-cherrypick-robot Pending Jul 2 FillZpp, droot, pwittrock XS [release-0.9] :bug: Add XPreserveUnknownFields to runtime.RawExtension
kubernetes 110901 ping035627 LGTM Jul 2 Random-Liu, changshuchao, feiskyer XS Add failure handling of the desiredStateOfWorldPopulator start
website 33406 JarHMJ Pending Jul 2 bene2k1, mkorbi, sftim M [de] sync content/de/docs/concepts/ from upstream
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 867 Jan-dai Pending Jul 2 aveshagarwal, seanmalloy S HighNodeUtilization: support node steal when high nodes empty
istio/istio 39713 sschepens Pending Jul 2 adiprerepa, sschepens L XDS Cache Tests and minor improvements
istio/istio 39135 irisdingbj Pending Jul 2 costinm, howardjohn, irisdingbj L Add SDS_ADDR to pilot to allow plugin external UDS SDS server
istio/istio 39259 aryan16 Pending Jul 2 aryan16, stevenctl, vikaschoudhary16 L added custom operator for eastwest gateway
istio/istio 39298 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 2 costinm, lei-tang XXL remove chiron controller
istio/istio 37371 ricec Pending Jul 2 costinm, howardjohn, lambdai, ricec XXL Allow outbound passthrough on reserved ports
istio/istio 28701 shamsher31 Pending Jul 2 costinm, elfinhe, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler, ostromart, richardwxn, shamsher31 S istioctl upgrade: check previous version of Istio is installed with revision.
kubernetes 110925 kapiljain1989 Pending Jul 2 denkensk, sanposhiho XS Remove TTL for scheduler cache to resolve the race condition when Cac…
website 34571 X723166587 Pending Jul 2 Sea-n, howieyuen, tengqm, xichengliudui L [zh] Migrating telemetry and security agents from dockershim
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1974 k8s-infra-cherrypick-robot LGTM Jul 2 lzhecheng, nilo19 M [release-1.1] Omit case mismatch when comparing expected loadBalancing rules with existing ones
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1979 nilo19 Pending Jul 2 MartinForReal, jwtty L [release-1.24] Add servie annotation to disable lb floating ip
istio/api 2405 ramaraochavali Pending Jul 2 ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar S add stat prefix for routes
kubernetes-sigs/oci-proxy 86 jeremyphua Pending Jul 2 BobyMCbobs, Riaankl S Add endpoint to serve LF privacy page
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4692 koba1t Pending Jul 2 mengqiy, yuwenma XXL [proposal] add support for go workspace mode
kubeflow/pipelines 7979 connor-mccarthy Pending Jul 2 chensun, zijianjoy L chore(test): periodically clean up mysql on sample test infra
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2252 hacktastic Pending Jul 2 Raffo, seanmalloy L Add new Source for google cloud config-connector ComputeAddress CRDs
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 307 mainred Pending Jul 2 andrewsykim, dberkov, jkh52, mainred L fix: client should return instantly when no backend
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 312 ipochi Pending Jul 2 cheftako, invidian, ipochi, jkh52, rata L (WIP - Do not review) Terminate Idle connections by setting a timeout to free up resources
kubernetes 110858 tossmilestone Pending Jul 2 caesarxuchao, deads2k, liggitt, yliaog S Fix garbagecollector is blocked
website 34764 NitishKumar06 Pending Jul 2 Sea-n, davidopp, divya-mohan0209 S Cluster not starting error after Kubernetes 1.24 resolved
website 34766 zou-weidong LGTM Jul 2 Sea-n, bishal7679, howieyuen, ydFu XS Small Typo Fix
istio/istio 39754 zhlsunshine Pending Jul 2 M [Dual Stack] Fix the bugs for routes configuration generation for IPv6 to allow internal traffic inside the service mesh with IPv6 package
ingress-nginx 8771 longwuyuan Pending Jul 2 ElvinEfendi, strongjz, tao12345666333 XS fix bullet md format
website 34727 manabuishii Pending Jul 2 Arhell, makocchi-git, ptux XS Fix constant value to variable
kubeflow/website 3292 wilkensoncode LGTM Jul 2 Arhell, joeliedtke, terrytangyuan S 404 page not found - link fix
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 795 ArangoGutierrez Pending Jul 2 adrianchiris, marquiz, zvonkok L Rename lists
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 1406 sunpa93 Pending Jul 2 ZeroMagic, edreed XXL [V2] feat: allow detaches of replica attachment for primary attachment
kops 13918 rifelpet Pending Jul 2 johngmyers, olemarkus, zetaab L Upgrade karpenter to 0.13.1
istio/istio 38408 Kampe Pending Jul 2 Kampe, ericvn, howardjohn, morvencao, zirain S Update istio-mesh-dashboard.json
website 34745 popeng007 Pending Jul 2 chenxuc, mengjiao-liu XS [zh-cn]Fixed a word in
kubernetes 110916 zhoumingcheng Pending Jul 2 logicalhan, thockin XS Fix a typo
kubeflow/pipelines 7885 renovate-bot Pending Jul 2 jagadeeshi2i, shrinath-suresh XS fix(deps): update dependency npm to v8 [security]
kubernetes 110879 ping035627 LGTM Jul 2 jingxu97, saad-ali, yangjunmyfm192085 XS Handle os.MkdirAll error
istio/istio 39683 yokoyang Pending Jul 2 howardjohn M proxyconfig cr merge fix
googleforgames/agones 2644 govargo Pending Jul 2 devjgm, dzlier-gcp, govargo, steven-supersolid XXL Migrade from to
kubernetes 106197 wangrzneu Pending Jul 2 liggitt, nikhita, smarterclayton, wangrzneu, yliaog M support get in cluster default namespace in client-go rest package 34765 PushkarJ Pending Jul 2 XS Placeholder for KEP-3203 docs 34764 NitishKumar06 Pending Jul 2 XS Cluster not starting error after Kubernetes 1.24 resolved
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 1249 howardjohn Pending Jul 2 XS conformance: wait for all conditions, not just status code
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 6026 haircommander Pending Jul 2 XS oci/server: store container status in the container object
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 6026 haircommander Pending Jul 2 XS oci/server: store container status in the container object
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 1676 connor-mccarthy Pending Jul 2 XS add periodic mysql cleanup job
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 1675 EricEdens Pending Jul 2 XS Remove EricEdens from OWNERS
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 627 sayantani11 Pending Jul 2 fabriziopandini, sbueringer, vincepri XXL Add verify-conversions target
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 641 sayantani11 Pending Jul 2 cpanato, fabriziopandini, sbueringer L use kubectl installed in the makefile and remove the script
kubeflow/pipelines 7916 larrytin Pending Jul 2 Linchin, chensun XS fix(backend): set correct permissions for local directory
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 646 sayantani11 Pending Jul 2 enxebre, vincepri L update ci & other scripts to use installed kind@v0.14.0
website 34674 shannonxtreme Pending Jul 2 divya-mohan0209, mikedanese XL Migrate create, edit, and delete Secrets to relevant tasks
istio/api 2392 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 2 costinm, ericvn, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar S Deprecate MeshConfig.Certificates
istio/istio 39602 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 2 howardjohn M Fix merge trafficpolicy
minikube 14481 spowelljr Pending Jul 2 medyagh, prezha, sharifelgamal S ISO/Kicbase: Update base images
kubernetes 110399 claudiubelu Pending Jul 2 andyzhangx, claudiubelu, cofyc, jingxu97, thockin L unittests: Fixes unit tests for Windows (part 2)
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 9047 yankay LGTM Jul 2 bozzo, liupeng0518 XS Fix docker option in centos arm64
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 377 Tal-or Pending Jul 2 Huang-Wei, Tal-or, cwdsuzhou, fromanirh, seanmalloy, swatisehgal XXL noderesourcetopology: add integration tests for scope=container
kubernetes 110923 mpuckett159 Pending Jul 2 KnVerey, brianpursley L Move kubectl wait to informers with a cache to avoid hanging due to objects disappearing from the cluster
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1786 Aishwarya-Hebbar Pending Jul 2 RaunakShah, sashrith L [WIP]Stretch test bug fixes
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-cloudstack 132 mrog Pending Jul 2 davidjumani, maxdrib L Added e2e tests for upgrading clusters with insufficient compute resources
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-cloudstack 125 rejoshed Pending Jul 2 davidjumani, maxdrib, rejoshed XL Tests -- Flesh Out Controller Tests
kubernetes-sigs/windows-testing 328 jsturtevant Pending Jul 2 adelina-t, jayunit100 XXL wip: Adding support for gmsa
test-infra 26730 openshift-bot Pending Jul 2 droslean XL Update OpenShift testgrid definitions by auto-testgrid-generator job at Sat, 02 Jul 2022 00:01:42 UTC
kubernetes 110894 yuanchen8911 Pending Jul 1 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, denkensk, yuanchen8911 M Add PreFilter messages to Diagnosis
kubernetes 109794 mdbooth LGTM Jul 1 andrewsykim, bobbypage, cheftako, danwinship, dchen1107, elmiko, nckturner, thockin, yujuhong L Make kubelet set unconditionally
kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api 1249 howardjohn Pending Jul 1 bowei, shaneutt M conformance: wait for all conditions, not just status code
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2445 Jont828 LGTM Jul 1 CecileRobertMichon, jsturtevant XS Bump Cluster API Visualizer version
test-infra 26648 qaifshaikh Pending Jul 1 cjwagner, michelle192837 XL Update Tekton Pipeline version to latest
test-infra 26690 listx Pending Jul 1 chaodaiG, cjwagner, listx, mpherman2 L Add fakegcsserver
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6775 killianmuldoon Pending Jul 1 CecileRobertMichon, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, ykakarap M [WIP] :seedling: Add new rate limiter to the Topology/cluster reconciler
kubeflow/pipelines 7966 zpChris LGTM Jul 1 rui5i, zijianjoy, zpChris L feat(frontend): Display two-panel layout and confusion matrices
test-infra 26658 kaalams Pending Jul 1 chaodaiG, cjwagner, kaalams L CA Cert and Server Implementation
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1264 geetikabatra Pending Jul 1 MaxRink, geetikabatra, randomvariable, srm09, vrabbi, yastij L ✨GPU and PCI passthrough support
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6801 oscr Pending Jul 1 killianmuldoon, oscr, sbueringer, stmcginnis, ykakarap M 📖 Add script to find files missing in
kubeflow/pipelines 7981 zpChris Pending Jul 1 XL feat(frontend): Display HTML and Markdown files
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2447 nawazkh Pending Jul 1 jackfrancis, jsturtevant S Nic specific dns settings
kubernetes 110859 Monokaix Pending Jul 1 Monokaix, alexzielenski, smarterclayton, wojtek-t M make ParseWatchCacheSizes() initializing only once
kubernetes 110122 Riaankl Pending Jul 1 Riaankl, alculquicondor, aojea, atiratree, heyste, kow3ns, krmayankk, soltysh L Write ControllerRevisionLifecycleTest +7 Endpoints
test-infra 26713 aramase Pending Jul 1 ritazh, tam7t XS add nilekhc as reviewer for secrets-store-csi-driver
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1835 lipingxue Pending Jul 1 RaunakShah, SandeepPissay XS [WIP] Change function "ListDataCenters" to add logic to connect to VC
kubernetes 110617 alexzielenski Pending Jul 1 Jefftree, alexzielenski, jpbetz, sttts M remove OptionsExternalVersion
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2446 luthermonson Pending Jul 1 Jont828, alexeldeib XS Adding a DirectoryOrCreate to /etc/default in the AAD DaemonSet
kubernetes 109676 cartermckinnon Pending Jul 1 andyzhangx, cartermckinnon, jingxu97, manugupt1, mkimuram, wongma7, yuefido L Skip mount point checks when possible during mount cleanup.
minikube 14482 andrewhamilton-okta Pending Jul 1 afbjorklund, sharifelgamal M Fixes containerd configuration issue with insecure registries
kubeflow/pipelines 7919 jlyaoyuli Pending Jul 1 StefanoFioravanzo, jlyaoyuli, zijianjoy L feat(frontend) Convert string-type RuntimeConfig parameters to real-type (currently support num, bool, str)
istio/istio 39648 aryan16 Pending Jul 1 aryan16, howardjohn, nmittler XL Refactoring Security Tests
kubernetes 110670 gnufied Pending Jul 1 bobbypage, gnufied, jingxu97, jsafrane, smarterclayton, xing-yang XL Fix pod stuck in termination state when mount fails or gets skipped after kubelet restart
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6806 oscr Pending Jul 1 killianmuldoon, sbueringer S 📖 Update repository-layout with missing folders
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6593 Jont828 Pending Jul 1 Jont828, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, vincepri, ykakarap M ✨ Add Cluster API Visualizer to Tilt observability
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6803 killianmuldoon LGTM Jul 1 sbueringer, stmcginnis, ykakarap XS 📖 Fix alignment of 'ClusterClass' in docs
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6805 killianmuldoon Pending Jul 1 killianmuldoon, sbueringer, stmcginnis, ykakarap M [WIP] 🌱 Add BeforeClusterDelete to runtimeSDK e2e tests
release 2597 wespanther Pending Jul 1 cpanato, jimangel, mkorbi, saschagrunert S debian-base: Update dependents to use bullseye-v1.4.0
istio/istio 39732 nmnellis Pending Jul 1 EItanya, costinm, howardjohn, nmnellis L Tls cert cacerts secret format
kubeflow/kubeflow 6558 xiaoxq Pending Jul 1 StefanoFioravanzo, thesuperzapper S Avoid reloading spawner_ui_config yaml files.
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 363 jnummelin Pending Jul 1 Jefftree, cheftako, dberkov, jkh52 M Make proxy server bind addresses configurable
kubernetes 109494 kevindelgado Pending Jul 1 apelisse, brianpursley, deads2k, liggitt XL server-side metadata unknown field validation
kubernetes 108184 haircommander Pending Jul 1 bart0sh, ehashman XS WIP: test for crio serial tests
kubernetes-csi/csi-lib-iscsi 37 jskazinski Pending Jul 1 humblec, j-griffith, jskazinski, pohly, xing-yang XL refactor: Switch to using klog structured logging, multipath discover…
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8905 oomichi Pending Jul 1 cristicalin, floryut, jayonlau, liupeng0518, oomichi S Add Rocky Linux 8 support for vagrant and CI
website 34765 PushkarJ Pending Jul 1 nehaLohia27 XS Placeholder for KEP-3203 docs
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2444 LochanRn Pending Jul 1 Jont828, alexeldeib, devigned XS When creating AKS clusters using autoscaler enabled, do not make an update api call to agentpool service based on difference in node count
istio/common-files 625 istio-testing Pending Jul 1 XS Automator: update build-tools image@master in istio/common-files@master
kubernetes 110772 p0lyn0mial Pending Jul 1 justinsb, lavalamp, wojtek-t XL [WIP] reflector gets a stream of data
kubernetes 110059 21kyu Pending Jul 1 21kyu, Random-Liu, endocrimes, fromanirh, krmayankk L [WIP] Add unit tests for QosContainerManagerImpl.Start in qos_container_manager_linux.go
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1822 chethanv28 Pending Jul 1 gohilankit M Return success for DetachVolume when nodeName in PodSpec is not same as nodeName in DetachVolume request
kubernetes 110809 weilaaa Pending Jul 1 apelisse, kevindelgado, liggitt M add requirement for apiversion of unstructured when decoding
community 6264 porridge Pending Jul 1 derekwaynecarr, johnbelamaric, nikhita XS Update stale reference to etcd modifiedIndex
istio/ 11534 ericvn Pending Jul 1 S Test moving up Hugo versions and replace BlackFriday with GoldMark.
kubeflow/gcp-blueprints 369 gkcalat Pending Jul 1 zijianjoy L Upgrade ASM to v1.13
kubernetes 109189 mpuckett159 Pending Jul 1 ardaguclu, deads2k, mpuckett159, soltysh L Update redacting functionality to redact all sensitive info in config when printing with view
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1984 seung-moon Pending Jul 1 andyzhangx, nilo19 XS doc: update load balancer doc
kubernetes-sigs/security-profiles-operator 1015 jhrozek Pending Jul 1 JAORMX, cmurphy M tests: Modify the example pod if running on OCP
kubeflow/pipelines 7912 zichuan-scott-xu LGTM Jul 1 chensun, connor-mccarthy, zichuan-scott-xu L feat(sdk/client): implements overriding caching options at submission
kubeflow/examples 971 dependabot[bot] Pending Jul 1 jinchihe, js-ts XS Bump mistune from 0.7.4 to 0.8.1 in /github_issue_summarization
kubeflow/pipelines 7978 copybara-service[bot] Pending Jul 1 SinaChavoshi, chensun S chore(components): Post release update for v1.0.12
kubernetes-sigs/security-profiles-operator 1016 jhrozek Pending Jul 1 cmurphy, hasheddan L tests: Add the recording RBAC roles and SA dynamically, re-add on every operator redeploy
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2437 sayantani11 Pending Jul 1 jsturtevant, mboersma L tests for conversion from previous API versions
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6756 sbueringer LGTM Jul 1 JoelSpeed, chrischdi, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, stmcginnis, ykakarap XXL 📖 Runtime SDK: extend documentation & update proposals accordingly
kubernetes-sigs/kubetest2 199 olemarkus Pending Jul 1 MushuEE XS Bump golang to 1.17
kubernetes-sigs/oci-proxy 85 justina777 Pending Jul 1 ameukam XS update the / redirection
kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api 1245 EmilyShepherd LGTM Jul 1 bowei, robscott, youngnick L Update examples to v1beta1
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1833 sipriyaa Pending Jul 1 gnufied, sashrith XXL config secret automation for csi 2.6 regression
website 34337 patrocinio LGTM Jul 1 egernst, kbhawkey, reylejano, tallclair XS Fix error in Pod Overhead documentation
kubernetes-sigs/security-profiles-operator 1013 stephen-fox Pending Jul 1 cmurphy, jhrozek XXL helm: Initial "bare bones" chart configuration.
kubernetes 108421 momom-i Pending Jul 1 derekwaynecarr, hzxuzhonghu, tkashem XS error handling with one line
kubernetes 107731 tnqn Pending Jul 1 249043822, andrewsykim, tnqn, wzshiming, yxxhero M Fix Pod sandbox cleanup 34760 Kwazimolo Pending Jul 1 XS Corrected typo's on en & zh-cn files 34759 sftim Pending Jul 1 XS Tweak custom resources concept 34758 seokho-son Pending Jul 1 XS [ko] 1st Korean localization work for v1.24 32357 kevindelgado Pending Jul 1 apelisse, liggitt, mehabhalodiya XS Field Validation API Concepts
ingress 8770 smbambling Pending Jul 1 XS Add condition for API
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 2712 PrajwalBorkar Pending Jul 1 XS Fixed typo: Listner => Listener
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 9050 mzaian Pending Jul 1 oomichi XS [argocd] update argocd to v2.4.3
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 9049 yankay Pending Jul 1 liupeng0518 XS Remove ETCD_UNSUPPORTED_ARCH since etcdmain officially supports "arm64"
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 9050 mzaian Pending Jul 1 oomichi XS [argocd] update argocd to v2.4.3
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 9049 yankay Pending Jul 1 liupeng0518 XS Remove ETCD_UNSUPPORTED_ARCH since etcdmain officially supports "arm64"
kubeflow/manifests 2240 surajkota Pending Jul 1 StefanoFioravanzo, yanniszark XXL Sync kserve manifests for v0.8.0
kubernetes 110403 claudiubelu Pending Jul 1 caesarxuchao, caseydavenport, endocrimes, jsturtevant L unittests: Fixes unit tests for Windows (part 3)
kubernetes 110453 claudiubelu Pending Jul 1 SergeyKanzhelev, ahg-g, andyzhangx, endocrimes, lianghao208 L unittests: Fixes unit tests for Windows (part 4)
kubernetes 110566 claudiubelu Pending Jul 1 caseydavenport, dcbw, jsturtevant L unittests: Fixes unit tests for Windows (part 5)
kubernetes 104660 claudiubelu Pending Jul 1 aravindhp, brendandburns, claudiubelu, dchen1107, immuzz, marosset, neolit123 L Windows file permissions
kubernetes 110885 ardaguclu Pending Jul 1 KnVerey, brianpursley L Add unit tests for explain command
website 32357 kevindelgado Pending Jul 1 apelisse, liggitt, mehabhalodiya, rajeshdeshpande02, sftim, tengqm M Field Validation API Concepts
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 2791 camilamacedo86 Pending Jul 1 everettraven, joelanford, pwittrock L :sparkles: upgrade k8s deps from 1.24 to 1.24.2, controller-tools from v0.9.0 to v0.9.2 and controller-runtime from v0.12.1 to v0.12.2
kubernetes 110900 Huang-Wei Pending Jul 1 ahg-g, alculquicondor M sched: avoid unnecessary compose/decompose on FitError
minikube 14485 peizhouyu Pending Jul 1 blueelvis, spowelljr S update start help info, deprecated --network-plugin flag
klog 339 angelgarcan Pending Jul 1 pohly, serathius XS Update
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 2712 PrajwalBorkar Pending Jul 1 M00nF1sh, kishorj XS Fixed typo: Listner => Listener
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 907 kopiczko Pending Jul 1 alexeldeib, aniruddha2000, codenrhoden, detiber, hidekazuna, invidian, johananl, kopiczko M Fix SSH/scp/sftp issues for OpenSSH 9.0+ and Flatcar stable
kubeflow/pipelines 7973 zichuan-scott-xu Pending Jul 1 Arhell, chensun, connor-mccarthy, zichuan-scott-xu L feat(sdk): support container_component decorator for function with no inputs
kubernetes-sigs/boskos 130 jprzychodzen Pending Jul 1 chaodaiG, stevekuznetsov S [Reaper] Add --extra-source-state flag
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 836 a7i Pending Jul 1 JaneLiuL, a7i, aveshagarwal, damemi, ingvagabund, knelasevero L TopologySpreadConstraint: only evaluate nodes below ideal avg when balancing domains
kubernetes 110698 yuanchen8911 Pending Jul 1 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, chendave, kerthcet, yuanchen8911 M Add PriorityClassName wrapper to scheduler testing pkg
kubernetes 110920 jluhrsen Pending Jul 1 aojea, danwinship L Automated cherry pick of #110639: fix a bug on endpointslices tests comparing the wrong
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6780 ykakarap Pending Jul 1 JoelSpeed, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, ykakarap M 🌱 Better error handling for tracking utilities
kubernetes 110896 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Jul 1 alculquicondor, dchen1107 L Promote minReadySeconds to GA
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 9050 mzaian LGTM Jul 1 bozzo, liupeng0518, oomichi S [argocd] update argocd to v2.4.3
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2411 brianlieberman Pending Jul 1 CecileRobertMichon, Jont828, brianlieberman, dthorsen, jackfrancis XXL Support for configurable Network Interfaces
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3570 dependabot[bot] LGTM Jul 1 Ankitasw, dlipovetsky, dthorsen S build(deps): bump from 1.32.0 to 1.32.1
kubeflow/kubeflow 6556 eltociear Pending Jul 1 SachinVarghese, thesuperzapper, yanniszark XS Fix typo in centraldashboard/
kubernetes-sigs/kueue 290 kerthcet Pending Jul 1 ArangoGutierrez, ahg-g, denkensk, kerthcet XXL Refactor tests in scheduler
release 2502 rikatz Pending Jul 1 BenTheElder, PurelyApplied, aojea, cpanato, danwinship, dims, onlydole, rikatz, robscott, sethmccombs, uablrek L Create distroless iptables image
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 859 a7i Pending Jul 1 JaneLiuL, damemi L provide configuration to include custom node and pod labels on metrics
gengo 230 justinsb Pending Jul 1 lavalamp, wojtek-t S WIP: Add github workflow for CI
kubernetes 110853 kerthcet LGTM Jul 1 ahg-g, alculquicondor, damemi, kerthcet M Hotfix: filter out unsatisfied nodes when calling AddPod in PodTopologySpread
node-problem-detector 679 2rs2ts LGTM Jul 1 dchen1107, mmiranda96, wangzhen127, xueweiz XS Use Warn severity on K8s Event when Node condition is True
kubernetes 110717 kerthcet Pending Jul 1 Huang-Wei, alculquicondor, chendave, sanposhiho L Add Framework interface detectors in scheduler
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6684 prometherion LGTM Jul 1 chrischdi, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, stmcginnis L 🌱 patching Docker-based nodes provider ID using client-runtime
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6733 oscr Pending Jul 1 killianmuldoon, stmcginnis XS 📖 Remove Alibaba and Baidu Cloud from providers list
googleforgames/agones 2649 XiaNi LGTM Jul 1 XiaNi, dzlier-gcp, steven-supersolid M Health check error message
kubernetes 110738 pandaamanda LGTM Jul 1 Jefftree, aojea, apelisse, dcbw, liggitt, pandaamanda L kube-apiserver: default --enable-logs-handler flag to false
kubeflow/kubeflow 6550 adityaparamesh Pending Jul 1 StefanoFioravanzo, kimwnasptd M Move gpusCount to spawner config
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6313 schrej Pending Jul 1 AectannArd, fabriziopandini, sbueringer, schrej, stmcginnis, vincepri, ykakarap XXL ✨ Add IPAddress and IPAddressClaim CRs to Experimental API
kubernetes 110813 vpnachev Pending Jul 1 deads2k, dims, liggitt, soltysh, vpnachev S Ensure the directory for the file in flag `--audit-log-path` exists
kops 13722 naveensrinivasan Pending Jul 1 johngmyers, justinsb, mikesplain M chore: Enable codeql action
kubernetes 110917 yangjunmyfm192085 LGTM Jul 1 derekwaynecarr, matthyx, pohly, yangjunmyfm192085 XS Execute the Run function of kubelet, no log output after failure
kubernetes 110691 yangjunmyfm192085 LGTM Jul 1 dchen1107, endocrimes, krmayankk, pohly, yangjunmyfm192085, yxxhero S Execute the Run function of kubelet, Remove invalid comments and remove run function
istio/istio 39645 howardjohn Pending Jul 1 costinm, ericvn, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, nmittler XL hbone: initial echo server/client implementation
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 9041 mzaian Pending Jul 1 bozzo, floryut, mzaian, oomichi S [calico] add v3.23.2 and make it default
cloud-provider-gcp 348 jprzychodzen Pending Jul 1 jpbetz, mwielgus XXL Release 1.24
kubernetes-sigs/oci-proxy 82 BobyMCbobs Pending Jul 1 Riaankl, hh, sftim XS Update AWS region to S3 url to use production buckets
kubernetes-sigs/oci-proxy 84 upodroid Pending Jul 1 ameukam S Return temporary redirects instead of permanent ones
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 9045 oomichi Pending Jul 1 cristicalin, holmsten M Add target components on
kubernetes 110067 mysunshine92 Pending Jul 1 ingvagabund, k82cn, smarterclayton XS Fix bug in node controller:when MarkPodsNotReady,we should check if currentReadyCondition.Status equal to true
kubernetes 109827 mysunshine92 LGTM Jul 1 alculquicondor, kow3ns, mortent XS Remove unnecessary judgement for statefulset controller
kubernetes 110749 mpanduru Pending Jul 1 claudiubelu, daschott, feiskyer, jsturtevant, mpanduru, papagalu, sbangari XXL [kube-proxy][windows] Tests Refactor
website 34759 sftim Pending Jul 1 deads2k, enisoc S Tweak custom resources concept
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 644 evanfreed Pending Jul 1 fabriziopandini, sbueringer M feat: Add support for feature gates
autoscaler 5001 glehmann Pending Jul 1 aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer XL Hetzner public IPv4 and IPv6 configuration
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 640 jonathanrainer Pending Jul 1 iAnomaly, jonathanrainer, justinsb, wolffberg, wongma7 XL Allow more control of the name of the directory created by the Access Point under Dynamic Provisioning
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6799 chrischdi LGTM Jul 1 JoelSpeed, chrischdi, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, stmcginnis XS 🐛 Improve TestE2E error output and create artifacts dir if not exists
autoscaler 4902 RuriRyan Pending Jul 1 RuriRyan, jbartosik, krzysied, voelzmo L [VPA] KEP-4902: Delete OOM Pods
kubeflow/pipelines 7542 difince Pending Jul 1 Linchin, chensun, difince L fix(backend): On Pipeline delete, clean all associated Minio records
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1236 mdbooth Pending Jul 1 seanschneeweiss, tobiasgiese XXL Envtest mocks
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2673 vickydev90 Pending Jul 1 Raffo, seanmalloy L config for OCI private zone filter
kubernetes 110908 jackfrancis LGTM Jul 1 RA489, pacoxu S Automated cherry pick of #110791: kubeadm: fix the bug that configurable KubernetesVersion not
examples 435 rocdove Pending Jul 1 idvoretskyi, sebgoa XS ceph-secret secret use stringData
kubernetes-sigs/kpng 292 astoycos Pending Jul 1 dougsland, hanamantagoudvk XXL Kpng ebpf backend POC
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6483 DiptoChakrabarty Pending Jul 1 CecileRobertMichon, DiptoChakrabarty, enxebre, killianmuldoon, sbueringer L :seedling: Read Flag Information directly from tilt settings file in tilt prepare
istio/istio 38845 zadiman Pending Jul 1 Monkeyanator, costinm, jacob-delgado, morvencao, zadiman L Helm extraargs vol pilot
kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api 1243 youngnick Pending Jul 1 bowei, caboteria, howardjohn, mikemorris, shaneutt, youngnick L Update HTTPRoute BackendRef docs to clarify error behavior
gengo 228 justinsb Pending Jul 1 lavalamp, wojtek-t M Update go.mod to match pinned versions in k/k
gengo 229 justinsb Pending Jul 1 lavalamp, sttts L Fix TrimPathPrefix to allow for trimming the full path
minikube 14488 LenzGr Pending Jul 1 blueelvis, klaases M Documentation: updated Linux installation commands
kubernetes 109111 chendave Pending Jul 1 BenTheElder, alculquicondor, andrewsykim, aojea, chendave, endocrimes, liggitt, onsi, pohly XXL Migrate Ginkgo from v1 to v2 3922 k8s-infra-ci-robot Pending Jul 1 jeremyrickard, justaugustus S Update prow to v20220630-695df9040a and ghproxy as needed
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 9049 yankay LGTM Jul 1 EppO, jayonlau, liupeng0518 S Remove ETCD_UNSUPPORTED_ARCH since etcdmain officially supports "arm64"
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3526 dlmather LGTM Jul 1 Ankitasw, shivi28 L Allow multiple security group filter matches
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 1380 hccheng72 Pending Jul 1 bertinatto, edreed, hccheng72, nearora-msft XL [V2]feat: replace command line params with config file
kubernetes 110909 jackfrancis LGTM Jul 1 SataQiu, pacoxu S Automated cherry pick of #110791: kubeadm: fix the bug that configurable KubernetesVersion not
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2435 jackfrancis Pending Jul 1 Jont828, alexeldeib, jackfrancis, mboersma, sonasingh46 L test: standardize ControlPlaneWaiters
website 34423 jihoon-seo Pending Jul 1 gochist, jihoon-seo, seokho-son XXL [ko] Update outdated files in `dev-1.23-ko.3` (M44-M77)
website 34746 sarazqy Pending Jul 1 SataQiu, chenrui333, javadoors, sarazqy, tengqm XXL translate content/zh-cn/docs/reference/kubernetes-api/workload-resources/ into Chinese
ingress-nginx 8230 alex123012 Pending Jul 1 alex123012, iamNoah1, rikatz, strongjz M Add new prometheus metric for orphaned ingress
kubernetes-sigs/container-object-storage-interface-api 51 thotz Pending Jul 1 rrati, wlan0 XXL [WIP] Update api with new kep
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6710 chrischdi Pending Jul 1 chrischdi, sbueringer, stmcginnis, ykakarap XXL 🌱 Improve dry run for topology changes to dry run server side apply
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 536 czerasz-allianz Pending Jul 1 kbasv, wongma7 M feat: add support for env and envFrom
website 34567 patrocinio Pending Jul 1 Shubham82, lavalamp, patrocinio, thockin M Remove references in Makefile in the "Connecting Applications with Se…
kubernetes 110860 claudiubelu LGTM Jul 1 alexzielenski, feiskyer, jsturtevant, tallclair, wzshiming XL cleanup: Removes duplicate utils code
kubernetes 110877 claudiubelu Pending Jul 1 justaugustus, mkumatag M agnhost: Check symlink target's permissions for Windows
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-ibmcloud 734 Prajyot-Parab LGTM Jul 1 Amulyam24, gyliu513, mkumatag XXL Improve UT coverage in cloud/scope package for VPC
website 34468 Shubham82 Pending Jul 1 Shubham82, liggitt, reylejano, sbueringer, sftim, sttts S Modify note content about kubectl, CRDs, and subresources
community 6725 derekwaynecarr LGTM Jul 1 Random-Liu, SergeyKanzhelev, dchen1107, ddebroy, ehashman, endocrimes, klueska, mrunalp, sftim, sjenning, xmcqueen, yujuhong L SIG Node contributor ladder review guidance
kubernetes-sigs/kind 2804 stmcginnis Pending Jul 1 BenTheElder, aojea, neolit123, stmcginnis S Add node build steps to Building Images section
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1900 isitinschi LGTM Jul 1 FillZpp, alvaroaleman, droot, gerred L :sparkles: webhook: add an option to recover from panics in handler
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 732 jonathanrainer Pending Jul 1 github-code-scanning[bot], leakingtapan, wongma7 XXL Adds capability to provision directories on the EFS dynamically
ingress-nginx 8770 smbambling Pending Jul 1 ChiefAlexander, cpanato XS Add condition for API
kubernetes 110910 jackfrancis LGTM Jul 1 neolit123, pacoxu S Automated cherry pick of #110791: kubeadm: fix the bug that configurable KubernetesVersion not
test-infra 26729 leonardpahlke Pending Jul 1 listx, michelle192837 S Add testgrid-json-exporter container image build job
kubernetes 109263 FeLvi-zzz LGTM Jul 1 FeLvi-zzz, Random-Liu, VirrageS, ehashman, klueska, krmayankk, mrunalp, neolit123, odinuge, yangjunmyfm192085, yxxhero S validate nodeLabels in kubelet
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 968 lzhecheng Pending Jul 1 andyzhangx, feiskyer XS [WIP][NOT FOR REVIEW] Improve test stability
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 2787 camilamacedo86 Pending Jul 1 jmrodri, joelanford S :bug: (API) remove KustomizeVersion const from golang plugin ( the version is defined in the kustomize plugins which is responsable for )
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6758 richardcase Pending Jul 1 JoelSpeed, stmcginnis L WIP ✨ [poc] add manifest export command to clusterctl 34752 t-inu Pending Jul 1 nasa9084 XS [ja] Update concepts/cluster-administration/ 34750 bishal7679 Pending Jul 1 XS Fixed translation error in docs/concepts/extend-kubernetes/api-extension/apiserver-aggregation/ 34749 windsonsea Pending Jul 1 XS [zh-cn] resync 34748 sarazqy Pending Jul 1 XS translate content/zh-cn/docs/reference/kubernetes-api/workload-resources/ into Chinese 34747 twilight0620 Pending Jul 1 XS [zh]translate kubernetes-api/workload-resources/ into Chinese 34746 sarazqy Pending Jul 1 XS translate content/zh-cn/docs/reference/kubernetes-api/workload-resources/ into Chinese 34745 popeng007 Pending Jul 1 XS [zh-cn]Fixed a work in 34654 shixiuguo Pending Jul 1 XS [zh] Translate the the "en/docs/reference/kubernetes-api/service-resources/"
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 2785 camilamacedo86 Pending Jul 1 AlmogBaku, NikhilSharmaWe XXL ✨ (go/v4-alpha) new alpha plugin using kustomize v4 (add support for Apple Silicon)
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2853 dependabot[bot] Pending Jul 1 seanmalloy XS Bump from 0.8.1 to 0.10.1
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 9047 yankay Pending Jul 1 XS Fix docker option in centos arm64
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 9047 yankay Pending Jul 1 XS Fix docker option in centos arm64
kubeflow/tf-operator 1629 henrysecond1 Pending Jul 1 XS fix: remove defaulting before validation
kubeflow/kfserving 2300 andyi2it Pending Jul 1 XS WIP: Add rollout duration feature (#2009)
kubernetes-sigs/testgrid-json-exporter 9 leonardpahlke Pending Jul 1 saschagrunert L Prepare repository to push container images to community owned container registries
kubernetes-sigs/kui 8921 starpit Pending Jul 1 mark-nc, myan9 XS fix: guidebook streaming output disappears
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1735 Quentin-M Pending Jul 1 Raffo, RobAtticus, linki, seanmalloy, sheerun L fix regression in NodePort (SRV) support, introduce feature flag & add Node label selector support
istio/istio 39730 dddddai Pending Jul 1 L Add split DRs to cds/eds dependent configs
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6768 jackfrancis LGTM Jul 1 JoelSpeed, chrischdi, jackfrancis, sbueringer, stmcginnis M 🌱 pull non-existent images when building kind bootstrap cluster
googleforgames/open-match-docs 266 govargo Pending Jul 1 XS Fix mm101-tutorial could not build docker images
googleforgames/open-match 1471 govargo Pending Jul 1 HazWard, aLekSer, andrewgrundy, calebatwd, mridulji, sawagh, scosgrave, syntxerror XS Fix mm101-tutorial could not build docker images
kubernetes 110618 saschagrunert Pending Jul 1 bobbypage, sjenning XXL WIP: Remove CRI v1alpha2
kubernetes-sigs/prometheus-adapter 494 grzesuav Pending Jul 1 dgrisonnet, s-urbaniak XS Change to v1
kubernetes 110915 wongearl Pending Jul 1 Abirdcfly, humblec, saad-ali, wongearl XS handle the returned error
website 33992 mtardy Pending Jul 1 NissesSenap, Skybound1, bradtopol, cailynse, divya-mohan0209, jimangel, mtardy, p4ck3t0, raesene, rajeshdeshpande02, reylejano, rschosser, sftim, tengqm L Add a security checklist for clusters
kubernetes 110695 lokichoggio Pending Jul 1 SataQiu, josephburnett, mwielgus S code optimization: deal with error first to prevent unnecessary computing
website 34747 twilight0620 Pending Jul 1 idealhack, tengqm, ydFu XXL [zh]translate kubernetes-api/workload-resources/ into Chinese
website 34654 shixiuguo Pending Jul 1 chenxuc, xichengliudui XXL [zh] Translate the the "en/docs/reference/kubernetes-api/service-resources/"
website 34752 t-inu Pending Jul 1 bells17, makocchi-git, nasa9084 S [ja] Update concepts/cluster-administration/
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5933 tharun208 Pending Jul 1 JoelSpeed, stmcginnis, ykakarap M ✨ Introduce version check validation for generate provider command
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6380 fgutmann Pending Jul 1 fabriziopandini, fgutmann, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, stmcginnis, vincepri L :seedling: use cluster level lock instead of global lock for cluster accessor initialization
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2321 tinyzimmer Pending Jul 1 njuettner, seanmalloy XXL Pi-Hole Local DNS Support
website 34616 tengqm LGTM Jul 1 Sea-n, chenrui333, chenxuc M [zh-cn] Resync and normalize configure service account page
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1981 nilo19 Pending Jul 1 andyzhangx, lzhecheng L [release-1.0] Add servie annotation to disable lb floating ip
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6646 adilGhaffarDev LGTM Jul 1 adilGhaffarDev, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, stmcginnis M ✨ Add checks for not topology owned templates to never reconcile.
istio/istio 39729 hanxiaop Pending Jul 1 L Fix analyze conflicting mesh gateway with exportTo
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6672 neilnaveen Pending Jul 1 CecileRobertMichon, chrischdi, sbueringer, stmcginnis S 🌱 Set permissions for GitHub actions
kubernetes 110907 pacoxu Pending Jul 1 KnVerey, dougsland S kubectl apply: prune ignores no-namespaced resource if -n is not empty
kubernetes 110914 yeahdongcn Pending Jul 1 brianpursley, seans3 XS Print pod.Spec.RuntimeClassName in kubectl describe
community 6247 celestehorgan Pending Jul 1 AevaOnline, celestehorgan, cpanato, justaugustus, liggitt, mrbobbytables, palnabarun, tpepper XS Add accountability section to cocc charter
istio/istio 39375 SpectralHiss Pending Jul 1 SpectralHiss, costinm, hzxuzhonghu L WIP: Added test for new pilot TLS known location loading
kubernetes 110904 249043822 Pending Jul 1 liggitt XS Computation of the StorageVersionHash use overridden storage versions in unit test
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1978 nilo19 Pending Jul 1 feiskyer, jwtty L [release-1.23] Add servie annotation to disable lb floating ip
kubernetes 108332 mengjiao-liu Pending Jul 1 MadhavJivrajani, alculquicondor, dchen1107, lavalamp, mengjiao-liu L Improve unit test coverage in `pkg/util/taints/`
dashboard 7227 dependabot[bot] Pending Jul 1 floreks, jeefy S Bump @angular/language-service from 13.3.10 to 14.0.4
dashboard 7225 dependabot[bot] Pending Jul 1 floreks, maciaszczykm L Bump @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin from 5.27.0 to 5.30.0
dashboard 7226 dependabot[bot] Pending Jul 1 floreks, maciaszczykm XXL Bump @angular/cli from 13.3.7 to 14.0.4
dashboard 7224 dependabot[bot] Pending Jul 1 floreks, jeefy XXL Bump @babel/preset-env from 7.18.2 to 7.18.6
dashboard 7223 dependabot[bot] Pending Jul 1 maciaszczykm, shu-mutou S Bump js-beautify from 1.14.3 to 1.14.4
kubernetes 110912 harche Pending Jul 1 Random-Liu, pacoxu XXL Cri evented pleg approach 2
kubernetes 110911 harche Pending Jul 1 feiskyer, wzshiming XXL Cri evented pleg approach 1
release 2432 cpanato Pending Jul 1 Verolop, cpanato, jimangel, justaugustus, onlydole, puerco, saschagrunert, xmudrii L WIP Add new tool: patch release cherry pick notification
release 1994 somtochiama Pending Jul 1 SomtochiAma, Verolop, cpanato, hasheddan, justaugustus, saschagrunert XXL krel automate cmd
release 2313 wilsonehusin Pending Jul 1 puerco, saschagrunert XXL relnotes_v2: Promote to default strategy of listing release notes
release 2333 pohly Pending Jul 1 BenTheElder, justaugustus, onlydole, pohly, sethmccombs XL go-runner: get source from
test-infra 26728 olemarkus Pending Jul 1 alvaroaleman, ixdy, stevekuznetsov XS Bump boskos golang version
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 829 marquiz Pending Jul 1 kad, zvonkok L Containerized auto-generation
org 3531 robscott Pending Jul 1 caseydavenport, dcbw, thockin XS Adding Shane Utt as Gateway API Maintainer
kubernetes 110902 0xff-dev Pending Jul 1 alculquicondor, kow3ns S convert int32 to pointer using library function
kubernetes-sigs/prometheus-adapter 491 Ruwan-Ranganath Pending Jul 1 dgrisonnet, s-urbaniak XS Update with Helm-3 Command
kubernetes-sigs/boskos 128 bartekmi Pending Jul 1 listx, stevekuznetsov S Make test and verify work under go-lang version >=1.17
autoscaler 4478 damienleger Pending Jul 1 aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer, joebowbeer S [CA] [AWS examples] Add container securityContext
website 34748 sarazqy Pending Jul 1 chenrui333, chenxuc XXL translate content/zh-cn/docs/reference/kubernetes-api/workload-resources/ into Chinese
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3253 mweibel Pending Jul 1 dthorsen, mweibel, pydctw, sedefsavas L fix AWSMachinePool minSize validation
kubernetes 110747 harshanarayana Pending Jul 1 chrishenzie, harshanarayana, krmayankk, mortent, pohly, serathius M structured-logging: replace KObjs with KObjSlice for logging
googleforgames/open-match 1467 mridulji Pending Jul 1 HazWard, aLekSer, andrewgrundy, calebatwd, sawagh, scosgrave, syntxerror XXL Add backfill tutorial
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2852 alejandrojnm Pending Jul 1 njuettner, seanmalloy, stevehipwell XXL Add Civo DNS as a new provider
kubeflow/training-operator 1629 henrysecond1 Pending Jul 1 gaocegege, jinchihe, zw0610 XS fix: remove defaulting before validation
perf-tests 2096 harshanarayana Pending Jul 1 marseel, mborsz, mm4tt, wojtek-t M GIT-2006: address inaccuracy in pod startup phase latency detection
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 912 kopiczko Pending Jul 1 CecileRobertMichon, enxebre, invidian, johananl, justinsb, kkeshavamurthy, kopiczko, moshloop S Improve
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1920 AfrouzMashayekhi Pending Jul 1 feiskyer, nilo19 L Feature: Add ServiceAnnotationLoadBalancerIP for deprecated LoadBalancerIP
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 921 deepakm-ntnx Pending Jul 1 deepakm-ntnx L WIP: initial checkin of nutanix image-builder
istio/istio 38432 GregHanson Pending Jul 1 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu L add validation errors for partial wildcards in ServiceEntry for TLS/HTTPS
istio/istio 38392 Kmoneal Pending Jul 1 Kmoneal, howardjohn, kfaseela XS Enable VERIFY_CERTIFICATE_AT_CLIENT by default
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1975 k8s-infra-cherrypick-robot LGTM Jul 1 andyzhangx, nilo19 M [release-1.23] Omit case mismatch when comparing expected loadBalancing rules with existing ones
kubernetes 110768 kerthcet Pending Jul 1 ahg-g, alculquicondor, damemi, denkensk, kerthcet L Filter out unsatisfied nodes when calling AddPod in PodTopologySpread
kubernetes-sigs/logtools 1 harshanarayana Pending Jul 1 pohly, thockin XS structured-logging: enable KobjSlice usage and warn Kobjs usage
istio/ 11419 irisdingbj Pending Jul 1 ericvn, irisdingbj, shankgan L add multi-signer docs
kubernetes-sigs/kind 2786 harshanarayana Pending Jul 1 BenTheElder, amwat, aojea, harshanarayana, munnerz L GIT-2663: optimized image load with re-tag support
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 376 NoicFank Pending Jul 1 Huang-Wei, NoicFank, cwdsuzhou, denkensk, yuanchen8911 L support self define timeSeconds to escape podNumberChecking in perFilter stage of CoScheduling
kubernetes 110898 Xunzhuo Pending Jul 1 dchen1107, lavalamp XS Update LICENSE
kubernetes 110882 tossmilestone LGTM Jul 1 bobbypage, derekwaynecarr, pacoxu, rphillips, wzshiming S Fix nodeshutdown inhibitLock race
kubernetes 110807 NoicFank Pending Jul 1 endocrimes, feiskyer, krmayankk S rich probe failed message: add exitCode & err
website 34717 sarazqy Pending Jul 1 chenxuc, sftim, ydFu, zhangxyjlu XL translate Kubernetes 1.24: Stargazer into Chinese
website 34319 qlijin Pending Jul 1 SataQiu, Sea-n, chenxuc, qlijin, tengqm, windsonsea, zhangxyjlu XL - [zh] Translate
website 34723 qlijin Pending Jul 1 chenxuc, pigletfly, qlijin, sftim, tengqm XL Translate into chinese
contributor-site 314 jayesh-srivastava Pending Jul 1 jayesh-srivastava, jberkus, jeefy, sftim M blog: meet our contributors APAC China region
community 6723 Atharva-Shinde LGTM Jul 1 jeefy, markyjackson-taulia, parispittman XS Update
kubernetes 109616 wzshiming Pending Jul 1 aojea, liggitt, thockin, wzshiming XXL Field `status.hostIPs` added for Pod
kubernetes 110899 HecarimV Pending Jul 1 SataQiu, hwdef XS Remove invalid comments in hack/lib/
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2853 dependabot[bot] Pending Jul 1 Raffo, njuettner, seanmalloy M Bump from 0.8.1 to 0.10.1
kubernetes 110811 Abirdcfly LGTM Jul 1 Abirdcfly, aojea, aramase, chrishenzie, liggitt, pohly L Update golangci-lint to 1.46.2 and fix errors
kubernetes 110808 tanjiannan Pending Jul 1 aojea, deads2k, wojtek-t XS fix slave-node cannot get lock immediately for leaderelection package
community 6724 keithmattix Pending Jul 1 caseydavenport, thockin M Add WG Service Mesh 34742 AkihiroSuda Pending Jul 1 XS minikube now supports Rootless Podman
kubernetes 110897 mengjiao-liu Pending Jul 1 bobbypage, krmayankk M Fix CRI stats are overwritten by cAdvisor ones for Summary API
website 34740 tengqm LGTM Jul 1 Sea-n, caesarxuchao, deads2k XXL Tweak extensible admission controllers page
website 34742 AkihiroSuda Pending Jul 1 sftim, tengqm XS minikube now supports Rootless Podman
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 1245 EmilyShepherd Pending Jul 1 XS Update examples to v1beta1
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 6025 dgl Pending Jul 1 XS server: Fix Unmasked ProcMountType
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 6023 haircommander Pending Jul 1 XS server: update container status if state has bogus information
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2852 alejandrojnm Pending Jul 1 XS Add Civo DNS as a new provider
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2851 PascalBourdier Pending Jul 1 XS ci: update docker automatically
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 6025 dgl Pending Jul 1 XS server: Fix Unmasked ProcMountType
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 6023 haircommander Pending Jul 1 XS server: update container status if state has bogus information
istio/api 2403 j2gg0s Pending Jul 1 douglas-reid, ericvn, howardjohn, j2gg0s, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, ramaraochavali, zirain S feat(accesslog): support config omit_empty_values
kubernetes 108863 atiratree Pending Jul 1 atiratree, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, lavalamp, liggitt S Replica set available condition api
kubernetes 110285 gkarthiks Pending Jul 1 danwinship, thockin XL Refactor kube-proxy ServiceMap to ServicePortMap and BaseServiceInfo to BaseServicePort
kubernetes 108838 nckturner Pending Jul 1 andrewsykim, cheftako, nckturner L WIP Webhook framework for cloud controller manager
kubernetes 107497 gavinfish Pending Jul 1 alculquicondor, justinsb, thockin L Scheduler: add default plugin tests for VolumeCapacityPriority
kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api 1055 robscott LGTM Jul 1 bowei, jpeach, markmc, robscott, thockin, youngnick M Adding hostnames to Route Status
kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api 986 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jul 1 hbagdi, howardjohn, jpeach, robscott S Added name to HTTPRoute
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 987 zhougw001 Pending Jul 1 MartinForReal, andyzhangx, feiskyer, nilo19 S Fix the logs pattern error
kubernetes 109999 sarazqy Pending Jul 1 dchen1107, mrunalp, s-kawamura-w664 XS add kubelet_getter UT
kubernetes 104602 dankenigsberg Pending Jul 1 DangerOnTheRanger, davidopp, soltysh XL tidy up DeleteOptions description
kubernetes 107824 liggitt Pending Jul 1 249043822, gnufied, jingxu97, liggitt, msau42, smarterclayton M Skip setting up new mounts if pod is terminating
kubernetes 107836 lixiaobing1 Pending Jul 1 gnufied, verult, xing-yang XS update err info failed to cancelled
kubernetes 108233 mortent Pending Jul 1 alculquicondor, aojea, janetkuo, soltysh L Add PodHealthyPolicy for PDBs
kubernetes 108625 yingchunliu-zte Pending Jul 1 bobbypage, dchen1107, deads2k, harche, lavalamp, mrunalp, smarterclayton, sttts, yangjunmyfm192085 XXL event driven replacement cycle scan
kubernetes 109639 Abirdcfly Pending Jul 1 ahg-g, alculquicondor, deads2k, jsafrane, neolit123, thockin XL cleanup: remove all duplicate import
kubernetes 107057 brianpursley Pending Jul 1 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, brianpursley, deads2k, haosdent, lavalamp XL Fix pod resource limit calculation when a pod has multiple containers and one container specifies a limit while another does not
kubernetes 108864 atiratree Pending Jul 1 atiratree, caesarxuchao, derekwaynecarr M [WIP] Replica set available condition impl
kubernetes 106242 thockin Pending Jul 1 andrewsykim, aojea, brendandburns, liggitt, thockin XXL Copy LoadBalancerStatus from core to networking
kubernetes 105567 rogpeppe Pending Jul 1 dixudx, dougsland, rogpeppe, soltysh M kubectl/pkg/cmd/apiresources: support JSON and YAML output
kubernetes 109660 yanghesong Pending Jul 1 pacoxu, qiutongs, yujuhong XXL Add block io in the container stats of CRI #108575
kubernetes 106093 claudiubelu Pending Jul 1 bobbypage, liggitt, logicalhan, marosset L Windows: Updates getSystemUUID to use WMI instead
kubernetes 109907 CatherineF-dev Pending Jul 1 bobbypage, matthyx XXL Add network packet stat in cri-api proto
kubernetes 110165 harche Pending Jul 1 249043822, dchen1107, ddebroy, harche, mrunalp, mtaufen, rphillips, ruiwen-zhao, thediveo, vinaykul XXL Add runtime events to CRI
kubernetes 107375 pacoxu Pending Jul 1 aojea, cmluciano, danwinship, pacoxu, thockin M before checking pod status, make sure the pod is running
kubernetes 110374 thockin Pending Jul 1 aojea, caesarxuchao, jeremyrickard, pohly XXL WIP: Go workspaces
kubernetes 103638 NaNi-Z Pending Jul 1 mtanino, rootfs, saad-ali, xing-yang S fix fc volume searching expression
test-infra 26480 hoxhaeris Pending Jul 1 AlexNPavel, hoxhaeris, stevekuznetsov M jira: add GetIssueWithOptions client and fake client methods
kubernetes 108858 zshihang Pending Jul 1 aojea, cheftako, liggitt L track legacy service account tokens
kubernetes 108548 sivchari Pending Jul 1 VirrageS, enj, kerthcet, sivchari, sttts S fix #108545
kubernetes 108728 muyangren2 Pending Jul 1 BenTheElder, dchen1107, smarterclayton, yangjunmyfm192085 XS Update misspell version
kubernetes 103177 arkbriar Pending Jul 1 aojea, arkbriar, caesarxuchao, deads2k, enj, liggitt, yliaog L Support cancelable SPDY executor stream
kubernetes 107118 bobychaudhary Pending Jul 1 dchen1107, smarterclayton S Fix: Fixed small typo in README file
kubernetes 107041 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jul 1 MikeSpreitzer, caseydavenport, cmluciano, danwinship, jayunit100, sftim, smarterclayton L Clarify NetworkPolicy comments for policyTypes vs podSelector
test-infra 24938 jmguzik Pending Jul 1 alvaroaleman, jmguzik, petr-muller, stevekuznetsov XXL Modify hook/plugins interface to include status as a returned type
kubernetes 105919 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Jul 1 caesarxuchao, dchen1107, deads2k, liggitt, tallclair XXL PodSecurity: OS based updates to restricted standard
kubernetes 108607 196Ikuchil Pending Jul 1 196Ikuchil, ahg-g, damemi, denkensk, sanposhiho L Add test in scheduler/util/utils_test.go
kubernetes 110597 MadhavJivrajani Pending Jul 1 Jefftree, deads2k, lavalamp L [WIP][PoC] apiextensions-apiserver: Support field level versioning for CRDs
kubernetes 98657 mandelsoft Pending Jul 1 alexzielenski, brendandburns, kevindelgado, lavalamp, liggitt, mandelsoft, xiang90, yliaog XL support removal of event handlers from SharedIndexInformers
kubernetes 100600 shawnhanx Pending Jul 1 chrishenzie, dchen1107, liggitt, msau42, shawnhanx, wojtek-t XL Migrate kubelet to use v1 Event API
kubernetes 107897 smarterclayton Pending Jul 1 SergeyKanzhelev, logicalhan, sjenning, smarterclayton L WIP: kubelet: Prioritize certain pod status updates
kubernetes 108735 qJkee Pending Jul 1 caesarxuchao, enj, lavalamp, ncdc, tkashem, yliaog L Disable watermarks
kubernetes 102025 smarterclayton Pending Jul 1 Random-Liu, aojea, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, justinsb, liggitt, msau42, smarterclayton, wzshiming L Prevent pods from defaulting to zero second grace periods
test-infra 25618 chaodaiG Pending Jul 1 BenTheElder, alvaroaleman, cjwagner XXL Prow jobs respect default entrypoints
kubernetes 109284 wojtek-t Pending Jul 1 SataQiu, johnSchnake, p0lyn0mial XL [WIP] [DO NOT REVIEW] Debug leaking goroutines
kubernetes 107449 Monokaix LGTM Jul 1 Monokaix, SergeyKanzhelev, andrewsykim, caesarxuchao, deads2k, jpbetz, lavalamp, neolit123, sjenning, tallclair, thockin XL fix fd leaks and failed file removing
kubernetes 107622 Jefftree Pending Jul 1 ahg-g, andrewsykim L [WIP] Publish API deprecated information to OpenAPI
kubernetes 110037 kidddddddddddddddddddddd Pending Jul 1 chendave, sanposhiho L [Discussion][WIP] Dedup the code in schedule_one.go
kubernetes 101760 sanwishe LGTM Jul 1 jingxu97, njuptlzf, saad-ali, shubheksha, yangjunmyfm192085 L Structured Logging migration: migrate package pkg/volume/util/operationexecutor for structured logging
kubernetes 110185 jacksgt Pending Jul 1 caesarxuchao, wojtek-t M Implement advanced field selectors for Service resources
kubernetes 107716 thaJeztah Pending Jul 1 alculquicondor, andrewsykim, apelisse M go.mod: v0.11.25, /adal v0.9.18
kubernetes 108108 thaJeztah Pending Jul 1 andrewsykim, caseydavenport, dims XS vendor: downgrade to v1.0.1
kubernetes 107007 pmorie Pending Jul 1 alculquicondor, aojea, logicalhan, pmorie L Add basic reconciliation metrics to controllers
kubernetes 108574 andrewsykim Pending Jul 1 aojea, deads2k, thockin L [WIP] prototyping service.spec.includeTerminating
kubernetes 96120 LorbusChris Pending Jul 1 LorbusChris, alculquicondor, andrewsykim, aravindhp, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, jrvaldes, liggitt, marosset, rphillips, sjenning, smarterclayton, soltysh, sttts, thockin XXL feature: add node log viewer
test-infra 24845 xrstf Pending Jul 1 alvaroaleman, cjwagner, jeremyrickard L Allow to disable unique basename check for jobconfigs
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 847 isaacdorfman Pending Jul 1 davidvossel, detiber, isaacdorfman, mdbooth, seanschneeweiss L Adding support for Kubevirt capi images
kubernetes 107893 smarterclayton Pending Jul 1 ehashman, matthyx, mrunalp M kubelet: Pod probes should be handled by pod worker
kubernetes 109566 Abirdcfly Pending Jul 1 aojea, kow3ns, soltysh, wojtek-t L fix goroutine leak in disruption test
kubernetes 109886 tnqn Pending Jul 1 neolit123, pacoxu L kubeadm: support patching kubeconfig files
kubernetes 110187 chymy LGTM Jul 1 RA489, neolit123, pacoxu S kubeadm: cleanup unused *ControlPlaneToleration
kubernetes 107661 tzzcfrank Pending Jul 1 BinacsLee, Huang-Wei, damemi, justinsb, liggitt, tzzcfrank L scheduler: add numOfNodesToScore to the scheduler profile
kubernetes 93898 pupapaik Pending Jul 1 Random-Liu, dchen1107, knight42, mtaufen, pupapaik, sjenning, vishh XS Always update pod IP in case of hostNetworking
kubernetes 108390 sanposhiho Pending Jul 1 Huang-Wei, alculquicondor, denkensk L [WIP] returns scores of each plugin and extender from prioritizeNodes
test-infra 24248 cjwagner Pending Jul 1 MushuEE, stevekuznetsov S [WIP] Bump PyYAML to version 5.4.1.
