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Open Kubernetes PRs (4334)

RepoNumberAuthorStatus▼ UpdatedAssigneesSizeTitle
test-infra 24057 k8s-ci-robot Pending Oct 19 chaodaiG L Update Prow to v20211019-b0788a9d38
istio/ 10423 ericvn Pending Oct 19 craigbox, rvennam M Update test ref
kubernetes 104886 egernst Pending Oct 19 bergwolf, egernst, jiangliu, matthyx, mrunalp, piosz XXL pass sandbox resource requirements over CRI
kubernetes 105405 verb Pending Oct 19 alejandrox1, brendandburns, liggitt, msau42, sftim, verb XL WIP: Promote EphemeralContainers to beta
kubernetes 105477 cici37 Pending Oct 19 brendandburns, cici37, deads2k, enisoc, jpbetz M Add x-kubernetes-validator to CRD for expression validation.
istio/istio 35674 stevenctl Pending Oct 19 howardjohn, nmittler, ramaraochavali L multicluster: run a single remote secrets controller
istio/istio 35577 stevenctl Pending Oct 19 howardjohn, stevenctl XL use EndpointSlice v1 in Kubernetes 1.21+
kubernetes 105772 egernst Pending Oct 19 Random-Liu, vishh M kuberuntime: augment linux container config unit test
kubernetes 105637 Namanl2001 Pending Oct 19 Namanl2001, SataQiu, amwat, dims, jlebon, lavalamp S adding `--ssh-key` and `--ssh-user` for kubetest2
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1772 EricEdens Pending Oct 19 EricEdens, dntczdx, zoran15 L CLI Tools: Ensure that e2e tests can be run locally.
enhancements 2800 zshihang Pending Oct 19 enj, kfox1111, liggitt, mikedanese, s-urbaniak, sftim, smarterclayton, zshihang L KEP-2799: Reduction of Secret-based Service Account Tokens
istio/istio 34188 istio-testing Pending Oct 19 costinm, howardjohn, lambdai, linsun, nmittler XS Automator: update proxy@master in istio/istio@master
kubeflow/pipelines 6689 capri-xiyue Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy, IronPan, capri-xiyue, neuromage XL WIP feat(v2): V2 create run api
kubeflow/pipelines 3816 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 Bobgy, chensun, jessiezcc, numerology, paveldournov, rmgogogo XXL SDK - Components - Added the create_component_from_tfx_component