test-infra 24585 dgoodwin Pending Jul 1 cjwagner, stevekuznetsov L Display testsuite name if defined in junit spyglass lens.
test-infra 24594 jmguzik Pending Jul 1 cjwagner, jmguzik, matthyx, petr-muller, stevekuznetsov L Lower possibility of hitting secondary API limit
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 9007 yankay LGTM Jul 1 cristicalin, liupeng0518, oomichi S Add CI Test for kubeadm etcd deployment
kubernetes 106333 cheftako Pending Jul 1 Jefftree, cjcullen, hzxuzhonghu, jpbetz, liggitt S [WIP] Fix flags for Konnectivity egress.
kubernetes 108392 MadhavJivrajani Pending Jul 1 MadhavJivrajani, nikhita, wojtek-t L [WIP][PoC] cacher: Attempt serving paginated LIST calls from watchCache
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1533 lzhecheng Pending Jul 1 andyzhangx, nilo19 L [ARG] Support enabling ARG for clients
kubernetes 109125 Tellz777 Pending Jul 1 cheftako, johnbelamaric M Random grammar fixes
test-infra 21398 ykakarap Pending Jul 1 alvaroaleman, cblecker, mrbobbytables, nikhita XXL add `granular_approval` flag to `approve` plugin
kubernetes 109090 sarveshr7 Pending Jul 1 aojea, caseydavenport, dcbw, khenidak, rahulkjoshi, thockin XXL Enhance NodeIPAM to support multiple ClusterCIDRs
kubernetes 108767 pacoxu Pending Jul 1 fabriziopandini, neolit123 XL [WIP]init commit for kubeadm upgrade apply --skip-phase
kubernetes 106869 vinayakankugoyal Pending Jul 1 RA489, fabriziopandini, neolit123 XS Enable RootlessControlPlane by default in kubeadm.
kubernetes 109187 mborsz Pending Jul 1 jpbetz, mikedanese, tkashem L listWorkEstimator: assign 1 InitialSeats for delegated api calls.
kubernetes 108632 humblec Pending Jul 1 lavalamp, smarterclayton, xing-yang XS Flip CSIMigrationRBD flag to be beta and off by default
kubernetes 109135 hainesc Pending Jul 1 Jefftree, aojea, ardaguclu, cheftako, drinktee, hainesc, smarterclayton, wojtek-t M Deprecate net.Dialer by a dial function for SpdyRoundTripper
kubernetes 109346 Murphylu1993 LGTM Jul 1 kow3ns, mortent, mysunshine92 S Fixed update sts status error while create sts pod failed
kubernetes 109460 pacoxu Pending Jul 1 SataQiu, fabriziopandini L [WIP] move taint to default kubelet config generating from mark-control-plane
kubernetes 109507 cezarygerard Pending Jul 1 andrewsykim, bowei, cheftako, freehan S GCE: skip updating external load balancer if service is managed by ingress-gce
kubernetes 109922 Jefftree Pending Jul 1 andrewsykim, apelisse L Upgrade gnostic -> gnostic-models
kubernetes 108534 sanposhiho Pending Jul 1 ahg-g, alculquicondor XL [WIP] returns scores of each plugin and extender from prioritizeNodes with `framework.NodePluginScores`
kubernetes 109713 Jefftree Pending Jul 1 alexzielenski, apelisse, ardaguclu, caesarxuchao, deads2k, kevindelgado, seans3 XL [WIP] Feature: Discovery Cache Busting
kubernetes 102474 wzshiming Pending Jul 1 aojea, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, matthyx, vishh, wzshiming XL Normalize HTTP Lifecycle handlers with HTTP Probers
kubernetes 109057 gjkim42 Pending Jul 1 M WIP: Add an e2e test for ExpandedDNSConfig
kubernetes 96452 joonghyunlee Pending Jul 1 BenTheElder, adammw, cheftako, deads2k, joonghyunlee, lavalamp, liggitt L Apiserver supports proxy protocol
kubernetes 109315 chaochn47 Pending Jul 1 dgrisonnet, liggitt, logicalhan, ping035627, wenjiaswe L Optional maximum etcd page size on every list requests
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1508 vsabella Pending Jul 1 MartinForReal, andyzhangx, lzhecheng, nilo19, vsabella L Add support for specifying probe protocol / probe port via annotation per service port
kubernetes 109398 ehashman Pending Jul 1 matthyx, wzshiming L [WIP] POC: split cadvisor metrics into different scrape buckets
kubernetes 107605 piepmatz Pending Jul 1 DangerOnTheRanger, arkbriar, caesarxuchao, lavalamp, liggitt L Support cancelable SPDY connection establishment
test-infra 17142 adshmh Pending Jul 1 adshmh, alvaroaleman, cblecker, cjwagner, fejta, petr-muller, spiffxp, stevekuznetsov XXL Reply to pr for failed postsubmit jobs
test-infra 25386 geetikabatra Pending Jul 1 figo, srm09 XS [Cluster-api-provider-vsphere] Fixing the test coverage job
test-infra 25734 MadhavJivrajani Pending Jul 1 MadhavJivrajani, alvaroaleman, cjwagner, mpherman2 XXL [WIP] prow/plugins: Add new plugin for label based commenting
test-infra 25962 andrewsykim Pending Jul 1 cheftako, mcrute XS apiserver-network-proxy: kubekins e2e image should use v1.23 image with go v1.17
test-infra 26028 justaugustus Pending Jul 1 Verolop, andrewsykim, jeremyrickard, palnabarun, puerco L [WIP] releng: Remove configs for k8s-beta jobs / add k8s-stable4 variants
kubernetes 104772 AdamKorcz Pending Jul 1 AdamKorcz, aojea, johnSchnake, mikedanese XXL Add parser fuzzers
kubernetes 108897 AustinSiu Pending Jul 1 cheftako, logicalhan S Update to v1.42.25 to sync with autoscaler
test-infra 24531 rmohr LGTM Jul 1 chases2, fabriziopandini, spiffxp, wojtek-t M [cluster-api-provider-kubevirt] Add an initial presubmit job
test-infra 25109 justinsb Pending Jul 1 mikesplain, zetaab XL kops-grid: update to latest AMIs
kubernetes 108692 jsafrane Pending Jul 1 anguslees, cofyc, dgrisonnet, gnufied, humblec, jingxu97, jsafrane XXL WIP: Speed up SELinux volume relabeling using mounts MVP
kubernetes 108941 bobbypage Pending Jul 1 bart0sh, bobbypage, dchen1107, ehashman, liggitt, mrunalp, smarterclayton, wzshiming, yangjunmyfm192085 L kubelet: Add GracefulNodeShutdownPodPolicy config option to graceful node shutdown
kubernetes 109012 249043822 Pending Jul 1 249043822, SergeyKanzhelev, chenyw1990, ehashman, matthyx, yanghesong, yangjunmyfm192085 L Log sampled successful probe execution with higher verbosity
kubernetes 110494 Jefftree Pending Jul 1 SataQiu, aojea, johnSchnake, neolit123 XS [WIP] Populate OpenAPI in integration tests
minikube 12797 switchboardOp Pending Jul 1 medyagh, prasadkatti, sharifelgamal S Support WaitForFirstConsumer in storage-provisioner addon
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 882 johananl Pending Jun 30 johananl, kkeshavamurthy, thebsdbox M Fix raw build target
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4652 annasong20 Pending Jun 30 KnVerey, annasong20, mortent, natasha41575 XL Implement file localization for localize
kubernetes 109701 seans3 Pending Jun 30 MadhavJivrajani, ardaguclu, caesarxuchao, deads2k, dougsland, lavalamp, negz, seans3, sttts L Replaces http disk cache with CompactableDiskCache
kubernetes 110746 pvnn Pending Jun 30 TrygviLauritsen, caesarxuchao, dims, jpbetz, roycaihw XS client-go: dependencies updated
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-packet 311 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 30 deitch, gianarb, jacobsmith928, thebsdbox S Bump from 1.14.0 to 1.19.0
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-packet 317 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 30 deitch, gianarb XS Bump from 2.7.1+incompatible to 2.8.0+incompatible in /test/e2e
kubeflow/internal-acls 558 mvoitko LGTM Jun 30 Arhell, chensun, zijianjoy XS Add mvoitko to the Kubeflow org
test-infra 26630 knelasevero LGTM Jun 30 chases2, damemi, wojtek-t S descheduler: remove helm tests from prow
kompose 1512 realgam3 Pending Jun 30 kadel, surajssd XS fix daemonset creation (add selector)
perf-tests 2073 dlapcevic Pending Jun 30 krzysied, marseel, mborsz M Use performance metrics from the latest dnsperfgo client
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2317 Jont828 Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, jackfrancis, shysank XXL Make public IPs reconcile/delete async
kubernetes 110781 jkh52 Pending Jun 30 cheftako, deads2k, ncdc, tallclair L egress_selector.go: support a maximum lifetime for UDS + grpc tunnels.
website 34706 varas LGTM Jun 30 bradtopol, hectorj2f, sftim XS Replace dead cosigned with sigstore policy-controller
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2752 dacohen Pending Jun 30 Raffo, njuettner, seanmalloy S Documentation: Annotations and CLI Usage
kubeflow/pipelines 7725 juliusvonkohout Pending Jun 30 chensun, droctothorpe, juliusvonkohout, zijianjoy L feat(backend): isolate artifacts per namespace/profile/user using only one bucket
kubernetes 103122 ehashman Pending Jun 30 Random-Liu, dchen1107, ehashman, kad, klueska, mrunalp, sjenning, yujuhong XS Request: Add ehashman as SIG Node approver
kubernetes-sigs/windows-gmsa 71 marosset Pending Jun 30 jayunit100, jsturtevant, marosset M Updating and makefiles to no longer use sigwindowstools docker hub repo
kubeflow/pipelines 7946 ryansteakley Pending Jun 30 Linchin, chensun, zijianjoy M feat(backend): update minio-go to support irsa
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1906 adammw Pending Jun 30 FillZpp, adammw, alenkacz, alvaroaleman M :sparkles: Add WebhookWrapper to enable wrapping the webhook HTTP handler
kubernetes 110263 claudiubelu LGTM Jun 30 Random-Liu, dchen1107, endocrimes, jsturtevant, mrunalp, mtaufen, smarterclayton L unittests: Fixes unit tests for Windows
kubernetes 110614 iXinqi Pending Jun 30 jayunit100, yujuhong L Adding windows clusterIP service test and statefulset test
test-infra 26723 eggfoobar Pending Jun 30 M upkeep: updated names to reflect job network type
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4019 yanniszark Pending Jun 30 KnVerey, monopole, mvoitko, natasha41575, yanniszark XXL Make ordering configurable
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 365 rastislavs LGTM Jun 30 caesarxuchao, jkh52, rastislavs, rata S Reduce server error logs logged for each connection
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2851 PascalBourdier Pending Jun 30 njuettner, seanmalloy XS ci: update docker automatically
website 34736 ayushtamra Pending Jun 30 ayushtamra, divya-mohan0209, kbhawkey, sftim XS Improving copy to clipboard feature- Removing extra lines
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2830 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 30 PascalBourdier, Raffo, njuettner M Bump from 6.14.0 to 6.17.0
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2829 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 30 PascalBourdier, Raffo, seanmalloy M Bump from 0.24.1 to 0.24.2
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1545 srm09 LGTM Jun 30 MaxRink, aartij17, yastij M Automated cherry pick of #1544: Fixes nil ref for logger
kubernetes 110392 mpuckett159 Pending Jun 30 alexzielenski, brianpursley, liggitt, mpuckett159, seans3, soltysh XXL Add jsonpath support for config set
kubernetes 110864 claudiubelu LGTM Jun 30 feiskyer, jsturtevant, krmayankk XL unittests: Adds winstats unittests
istio/ 11155 frankbu Pending Jun 30 craigbox, stevenctl L Change multicluster docs to use istiodless remotes
ingress-nginx 8377 aperigault Pending Jun 30 ChiefAlexander, cpanato M Rebase controller-service-internal on controller-service + add capability to disable ports
kubernetes 110727 zabrox Pending Jun 30 feiskyer, odinuge L Add unittests for pod_manager.go
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2440 jackfrancis Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, jsturtevant M test: remotely retrieve VHD images once
kubernetes 110704 haiqianz Pending Jun 30 Random-Liu, haiqianz, ingvagabund, liggitt M Handle TaintExternalCloudProvider in node-lifecycle-controller
kubernetes 110826 humblec Pending Jun 30 drgnchan, gnufied, humblec, jingxu97 S Fix the test failure on volume snapshot
kubernetes 110142 ash2k Pending Jun 30 ash2k, caesarxuchao, deads2k, roycaihw, yliaog XL [WIP] Kubectl exec/attach/cp over WebSocket
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1763 Aishwarya-Hebbar Pending Jun 30 deepakkinni, sashrith XXL [WIP]Relocate volume tests for policy driven volume allocation
website 34734 sftim Pending Jun 30 bradtopol, cheftako, deads2k L Update “Extend Kubernetes” concept overview
istio/test-infra 4142 istio-testing Pending Jun 30 M Automator: update build-tools:master 34740 tengqm Pending Jun 30 XS Tweak extensible admission controllers page 34739 kinzhi Pending Jun 30 XS [zh-cn]Sync content/zh-cn/docs/reference/command-line-tools-reference/ 34736 ayushtamra Pending Jun 30 XS Improving copy to clipboard feature- Removing extra lines 34734 sftim Pending Jun 30 XS Update “Extend Kubernetes” concept overview 34727 manabuishii Pending Jun 30 XS Fix constant value to variable
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 6022 haircommander Pending Jun 30 XS do not wipe images by default
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 9046 eminaktas Pending Jun 30 XS fix(vsphere-csi): remove namespace env variable and set namespace as kube-system
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 6022 haircommander Pending Jun 30 XS do not wipe images by default
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 9046 eminaktas Pending Jun 30 XS fix(vsphere-csi): remove namespace env variable and set namespace as kube-system
kubernetes 110576 DangerOnTheRanger Pending Jun 30 DangerOnTheRanger, cici37, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, mikedanese, ncdc, smarterclayton M Add second set of additional CRD validation E2E tests
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-smb 505 vitaliy-leschenko Pending Jun 30 ZeroMagic, andyzhangx, vitaliy-leschenko M Calls RemoveSmbGlobalMapping when it necessary
kubernetes 110891 dipankardas011 Pending Jun 30 KnVerey, dougsland XS Typo errors in comments of Unit Test
googleforgames/agones 2608 SaitejaTamma Pending Jun 30 KishoreNamala, markmandel, pooneh-m, roberthbailey M supertuxcart version update-1.3
kubernetes 110754 jsturtevant Pending Jun 30 bobbypage, dcantah, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, haircommander, marosset XXL CRI: Add Windows Podsandbox Stats
kubernetes 110863 claudiubelu Pending Jun 30 cheftako, chendave L WIP: Replaces path.Operation with filepath.Operation (part 2)
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1562 srm09 Pending Jun 30 MaxRink, vrabbi XS 🌱 Adds new version to metadata YAML file
kubernetes 110851 negz Pending Jun 30 Jefftree, deads2k, lavalamp, logicalhan, seans3 L Use checksums instead of fsyncs to manage discovery cache corruption
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 917 codenrhoden LGTM Jun 30 codenrhoden, devigned, jsturtevant, kkeshavamurthy, knabben M Add option for custom pre/post roles
kubernetes 110178 kevindelgado Pending Jun 30 KnVerey, dchen1107 XL Graduate server side validation to beta
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2431 jackfrancis Pending Jun 30 devigned, jackfrancis, mboersma, sbueringer XL ci: test capz with capi v1.2.0-beta.1
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1554 AectannArd Pending Jun 30 ditsuke, srm09, vrabbi S :seedling: Added PR message verification with kubeadm-release-tools
test-infra 26711 ArkaSaha30 Pending Jun 30 ArkaSaha30, alvaroaleman, chaodaiG, stevekuznetsov M Add org/repo level pod timeout
kubernetes 106183 claudiubelu LGTM Jun 30 Random-Liu, SergeyKanzhelev, claudiubelu, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, marosset, mrunalp, tallclair XS Automated cherry pick of #105273: tests: Wait for pod collection to enter a Running state
google/cadvisor 3021 Creatone Pending Jun 30 Creatone, giuseppe, rhatdan, strideynet XXL Podman support.
community 6583 Abirdcfly Pending Jun 30 derekwaynecarr, johnbelamaric XS Update delete
cloud-provider-openstack 1828 lyarwood Pending Jun 30 chrigl, jichenjc, lingxiankong, lyarwood, pawcykca S cinder-csi-plugin: Use os-volume_attachments API to poll detach
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 9046 eminaktas Pending Jun 30 LuckySB, alijahnas S fix(vsphere-csi): remove namespace env variable and set namespace as kube-system
kubernetes 110880 yangjunmyfm192085 LGTM Jun 30 dashpole, dgrisonnet, odinuge, wzshiming M When metrics are counted, discard the wrong container StartTime metrics
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1288 apricote Pending Jun 30 mdbooth, tobiasgiese L ✨ Conditions for OpenStackMachines
kubernetes 110777 YidaHu Pending Jun 30 liggitt, thockin M Fix invalid markdown format
kubernetes 110792 kaydxh Pending Jun 30 alculquicondor, denkensk, ncdc, sttts S refactor(scheduler): use SetupNotifySignalContext instead of SetupSig…
kubernetes 110799 twilight0620 LGTM Jun 30 MadhavJivrajani, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, logicalhan M add tests for intstr.go
kubernetes 110155 harshanarayana Pending Jun 30 feiskyer, harshanarayana, mtaufen, pacoxu, ruiwen-zhao, soltysh L GIT-109936: enable configurable image GC for kubelet
kubernetes 110586 tsisodia10 LGTM Jun 30 Jefftree, dims, mwielgus, ncdc, smarterclayton XS Fix grammar in K8s OpenAPI spec doc
kubernetes 110765 sstoner Pending Jun 30 aojea, deads2k, enj, sstoner L add a service resolver to authentication and authorization webhook
kubernetes 110802 xiaoyawei Pending Jun 30 sttts, wojtek-t S fix applyconfiguration-gen
kubernetes 110833 pohly Pending Jun 30 ahg-g, cheftako XXL WIP: scheduler: contextual logging
kubernetes 110888 likakuli Pending Jun 30 Jefftree, caesarxuchao, lavalamp XS feat: ignore all event resource for gc
enhancements 3412 areller Pending Jun 30 gnufied, saad-ali, xing-yang XL KEP-0661: StatefulSet volume resize
googleforgames/agones 2654 govargo Pending Jun 30 EricFortin, markmandel S Move CustomFasSyncInterval to Beta
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-kubevirt 145 nunnatsa Pending Jun 30 davidvossel, justinsb, rmohr XL WIP: Graceful deletion of a VirtualMachineInstance
istio/api 1997 howardjohn Pending Jun 30 dcberg, duderino, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson XS Deprecate injection annotation
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3513 Skarlso Pending Jun 30 Skarlso, dlipovetsky, richardcase, sedefsavas XXL Add ipv6 support
cloud-provider-gcp 347 jprzychodzen Pending Jun 30 MrHohn, jpbetz, mborsz M Add script to support /cluster bumping
perf-tests 2094 tosi3k Pending Jun 30 Argh4k, jupblb, marseel, mborsz, mm4tt, tosi3k L Add GCP Compute API quotas usage measurement
kubeflow/pipelines 7965 connor-mccarthy Pending Jun 30 Linchin, chensun S test fix v2 sample tests
kubernetes 109237 andreaskaris Pending Jun 30 mkumatag, neolit123 S Aghhost netexec: Optionally disable name resolution for HTTP
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-host-path 356 denisok Pending Jun 30 ggriffiths, humblec XS fix volume dir mode for unprivileged containers
kubernetes-sigs/kube-scheduler-simulator 131 196Ikuchil Pending Jun 30 196Ikuchil, Huang-Wei, pravarag, sanposhiho S Documentation for existing cluster importing
kube-state-metrics 1759 kaitoii11 Pending Jun 30 dgrisonnet, fpetkovski, liangyuanpeng, mrueg XL Add support for role and cluster role
kubernetes-sigs/kube-scheduler-simulator 165 196Ikuchil Pending Jun 30 196Ikuchil, Huang-Wei, adtac, alculquicondor, sanposhiho XXL Update all resources periodically on WebUI
kubernetes 110579 Jefftree LGTM Jun 30 johnSchnake, liggitt, logicalhan L Automated cherry pick of #110179: Prune defaults for CRD serving
kubernetes 110066 nckturner LGTM Jun 30 andrewsykim, bobbypage, elmiko M Alternative config option to deprecated --cloud-provider flag.
kubernetes 110578 Jefftree LGTM Jun 30 SataQiu, enisoc, liggitt L Automated cherry pick of #110179: Prune defaults for CRD serving
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 731 iusergii Pending Jun 30 justinsb, wongma7 XS Helm Chart: Add Pod Labels
test-infra 26556 aojea Pending Jun 30 BenTheElder, aojea, atiratree, cheftako, endocrimes, wojtek-t M add manual presubmit job to run serial tests
kubernetes 110582 Jefftree LGTM Jun 30 aojea, liggitt, logicalhan L Automated cherry pick of #110179: Prune defaults for CRD serving 3921 pohly Pending Jun 30 humblec, wongma7 XS kubernetes-csi: promote external-provisioner v3.2.1
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 642 SubhasmitaSw Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, vincepri S add GoLand configuration for debug section
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6254 Jont828 Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, JoelSpeed, Jont828, chrischdi, enxebre, fabriziopandini, sbueringer, ykakarap L ✨ Add support for deploying Cluster templates and ClusterClasses on Tilt
kubernetes 109819 saschagrunert Pending Jun 30 andrewsykim, cbandy, dchen1107, liggitt, saschagrunert, tallclair XL Remove support for seccomp annotations
website 34701 remicres Pending Jun 30 electrocucaracha, raelga XS Fix broken link in es
istio/ 11525 yanrongshi Pending Jun 30 L [zh]update /docs/tasks/observability/logs/otel-provider/
website 34482 syxunion Pending Jun 30 Sea-n, mengjiao-liu, syxunion, tengqm, xichengliudui XL translate to chinese
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 833 marquiz Pending Jun 30 ArangoGutierrez, adrianchiris L cpu: re-organize security features
test-infra 26663 Ankit152 LGTM Jun 30 Ankit152, chaodaiG, cjwagner, matthyx M Updated table of prometheus metrics colected by prow
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 458 surki Pending Jun 30 jaypipes, nckturner, wongma7 XS Update token_test.go
website 34715 yanrongshi Pending Jun 30 chenrui333, windsonsea, ydFu S [zh] Update at /doc/setup/
kubeflow/arena 813 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 30 cheyang, denverdino, wsxiaozhang, xiaozhouX XL Bump from 0.34.0 to 0.103.0 in /vendor/
istio/istio 39674 cnvergence Pending Jun 30 M Fix: allow enableNamespacesByDefault when revision tag is set
kubernetes 109857 RyanAoh Pending Jun 30 kow3ns, soltysh L report a condition for job if pod creation or deletion fails
kubernetes-sigs/kind 2818 arielmorelli Pending Jun 30 amwat, aojea, neolit123 L Add single letter flag for names
autoscaler 4999 Weihrauch Pending Jun 30 marwanad, nilo19 XS Add note in Azure autoscaler documentation about adding accelerator node label on VMSS when GPU nodes are involved.
perf-tests 2056 wojtek-t Pending Jun 30 krzysied, mborsz, pohly, wojtek-t L Avoid instantiating separate pod store for every object managed by clusterloader
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3568 Skarlso Pending Jun 30 dlipovetsky, sedefsavas L Add deduplication handling and only update if there is a need for it
kubernetes 108744 jsafrane Pending Jun 30 Jefftree, dchen1107, deads2k, humblec, jsafrane, msau42, thockin L Add CSIDriverSpec.SELinuxMountSupported
kubernetes 109110 mborsz Pending Jun 30 MikeSpreitzer, dgrisonnet, liggitt, tkashem, wojtek-t S Add verb, resource, subresource to apiserver_flowcontrol_request_execution_seconds
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 210 vitaliy-leschenko Pending Jun 30 andyzhangx, ddebroy, humblec L Try to fix issue with 'Multiple connections to a server' 34723 qlijin Pending Jun 30 XS Translate into chinese 34722 Sea-n Pending Jun 30 XS Fix link for TLS bootstrapping 34721 Sea-n Pending Jun 30 XS Use relative links for 34717 sarazqy Pending Jun 30 XS translate Kubernetes 1.24: Stargazer into Chinese 34716 dmarinere Pending Jun 30 XS added access to the statements explaining cluster role
helm 11102 yudong2015 Pending Jun 30 XS bugfix: helm install --wait doesn't work
ingress 8768 bishal7679 Pending Jun 30 XS `ensure-buildx` is changed into `docker buildx`
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 1243 youngnick Pending Jun 30 XS Update HTTPRoute BackendRef docs to clarify error behavior
kubernetes-sigs/ibm-vpc-block-csi-driver 89 GunaKKIBM Pending Jun 30 arahamad, bradtopol XS Fix format and mount failed
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 1848 Akasurde Pending Jun 30 XS Check availability of poll method before using
kubeflow/kfserving 2290 Suresh-Nakkeran Pending Jun 30 XS Capture exit code in model status
kubernetes 110834 uesyn Pending Jun 30 caesarxuchao, jpbetz L Avoid leaking lease objects
kubernetes 107514 249043822 Pending Jun 30 249043822, SergeyKanzhelev, ehashman, matthyx, mrunalp, smarterclayton, yangjunmyfm192085, yxxhero M Fix:k8s liveness probe fails during pod termination
klog 337 pohly Pending Jun 30 pohly, serathius, thockin L ktesting: handle test completion
minikube 14439 fatelei Pending Jun 30 fatelei, medyagh, spowelljr XS chore: update doc for minikube start
enhancements 3429 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 30 annajung, jeremyrickard, johnbelamaric, mrbobbytables, palnabarun S Bump from 1.7.0 to 1.8.0
website 34658 bishal7679 Pending Jun 30 Sea-n, bishal7679, jimangel, sftim, tengqm XS Replace all k/website in localization guide with kubernetes/website
website 34210 Paszymaja Pending Jun 30 Paszymaja, shannonxtreme, zacharysarah S Fixed typos and readability improvements in Role Based Access Control Good Practices
kubernetes 110869 pohly Pending Jun 30 aojea, feiskyer, kerthcet, odinuge, pohly L kubelet: revert contextual logging support
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 528 fromanirh Pending Jun 30 adrianchiris, fromanirh, marquiz, zvonkok XXL WIP: topology updater: add e2e tests
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3569 jashandeep-sohi Pending Jun 30 Ankitasw, pydctw L WIP: eks: allow specifying multiple instance types for AWSManagedMachinePool
website 34639 Tharegorn Pending Jun 30 Arhell, davidopp, divya-mohan0209, kevin-wangzefeng XS Update
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3518 richardcase Pending Jun 30 Ankitasw, dlipovetsky, pydctw, richardcase, shivi28 XXL feat: external load balancer garbage collection
googleforgames/quilkin 527 XAMPPRocky Pending Jun 30 XAMPPRocky, bombsimon, luna-duclos, markmandel, rezvaneh xl Implement xDS in Quilkin
website 34722 Sea-n Pending Jun 30 dchen1107, liggitt L Fix link for TLS bootstrapping
kubernetes 110876 zhoumingcheng Pending Jun 30 smarterclayton, thockin XS add unit test coverage for pkg/util/slice
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 211 Kartik494 Pending Jun 30 ggriffiths, kkmsft XS Add klog statement when a request is fulfilled
kubernetes 105271 pacoxu Pending Jun 30 SergeyKanzhelev, andrewsykim, bobbypage, caesarxuchao, cynepco3hahue, dchen1107, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, endocrimes, jonyhy96, kevindelgado, liggitt, pacoxu L add --system-reserved support for swap
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 9000 smasset Pending Jun 30 bozzo, jayonlau S [2.18] Add missing configuration for extra tolerations
kubernetes 106834 mengjiao-liu LGTM Jun 30 andrewsykim, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, liggitt, mengjiao-liu, mrunalp, oomichi, pacoxu, smarterclayton, soltysh L Add support for slash as sysctl separator to Pod securityContext field and to PodSecurityPolicy
kubeflow/website 3283 cwei44 Pending Jun 30 8bitmp3, Arhell, RFMVasconcelos, dsdinter M Adding VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid option for deploying Kubeflow
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 9038 h9-HSFRQDH LGTM Jun 30 cristicalin, floryut, liupeng0518 S Add support for node & pod pid limits
kubernetes-client/python 1848 Akasurde Pending Jun 30 fabianvf, roycaihw XS Check availability of poll method before using
kubernetes 98507 wzshiming Pending Jun 30 SergeyKanzhelev, adisky, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, jqmichael, mikebrow, mrunalp, mtaufen, smarterclayton, wzshiming L Allowed shortened grace period for pods in Kubelet
kubernetes 110291 danwinship LGTM Jun 30 Random-Liu, aojea, danwinship, thockin L Implement KEP-3178 "iptables cleanup" in kubelet
kubernetes 110683 zhoumingcheng LGTM Jun 30 aojea, klueska, odinuge, sjenning, yujuhong S add unit test coverage for pkg/kubelet/util/util_unix_test.go
kubernetes 110774 rata LGTM Jun 30 bobbypage, giuseppe, yujuhong M pkg/kubelet: skip long test on short mode
ingress-nginx 8768 bishal7679 Pending Jun 30 ElvinEfendi, bowei, tao12345666333 XS `ensure-buildx` is changed into `docker buildx`
kubernetes 109217 manugupt1 LGTM Jun 30 andrewsykim, cartermckinnon, dchen1107, jingxu97, jsafrane, kolyshkin, liggitt, manugupt1, smarterclayton L Improved mount detection using openat2 for kernel 5.10+
website 34716 dmarinere Pending Jun 30 deads2k, liggitt, reylejano XS added access to the statements explaining cluster role
website 34721 Sea-n Pending Jun 30 enisoc, jpbetz M Use relative links for
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1991 zmalik Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, jackfrancis, zmalik M skip updating the AKS agentpoolprofile count if autoscaling is enabled (managed clusters)
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1541 sovkumar Pending Jun 30 BaluDontu, divyenpatel L [WIP] Topology Windows Tests
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1579 sovkumar Pending Jun 30 BaluDontu, xing-yang XXL Windows toplogy multi replica
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1660 Aishwarya-Hebbar Pending Jun 30 chethanv28, sashrith L Add negative scenarios for fstype and test fix for label updates
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6709 fabriziopandini Pending Jun 30 chrischdi, enxebre, sbueringer, stmcginnis XXL 🌱 Improve dry run for server side apply using an annotation
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1257 Xenwar Pending Jun 30 jichenjc, mdbooth L Deprecating and/or replacing securityGroups field from OpenStackMachineTemplate
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2334 jackfrancis Pending Jun 30 aramase, jackfrancis, jsturtevant, lzhecheng, marosset, mboersma, shysank XXL WIP ci: use helm to install calico CNI
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1548 marunachalam Pending Jun 30 BaluDontu, RaunakShah, marunachalam, sashrith L CSI Windows Test Support
minikube 13259 jcdickinson Pending Jun 30 afbjorklund, spowelljr XXL Add custom addon loading
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2081 Darshnadas Pending Jun 30 jackfrancis, shysank S [WIP]Using controller runtime envtest instead of fetch_ext
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2189 shysank Pending Jun 30 alexeldeib, devigned XXL Secure bootstrapping for capz machines
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1946 richardchen331 Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, NovemberZulu, alexeldeib, richardchen331, zmalik XL Support multiple CIDR blocks and multiple subnets in AzureManagedControlPlane
enhancements 3290 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jun 30 MikeSpreitzer, apelisse, deads2k, lavalamp, wojtek-t L [Draft] KEP-1040: directed borrowing between priority levels in APF
enhancements 3389 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jun 30 deads2k, jpbetz, lavalamp, wojtek-t L [Draft] KEP-1040: all-to-all borrowing between priority levels in APF
enhancements 3394 MikeSpreitzer Pending Jun 30 apelisse, deads2k, lavalamp, wojtek-t L [Draft] KEP-1040: low-to-high borrowing between priority levels in APF
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1729 jepio Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, devigned, invidian, jepio XXL Add Flatcar Container Linux template
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6570 tobiasgiese Pending Jun 30 chrischdi, fabriziopandini, sbueringer, tobiasgiese XXL ✨ Contribute experimental cluster-api-state-metrics
enhancements 3001 saschagrunert LGTM Jun 30 dcbw, dchen1107, justaugustus L Bump mdtoc to v1.1.0
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6110 killianmuldoon Pending Jun 30 fabriziopandini, stmcginnis L 🌱 WIP: Reformat logs/bootstrap
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8870 VannTen Pending Jun 30 bozzo, cristicalin S Assign cgroups from systemd units for kubelet and container engine
kubernetes-sigs/security-profiles-operator 984 saschagrunert Pending Jun 30 JAORMX, cmurphy, jhrozek S WIP: Sign staging images using cosign
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8511 LuckySB Pending Jun 30 EppO, bozzo, holmsten, jayonlau L WIP: Cri migrate from docker to containerd on existing cluster
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1758 sipriyaa Pending Jun 30 chethanv28, sashrith XXL Config Secret testcases automation
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1802 Aishwarya-Hebbar Pending Jun 30 chethanv28, sashrith L [WIP]Relocate volume tests using cnsRelocateVolume API
kubernetes 107896 smarterclayton Pending Jun 30 BinacsLee, dashpole, dchen1107, mtaufen, smarterclayton M kubelet: Record a metric for latency of pod status update
kubernetes-sigs/security-profiles-operator 991 saschagrunert Pending Jun 30 JAORMX, cmurphy L WIP: Create baseprofiles in CI
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1253 mkjpryor Pending Jun 30 JoelSpeed, apricote, jichenjc, mdbooth, mkjpryor M ✨ Allow clusters without explicit availability zones
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1193 jichenjc Pending Jun 30 chrischdi, prankul88, seanschneeweiss M check ssh key pair before use it
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1535 rfranzke LGTM Jun 30 DirectXMan12, alvaroaleman, christopherhein, estroz, joelanford, rfranzke, shawn-hurley XXL 🌱 adding webhook support
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1445 marunachalam Pending Jun 30 BaluDontu, chethanv28 XL [WIP]windows support
minikube 12644 rajdas66 Pending Jun 30 medyagh, prasadkatti, spowelljr S wip: Adding label to the docker network
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1782 chethanv28 Pending Jun 30 gohilankit S Wait until pvc spec contains volume name while reconciling cnsnodevmattachment instance
enhancements 3045 aattuluri Pending Jun 30 JeremyOT, aattuluri, bowei, lauralorenz, robscott, smawson, thockin, wojtek-t M KEP-1645: Add spec for multi-network scenario
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6626 palnabarun Pending Jun 30 JoelSpeed, stmcginnis L [WIP] :bug: clusterctl: resolve GitHub repository redirects
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8912 CorneliuPopescu Pending Jun 30 bozzo, jayonlau S Bump dependencies
test-infra 25663 landreasyan Pending Jun 30 bswartz, dims, landreasyan, mkimuram, saad-ali, xing-yang L Adding e2e test runs to volume-data-source-validator repo.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3466 zeborg Pending Jun 30 dthorsen, richardcase XL Capa action test 1
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6150 sbueringer Pending Jun 30 JoelSpeed, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, stmcginnis L [WIP] Logging PoC
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6272 yastij Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, JoelSpeed, enxebre, fabriziopandini, sedefsavas, yastij L ✨ Enable setting the local APIServer Port through ClusterNetwork
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6044 dlipovetsky Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, dlipovetsky, joejulian, sbueringer, stmcginnis, vincepri M 🐛 Bootstrap machine only if it conforms to the version skew policy
kops 13618 justinsb Pending Jun 30 hakman, zetaab XXL Support kube-scheduler config
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 2324 krew-release-bot LGTM Jun 30 ahmetb, chriskim06, corneliusweig S release new version v1.1.11 of flyte
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1798 devigned Pending Jun 30 juan-lee, shysank XL [WIP] working example of using vmss flex with machinepool
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2208 jsturtevant Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, devigned, jsturtevant, marosset, mboersma, shysank XXL Implement gMSA for Windows upstream kubernetes tests
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2210 Jont828 Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, shysank XXL [WIP] Refactor tags service
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1429 rpanduranga Pending Jun 30 BaluDontu, chethanv28 XS [fix-temp]: running e2e tests on csi 2.2.2 image
minikube 13600 afbjorklund Pending Jun 30 blueelvis, medyagh, sharifelgamal, spowelljr L Add cri-service flag for overriding the default
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6089 mboersma Pending Jun 30 killianmuldoon, sbueringer, vincepri XXL [WIP] ✨ Add MachinePool Machines implementation
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2251 austintackaberry Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, austintackaberry, devigned XS Use user kubeconfig instead of admin kubeconfig
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1691 dobsonj Pending Jun 30 chethanv28, deepakkinni, divyenpatel S Bump prometheus/client_golang to v1.11.1
minikube 13050 medyagh Pending Jun 30 prasadkatti, spowelljr S wip: new flag --static-ip to allow random IP
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 2540 Kavinjsir Pending Jun 30 Kavinjsir, camilamacedo86, joelanford, pwittrock XXL :sparkles: New plugin for config-gen as alpha.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6243 bigkevmcd Pending Jun 30 enxebre, mdbooth, sbueringer L :sparkles: Dynamic CRS templating
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2248 marosset Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, jsturtevant, mboersma L WIP: Get Windows container images from instead of
minikube 13878 ameukam Pending Jun 30 afbjorklund, sharifelgamal, spowelljr XS Add as a containerd registry endpoint.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3431 pydctw Pending Jun 30 Ankitasw, dlipovetsky, pydctw, sedefsavas L Restructure template directory for e2e tests
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8659 floryut Pending Jun 30 EppO, holmsten M Fix elastx tf
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6362 killianmuldoon Pending Jun 30 JoelSpeed, fabriziopandini XS [WIP] Reproduce Prow retest issue
enhancements 3274 wojtek-t Pending Jun 30 deads2k, fedebongio, lavalamp, liggitt, logicalhan, p0lyn0mial, sftim, smarterclayton, wojtek-t XL KEP-365: Target API List Pagination at GA
node-problem-detector 641 janiskemper Pending Jun 30 dchen1107, vteratipally M Add fedora support to GetOSVersion
test-infra 25598 jackfrancis Pending Jun 30 feiskyer, khenidak M azure: capz in-tree tests need IN_TREE_CLOUDPROVIDER=true
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5685 dthorsen Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, devigned, dthorsen, fabriziopandini, mboersma, sbueringer, vincepri L ✨ Add externallyManagedReplicaCount field to MachinePool
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3292 shivi28 Pending Jun 30 Ankitasw, dlipovetsky, shivi28 L [WIP]Bump CAPI version v1.1.3 into CAPA
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 990 seanschneeweiss Pending Jun 30 jichenjc, mdbooth, prankul88, sbueringer, seanschneeweiss L ✨load balancers: delete orphaned load balancers from same network
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2170 Jont828 Pending Jun 30 alexeldeib, jackfrancis L [WIP] Add custom directories and UI buttons to Tilt flavors
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2215 mboersma Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, jsturtevant XL Update opentelemetry-go to v1.6.1
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2883 randomvariable Pending Jun 30 Ankitasw, dthorsen, sedefsavas XXL Simplify CRD doc generation using OpenAPI
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8050 rptaylor Pending Jun 30 Miouge1, holmsten, oomichi M replace bash for loop when checking API server SANs
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 628 munnerz Pending Jun 30 camilamacedo86, erikgb, mengqiy, munnerz, porridge, pwittrock, roee88 XXL ✨ Adds a tool for linting OpenAPI schemas on CRD resources
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1925 zmalik Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, jackfrancis, juan-lee, zmalik L add support for spot instances in AKS
enhancements 3226 RazazR Pending Jun 30 caseydavenport, thockin XS KEP-1611: Update kep.yaml
kubernetes 110872 Huang-Wei Pending Jun 30 alculquicondor, sanposhiho XS sched: eliminate duplicated FitError.Error()
kubernetes 109138 Kartik494 Pending Jun 30 saad-ali, thockin XS Add annotation to Persistent Volume
test-infra 26715 srm09 Pending Jun 30 neolit123, yastij XS Skips specialized-infra tests for CAPV e2e periodic job
kubernetes 109389 fusida Pending Jun 30 andrewsykim, fusida, neolit123, soltysh M Fix cluster-info jws-token didn't update
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1901 zqzten Pending Jun 30 alenkacz, assafad, camilamacedo86, joelanford, shawn-hurley, zqzten M ✨ Enable metrics of clientgo leader election
kubeflow/kubeflow 6258 haoxins Pending Jun 30 Arhell, SachinVarghese, elikatsis, haoxins, kimwnasptd XXL Fix(Centraldashboard): Upgrade the K8s node.js client and fix the brokens
kubeflow/kubeflow 6231 haoxins Pending Jun 30 Arhell, SachinVarghese, kimwnasptd, thesuperzapper XS fix(centraldashboard): fix the error logs
kubeflow/kubeflow 6529 haoxins Pending Jun 30 StefanoFioravanzo, kimwnasptd, thesuperzapper XS Trim the custom Jupyter image string
kubeflow/kubeflow 6464 haoxins Pending Jun 30 Arhell, StefanoFioravanzo, kimwnasptd, thesuperzapper XXL crud-web-apps: Migrate from tslint to eslint
kubeflow/pipelines 7615 jagadeeshi2i LGTM Jun 30 chauhang, shrinath-suresh XXL chore(components/pytorch):kserve migration 34715 yanrongshi Pending Jun 30 XS [zh] Update at /doc/setup/ 34713 yanrongshi Pending Jun 30 XS [zh-cn]Update /docs/reference/kubectl/
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2850 orirawlings Pending Jun 30 XS Restore support for exclusion-only domain filters for AWS provider
kubeflow/kubeflow 6513 javyxu Pending Jun 30 MartinForReal, SachinVarghese, thesuperzapper XXL Support Subpath when launching centraldashboard
istio/istio 39696 j2gg0s Pending Jun 30 M bugfix(accesslog): allow different provider between modes
istio/common-files 303 sdake Pending Jun 30 brian-avery XS WIP: Fix get_protos so that it actually pulls updated protos rather than f…
istio/common-files 159 AL-Cui Pending Jun 30 AL-Cui, howardjohn, sdake XS Added support for aarch64 architecture
istio/common-files 302 sdake Pending Jun 30 ericvn, howardjohn XXL WIP: Start the process of gogo removal
kubernetes 110868 rikatz Pending Jun 30 abhiraut, aojea, danwinship, thockin L Promote endPort in Network Policy to GA 3919 BobyMCbobs Pending Jun 30 Riaankl, hh L Add AWS account structure docs
kubeflow/pipelines 7899 ryansteakley LGTM Jun 30 RedbackThomson, mbaijal, rrrkharse, surajkota XS chore: Update oidc commands to include region and add brackets for trust policy
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-filestore-csi-driver 322 saikat-royc Pending Jun 30 davidz627, leiyiz, mattcary M Check for GiB aligned sizes for multishare volumes CSI calls
cloud-provider-aws 276 nckturner Pending Jun 30 M00nF1sh, andrewsykim, nckturner, wongma7 M Usability improvements for
kubernetes 110290 danwinship Pending Jun 30 aojea, caseydavenport, dcbw L Don't use KUBE-MARK-DROP for "no local endpoints"
kubeflow/pipelines 7969 copybara-service[bot] Pending Jun 30 SinaChavoshi, sasha-gitg L feat(google-cloud): add explanation_metadata_artifact input flag to custom model upload component.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2303 Jont828 Pending Jun 30 CecileRobertMichon, Jont828, devigned, jsturtevant, mboersma L Add clusterv1.ReadyCondition to AzureMachinePool and AzureMachinePoolMachine
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4278 jlandowner Pending Jun 30 KnVerey, natasha41575 L Support --skip-tests for helmCharts
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8967 floryut Pending Jun 29 ant31, oomichi M Fedora 36
kubernetes 110729 fromanirh Pending Jun 29 bart0sh, klueska L WIP: Improve the kubelet recovery after restart when dealing with devices
kubernetes 110368 hunknownz Pending Jun 29 21kyu, alexzielenski, deads2k, leilajal, sttts, tkashem M Remove unnecessary for-loop and slice
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 586 rquitales Pending Jun 29 Liujingfang1, janetkuo, karlkfi XXL [WIP] Refactor Inventory client
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8923 mr-yaky Pending Jun 29 EppO, cristicalin, holmsten, mr-yaky M [multus] added support for mixed type of container engine
kubeflow/website 3289 CoderHam Pending Jun 29 Arhell, dsdinter, jinchihe XS Fix URL for Triton Inference Server docs
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 480 haiyanmeng Pending Jun 29 ash2k, haiyanmeng, karlkfi, mortent, seans3 S Validate the WaitTask.Timeout
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 412 karlkfi Pending Jun 29 Liujingfang1, pwittrock XXL [WIP] Add support for external dependencies
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 522 rquitales Pending Jun 29 mortent, seans3 L Enable parallel apply
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 482 karlkfi Pending Jun 29 Liujingfang1, ash2k, karlkfi, mortent, seans3 L [WIP] fix: Require src namespace in apply-time-mutation
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 535 seans3 Pending Jun 29 ash2k, karlkfi, mortent L [WIP] Removes inventory object from applier Run signature
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 537 karlkfi Pending Jun 29 haiyanmeng, karlkfi, mortent XXL [WIP] chore: Store inventory objs in TaskContext
kubernetes 110268 danwinship Pending Jun 29 dcbw, freehan, thockin XL WIP minimize iptables-restore input
kubernetes 110266 danwinship Pending Jun 29 dcbw, freehan L iptables proxy reorg in preparation for minimizing iptables-restore
istio/istio 39699 nberlee Pending Jun 29 costinm, ericvn, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, nberlee, nmittler M Make istio-cni compatible with Talos Linux (go netns implementation + added ca cert path)
org 3532 aramase Pending Jun 29 ritazh, salaxander, tam7t XS add nilekhc and salaxander to secrets-store-csi-driver maintainers
istio/tools 1681 MatthieuSarter Pending Jun 29 howardjohn L Support for ppc64le architecture for build-tools images
istio/tools 1643 TrevorTaoARM Pending Jun 29 M Add Hadolint support for arm64 base image build
istio/tools 1194 MichaelEizaguirre Pending Jun 29 carolynhu, nmittler, yangminzhu L Add automated security policy test scripts
istio/tools 890 oschaaf Pending Jun 29 oschaaf XL Custom profiling commands & flamegraphs
istio/tools 490 richardwxn Pending Jun 29 howardjohn, mandarjog, richardwxn M Update readme for istio install
istio/tools 828 richardwxn Pending Jun 29 howardjohn, incfly, mandarjog, richardwxn L update install instruction and clean up scripts
kubernetes 110650 gnufied Pending Jun 29 chrishenzie, jingxu97 M Make mount errors uncertain
community 6512 PushkarJ LGTM Jun 29 IanColdwater, PushkarJ, aladewberry, dims, mrbobbytables, tabbysable S Add sig-security-assessments sub-project
test-infra 26691 carolinar7 Pending Jun 29 carolinar7, chaodaiG, cjwagner XXL Add rerun with latest configuration option.
kubeflow/pipelines 7964 droctothorpe Pending Jun 29 chensun, zijianjoy M chore: standardize bug report issue template
kubernetes 109141 ulucinar Pending Jun 29 Jefftree, caesarxuchao, deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt, negz XS Bump default burst limit for discovery client to 300
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 465 thefirstofthe300 Pending Jun 29 justinsb, nckturner, wongma7 S Allow init to respect the state directory and kubeconfig paths
sig-security 40 PushkarJ Pending Jun 29 PushkarJ, aladewberry, fabriziopandini, neolit123, randomvariable, rficcaglia, sbueringer XXL Cluster API Security Self Assessment
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4668 annasong20 Pending Jun 29 KnVerey, annasong20, natasha41575, yuwenma L Address nits on `localize` proposal and correct mistakes
kubernetes 110838 soltysh Pending Jun 29 atiratree, d-honeybadger L CronJob controller cleanups
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3509 LucaLanziani Pending Jun 29 richardcase, shivi28 L WIP: Test/pr based on pr 3500
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2850 orirawlings Pending Jun 29 njuettner, seanmalloy M Restore support for exclusion-only domain filters for AWS provider
istio/proxy 2952 Shikugawa Pending Jun 29 Shikugawa, kyessenov, lizan, yangminzhu XXL authn: revised request authenticator
istio/proxy 2800 Shikugawa Pending Jun 29 bianpengyuan, diemtvu, kyessenov, yangminzhu XXL authn: wasm implementation
istio/proxy 2978 Shikugawa Pending Jun 29 XXL authn: add revised peer authenticator
enhancements 3339 kerthcet Pending Jun 29 FillZpp, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, kerthcet, spinus, wojtek-t XL KEP-3322: add a new field maxRestartTimes to podSpec
kubeflow/kubeflow 6488 henrysecond1 Pending Jun 29 Arhell, MartinForReal, thesuperzapper, yanniszark XS notebooks: Export notebook culling metrics
kubeflow/manifests 2035 mvoitko Pending Jun 29 Arhell, kimwnasptd, yanniszark XS Update jupyter-web-app with
kubernetes 110575 gnufied Pending Jun 29 Lxf1992, gnufied, jingxu97, jsafrane, saikat-royc, xing-yang L Keep track of each pod that uses a volume during reconstruction
googleforgames/agones 2639 pszemko-t Pending Jun 29 EricFortin, markmandel, pszemko-t, roberthbailey XXL New example to easily setup multi-cluster Agones on GKE with attached allocation-endpoint and monitoring to Google Cloud Monitoring
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-filestore-csi-driver 321 saikat-royc Pending Jun 29 leiyiz, mattcary S register process start time metric for core filestore driver container
enhancements 2869 adisky Pending Jun 29 SergeyKanzhelev, adisky, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, endocrimes, fessyfoo, howardjohn, matthyx, mrunalp, neolit123, pacoxu, rata, sathieu, thockin, timbyr XL KEP-2872 Add keystone containers KEP
kubeflow/pipelines 7867 connor-mccarthy LGTM Jun 29 chensun, connor-mccarthy, zijianjoy L feat(sdk): add retry policy support to kfp v2
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2374 evanfreed Pending Jun 29 CecileRobertMichon, Jont828, evanfreed, mboersma L Use setup-envtest instead of fetch_ext_bins
kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api 1187 FlorentFlament Pending Jun 29 bowei, mikemorris, robscott L conformance: refactor listenersMatch and parentsMatch helpers
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 977 rimolive Pending Jun 29 Tomcli, fenglixa, rimolive L chore(apiserver): Object Storage connection abstraction 34706 varas Pending Jun 29 XS Replace dead cosigned with sigstore policy-controller 34702 remicres Pending Jun 29 XS Fix broken link in de 34701 remicres Pending Jun 29 XS Fix broken link in es 34700 remicres Pending Jun 29 XS Fix broken link in vi 34699 remicres Pending Jun 29 remyleone XS Fix broken link in fr 34698 remicres Pending Jun 29 XS Fix broken link in it
ingress 8765 tao12345666333 Pending Jun 29 XS Bump github/codeql-action from 1.0.26 to 2.1.14
ingress 8763 tufitko Pending Jun 29 XS feat(cors): wildcard port
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 9045 oomichi Pending Jun 29 XS nit: Fix typo on
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 9045 oomichi Pending Jun 29 XS nit: Fix typo on
minikube 11535 dinever Pending Jun 29 RA489, afbjorklund, dinever, medyagh L Fix TestFunctional/parallel/LogsCmd flakiness
website 34640 saschagrunert LGTM Jun 29 cbandy, kbhawkey, mtardy, pjbgf, saschagrunert, sethmccombs, sftim M Graduate SeccompDefault feature to beta
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 963 manedurphy Pending Jun 29 nilekhc, tam7t XL Add SyncOptions Configuration Block to SecretProviderClass
kubernetes-sigs/e2e-framework 147 ShwethaKumbla LGTM Jun 29 cpanato, harshanarayana, vladimirvivien L Update example for failfast commandline flag
ingress-nginx 8765 tao12345666333 Pending Jun 29 ElvinEfendi, strongjz XS Bump github/codeql-action from 1.0.26 to 2.1.14
dashboard 7047 maciaszczykm Pending Jun 29 FrenchBen, desaintmartin, floreks, jeefy, shu-mutou XXL [WIP] Split frontend and backend
kubernetes 110007 ardaguclu Pending Jun 29 KnVerey, ardaguclu, bboreham, brianpursley, dougsland, eddiezane, seans3, soltysh XL Add new flags into alpha events
kubernetes 110326 ardaguclu Pending Jun 29 KnVerey, dougsland XS Validate dry-run and force flags can not be used same time in replace
node-problem-detector 644 kelvie Pending Jun 29 andyxning, otterley, vteratipally, wangzhen127 M Create multi-arch image
ingress-nginx 8752 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 29 strongjz, tao12345666333 XS Bump from 1.4.0 to 1.5.0
website 34665 psschwei Pending Jun 29 bradtopol, kcmartin, shannonxtreme S [dev-1.25] Update feature gate docs for probe-level termination grace period
kubernetes 109702 marosset LGTM Jun 29 SergeyKanzhelev, dcantah, pacoxu S WIP: Allow setting custom volume sizes for Windows containers with containerd
kubernetes-sigs/kueue 284 kerthcet Pending Jun 29 ArangoGutierrez, ahg-g, denkensk, kerthcet XXL Manage clusterQueue in creating/deleting with finalizer
kubernetes 109008 andrewsykim Pending Jun 29 adisky, andyzhangx, liggitt, smarterclayton L pkg/credentialprovider/plugin: refactor for better testability with mulitple apiVersions
kubernetes 108180 jsafrane Pending Jun 29 gnufied, jingxu97, jsafrane, msau42 XXL Rework volume reconstruction
kubernetes 110193 zabrox Pending Jun 29 Random-Liu, mrunalp, pacoxu, yangjunmyfm192085, yujuhong, zabrox M Add unittest for k/k/pkg/kubelet/cm/cgroup_manager_linux.go
kubeflow/website 3282 connor-mccarthy Pending Jun 29 Arhell, alfsuse, chensun, joeliedtke XS add cjmccarthy to pipelines owners
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2847 n-oden Pending Jun 29 JAORMX, Raffo, seanmalloy XS Set logformat before logging config
kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server 993 yangjunmyfm192085 Pending Jun 29 s-urbaniak, serathius, yangjunmyfm192085 L Add scraper benchmark test
istio/istio 39597 zouyee Pending Jun 29 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu L prepare selector compute
kubernetes-sigs/e2e-framework 154 tklauser Pending Jun 29 cpanato, vladimirvivien S examples/wait_for_resources: fix Go code indentation in README
website 34702 remicres Pending Jun 29 bene2k1, mkorbi XS Fix broken link in de
website 34699 remicres LGTM Jun 29 Sea-n, feloy, remicres, remyleone M Fix broken link in fr
website 34698 remicres Pending Jun 29 Fale, fabriziopandini XS Fix broken link in it
kubernetes 110472 brianpursley Pending Jun 29 apelisse, brianpursley, pwittrock, smarterclayton L Fix strategic merge patch $deleteFromPrimitiveList bug
kubernetes 108592 claudiubelu Pending Jun 29 SergeyKanzhelev, andrewsykim, claudiubelu, johnbelamaric, oomichi, smarterclayton M tests: Enables a few Conformance tests for Windows (part 2)
kubernetes 110354 tengqm Pending Jun 29 roycaihw, sftim, sttts, tengqm L Tweak audit types docstring
kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server 1029 yangjunmyfm192085 Pending Jun 29 dgrisonnet, s-urbaniak, serathius, yangjunmyfm192085 L Document how to access and use scalability test results
ingress-nginx 8763 tufitko Pending Jun 29 rikatz, strongjz, tao12345666333 M feat(cors): wildcard port
website 34700 remicres Pending Jun 29 huynguyennovem, ngtuna XS Fix broken link in vi
kubernetes 110011 enj Pending Jun 29 lavalamp, wojtek-t XS [wip] kms: use AES-GCM for writes instead of AES-CBC
istio/istio 39690 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jun 29 L Refact authenticator
kubernetes-sigs/release-sdk 68 matglas Pending Jun 29 matglas, palnabarun, saschagrunert, sethmccombs XXL WIP: Implementation for file signing verification.
kubeflow/pipelines 7819 difince Pending Jun 29 Linchin, annajung, difince, juliusvonkohout, zijianjoy XL feat(backend): authorize readArtifacts and ReportMetrics endpoints
kubernetes 109173 nwehr Pending Jun 29 seans3, soltysh M Implimented --ignore-not-found flag for kubectl patch
ingress-nginx 8668 tufitko Pending Jun 29 ElvinEfendi, rikatz, strongjz, tao12345666333 M feat: check overlap aliases
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6716 ykakarap LGTM Jun 29 JoelSpeed, chrischdi, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, stmcginnis XS 📖 update clusterctl version to v1.2.x in quick start
istio/ 11504 Michelle951 Pending Jun 29 S Changes for style consistency
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2466 Inorysky Pending Jun 29 njuettner, seanmalloy M New features: migrate txt-owner
kubernetes 108541 kerthcet Pending Jun 29 aojea, dchen1107, ehashman, kerthcet, lavalamp, liggitt, psschwei, smarterclayton XS feat: set ProbeTerminationGracePeriod default to true
kops 13861 ederst Pending Jun 29 drekle, ederst, zetaab L Be more specific when filtering OS instance ports
kubernetes 110861 yue9944882 Pending Jun 29 liggitt, sttts S Removing trailing slash from OpenID related routes in the openapi doc
kops 13853 akkina2107 Pending Jun 29 akkina2107, drekle, zetaab L Fix openstack tag limitation
kubeflow/arena 811 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 29 cheyang, denverdino, wsxiaozhang, xiaozhouX S Bump from 1.2.2 to 1.8.0 in /vendor/
kubeflow/arena 809 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 29 cheyang, denverdino, wsxiaozhang, xiaozhouX S Bump from 1.2.2 to 1.8.0 in /vendor/
kubeflow/arena 810 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 29 cheyang, denverdino, wsxiaozhang, xiaozhouX S Bump from 1.3.0 to 1.8.0 in /vendor/
kubeflow/arena 812 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 29 cheyang, denverdino, wsxiaozhang, xiaozhouX L Bump from 1.3.0 to 1.8.0 in /vendor/
kubernetes 103663 bells17 LGTM Jun 29 cheftako, deads2k, jpbetz, logicalhan XS Fix Priority plugin comment
kubernetes-sigs/wg-policy-prototypes 108 degenaro Pending Jun 29 JimBugwadia, degenaro, rficcaglia, sunstonesecure-robert XXL prototype: yaml-to-OSCAL transformer
kubernetes 108673 NikhilSharmaWe Pending Jun 29 KnVerey, NikhilSharmaWe, eddiezane, soltysh XS Improved the message printed out when there are multiple resources of the given name
kubernetes 109192 yylt Pending Jun 29 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, denkensk XS fix pod created failed when resource request is 0
kubeflow/pipelines 7938 juliusvonkohout Pending Jun 29 Linchin, chensun, gabornyerges, juliusvonkohout, zijianjoy L fix(backend): Caching should not be wrongly shown as successful if the artifacts have been deleted from S3
kubeflow/manifests 2229 mvoitko Pending Jun 29 StefanoFioravanzo, elikatsis S Use hashFromEnv in dex component for static user passwords
kubernetes-sigs/prometheus-adapter 509 ksauzz Pending Jun 29 dgrisonnet, s-urbaniak M Add --prometheus-verb to support POST requests to prometheus servers
enhancements 3371 denkensk Pending Jun 29 Huang-Wei, MaciekPytel, ahg-g, alculquicondor, denkensk, kerthcet, liggitt, msau42, x13n XXL KEP-3370: add native PodGroup api 34694 Kartik494 Pending Jun 29 XS Update mysql-config.yaml
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2849 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 29 XS Bump from 0.74.0 to 0.86.0
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 838 marquiz Pending Jun 29 ArangoGutierrez XS go.mod: update to v0.5.8
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 836 marquiz Pending Jun 29 ArangoGutierrez XS dockerfile: update builder image to golang v1.18.3
kubeflow/kfserving 2285 pvaneck Pending Jun 29 XS chore: Disable storage spec type validation
istio/ 11510 ericvn Pending Jun 29 craigbox M [release-1.12] Update reference docs for upcoming 1.12 build
website 34414 mhus Pending Jun 29 jihoon-seo, natalisucks, soltysh XS lates version of perl fails with the example code, need to use v5.34.0
kubernetes 109185 kerthcet Pending Jun 29 ingvagabund, smarterclayton L resolve goroutine leak in nodelifecycle tests
website 34685 windsonsea LGTM Jun 29 Sea-n, habibrosyad, wahyuoi XS [id] fix link about katacoda
website 34680 windsonsea LGTM Jun 29 Sea-n, bells17, inductor XS [ja] fix link about Katacoda
website 34686 windsonsea LGTM Jun 29 Sea-n, femrtnz, jcjesus XS [pt-br] fix link about Katacoda
website 34694 Kartik494 Pending Jun 29 bradtopol, shannonxtreme XS Update mysql-config.yaml
istio/ 11447 hanxiaop Pending Jun 29 ericvn, frankbu, hanxiaop S Update sidecar injection doc
kubernetes 110760 zhoumingcheng Pending Jun 29 endocrimes, krmayankk, matthyx, mrunalp, s-kawamura-w664, yujuhong, yxxhero, zhoumingcheng L add unit test coverage for pkg/kubelet/types/
kubernetes-sigs/security-profiles-operator 1009 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 29 cmurphy, hasheddan, saschagrunert XXL build(deps): bump from 0.2.5-libbpf-0.7.0 to 0.3.0-libbpf-0.8.0
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1283 apricote LGTM Jun 29 apricote, sbueringer, seanschneeweiss, tobiasgiese XXL ✨ Bump to CAPI v1.2.0-beta.1
committee-security-response 129 lukehinds LGTM Jun 29 justaugustus, lukehinds, saschagrunert, tallclair S Update to security-release-team@
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6346 valaparthvi Pending Jun 29 JoelSpeed, alexander-demichev, fabriziopandini, richardcase, sbueringer, valaparthvi, ykakarap L :sparkles: Add support for fetching multiple kubeconfig
istio/istio 39687 zirain Pending Jun 29 L [e2e]reorg telemetry tests
kubernetes-sigs/azurelustre-csi-driver 51 vinli-cn Pending Jun 29 Justin-Jin, andyzhangx, eridai, vinli-cn L Draft IOR automation script
kubernetes 109477 Monokaix Pending Jun 29 smarterclayton, wojtek-t XS remove excluded staticcheck that were already fixed
kubernetes 110454 ardaguclu Pending Jun 29 apelisse, ardaguclu, seans3, soltysh L Use OpenAPI to determine patch type in kubectl apply patching
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2825 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 29 Raffo, njuettner M build(deps): bump from 0.23.3 to 0.24.2
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2811 alebedev87 LGTM Jun 29 JAORMX, Raffo, k0da, njuettner, seanmalloy, seh L Handle the migration to the new TXT format: create missing records
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 838 marquiz Pending Jun 29 ArangoGutierrez, Ethyling, zvonkok XS go.mod: update to v0.5.8
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 2332 radraw Pending Jun 29 ahmetb, chriskim06 S Add switch plugin to krew index
website 34675 mtardy LGTM Jun 29 mehabhalodiya, mtardy, pweil-, sftim M Document the deprecated annotation
website 33512 liggitt Pending Jun 29 deads2k, kcmartin, liggitt, sftim, tallclair XL Scrub PSP docs for 1.25
istio/ 11480 kfaseela Pending Jun 29 ericvn, howardjohn, jacob-delgado, kfaseela L Advanced Helm chart customization doc
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 836 marquiz Pending Jun 29 ArangoGutierrez, zvonkok XS dockerfile: update builder image to golang v1.18.3
istio/istio 39165 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jun 29 costinm, howardjohn M remove isCADisabled
cloud-provider-gcp 346 notoriousTOBP Pending Jun 29 freehan, jpbetz XS Remove check for expiry on existing gcloud token
kubernetes-sigs/kueue 289 kerthcet Pending Jun 29 ArangoGutierrez, ahg-g, denkensk L Refactor tests in clusterqueue controller
autoscaler 4996 nakamume Pending Jun 29 aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer M CA - 1.22 - Expose exponential backoff params
kubernetes 108765 pmgk07 Pending Jun 29 chrishenzie, derekwaynecarr L Refactor platform deps
kubeflow/pipelines 5251 zsaladin Pending Jun 29 Arhell, Ark-kun, numerology XS fix(components): broken non ascii code after compilation
website 33618 mitul3737 Pending Jun 29 mehabhalodiya, sftim XXL [bn] PR to merge dev -1.23 bn.1 into main
ingress-nginx 8711 LucasBoisserie Pending Jun 29 ChiefAlexander, cpanato, iamNoah1 M Add loadBalancerClass params on svc and integration for certmanager for webhook
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1276 jichenjc Pending Jun 29 apricote, jichenjc, seanschneeweiss, tobiasgiese S not assign floating ip when there are multiple controller nodes
kubernetes 110801 yangjunmyfm192085 LGTM Jun 29 KnVerey, soltysh, yangjunmyfm192085, yxxhero L Execute kubectl top node and kubectl pod to display the appropriate units
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3345 Ankitasw Pending Jun 29 Ankitasw, dlipovetsky, dthorsen, richardcase XL Refactored reconciler creation in controllers
kubernetes 109525 jonyhy96 Pending Jun 29 ardaguclu, brianpursley, dims, eddiezane, jonyhy96, lauchokyip, mpuckett159, pierDipi, seans3, soltysh S feat: make jsonpath wait logics consistent with condition
ingress-nginx 8750 longwuyuan Pending Jun 29 ElvinEfendi, tao12345666333 S added announcement
kubernetes 109959 mk46 Pending Jun 29 enj, jiahuif, jpbetz, logicalhan L Move celopenapi/model to staging/src/
kubernetes-sigs/kube-scheduler-simulator 138 pravarag LGTM Jun 29 196Ikuchil, Huang-Wei, pravarag, sanposhiho M Improve documentation about environment variables being used
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2563 FlorinPeter Pending Jun 29 njuettner, seanmalloy XS designate: exclude internal labels
kubernetes 108478 mk46 Pending Jun 29 deads2k, smarterclayton XS Added validation for --tls-cert-file/-tls-private-key-file missing.
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2849 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 29 Raffo, seanmalloy L Bump from 0.74.0 to 0.86.0
kubernetes-sigs/kube-storage-version-migrator 97 caesarxuchao LGTM Jun 29 deads2k, lavalamp, roycaihw L Make the retry in migrateOneItem exponentially backoff;
kubernetes 110534 kerthcet Pending Jun 29 alculquicondor, caesarxuchao, damemi, liggitt XXL Graduate component config to stable in kube-scheduler 34686 windsonsea Pending Jun 29 XS [pt-br] fix link about Katacoda 34685 windsonsea Pending Jun 29 XS [id] fix link about katacoda 34680 windsonsea Pending Jun 29 XS [ja] fix link about Katacoda 34675 mtardy Pending Jun 29 XS Document the deprecated annotation 34674 shannonxtreme Pending Jun 29 XS Migrate create, edit, and delete Secrets to relevant tasks
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 846 ingvagabund LGTM Jun 29 JaneLiuL, a7i, ingvagabund, lixiang233, seanmalloy L Prepare pod evictor for the descheduling framework plugin
kubernetes 109167 Jefftree Pending Jun 29 deads2k, logicalhan XS [WIP] Move allOf conversion for OpenAPI
utils 239 alvaroaleman Pending Jun 29 MadhavJivrajani, deads2k, stewart-yu M Pointer: Add generic Pointer func
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 226 xuzhenglun LGTM Jun 29 atoato88, justinsb, monopole L fix decode multi YAML doc
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1792 acumino Pending Jun 29 acumino, alvaroaleman, camilamacedo86, schrej, vincepri XL ⚠️ Update ginkgo@v2.1.1 and gomega@v1.18.0 3844 kl52752 Pending Jun 29 MrHohn, bowei, dpasiukevich, kl52752, prameshj S Add image for kube-dns version 1.22.5
kubernetes 107907 jsturtevant Pending Jun 29 aojea, chewong, jayunit100, jsturtevant, knabben, marosset L Test to ensure connectivity with Services works across hybrid networks with Windows
community 6408 jayunit100 Pending Jun 29 claudiubelu, marosset XS update Contributing w dvtools instructions
ingress-gce 1721 panslava Pending Jun 29 MrHohn, cezarygerard, kl52752, panslava, thockin XXL WIP: Implement migration from L4 Legacy Target Pool based services to L4 RBS
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 1351 sunpa93 Pending Jun 29 andyzhangx, nearora-msft XXL [V2] feat: watch CRD to track driver uninstall
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1824 chethanv28 Pending Jun 29 divyenpatel, gohilankit M Return resource conflict fault for Update operation failure on API server
perf-tests 1937 chendave Pending Jun 29 krzysied, mm4tt XS Fix the port number to collect the profiling data for the apiserver
perf-tests 2002 tosi3k Pending Jun 29 mborsz, wojtek-t S WIP DO NOT SUBMIT
perf-tests 2042 oprinmarius Pending Jun 29 jsturtevant, krzysied, mborsz, oprinmarius, wojtek-t L Add node-exporter as a daemonset 3625 hh Pending Jun 29 spiffxp, thockin S Add infra/aws/ 3336 BenTheElder Pending Jun 29 BenTheElder, spiffxp, thockin M [WIP] dockerize dns check
kubeflow/pipelines 7941 copybara-service[bot] Pending Jun 28 SinaChavoshi, chensun XL Refactor the creation of a GCS file path into the function that writes generated auto transformations into a GCS file.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2419 CecileRobertMichon Pending Jun 28 Jont828, mboersma L Add support for public IP tags
ingress-gce 1657 cezarygerard Pending Jun 28 bowei, cezarygerard, freehan, kl52752, panslava, prameshj XL Multiple instance group management #1
ingress-gce 1715 panslava Pending Jun 28 bowei, freehan, panslava, thockin L Refactor NodePool
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 1286 t0rr3sp3dr0 LGTM Jun 28 AndyXiangLi, gtxu, t0rr3sp3dr0, torredil, wongma7 M fix version of k8s manifest images
kubeflow/pipelines 7962 copybara-service[bot] Pending Jun 28 SinaChavoshi, chensun XXL feat(google-cloud): Modify GCPC evaluation templates.
kubernetes 110848 Dentrax Pending Jun 28 brianpursley, deads2k L sample-cli-plugin: add GitHub workflows: tests, codeql, release
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-cloudstack 124 jweite-amazon Pending Jun 28 davidjumani, jweite-amazon, maxdrib, rejoshed, wongni L Custom Metrics for ACS API calls.
website 34290 kcmartin Pending Jun 28 M Official 1.25 Release Docs
kubernetes 110847 Dentrax Pending Jun 28 deads2k, pwittrock S sample-cli-plugin: add dependabot
kubernetes 110846 Dentrax Pending Jun 28 KnVerey, soltysh M sample-cli-plugin: add GitHub issue templates
kubernetes 108794 slaskawi Pending Jun 28 enj, lavalamp, liggitt, slaskawi, tallclair M Reinitialize oidc provider on refresh token rotation
ingress-nginx 8420 aelbarkani Pending Jun 28 ChiefAlexander, cpanato L Add support for OpenShift's SCC
ingress-nginx 7084 rittneje Pending Jun 28 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano L allow proxy-ssl-* annotations without proxy-ssl-secret
kubernetes 105126 sallyom Pending Jun 28 adtac, ahg-g, andrewsykim, dashpole, ehashman, endocrimes, halfrost, liggitt, logicalhan, pacoxu, sallyom XL kubelet tracing instrumentation
kubernetes 110601 claudiubelu Pending Jun 28 anguslees, aojea, liggitt XL WIP: Replaces path.Operation with filepath.Operation
ingress-nginx 8506 yutachaos Pending Jun 28 ChiefAlexander, cpanato S Add update updateStrategy and minReadySeconds for defaultBackend
ingress-nginx 8538 kundan2707 Pending Jun 28 ElvinEfendi, rikatz M added helm version column
ingress-nginx 7128 marshall007 Pending Jun 28 ElvinEfendi, rikatz M Ensure `ttlSecondsAfterFinished` is set on Job resources in static deploy manifests
ingress-nginx 8436 nobiit Pending Jun 28 ChiefAlexander, cpanato XS Update controller-hpa.yaml ApiVersion to v2
ingress-nginx 8304 theunrealgeek Pending Jun 28 rikatz, tao12345666333 L Fixing upstreams that are shared with canaries
ingress-nginx 7121 tokers Pending Jun 28 cmluciano, larivierec, moonming, rikatz, tao12345666333, theunrealgeek XL feat: support blocklist-source-range
kubernetes 110845 Dentrax Pending Jun 28 brianpursley, deads2k M sample-cli-plugin: add Krew file
kubernetes-csi/node-driver-registrar 189 ShaileshKumar007 LGTM Jun 28 andyzhangx, mauriciopoppe, xing-yang XS Validate OWNERS files
cloud-provider-gcp 307 ialidzhikov Pending Jun 28 jpbetz, mikedanese L Add PR and issue templates
minikube 14437 aude Pending Jun 28 blueelvis, klaases, prasadkatti XS Document .localhost usage
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2433 mboersma Pending Jun 28 devigned, jsturtevant S Bump k8s version used by apiversion-upgrade job
kubernetes 110842 Dentrax Pending Jun 28 seans3, soltysh S sample-cli-plugin: add .gitignore
kubernetes 110844 Dentrax Pending Jun 28 brianpursley, soltysh M sample-cli-plugin: add goreleaser
istio/istio 39670 howardjohn Pending Jun 28 douglas-reid S grafana: update to v9.x.x
kubernetes 110843 Dentrax Pending Jun 28 KnVerey, deads2k S sample-cli-plugin: add .golangci.yml
kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api 1227 shaneutt Pending Jun 28 bowei, hbagdi, keithmattix, robscott, shaneutt L docs: v0.5.0 blog post
kubernetes 109196 harjas27 Pending Jun 28 eddiezane, knight42, seans3 M kubectl: Remove multiple Visit calls on the visitor source when computing resources to scale
kubernetes 110252 swatisehgal Pending Jun 28 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, logicalhan, mrunalp, puerco XL Noderesourcetopology- api: Repo Bootstrap
minikube 14443 rdparihar Pending Jun 28 klaases, medyagh, prasadkatti, rdparihar, spowelljr XS alias alternative for windows
helm 11094 hickeyma Pending Jun 28 XS Updating to Kubernetes 1.24.2
helm 11093 hickeyma Pending Jun 28 XS Bump Oras to 1.2.0 Containerd to 1.6.6 34665 psschwei Pending Jun 28 XS [dev-1.25] Update feature gate docs for probe-level termination grace period 34664 windsonsea Pending Jun 28 XS [zh-cn] fix links of release manager
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 9041 mzaian Pending Jun 28 XS [calico] add v3.23.2 and make it default
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 9041 mzaian Pending Jun 28 XS [calico] add v3.23.2 and make it default
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 833 marquiz Pending Jun 28 XS cpu: re-organize security features
kubeflow/pipelines 7959 copybara-service[bot] Pending Jun 28 SinaChavoshi, sasha-gitg S fix the issue that nullable and nested features are ignored. use all flatten, non repeated features as candidates.
ingress-nginx 8665 anders-swanson LGTM Jun 28 ChiefAlexander, cpanato, longwuyuan, tao12345666333 S Add protocol prefix to Metrics port (Helm)
website 34622 irbekrm Pending Jun 28 lavalamp, sftim, smarterclayton XS Adds remainingItemCount to HTTP response 3911 upodroid Pending Jun 28 ameukam XS Add myself to oci-proxy-admins group
node-problem-detector 662 lianghao208 Pending Jun 28 dchen1107, xueweiz S feat: add random initial time duration for heartbeat ticker
kubernetes 108578 NikhilSharmaWe Pending Jun 28 NikhilSharmaWe, caesarxuchao, deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt S Made changes to distinguish validation "invalid transition" validation errors from "invalid content" errors
kubernetes 110710 harshanarayana LGTM Jun 28 MadhavJivrajani, SataQiu, alculquicondor, aojea, harshanarayana, krmayankk, soltysh L GIT-110697: refactor job controller to be able to inject FakeClock for UTs
kubernetes-sigs/kpng 291 chetak123 Pending Jun 28 VivekThrivikraman-est, mcluseau XS added comment for serverProxyMode
website 34478 danwinship Pending Jun 28 danwinship, onlydole, sftim L WIP: Add blog post about KEP-3178 iptables cleanup
kubernetes 104907 adrianreber Pending Jun 28 adrianreber, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, endocrimes, mikebrow, mrunalp, mtaufen, riteshnaik, rphillips XXL Minimal checkpointing support
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 580 jayesh-srivastava Pending Jun 28 cpanato, vincepri L Update go version to 1.18.1
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1764 lzhecheng Pending Jun 28 MartinForReal, andyzhangx, lzhecheng XS [WIP][e2e] Replace nginx with agnhost
kubernetes 96275 swatisehgal Pending Jun 28 AlexeyPerevalov, apelisse, krousey, marquiz, mikedanese, swatisehgal, thockin XXL NodeResourceTopology API in staging
website 34411 tengqm LGTM Jun 28 onlydole, reylejano, sftim, tengqm, zacharysarah S Improve reviewing PRs guide
node-problem-detector 665 jason1028kr Pending Jun 28 Random-Liu, dchen1107, xueweiz XL Support multiple reasons per condition for CustomPluginMonitor
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 793 uniemimu Pending Jun 28 damemi, seanmalloy, uniemimu L add strategy defaults and fix nodeFit for node affinity strategy
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 1187 wongma7 Pending Jun 28 d-nishi, gtxu S Update to kops 1.23.0
kubeflow/internal-acls 551 ytsophie Pending Jun 28 Arhell, chensun, zijianjoy XS Update org.yaml
kubernetes 110680 azylinski LGTM Jun 28 mborsz, piosz, smarterclayton, stevekuznetsov, wojtek-t S Add audit-id to storage traces
test-infra 26656 Ressetkk Pending Jun 28 chases2, stevekuznetsov L Add ProwJob required annotations validation to `prow/cmd/checkconfig`
utils 248 aojea Pending Jun 28 aojea, apelisse, dashpole, liggitt, thockin M update github CI
test-infra 26665 jprzychodzen Pending Jun 28 jpbetz, mikedanese S Kubetest2 is incompatible with presets
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-cloudstack 120 rejoshed Pending Jun 28 davidjumani, maxdrib, rejoshed, wanyufe, wongni XXL Add failure domain CRD. Just raw kubebuilder CRD atm.
autoscaler 4950 AustinSiu Pending Jun 28 aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer XXL Vendor aws sdk in cloudprovider
kubernetes 108072 matthiasr Pending Jun 28 jpbetz, kevindelgado, liggitt, matthiasr, smarterclayton, sttts M apimachinery/unstructured: handle nil as the slice zero value
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3563 Ankitasw Pending Jun 28 richardcase, sedefsavas M [WIP] Add spot instance support in AWSMachinePool
kubernetes 110564 j4m3s-s Pending Jun 28 danwinship, dchen1107, j4m3s-s, khenidak, sftim, tallclair, thockin S Fix description of Ports in PodSpec
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 1157 hntrmrrs Pending Jun 28 AndyXiangLi, vdhanan L Allow controller to use metadata service to fetch default AZ when not specified
kubeflow/training-operator 1616 PeterChg Pending Jun 28 Jeffwan, gaocegege, jinchihe, johnugeorge, terrytangyuan, zw0610 XS fix MpiJob status inaccuracy when kill redundant worker replicas
test-infra 26703 SamoKopecky Pending Jun 28 matthyx, stevekuznetsov S peribolos: allow dump config while using GitHub app auth
ingress-nginx 8692 knbnnate Pending Jun 28 ElvinEfendi, strongjz M Support none keyword in log-format escape
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3094 richardchen331 Pending Jun 28 Ankitasw, richardcase, richardchen331, sedefsavas XXL AWSManagedMachinePool - Launch Template support
test-infra 26699 saschagrunert LGTM Jun 28 derekwaynecarr, haircommander, vpickard S Bump CRI-O jobs to commit `5f60e43`
utils 246 Ab-hishek Pending Jun 28 cheftako, deads2k, thockin M ebtables: update the version check regex expression and added unit test
kubernetes 110629 swatisehgal Pending Jun 28 dims, jeremyrickard, sttts S nrt-api: Update publishing-bot rules.yaml
kubernetes 104484 jackfrancis LGTM Jun 28 SergeyKanzhelev, andrewsykim, dashpole, dgrisonnet, ehashman, jackfrancis, logicalhan, mrunalp, mtaufen, pacoxu L add container probe duration metrics
org 3528 maxdrib Pending Jun 28 davidjumani, justinsb, rohityadavcloud, vincepri XS Adding new maintainers to CAPC repo
kubernetes 110552 jan0ski Pending Jun 28 deads2k, derekwaynecarr, jan0ski, justinsb, sftim L Add AppArmor GA fields and validation
kubernetes 110800 zhoumingcheng Pending Jun 28 dchen1107, endocrimes, mrunalp, odinuge L add unit test coverage for pkg/kubelet/sysctl/
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1539 sathieu Pending Jun 28 vrabbi, yastij XL Add storagePolicyName and datastore at disk level
kubernetes-sigs/cri-tools 949 saschagrunert Pending Jun 28 feiskyer, yujuhong L Switch to golang native error wrapping
kubernetes-sigs/kueue 288 kerthcet Pending Jun 28 ArangoGutierrez, alculquicondor, denkensk XS Fix: integration tests missed detail logs
kubernetes-sigs/kueue 263 kerthcet Pending Jun 28 ArangoGutierrez, alculquicondor, denkensk, kerthcet XL manage a finalizer for resourceFlavor based on usage by cluster queues
kubernetes 110825 zhoumingcheng Pending Jun 28 aojea, dchen1107, thockin, zhoumingcheng L add unit test coverage for pkg/util/node 34658 bishal7679 Pending Jun 28 XS All mistakes are fixed by this trivial edits
helm 11090 johanneswuerbach Pending Jun 28 XS feat: expose repo add as action
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 9038 h9-HSFRQDH Pending Jun 28 liupeng0518 XS Add support for node & pod pid limits
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 9038 h9-HSFRQDH Pending Jun 28 liupeng0518 XS Add support for node & pod pid limits
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1281 jichenjc LGTM Jun 28 apricote, seanschneeweiss, tobiasgiese XS switch version from float to int
kubernetes 107589 cynepco3hahue Pending Jun 28 cynepco3hahue, feiskyer, mtaufen, odinuge, swatisehgal, yangjunmyfm192085 M kubelet: do not set CPU quota for guaranteed pods
kubernetes 95656 abserari LGTM Jun 28 MHBauer, SergeyKanzhelev, abserari, brendandburns, dchen1107, endocrimes, pacoxu, thockin S fix-todo-in-pkg/util/taints
kubernetes 110824 Abirdcfly LGTM Jun 28 MrHohn, aojea, danwinship, thockin XS cleanup:use copy other than for loop
kubernetes 110822 wongearl Pending Jun 28 KnVerey, ardaguclu, soltysh, wongearl XS Fix go static check problem and optimize code
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8289 Alvaro-Campesino Pending Jun 28 EppO, cristicalin L Remove kubeadm config endpoints
autoscaler 4983 jbartosik Pending Jun 28 krzysied, mwielgus XXL Reenable Service Account Check in VPA E2E tests
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 830 fidencio LGTM Jun 28 ArangoGutierrez, adrianchiris, fidencio, mythi, zvonkok M cpu: Discover Intel TDX
kubernetes 110762 pandaamanda Pending Jun 28 danwinship, freehan, thockin XS kube-proxy: kernelspace mode is announced to be default for windows
kubernetes 110053 michaelbeaumont LGTM Jun 28 apelisse, deads2k, ncdc S apimachinery: fix UnsafeGuessKindToResource for some classes of words
kubernetes 108287 hxietkg Pending Jun 28 abhiraut, jayunit100 XS Set probe timeout to 4s for Windows netpol
kubernetes 110779 jbartosik Pending Jun 28 SataQiu, neolit123 M Add parameter to set SecurityContext for containers in tests
kubeflow/kubeflow 6535 kimwnasptd Pending Jun 28 pdmack, zijianjoy XXL testing: Cleanup the testing dir and add gh actions placeholder folder
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1506 zqzten Pending Jun 28 irfanurrehman, jimmidyson M Introduce standard controller runtime metrics
kubernetes 110804 wzshiming Pending Jun 28 bobbypage, mrunalp S Allow extra time for Kubelet to report Pod status when node graceful shutdown
kubernetes-sigs/kubetest2 198 saschagrunert Pending Jun 28 MushuEE M Switch to golang native error wrapping
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1273 lentzi90 LGTM Jun 28 apricote, jichenjc, lentzi90, seanschneeweiss M 🌱 Add renovate configuration
kubeflow/pipelines 7715 markgeejw Pending Jun 28 Arhell, chensun, zijianjoy XS fix(deployment): fix custom namespace for viewer crd deployment. Fixes #7714
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 831 jasine Pending Jun 28 Ethyling, kad, marquiz M helm: add namespace override for multi-namespace deployments
kubernetes-sigs/network-policy-api 29 astoycos Pending Jun 28 abhiraut, rikatz XXL [WIP] Import cyclonus to network-policy-api repo
cloud-provider-aws 311 nckturner Pending Jun 28 M00nF1sh, jaypipes S Set custom service account names for controllers
kubernetes 104776 kerthcet Pending Jun 28 RainbowMango, cheftako, dashpole, kerthcet, krmayankk, sanposhiho, tallclair S fix flushlogs not working together with exit in staging repos
kubernetes 106379 shivanshu1333 LGTM Jun 28 caesarxuchao, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, pohly, shivanshu1333 S Implemented MarshalLog in namespacedname.go
kubeflow/arena 808 happy2048 Pending Jun 28 denverdino, wsxiaozhang, xiaozhouX XS specify image repo
node-problem-detector 565 bilalcaliskan Pending Jun 28 andyxning, xueweiz L tainting and untainting logic implemented via configuration
kubernetes 110741 zhoumingcheng Pending Jun 28 mrunalp, mtaufen, yujuhong, yxxhero S add unit test coverage for pkg/kubelet/util/queue
kubeflow/pipelines 7957 renovate-bot Pending Jun 28 StefanoFioravanzo, zijianjoy M fix(deps): update dependency protobufjs to v6.11.3 [security]
kubernetes 110805 saschagrunert Pending Jun 28 feiskyer, saschagrunert, thockin M Graduate SeccompDefault feature to beta
kubernetes 110713 muyangren2 Pending Jun 28 Argh4k, aojea, muyangren2, sttts, tkashem, yliaog XS Flaky TestTimeoutWithLogging #109986
istio/api 2382 shriramsharma Pending Jun 28 aattuluri, costinm, ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, ramaraochavali S unhide tls on sidecar docs
kubernetes 110769 cwdsuzhou LGTM Jun 28 SergeyKanzhelev, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, mrunalp, pacoxu XS Fix error log/event about pull image
enhancements 3214 SergeyKanzhelev LGTM Jun 28 SergeyKanzhelev, dchen1107, ehashman, johnbelamaric, pacoxu, wojtek-t XS document the PRR approval for KEP 1972
kubeflow/pipelines 7950 copybara-service[bot] Pending Jun 27 SinaChavoshi, sasha-gitg XS Internal change
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1954 zmarano Pending Jun 27 KarnVadaliya, Linskeyd, hopkiw L Rocky Linux 8 Optimized for GCP ARM64.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3468 sedefsavas Pending Jun 27 Ankitasw, pydctw, sbueringer, sedefsavas XL Bump e2e test Kubernetes version to v1.24.0
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2818 PG2000 Pending Jun 27 njuettner, seanmalloy, seh M support ExternalID in AWS Provider when assuming a role
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8927 fungusakafungus Pending Jun 27 bozzo, holmsten, pasqualet XL Set inject_facts_as_vars to false to speed up ansible
istio/community 755 kyessenov Pending Jun 27 howardjohn S Update teams.yaml
website 34259 neolit123 Pending Jun 27 divya-mohan0209, mehabhalodiya, pacoxu, reylejano M kubeadm: document the option to use kubeletconfiguration patches
ingress-nginx 8747 liu-xuewen Pending Jun 27 ElvinEfendi, tao12345666333 L feat: add server-no-root-location to enable server-snippet to configure root location
cloud-provider-gcp 336 NathanBurnett128 Pending Jun 27 KiranOpenSource, NathanBurnett128, jpbetz, jprzychodzen, mikedanese, nlunceford XL Add tokenProvider abstraction to gke-gcloud-auth-plugin
kubernetes 99763 WisWang Pending Jun 27 WisWang, atiratree, kow3ns, krmayankk, mortent, soltysh XS Add compare ResourceVersion process
kubernetes 106388 alexzielenski Pending Jun 27 BinacsLee, alexzielenski, apelisse, caesarxuchao, johnSchnake, lavalamp, liggitt, logicalhan, sttts XL Ignore non-semantic changes to objects
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3540 sedefsavas Pending Jun 27 pydctw, shivi28 XS Test conformance with ci releases on HA control plane
kubernetes 110495 alexzielenski Pending Jun 27 alexzielenski, apelisse, deads2k, justinsb, liggitt L make ObjectReference field ownership granular
website 32939 brendavsantos Pending Jun 27 devlware, patrocinio, yagonobre L Volume snapshots pt br
website 32617 tamarabarbosa LGTM Jun 27 Arhell, edsoncelio, jailton, patrocinio, stormqueen1990 L adding pt-br translation for object-management
website 34291 shannonxtreme Pending Jun 27 sftim L WIP: Add good practices page for secrets
kubernetes-sigs/kueue 278 kerthcet Pending Jun 27 ArangoGutierrez, alculquicondor, denkensk, haosdent, kerthcet M Feat: add support for replacing internal cert management 34641 shixiuguo Pending Jun 27 XS Translate the "en/docs/reference/kubernetes-api/service-resources/" 34640 saschagrunert Pending Jun 27 XS Graduate SeccompDefault feature to beta 34639 Tharegorn Pending Jun 27 XS Update
helm 11087 ralfv Pending Jun 27 XS WIP: Initial code for HIP Support Helm release data stored in multiple K8s…
helm 11084 flokli Pending Jun 27 XS cmd/helm: drop checkPerms() check
ingress 8754 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 27 XS Bump from 0.11.2 to 0.12.2
ingress 8753 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 27 XS Bump from 2.60.1 to 2.70.0
ingress 8752 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 27 XS Bump from 1.4.0 to 1.5.0
ingress 8750 longwuyuan Pending Jun 27 tao12345666333 XS added announcement
ingress 8747 liu-xuewen Pending Jun 27 XS feat: add server-no-root-location to enable server-snippet to configure root location
ingress 8741 liu-xuewen Pending Jun 27 XS fix: set shell file of Dockerfile to the executable bit
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 6003 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Jun 27 haircommander XS [release-1.21] capabilities: drop inheritable
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 6003 openshift-cherrypick-robot Pending Jun 27 haircommander XS [release-1.21] capabilities: drop inheritable
ingress-nginx 7860 nissy34 Pending Jun 27 iamNoah1, nissy34, rikatz, strongjz, theunrealgeek L Add An option for Canary steering by Query parameters
kubeflow/kubeflow 6542 alembiewski Pending Jun 27 discordianfish, thesuperzapper L Add support for `command` and `args` in `PodDefault`
ingress-nginx 8385 aslafy-z Pending Jun 27 ElvinEfendi, rikatz, strongjz, tao12345666333 M feat(annotations): allow disabling custom-http-errors annotation
ingress-nginx 8733 tao12345666333 Pending Jun 27 ElvinEfendi, cpanato, rikatz, tao12345666333 M feat: migrate leaderelection lock to leases
kube-openapi 308 alexzielenski Pending Jun 27 apelisse, sttts L [WIP] add ability to override structType with field-level annotation
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2432 alexander-demichev Pending Jun 27 CecileRobertMichon, JoelSpeed, mboersma L Add custom backend pool name
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1732 rpanduranga Pending Jun 27 sashrith, xing-yang L VCP-to-velero
googleforgames/open-match 1469 sierrasoleil Pending Jun 27 HazWard, aLekSer, andrewgrundy, calebatwd, mridulji, sawagh, scosgrave, syntxerror S Add custom annotations to Service Account
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2782 agirardguittard-plaid Pending Jun 27 Raffo, seanmalloy, seh M Adds AWS Rate Limit option
kops 13431 mikeinton Pending Jun 27 johngmyers, zetaab XS Ignore AccessDenied errors from AWS when tagging instance IAM Roles
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2749 paulcarlton-ww Pending Jun 27 dlipovetsky, dthorsen, randomvariable L bug: add rules to access eks-contoller private endpoint
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1899 dntczdx Pending Jun 27 EricEdens, adjackura, zmarano L remove build commands from the rollout workflow for those moved tools
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1843 zmarano Pending Jun 27 LawrenceHwang, zoran15 S COS 93 and Fedora 35 exports for OS Login staging tests.
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1813 bkatyl LGTM Jun 27 EricEdens, LawrenceHwang, bkatyl, zoran15 L Server 2022: Removing BYOL, adding import workflows
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1583 jpassing Pending Jun 27 adjackura, bkatyl, hopkiw S Fix Windows 10 x86 workflow
kubernetes 110679 twilight0620 LGTM Jun 27 DangerOnTheRanger, caesarxuchao, twilight0620, wojtek-t S add some uts of diff.go
kubernetes-sigs/krew 789 prnvkv Pending Jun 27 ahmetb, chriskim06, prnvkv, soltysh L Unit tests for gitutil package
kubernetes 110526 knight42 Pending Jun 27 brianpursley, seans3, verb L kubectl-debug: add more debugging profiles
enhancements 3367 ihcsim Pending Jun 27 humblec, ihcsim, johnbelamaric, jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali, xing-yang XXL KEP-3314: Changed Block Tracking With CSI VolumeSnapshotDelta
kubernetes 108404 niuyueyang1996 LGTM Jun 27 deads2k, ingvagabund, jpbetz, liggitt, tossmilestone XS ignoredResources should contain events
googleforgames/open-match 1436 gyusang Pending Jun 27 HazWard, aLekSer, andrewgrundy, calebatwd, mridulji, sawagh, scosgrave, syntxerror XS Fix typo in tutorial sample code
autoscaler 4831 voelzmo Pending Jun 27 elmiko, jbartosik, krzysied, voelzmo M Add KEP to introduce UpdateMode: UpscaleOnly
autoscaler 4975 ctrox Pending Jun 27 aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer XXL Add cloud provider for Rancher with RKE2
autoscaler 4951 evanfreed Pending Jun 27 aleksandra-malinowska, marwanad M fix: Wrong image path in Docs
kubernetes 110794 knight42 Pending Jun 27 SergeyKanzhelev, dchen1107, justinsb, liggitt, mrunalp L API: Allow `Stream` to be set in `PodLogOptions`
kubernetes 110663 fromanirh Pending Jun 27 Huang-Wei, damemi, fromanirh L scheduler: framework: initialize indexers in scheduler core with non-nil map
community 6588 jkaye2012 Pending Jun 27 derekwaynecarr, johnbelamaric XS Fix identifier link in 3904 upodroid Pending Jun 27 BenTheElder, ameukam L Rework `oci-proxy` Cloud Run Terraform Code
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 687 jonathanrainer Pending Jun 27 kbasv, leakingtapan L Allow encryptInTransit to be specfied on the StorageClass
website 32967 stormqueen1990 LGTM Jun 27 edsoncelio, femrtnz, jailton, jhonmike XXL [pt-br] Update Secrets page to latest English version
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2427 k8s-infra-cherrypick-robot LGTM Jun 27 Jont828, devigned, jackfrancis XS [release-1.3] Bump to latest kubernetes patch version
istio/ 11503 heihaozi Pending Jun 27 XS Use mirrorPercentage instead of mirrorPercent.
enhancements 3427 humblec Pending Jun 27 saad-ali, xing-yang XS use new format for the unit test coverage part
ingress-gce 1626 sugangli Pending Jun 27 bowei, prameshj XXL WIP: Firewall CR migration
googleforgames/open-match 1444 mridulji Pending Jun 27 HazWard, aLekSer, andrewgrundy, calebatwd, sawagh, scosgrave, syntxerror XXL update to and deprecation changes
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3341 richardcase Pending Jun 27 Ankitasw, sedefsavas, shivi28 L WIP feat: add support for pre/post commands on EKS node bootstrap
website 33524 saschagrunert LGTM Jun 27 kcmartin, liggitt, pjbgf, saschagrunert, sftim S Remove support for seccomp annotations
googleforgames/open-match 1459 syntxerror Pending Jun 27 HazWard, aLekSer, andrewgrundy, calebatwd, sawagh, scosgrave S Updated due to security vulnerability
website 34641 shixiuguo Pending Jun 27 mengjiao-liu, tengqm, windsonsea XXL Translate the "en/docs/reference/kubernetes-api/service-resources/"
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2306 farodin91 Pending Jun 27 Raffo, seanmalloy L pre filter external owned services using coredns
kubernetes 110739 cpanato Pending Jun 27 deads2k, fejta, lavalamp, mkumatag L WIP golang: Update to go1.19beta1
kubernetes-sigs/kube-scheduler-simulator 135 pravarag Pending Jun 27 Huang-Wei, alculquicondor L [WIP] Adding e2e tests for kube-scheduler-simulator
kubernetes 110537 rthakur-est Pending Jun 27 klueska, mrunalp L Incorrect PCI device attached on ungraceful node reboot
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8995 zhougw001 Pending Jun 27 holmsten, liupeng0518 XS update the kubernetes version
minikube 14321 vedantmgoyal2009 Pending Jun 27 afbjorklund, klaases, prezha, spowelljr S automate publishing to winget
kubernetes 109351 wongearl LGTM Jun 27 ardaguclu, deads2k, seans3 XS Removes useless string conversions
kubernetes 110450 FillZpp Pending Jun 27 FillZpp, VirrageS, jsafrane, mattcary, msau42, saikat-royc L PVCProtectionController retries to check PVC used from Informer with backoff
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1827 zhougw001 Pending Jun 27 BaluDontu, gnufied M log.Info should be started with capital letter
ingress-nginx 8754 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 27 rikatz, tao12345666333 L Bump from 0.11.2 to 0.12.2
ingress-nginx 8753 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 27 rikatz, tao12345666333 XS Bump from 2.60.1 to 2.70.0
website 34624 harshchauhan1988 Pending Jun 27 bradtopol, harshchauhan1988, javadoors, kbhawkey, sftim XS Adding recommendation for network isolation
kubernetes 110304 RomanBednar Pending Jun 27 gnufied, pohly L [WIP] add e2e test for correct resizing of a snaphot restore
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-iscsi 130 dependabot[bot] LGTM Jun 27 chrishenzie, pohly XL build(deps): bump from 2.60.1 to 2.70.0
kubernetes-sigs/ibm-vpc-block-csi-driver 70 arahamad Pending Jun 27 ambiknai, bradtopol M [don't review/merge] Enabled only online volume expansion
minikube 14441 NgZiming Pending Jun 27 prasadkatti, sharifelgamal XS feat: add no_proxy ip subnet for hyperkit dirver
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 6737 oscr Pending Jun 27 JoelSpeed, oscr, sbueringer, stmcginnis S 🌱 Update golangci-lint and Go version for golangci-lint workflow
website 33285 sftim Pending Jun 27 divya-mohan0209, sftim, smarterclayton L Update encryption-at-rest task page
kubernetes-sigs/nfs-subdir-external-provisioner 219 luigi-bitonti Pending Jun 27 jackielii, kmova XS Added reference to namespaces in templates
kubernetes-template-project 42 Sea-n Pending Jun 27 fejta XS Update page links
kubernetes-template-project 41 Sea-n Pending Jun 27 fejta XS Remove invalid RSS
ingress-nginx 8741 liu-xuewen Pending Jun 27 rikatz, tao12345666333 XS fix: set shell file of Dockerfile to the executable bit
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1429 johananl Pending Jun 27 MaxRink, johananl, vrabbi XL Add Ignition support
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2841 skudriavtsev Pending Jun 27 Raffo, njuettner L New feature: client's certificate-based authentication to Infoblox NIOS server
kubernetes 109746 prakharporwal Pending Jun 27 21kyu, dchen1107, endocrimes, klueska, mrunalp, prakharporwal, wzshiming, zabrox XL [WIP] Added unit test for pkg/kubelet/cm/internal_container_lifecycle.go
kops 13845 ederst Pending Jun 27 KashifSaadat, olemarkus, zetaab L Add config drive as a source for OpenStack instance metadata
kubernetes 110803 prakharporwal Pending Jun 27 bobbypage, derekwaynecarr L [WIP] Added Unit test for internal container lifecycle
kubernetes 108679 s-kawamura-w664 LGTM Jun 27 249043822, andrewsykim, klueska, mrunalp, s-kawamura-w664 L Fixed a issue that the logs command is not follow after log rotation.
kubernetes-sigs/alibaba-cloud-csi-driver 629 mowangdk Pending Jun 27 L Improve/reuse grpc connection
website 34457 chetak123 Pending Jun 27 caesarxuchao, lavalamp XS updated grep with custom-columns=POD_IP:.status.podIPs
website 34465 windsonsea LGTM Jun 27 Rishit-dagli, Sea-n, daminisatya, jimangel, sftim, shannonxtreme, tengqm, windsonsea M [en] discussions about
website 34430 champtar Pending Jun 27 danninov, devlware XS Add externalSetMarkChain to portmap config
istio/istio 39495 thehackercat Pending Jun 27 GregHanson, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, thehackercat M Add protocol check for empty address in Service Entry
kubernetes 108403 h4ghhh Pending Jun 27 derekwaynecarr, ehashman, h4ghhh, klueska, liangyuanpeng, rphillips, smarterclayton M Add a --pod-logs-directory flag to kubelet
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2713 Raffo Pending Jun 27 XS Add infoblox maintainers
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4689 Chever-John Pending Jun 27 natasha41575, yuwenma XS doc(first_kustomization): change the wrong command (I think)
ingress-nginx 8582 chrisshino Pending Jun 27 ElvinEfendi, chrisshino, iamNoah1, rikatz, tao12345666333 M Adds strict match annotation + updated tests/docs
kubernetes 107126 NikhilSharmaWe LGTM Jun 27 MaciekPytel, josephburnett, liggitt, mwielgus, pacoxu S change the conversion logic for HPAScalingRules.StabilizationWindowSeconds to use default value instead of nil
website 34473 slyt Pending Jun 27 Arhell, kbhawkey, zacharysarah XS Add info on how to escape keys that contain dot
website 34623 sherief92 Pending Jun 27 Arhell, davidopp, kevin-wangzefeng XS Update
bazelbuild/rules_docker 2115 titanous Pending Jun 27 XS Add support for cred_helpers in push
kubernetes 110669 wb14123 Pending Jun 27 Random-Liu, sjenning S Add flags to kubelet to disable cadvisor metrics
website 33086 MrErlison LGTM Jun 27 devlware, edsoncelio, jhonmike, stormqueen1990 L Add content/pt-br/docs/concepts/architecture/
istio/istio 39457 zirain Pending Jun 27 douglas-reid M [e2e test]add telemetry e2e test with default provider
website 33154 MrErlison LGTM Jun 27 MrErlison, edsoncelio, femrtnz, rikatz, stormqueen1990 S Add pt-br/docs/reference/glossary/
kubernetes 109761 sorkinl Pending Jun 27 klueska, marosset, sorkinl, wzshiming L Partial refactor of platform specific code in kubelet
node-problem-detector 660 grosser Pending Jun 27 andyxning, dchen1107 XS simplify cri health check
cloud-provider-aws 321 nckturner Pending Jun 27 M00nF1sh, justinsb L DO NOT MERGE: Test webhooks
website 34116 TheRealDwright Pending Jun 26 TheRealDwright, bridgetkromhout, divya-mohan0209, joshdk, kbarnard10, savitharaghunathan, sftim, tengqm L update docs labels
ingress-nginx 8400 strongjz Pending Jun 26 bowei, rikatz, strongjz M WIP Update nginx base image in one place
website 33654 sftim Pending Jun 26 divya-mohan0209, liggitt XL Reword tasks relating to ServiceAccounts
kubernetes 109070 marckhouzam Pending Jun 26 nikhita XS Add shell completion for new --subresource flag 34624 harshchauhan1988 Pending Jun 26 XS Adding recommendation for network isolation 34623 sherief92 Pending Jun 26 XS Update 34622 irbekrm Pending Jun 26 XS Adds remainingItemCount to HTTP response
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2847 n-oden Pending Jun 26 XS Set logformat before logging config
kubernetes 107634 cyclinder Pending Jun 26 dchen1107, ehashman, giuseppe, klueska, matthyx, mtaufen, s-kawamura-w664, t-inu S kubelet: fix fsnotify CHMOD event in arm architecture
kubernetes 105547 smarterclayton Pending Jun 26 249043822, bobbypage, ehashman, endocrimes, matthyx, smarterclayton L kubelet: When apiserver is down, kubelet should restart static pods
kubernetes 108356 smarterclayton Pending Jun 26 aojea, dchen1107, pacoxu XS DO NOT MERGE: Add debug logging for predicate failure
ingress-nginx 8738 TaylorMonacelli Pending Jun 26 ElvinEfendi, longwuyuan, strongjz XS Update docs to make it easier for noobs to follow step by step
client-go 1120 hoplitis Pending Jun 26 liggitt, sttts XS docs: to clarify the documentation for launching in minikube
kubernetes-sigs/alibaba-cloud-csi-driver 636 dobsonj Pending Jun 26 fredkan, xianlubird XXL Bump prometheus/client_golang to v1.11.1
ingress-nginx 7621 dmathieu Pending Jun 26 bowei, dmathieu, mjallday, rcjsuen, tao12345666333 XL OpenTelemetry support
kubernetes-sigs/alibaba-cloud-csi-driver 633 fredkan Pending Jun 26 xianlubird L add disk types match
website 33117 MrErlison LGTM Jun 26 MrErlison, Sea-n, devlware, edsoncelio, femrtnz L Add pt-br/docs/reference/setup-tools/kubeadm/
minikube 13817 yosshy Pending Jun 26 atoato88, s-kawamura-w664, t-inu, yosshy L Update Japanese translation
kubernetes 108087 mysunshine92 Pending Jun 26 kow3ns, krmayankk L Add UT for daemonset_util_test.go
kubernetes-sigs/cli-experimental 283 danielpeach Pending Jun 26 SyamSundarKirubakaran, natasha41575 XS fix dead link
ingress-nginx 8366 tomaspinho Pending Jun 26 rikatz, strongjz L Allow overriding real_ip_recursive
kompose 1508 hookenz Pending Jun 26 cdrage, hookenz, sebgoa XL [chore] update packages to fix trivy vulnerability scan
kubernetes 110470 aojea Pending Jun 26 aojea, caesarxuchao, dchen1107, deads2k, liggitt XXL [WIP] Service ipranges 34616 tengqm Pending Jun 26 Sea-n XS [zh-cn] Resync and normalize configure service account page
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 210 xuzhenglun Pending Jun 26 atoato88, estroz, justinsb, xuzhenglun M don't remove objects with ignore annotation when prune is enabled
test-infra 12440 matthyx Pending Jun 26 alvaroaleman, cblecker, cjwagner, matthyx, stevekuznetsov XL Implement ConfigTree in approve plugin
test-infra 24882 nouseforaname Pending Jun 26 alvaroaleman, chaodaiG, cjwagner, matthyx, petr-muller M Allow App Auth related Post Requests in Dry Run
kubernetes 105309 pacoxu Pending Jun 26 chrisohaver, fabriziopandini, neolit123, pacoxu, rajansandeep, vinayakankugoyal, yagonobre XS Use ip_unprivileged_port_start=53 for coredns
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2557 litewhatever Pending Jun 26 NoNalTrX, Raffo, njuettner, tfountain L Oci private zones
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1670 divyenpatel Pending Jun 26 SandeepPissay, chethanv28, divyenpatel, shalini-b M fix fstype validation
istio/istio 39140 ramanujadasu Pending Jun 26 M fix: added uuid_extension_test.go test cases
istio/istio 39138 ramanujadasu Pending Jun 26 GregHanson M fix: added string_test.go test cases
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2599 akharlamov Pending Jun 26 njuettner, seanmalloy L Added filtering of IPv6 addresses from source endpoints
kubernetes 110706 prateekgogia Pending Jun 25 gnufied, nckturner, sftim, wongma7 L Add rate limiting when calling STS assume role API
website 34188 Shivansh-yadav13 Pending Jun 25 natalisucks, sftim XXL fix: CSS inconsistencies between docs/tutorials/kubernetes-basics and…
kubernetes 109190 249043822 Pending Jun 25 249043822, Dingshujie, gnufied, jingxu97, yangjunmyfm192085 XL fix nestedPendingOperations mount and umount parallel bug
website 34584 ScottBrenner Pending Jun 25 ScottBrenner, bradtopol, celestehorgan, sftim XS Update upcoming KubeCon events
website 34168 shannonxtreme Pending Jun 25 sftim XXL WIP: Refactor concept page for Secrets
website 34572 geraldmayr Pending Jun 25 shannonxtreme, tengqm XS Correct description of Probe.initialDelaySeconds
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 714 jonathanrainer Pending Jun 25 chrishenzie, d-nishi, jonathanrainer, kbasv L Support ReadWriteOncePod
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 700 jonathanrainer Pending Jun 25 d-nishi, kbasv L Add Ability to Set Tags on StorageClass, Expand Range of Characters Supported in Tags
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 689 jonathanrainer Pending Jun 25 d-nishi, nckturner S Adding tags to accessPointsOptions
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 702 jonathanrainer Pending Jun 25 d-nishi, leakingtapan S Allow support for custom CA bundles
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 712 jonathanrainer Pending Jun 25 kbasv, nckturner S Updating documentation and adding storage class
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 701 jonathanrainer Pending Jun 25 kbasv, wongma7 XS Adding ability to set volMetricsOptIn on Daemonset
kubernetes 110209 geraldmayr Pending Jun 25 KnVerey, draveness, geraldmayr, rikatz, soltysh XS Fix example of kubectl create configmap command
ingress 8738 TaylorMonacelli Pending Jun 25 XS Fix "Error: release: not found"
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2844 wmarchesi123 Pending Jun 25 XS Add Stackpath Provider
kubernetes 108194 bwplotka Pending Jun 25 bwplotka, dgrisonnet, ehashman XXL [WIP] kubelet: Improved performance of the cadvisor metric collection
kubernetes 110751 kolyshkin Pending Jun 25 logicalhan, smarterclayton S [1.24] vendor: bump runc to 1.1.3
ingress-nginx 8397 Lyt99 Pending Jun 25 ElvinEfendi, strongjz, tao12345666333 M Change ingress_upstream_latency_seconds metrics type to Histogram 34584 ScottBrenner Pending Jun 25 XS Update KubeCon Europe event from 2022 to 2023
kubeflow/pipelines 7944 copybara-service[bot] Pending Jun 25 chensun, sasha-gitg M fixed test cases for feature selection.
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 2680 geoffcline Pending Jun 25 M00nF1sh, kishorj L add docs for NLB TLS termination
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 2659 kishorj Pending Jun 25 M00nF1sh S Update default cluster version for e2e tests
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2772 mac-chaffee Pending Jun 25 Raffo, stevehipwell S Changed the Deployment strategy to 'Recreate' so multiple external-dns pods don't conflict with each other.
istio/istio 39062 miaoyq Pending Jun 25 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, miaoyq, stevenctl M Retry for adding remote cluster
istio/istio 38938 ramanujadasu Pending Jun 25 howardjohn, ramanujadasu L Increase Security model(authentication_test.go) and Networking Plugin authn(util_test.go) test coverage
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 464 mlissner Pending Jun 25 jaypipes, justinsb S Lowercase the ARN keys 34572 geraldmayr Pending Jun 25 XS Correct description of Probe.initialDelaySeconds
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 861 a7i Pending Jun 25 XS Migrate remove failed pods to plugin
kubernetes 109590 twilight0620 Pending Jun 25 aojea, cici37, enj, jonyhy96, ncdc, twilight0620 XS code check modify
istio/ 11495 windsonsea Pending Jun 25 XS zh:sync docs/ops/configuration/extensibility/
istio/ 11494 windsonsea Pending Jun 25 XS zh:sync docs/tasks/security/tls-configuration/
istio/ 11493 windsonsea Pending Jun 25 XS zh:added zh text to docs/setup/upgrade/
istio/ 11489 windsonsea Pending Jun 25 S zh:modify setup/install/
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-cloudstack 111 wanyufe Pending Jun 25 davidjumani, maxdrib L Attach iso
kubernetes-sigs/cli-experimental 282 larsks Pending Jun 25 SyamSundarKirubakaran, seans3 S Include expected output of inspection commands
community 6720 jberkus Pending Jun 25 cblecker, liggitt, mrbobbytables, nikhita, tpepper L WIP: Creation of Elections subproject
ingress-nginx 8735 Tobrek Pending Jun 25 ElvinEfendi, rikatz L Working OpenTelemetry sidecar (without base nginx image)
kubernetes-sigs/nfs-subdir-external-provisioner 220 NeverBehave Pending Jun 24 ashishranjan738, wongma7, yonatankahana XS fix(docs): managed-nfs-storage -> nfs-client
istio/pkg 341 douglas-reid Pending Jun 24 douglas-reid, howardjohn, ostromart L add support for scoped rate limits on logging
istio/pkg 266 therealmitchconnors Pending Jun 24 howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, therealmitchconnors L WIP: Add feature status to environment vars
istio/bots 254 heatherzheng Pending Jun 24 L website events notification
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 861 a7i Pending Jun 24 a7i, aveshagarwal, lixiang233 XXL Migrate remove failed pods to plugin
istio/api 2197 hzxuzhonghu Pending Jun 24 ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson XS Make termination drain duration default to 30s
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 615 nalbam Pending Jun 24 jqmichael, leakingtapan S add updateStrategy
website 34451 harshitasao Pending Jun 24 Sea-n, chenxuc, jimangel S changed the marketing-team subdirectory name to contributor-comms
helm 11079 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 24 XS chore(deps): bump from 0.24.1 to 0.24.2
helm 11078 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 24 XS chore(deps): bump from 0.24.1 to 0.24.2 34571 X723166587 Pending Jun 24 XS [zh] Migrating telemetry and security agents from dockershim 34567 patrocinio Pending Jun 24 XS Remove references in Makefile in the "Connecting Applications with Se…
website 34458 taniaduggal Pending Jun 24 rajeshdeshpande02, shannonxtreme XS change the term scratch cluster to draft cluster
kubernetes 104425 haircommander Pending Jun 24 bart0sh, mtaufen S Revert "Skip node container manager test on systemd"
kubernetes 108199 eddiezane Pending Jun 24 dchen1107, dougsland, eddiezane, liggitt, logicalhan L Handle args correctly in KUBECTL_EXTERNAL_DIFF
kubernetes 106805 leileiwan LGTM Jun 24 leileiwan, roycaihw, smarterclayton, wojtek-t, xiang90 M fix(apimachinery): fix BinarySI resource overflow
kubernetes 90073 enj Pending Jun 24 deads2k, enj, liggitt, mikedanese S token review: propagate request timeout to token authenticator
node-problem-detector 634 glebiller Pending Jun 24 Random-Liu, andyxning, costela, dchen1107, wangzhen127 M Build multi-arch images
cloud-provider-gcp 342 sugangli Pending Jun 24 jpbetz, jprzychodzen, rahulkjoshi, sugangli L Update to v1beta1 and add XPN error
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 2697 gquillar Pending Jun 24 camilamacedo86, gquillar, pwittrock M ✨ (go/v3) change the Dockerfile to allow built the Operator manager for different platforms
kubeflow/pipelines 7903 nkosteski Pending Jun 24 IronPan, Linchin, chensun, connor-mccarthy, sasha-gitg, zijianjoy L feat(sdk): Allow signals to be passed into python ops v2 SDK
kubernetes-sigs/pspmigrator 2 samos123 Pending Jun 24 tallclair XXL Move files from samos123/pspmigrator into here
ingress-nginx 8721 strongjz Pending Jun 24 ElvinEfendi, tao12345666333 M create codeql yaml
kubernetes 110173 tkashem Pending Jun 24 johnSchnake, lavalamp L [WIP] apf: change controller to use SSA for patches
test-infra 26667 Josh-Bonello Pending Jun 24 fabriziopandini, rejoshed L Create prow jobs for Cluster-API-Provider-Cloudstack sig repo
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 725 Ashley-wenyizha LGTM Jun 24 jqmichael, leakingtapan, wongma7 XS Update readme for release branch v1.4
istio/ 11490 windsonsea Pending Jun 24 M zh:sync about/faq/#distributed-tracing
kubernetes 110544 harshanarayana LGTM Jun 24 alculquicondor, soltysh L Cherry pick of #110294 GIT-110239: fix activeDeadlineSeconds enforcement bug
kubernetes 110545 harshanarayana LGTM Jun 24 alculquicondor, krmayankk, soltysh L Cherry pick of #110294 GIT-110239: fix activeDeadlineSeconds enforcement bug
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 950 zheli Pending Jun 24 aramase, ritazh M Add support for using docker image digests instead of tags
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4686 rishabh625 Pending Jun 24 natasha41575, yuwenma XS Removed record referral from scalarNode
istio/ 11487 windsonsea Pending Jun 24 L zh:sync setup/platform-setup/huaweicloud/
kubernetes-sigs/sig-windows-tools 207 ionutbalutoiu Pending Jun 24 jsturtevant, marosset, neolit123 L Fix `kubeadm/kube-proxy` source VIP usage
kubernetes 110543 harshanarayana LGTM Jun 24 alculquicondor, mortent, smarterclayton, soltysh L Cherry pick of #110294 GIT-110239: fix activeDeadlineSeconds enforcement bug
kubernetes 110649 harshanarayana Pending Jun 24 jpbetz, liggitt, soltysh, sttts, wojtek-t S GIT-110335: Modify FakeEvents to Work Event Sink started with `""` namespace
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3208 khoavo-hatch Pending Jun 24 Ankitasw, dthorsen, shivi28 XL Allow arm64 image lookup based on instance type
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 2416 k8s-infra-cherrypick-robot LGTM Jun 24 CecileRobertMichon, devigned, shysank M [release-1.3] Find current Kubernetes versions for e2e testing
kubernetes 110752 atiratree Pending Jun 24 ardaguclu, atiratree, deejross, liggitt, mikedanese M [WIP] add warning to kubectl auth can-i if a subresource does not exist
cloud-provider-gcp 333 Fedosin Pending Jun 24 Fedosin, JoelSpeed, jpbetz, jprzychodzen, mikedanese XXL WIP: Bump cloud-provider-gcp to k8s v1.24
enhancements 3376 palnabarun Pending Jun 24 100mik, deads2k, enj, liggitt, palnabarun XL KEP-3221: Add multiple authorization webhooks KEP
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 860 knelasevero Pending Jun 24 aveshagarwal, lixiang233 XXL Migrate RemovePodsViolatingNodeAffinity to plugin
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 315 fromanirh Pending Jun 24 AlexeyPerevalov, Huang-Wei, fromanirh, seanmalloy, swatisehgal, yuanchen8911 XXL WIP: Add local cache for noderesourcetopology using the reserve plugin
website 34445 utkarsh-singh1 Pending Jun 24 Sea-n, reylejano, sftim, soltysh XS Updated and Corrected
test-infra 26664 jprzychodzen Pending Jun 24 jpbetz, mikedanese XS Add jprzychodzen as OWNER to config/jobs/kubernetes/cloud-provider-gcp
kubernetes 108460 uablrek Pending Jun 24 andrewsykim, danwinship, dcbw, freehan, thockin M Prevent host access on VIP addresses in proxy-mode=ipvs
istio/ 11486 windsonsea Pending Jun 24 M zh:sync setup/platform-setup/prerequisites/
cloud-provider-openstack 1909 sergelogvinov Pending Jun 24 FengyunPan2, anguslees, jichenjc, sergelogvinov L Add region to providerID magic string.
ingress-nginx 8263 wpjunior Pending Jun 24 ElvinEfendi, rikatz XS Working to fix bug #7760
test-infra 26383 RaghavRoy145 Pending Jun 24 MadhavJivrajani, Namanl2001, alvaroaleman, michelle192837, nikhita, palnabarun L prow/plugin: Extends label plugin to use Unique Prefixes
kubernetes 108329 vaibhav2107 Pending Jun 24 mm4tt, shyamjvs XS Fixed the default value of ImageGChighthreshold
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 831 jasine Pending Jun 24 XS feat: add namespace override for multi-namespace deployments
kubernetes 110767 pacoxu Pending Jun 24 MrHohn, mwielgus S cluster/gce: add startup probe for etcd
kubernetes 109526 pandaamanda Pending Jun 24 deads2k, derekwaynecarr S refactor: remove unnesscery param disabledByDefaultControllers
kubernetes 109046 249043822 Pending Jun 24 gnufied, verult M Automated cherry pick of #103181: Add sync reconstructed volume from desired state of world for
kubernetes 108095 lzhecheng Pending Jun 24 aojea, cheftako, danwinship, khenidak, lzhecheng, nilo19, wojtek-t XL Route controller should update routes with NodeIP changed
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2734 jadolg Pending Jun 24 Raffo, hvoigt, jadolg, kdomanski, njuettner, seanmalloy, tstraley L Ignore endpoints for ingresses that don't have status.LoadBalancer.Ingress defined
kubeflow/kubeflow 6536 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 24 elikatsis, kimwnasptd M build(deps): bump got from 11.8.2 to 11.8.5 in /components/crud-web-apps/jupyter/frontend
kubeflow/kubeflow 6538 AppleHolic Pending Jun 24 elikatsis, kimwnasptd XS Add '--reload_multifile' argument to tensorboard
kubeflow/common 185 zw0610 Pending Jun 24 gaocegege, terrytangyuan, zw0610 XXL refactor PodGroup control with more generic design
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2835 sebader Pending Jun 24 JAORMX, Raffo, njuettner M Adding `NS` support for Azure DNS
kubeflow/training-operator 1526 zw0610 Pending Jun 24 jinchihe, johnugeorge, terrytangyuan XL WIP: adopting coschduling plugins with updated kubeflow/common 3890 upodroid Pending Jun 24 BenTheElder, ameukam, dims, upodroid M Create untrusted gcb project for presubmits
kubeflow/manifests 2155 BenzhaminKim Pending Jun 24 Arhell, StefanoFioravanzo, elikatsis S edited app secure cookies
kubernetes 110538 hwdef Pending Jun 24 KnVerey, chenrui333, hwdef, soltysh, tengqm, wangyysde XL Update the Chinese translation of kubectl
kubernetes 109361 nazarewk Pending Jun 24 KnVerey, dougsland M [WIP] `kubectl drain` ordered by priority
ingress-nginx 8664 foxdalas Pending Jun 24 ElvinEfendi, rikatz L Add Maxmind GeoIP2 db extention flag
istio/istio 39102 daveoy Pending Jun 24 Monkeyanator, costinm, howardjohn, jacob-delgado S [gateways/istio-ingressgateway] expose externalIPs for addition to th…
website 34425 Rishit-dagli Pending Jun 24 Rishit-dagli, jihoon-seo, jimangel, natalisucks, neolit123 XS Install kubeadm, kubelet through and separate out kubectl installation
istio/ 11482 windsonsea Pending Jun 24 S zh:sync docs/setup/platform-setup/alicloud/
enhancements 3286 mkimuram LGTM Jun 24 apelisse, deads2k, fedebongio, johnbelamaric, jpbetz, lavalamp, mkimuram, sftim, thockin, wojtek-t XL KEP-3285: Add KEP for subresource finalizers
website 34455 chetak123 Pending Jun 24 chetak123, divya-mohan0209, mikebrow XS removed stale example
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 2704 geoffcline Pending Jun 24 M00nF1sh, kishorj L revise install guide
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 2703 geoffcline Pending Jun 24 M00nF1sh, kishorj S add information on load balancer lifecycle
kubernetes 104632 EricWvi Pending Jun 24 EricWvi, Random-Liu, adisky, klueska, matthyx, mrunalp, yujuhong L fix termination log causes nodes to run out of inodes on filesystem
community 6679 Rishit-dagli Pending Jun 24 Rishit-dagli, divya-mohan0209, nikhita, sftim, tengqm S Add SIG docs: New Contributors Meet and Greet
istio/ 11417 youhonglian Pending Jun 24 kebe7jun L zh/docs/tasks/security/cert-management/dns-cert
enhancements 3321 xing-yang Pending Jun 24 deads2k, gnufied, jeremyrickard, saad-ali, wojtek-t, xing-yang M Move volume health monitoring to beta
enhancements 3320 xing-yang Pending Jun 24 deads2k, gnufied, jingxu97, saad-ali, xing-yang L Update non-graceful node shutdown to beta
kubernetes 110740 dengyufeng2206 LGTM Jun 24 enj, heqg, wojtek-t XS spelling modification
helm 11076 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 24 XS chore(deps): bump from 0.24.1 to 0.24.2
helm 11074 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 24 XS chore(deps): bump from 0.24.1 to 0.24.2
ingress 8735 Tobrek Pending Jun 24 XS Working OpenTelemetry sidecar (without base nginx image)
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 1227 shaneutt Pending Jun 24 XS docs: v0.5.0 blog post
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 2704 geoffcline Pending Jun 24 XS revise install guide
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 2703 geoffcline Pending Jun 24 XS add information on load balancer lifecycle
website 32658 nasa9084 LGTM Jun 24 bells17, inductor, jihoon-seo, kakts, makocchi-git, nasa9084, riita10069, s-kawamura-w664 L [ja] Translate /docs/contribute/style/hugo-shortcodes/ into Japanese
website 33118 MrErlison Pending Jun 24 jailton, jhonmike XXL Add pt-br/docs/reference/setup-tools/kubeadm/
website 33105 MrErlison Pending Jun 24 edsoncelio, jcjesus, yagonobre M Add content/pt-br/docs/reference/setup-tools
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1938 dependabot[bot] LGTM Jun 24 MartinForReal, andyzhangx S chore(deps): bump from 65.0.0+incompatible to 66.0.0+incompatible
kubernetes 110524 SataQiu Pending Jun 24 caseydavenport, danwinship, liggitt, robscott S Fix the descriptions failures for ./staging/src/*
website 32491 stemid LGTM Jun 23 krousey, reylejano XS Cheatsheet syntax to retrieve Secret values with dashes (-) in their key names
website 32569 anilkumar56 Pending Jun 23 Arhell, mikedanese, sftim, zacharysarah XS Mention that downloading kubectl may need curl
enhancements 3295 mkimuram Pending Jun 23 humblec, johnbelamaric, kikisdeliveryservice, mkimuram, msau42, robscott, saad-ali, thockin, wojtek-t, xing-yang, youngnick XXL KEP-3294: Add proposal for provisioning volumes from cross-namespace snapshots
enhancements 3415 psschwei Pending Jun 23 jeremyrickard, kikisdeliveryservice, mrbobbytables XS [NNNN-kep-template] Fixes typo in release signoff checklist
kubernetes-sigs/etcdadm 317 ederst Pending Jun 23 hakman, justinsb, olemarkus L Filter fixed IP addresses with CIDR notation
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2842 rjhenry Pending Jun 23 Raffo, njuettner, seanmalloy M Update references to UK Fast after merge with ANS group
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1929 patelne Pending Jun 23 Linskeyd, bkatyl, dntczdx, patelne, zmarano L Add daisy workflows for kokoro signing image build and publish
googleforgames/agones 2543 SaitejaTamma Pending Jun 23 cyriltovena, markmandel, roberthbailey L Static/TCPUDP support for the container ports
enhancements 2840 mkimuram Pending Jun 23 SOF3, apelisse, bgrant0607, deads2k, detiber, erictune, fabiand, fedebongio, jberkus, jingxu97, johnbelamaric, karlkfi, lavalamp, liggitt, mkimuram, msau42, neolit123, sftim, smarterclayton, soltysh, sttts, thockin, wojtek-t XL KEP-2839: Add KEP for in-use protection
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 1017 sagor999 Pending Jun 23 jingxu97, mattcary S add support for setting snapshot labels
kubernetes-sigs/ibm-powervs-block-csi-driver 217 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 23 Madhan-SWE, mkumatag M Bump from 0.11.2 to 0.12.2
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1940 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 23 feiskyer, jwtty S chore(deps): bump from 65.0.0+incompatible to 66.0.0+incompatible
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1939 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 23 feiskyer, nilo19 S chore(deps): bump from 65.0.0+incompatible to 66.0.0+incompatible
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1941 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 23 jwtty, nilo19 S chore(deps): bump from 65.0.0+incompatible to 66.0.0+incompatible
cloud-provider-aws 412 prateekgogia Pending Jun 23 hakman, justinsb L Add rate limiting when calling STS assume role API
kubernetes 107972 CameronHall Pending Jun 23 CameronHall, CatherineF-dev, smarterclayton, soltysh, t-inu, yosshy L Added StartsWith and EndsWith Operators to Label Selectors
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 1937 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 23 jwtty, lzhecheng S chore(deps): bump from 65.0.0+incompatible to 66.0.0+incompatible
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 956 renovate-bot Pending Jun 23 DaveGay, Sifat1998, eytankidron, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XL Update module to v0.10.0
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 975 renovate-bot Pending Jun 23 DaveGay, eytankidron, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 L Update module to v1.23.0
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 987 renovate-bot Pending Jun 23 DaveGay, eytankidron, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 L Update module to v0.102.1
ingress-gce 1697 cezarygerard Pending Jun 23 bowei, cezarygerard, kl52752, rramkumar1 L limit number of gce API calls to get forwarding rule
cloud-provider-aws 309 Superbasil3 Pending Jun 23 andrewsykim, jaypipes S [WIP] Issue 124 - Implement AWS GetLoadBalancerName, get name from annotations
ingress 8733 tao12345666333 Pending Jun 23 XS feat: migrate leaderelection lock to leases
ingress 8728 nailgun Pending Jun 23 XS Consistent prometheus metric names and documentation
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2842 rjhenry Pending Jun 23 XS Update references to UK Fast after merge with ANS group
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 860 knelasevero Pending Jun 23 XS Migrate RemovePodsViolatingNodeAffinity to plugin
kubeflow/kfserving 2272 MessKon Pending Jun 23 XS Update versions for art-explainer to resolve several critical CVEs
enhancements 3216 yxxhero Pending Jun 23 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, pacoxu, wojtek-t, yxxhero L KEP-2903: export relistThreshold as a field of KubeletConfiguration named PLEGRelistThreshold
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1785 jglick Pending Jun 23 FillZpp, vincepri XS :bug: Panic in `APIServer.Stop` when `Authn == nil`
enhancements 3080 zvonkok Pending Jun 23 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, fujitatomoya, johnbelamaric, klueska, romoh, sseetharaman6, swatisehgal, zvonkok XXL KEP-3162: Add Deallocate and PostStopContainer to Device Manager API
kubeflow/pipelines 7902 nkosteski Pending Jun 23 Bobgy, chensun, neuromage, zijianjoy S feat(sdk): Allow signals to be passed into python ops v1 sdk
enhancements 3042 SergeyKanzhelev Pending Jun 23 BenTheElder, SergeyKanzhelev, alvaroaleman, aojea, cjwagner, endocrimes, hh, mmiranda96, pohly XL KEP-3041: Feature, NodeConformance, NodeFeature, and Feature Gate labels cleanup
ingress-nginx 8107 shafeeqes LGTM Jun 23 ChiefAlexander, rfranzke, rikatz, shafeeqes M Add cli flag for `leader-election-resource-lock`
kubernetes 109394 pohly LGTM Jun 23 enj, logicalhan, sttts S Kubernetes 1.25: CSIStorageCapacity: use v1 as storage version
website 33876 sftim LGTM Jun 23 piosz, serathius, sftim, x13n, zacharysarah L Revise “Logging Architecture” topic
enhancements 3258 ahmedtd Pending Jun 23 GauntletWizard, ahmedtd, deads2k, enj, irbekrm, kikisdeliveryservice, liggitt, mikedanese, neolit123, sftim XXL KEP-3257: Trust Anchor Sets
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4667 natasha41575 Pending Jun 23 KnVerey, natasha41575, yuwenma L replacements: fix issue with `create: true` option when there is an existing field
org 3451 upodroid Pending Jun 23 mrbobbytables, puerco, saschagrunert, upodroid L Autogenerate `OWNERS_ALIASES`
kubernetes 109359 lzhecheng LGTM Jun 23 MrHohn, andrewsykim, bridgetkromhout, cheftako M Automated cherry pick of #107631: Avoid updating Services with stale specs Fix the bug that
kubernetes 109358 lzhecheng LGTM Jun 23 MrHohn, andrewsykim, bridgetkromhout M Automated cherry pick of #107631: Avoid updating Services with stale specs Fix the bug that
website 34452 Stefanousd Pending Jun 23 Sea-n, Stefanousd, mattiaperi, micheleberardi M [it] Translate concept ConfigMaps
kubernetes 110723 yangjunmyfm192085 Pending Jun 23 MrHohn, aojea, danwinship, dcbw, serathius, yangjunmyfm192085 M Fix incorrect log information and log structure
ingress-nginx 8728 nailgun Pending Jun 23 ElvinEfendi, tao12345666333 L Consistent prometheus metric names and documentation
kubeflow/manifests 2103 missingcharacter Pending Jun 23 Arhell, Bobgy, StefanoFioravanzo, elikatsis L Adding more examples
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4619 cfstras Pending Jun 23 KnVerey, natasha41575, yuwenma M install_kustomize: support linux/aarch64, with fallback to old behavior
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-cloudstack 122 jweite-amazon Pending Jun 23 davidjumani, jweite-amazon, maxdrib S Fix intermittent e2e deploy test failures where empty string returned as the test html 3880 stbenjam Pending Jun 23 munnerz, thockin XS Move Sippy to OpenShift hosted cluster
cloud-provider-openstack 1901 rastislavs LGTM Jun 23 FengyunPan2, anguslees, jichenjc, rastislavs L [occm] Add initial support for dual-stack k8s services
kubernetes 110388 sanposhiho Pending Jun 23 alculquicondor, dchen1107, liggitt, ncdc XS Graduate MinDomains in Pod Topology Spread to beta
istio/istio 39569 hanxiaop Pending Jun 23 hanxiaop, hzxuzhonghu S Filter system namespaces for injector list
enhancements 2565 wzshiming Pending Jun 23 SergeyKanzhelev, ehashman, irvifa, liggitt, soltysh L KEP-2564: Add timeout for Pod Lifecycle actions
website 34260 Rishit-dagli Pending Jun 23 sftim XS Register and document annotation
enhancements 3420 0x2b3bfa0 Pending Jun 23 kow3ns, soltysh XS KEP-2214: fix markdown link typo
cloud-provider-alibaba-cloud 323 damdo LGTM Jun 23 JoelSpeed, cheyang, gujingit, xlgao-zju XXL Update dependencies to K8s 1.24 and use go 1.18 34482 syxunion Pending Jun 23 XS translate to chinese
website 34471 NitishKumar06 Pending Jun 23 mikedanese, natalisucks XS Modified
minikube 13876 hwdef Pending Jun 23 blueelvis, hwdef, medyagh, sharifelgamal, spowelljr XXL [Addon] add volcano addon
kubernetes 109991 yingchunliu-zte Pending Jun 23 Jiawei0227, dchen1107, gnufied, harche, jingxu97, mrunalp, sttts, yangjunmyfm192085 M Attempt to reconstruct the volume for a single pod
google/cadvisor 2973 geek-bit Pending Jun 23 bobbypage, pawandeep-uber XS Patch to fix issue 2341
kubernetes 110666 ldsdsy Pending Jun 23 Abirdcfly, lojies, thockin, yangjunmyfm192085 S Fix some syntax errors under the staging/src/ folder
autoscaler 4898 RuriRyan Pending Jun 23 jbartosik, krzysied L Adds experimental feature to delete pods
dashboard 7152 korjek Pending Jun 23 desaintmartin, shu-mutou XS Support custom rules for read-only mode
kubernetes 110682 yingchunliu-zte Pending Jun 23 249043822, andyzhangx, anguslees, yangjunmyfm192085 L unmountVolumes check shouldPodRuntimeBeRemoved
kubernetes 110715 wongearl Pending Jun 23 deads2k, krmayankk XS fix composite literal uses unkeyed fields
kubernetes 108834 tossmilestone Pending Jun 23 feiskyer, odinuge, swatisehgal, tossmilestone S Add logs to kubelet admit handle
kubernetes 107490 pacoxu Pending Jun 23 aojea, bobbypage, dashpole, gnufied, mrunalp, pacoxu, wzshiming, yangjunmyfm192085 XS add warning log if volume calculation took too long than 1 second
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-digitalocean 235 prksu LGTM Jun 23 MorrisLaw, cpanato, detiber, timoreimann XXL Initial unit test for cloud/services packages
kubernetes 109610 pacoxu Pending Jun 23 ardaguclu, eddiezane, grosser, pacoxu, seans3, soltysh L kubectl drain --ignore-daemonsets=true: don't list daemonset if force is false
kubeflow/pipelines 7304 zijianjoy Pending Jun 23 Bobgy, Linchin, chensun XL feat(v2): Create a runner CLI for V2
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1932 FillZpp Pending Jun 23 alenkacz, alvaroaleman, joelanford, vincepri XS 🌱 OWNERS_ALIASES: move fillzpp to maintainers
kubernetes 110733 psschwei Pending Jun 23 SergeyKanzhelev, bobbypage, endocrimes, krmayankk, yujuhong L Add unit tests for grace period in killContainer func
community 6485 JohnRusk Pending Jun 23 JohnRusk, marseel, shyamjvs, wojtek-t XS Add recommendation to use Informers to SLO guidance
kubernetes-sigs/ibm-powervs-block-csi-driver 214 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 23 Madhan-SWE, mkumatag L Bump from 1.23.5 to 1.24.2
google/cadvisor 3131 akhilerm Pending Jun 23 L update go.mod to 1.18
kubeflow/kubeflow 6534 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 23 elikatsis, kimwnasptd M build(deps): bump got from 11.8.2 to 11.8.5 in /components/crud-web-apps/volumes/frontend
kubernetes 107278 harsimranmaan Pending Jun 23 deads2k, lavalamp, sttts S Preserve metadata for fake dynamic client unstructured lists
kubeflow/kubeflow 6533 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 23 StefanoFioravanzo, thesuperzapper M build(deps): bump got from 11.8.1 to 11.8.5 in /components/crud-web-apps/tensorboards/frontend
enhancements 3004 marquiz Pending Jun 23 SergeyKanzhelev, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, endocrimes, haircommander, johnbelamaric, kad, klueska, marquiz, mikebrow, tstapler XXL KEP-3008: Class-based resources
test-infra 26651 jackfrancis LGTM Jun 23 chewong, nilo19 M add optional VMSS flex presubmit job for cloud-provider-azure
kubernetes 107329 pacoxu Pending Jun 23 dchen1107, feiskyer, lavalamp, mrunalp, yujuhong XS promote LocalStorageCapacityIsolationFSQuotaMonitoring to beta
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 310 cheftako Pending Jun 23 Jefftree, andrewsykim, cheftako, dberkov, jkh52, mainred, mihivagyok L Decouple read remote from write to server. 34478 danwinship Pending Jun 23 XS WIP: Add blog post about KEP-3178 iptables cleanup 34477 chetak123 Pending Jun 23 XS Added annotation 34473 slyt Pending Jun 23 XS Add info on how to escape keys that contain dot 34471 NitishKumar06 Pending Jun 23 XS Modified 34468 Shubham82 Pending Jun 23 XS Modify note content about kubectl, CRDs, and subresources
helm 11071 drivera-armedia Pending Jun 23 XS Added support for Endpoints to be sorted properly
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2841 skudriavtsev Pending Jun 23 XS New feature: client's certificate-based authentication to Infoblox NIOS server
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 859 a7i Pending Jun 23 XS provide configuration to include custom node and pod labels on metrics
kubernetes-client/python 1747 fangfenghuang Pending Jun 23 fabianvf, fangfenghuang, roycaihw M fix leaderelection: release lock when error occour and graceful shotd…
enhancements 3311 marosset LGTM Jun 23 SergeyKanzhelev, claudiubelu, dcantah, dchen1107, ddebroy, deads2k, jayunit100, jsturtevant, liggitt, marosset, msau42, ravisantoshgudimetla L KEP-1981: WindowsHostProcessContainers beta major changes
kubernetes-sigs/azurelustre-csi-driver 49 vinli-cn Pending Jun 23 andyzhangx S Remove workaround nolock and pull new image
enhancements 3298 jan0ski Pending Jun 23 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, jan0ski, kikisdeliveryservice, tallclair XL KEP-24: Promote Apparmor to GA
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2630 Hyzhou Pending Jun 23 Raffo, seanmalloy XXL Add the provider for the Tencent Cloud.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2876 clive-jevons Pending Jun 23 randomvariable, sedefsavas, shivi28 L allow specifying additional ingress rules
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3256 akash-gautam Pending Jun 23 akash-gautam, dthorsen, pydctw, richardcase, sedefsavas XXL Graceful shutdown of machinepool nodes
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2644 ArtemTrofimushkin Pending Jun 23 ArtemTrofimushkin, Negashev, Raffo, njuettner XXL Feature: Yandex cloud support
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1501 offzale Pending Jun 23 hjacobs, njuettner L Allow filtering hosted zones by name in AWS
cloud-provider-openstack 1535 jingczhang Pending Jun 23 anguslees, dims, jichenjc, jingczhang, lingxiankong L [occm] Add support of trunk ports
cloud-provider-openstack 1681 jichenjc Pending Jun 23 adisky, chrigl L WIP: Add ci for keystone e2e
cloud-provider-openstack 1862 chrigl Pending Jun 23 Fedosin, chrigl, jichenjc XXL [e2e] Factor out module test to simplify tooling
cloud-provider-openstack 1899 zetaab Pending Jun 23 anguslees, lingxiankong M [cinder-csi-plugin] add support for openstack api metrics
kubernetes-sigs/bom 56 cpanato Pending Jun 23 cpanato, jeremyrickard, puerco M add flag to set a work directory
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2611 Vorotyntsev Pending Jun 23 Raffo, njuettner M Fixed AWS-SD endpoints deregister
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2588 anvddriesch LGTM Jun 23 anvddriesch, richardcase, rudoi, shivi28 M bug: Use availabilityZones provided in AWSMachinePool when creating ASG
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3464 zeborg Pending Jun 23 Ankitasw, dlipovetsky, sedefsavas, shivi28 XL Added CAPA AMI Build Workflow
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2496 BobVanB Pending Jun 23 Raffo, seanmalloy L [Infoblox] Update fqdn to zone and add record filter
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3506 Ankitasw Pending Jun 23 pydctw, richardcase L [WIP] Bump kind to v1.14.0 and cluster-api to v1.1.4
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2203 shubinmi Pending Jun 23 njuettner, seanmalloy XXL Add G-Core Labs as new DNS provider
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2373 ameir Pending Jun 23 njuettner, seanmalloy S Override provider-specific values for TXT registry.
kubernetes 105576 swatisehgal Pending Jun 23 derekwaynecarr, endocrimes, fromanirh, klueska, swatisehgal L podresources: Introducing cpu_affinity in ContainerResources
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2238 EIP-Laurent Pending Jun 23 njuettner, seanmalloy XXL Implement external provider for EfficientIP SOLIDserver
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2631 adityask2 Pending Jun 23 k0da, njuettner, seanmalloy XL Publishing external-dns As A provider
kubernetes 109503 kidlj Pending Jun 23 BenTheElder, andrewsykim, aojea, chendave, endocrimes, liggitt XL e2e: Deprecated timeout constants migration
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2442 suzaku Pending Jun 23 Raffo, seanmalloy M Cache gateway and targets lookup when collecting endpoints
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1077 aaronhenshaw Pending Jun 23 Raffo, artburkart, seh L Expose ExternalIP of Node as annotation on headless service
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1391 coufalja Pending Jun 23 Raffo, coufalja, hjacobs, linki, njuettner L Publish externalIPs of Nodes running Pods in headless service
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3063 Ankitasw Pending Jun 23 Ankitasw, CecileRobertMichon, enxebre, sedefsavas, shivi28, yastij L [WIP]Fetch ELB instance port from KCP's kubeconfig of cluster
kubernetes 108024 endocrimes LGTM Jun 23 STRRL, SergeyKanzhelev, adisky, derekwaynecarr, endocrimes, fromanirh, klueska, swatisehgal, xmcqueen XXL container_manager_linux: Add basic unit tests
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2461 johngmyers Pending Jun 23 johngmyers, njuettner, seanmalloy XXL WIP Add support for AAAA records
kubernetes-sigs/ibm-vpc-block-csi-driver 68 meghnasiingh Pending Jun 23 arahamad, bradtopol XXL [don't merge] Initial snapshot implementation
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3245 shivi28 Pending Jun 23 Ankitasw, pydctw, richardcase, sedefsavas M [WIP] Use availabilityZones provided in AWSMachinePool when creating ASG
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1209 alfredkrohmer Pending Jun 23 Raffo, devkid, linki L Route53: retry single changes in a batch if the batch fails
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3397 pydctw Pending Jun 23 dlipovetsky, dthorsen L Add multi-az test based on ClusterClass
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2996 shivi28 Pending Jun 23 Ankitasw, dthorsen, richardcase, shivi28 XL [WIP] Cache added in AWSMachine and AWSCluster reconcilers
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 3059 Madhur97 Pending Jun 23 dthorsen, pydctw L [WIP] Enabled AWSServiceAccountIdentity support for EKS management cl…
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2937 sedefsavas Pending Jun 23 Ankitasw, richardcase L Refactor identity management
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2182 bechampion Pending Jun 23 Raffo, seanmalloy L Ingress host regex
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1980 chris922 Pending Jun 23 Raffo, njuettner XXL Add INWX provider
kubeflow/kubeflow 6532 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 23 elikatsis, thesuperzapper M build(deps): bump got from 11.8.2 to 11.8.5 in /components/crud-web-apps/common/frontend/kubeflow-common-lib
enhancements 3401 ash2k Pending Jun 22 apelisse, ash2k, fedebongio, lavalamp, mikedanese, sftim XL KEP-3396: WebSocket protocol enhancements
kubernetes 110387 denstorti Pending Jun 22 chendave, damemi, denkensk, denstorti M Add logging for plugin statuses on scheduler initialization
googleforgames/agones 2600 MaxHayman Pending Jun 22 dzlier-gcp, markmandel, pooneh-m L Support for Unity Alpha SDK
googleforgames/agones 2585 SaitejaTamma Pending Jun 22 EricFortin, roberthbailey XS updateing debian image to bullseye/Part-2
kubernetes 106732 thockin Pending Jun 22 aojea, juanvallejo, smarterclayton, thockin L WIP: Set pod.spec.hostname when subdomain is set
website 34477 chetak123 Pending Jun 22 celestehorgan, natalisucks XS Added annotation
ingress-nginx 8556 interone-ms Pending Jun 22 strongjz, tao12345666333 XS Update home page's FAQ to reflect an incompatibility with current cert-manager versions
kubernetes 105630 hxietkg Pending Jun 22 SataQiu, claudiubelu, mkumatag, neolit123 XS Add iperf to system path
istio/ 11383 nauticalmike Pending Jun 22 howardjohn, nauticalmike XXL enforcing policies on egress traffic
kubernetes 97070 rikatz Pending Jun 22 Ramon199, andrewsykim, danwinship, dougsland, rikatz L Validate nfconntrack regardless of kernel version
kubeflow/kfserving 2270 MessKon Pending Jun 22 XS Patch fixed critical CVEs in kserve/alibi-explainer
ingress-nginx 8387 AndyJS Pending Jun 22 ChiefAlexander, cpanato M Made appProtocol templating optional for internal and webhook Services
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4608 koba1t Pending Jun 22 KnVerey, yuwenma M fix error for enable_create_option_and_replacement_sequenceNode
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2050 logingood Pending Jun 22 Raffo, crawforde, logingood, mesge, njuettner, olemarkus, seanmalloy M Add NLB IP dualstack mode support (ipv6 support for NLB)
enhancements 3309 enj Pending Jun 22 deads2k, enj, mikedanese, ritazh, slaskawi XL [WIP] KEP-3304: Add client-go TLS config KEP 3886 dgrisonnet LGTM Jun 22 MadhavJivrajani, ameukam, logicalhan, thockin XS Add dgrisonnet to
kubeflow/pipelines 7888 connor-mccarthy Pending Jun 22 Ark-kun, SinaChavoshi, chensun, sasha-gitg XXL feat(sdk): add support for custom pre-registered artifact types
kompose 1499 sudo-NithishKarthik Pending Jun 22 hangyan, sebgoa L [Chore] Update the version of `` and ``
kubeflow/kubeflow 6531 kimwnasptd Pending Jun 22 thesuperzapper, yanniszark M proposals: Show objects from all namespaces
istio/istio 39553 hanxiaop Pending Jun 22 ericvn M Add description to admin log, and reformat the display
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 364 rastislavs Pending Jun 22 Jefftree, jkh52, rastislavs, rata S Fix use of closed network connection errors in agent
kubeflow/katib 1903 dependabot[bot] Pending Jun 22 anencore94, tenzen-y M Bump got from 11.7.0 to 11.8.5 in /pkg/new-ui/v1beta1/frontend
kubernetes 110689 lucming LGTM Jun 22 DangerOnTheRanger, enj, jiahuif, ncdc S remove redundant parentheses
kubernetes 110688 jsafrane Pending Jun 22 aojea, chrishenzie, jingxu97, jsafrane S Fix iSCSI over ipv6
kubernetes 110243 JayKayy Pending Jun 22 JayKayy, MorrisLaw, Random-Liu, endocrimes, krmayankk S Adding systemCgroup tests
kubernetes 110220 JayKayy Pending Jun 22 JayKayy, MorrisLaw, SergeyKanzhelev, endocrimes, s-kawamura-w664, yangjunmyfm192085, yujuhong M Adding test coverage for NewPodContainerManager()
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2789 HenItzhaki Pending Jun 22 Raffo, seanmalloy XS fix[readme]:Remove the hide
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 2655 marcosdiez Pending Jun 22 M00nF1sh, kishorj L Target groups can now also be specified by Name
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2668 rbsilva Pending Jun 22 njuettner, seanmalloy XS Allow ambassador host source to get provider specific annotations
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 710 lmouhib Pending Jun 22 d-nishi, jonathanrainer, kbasv, lmouhib L EFS-CSI pod impersonation implementation
ingress-nginx 8365 lucj Pending Jun 22 ElvinEfendi, rikatz, tao12345666333 XS Update deploy.yaml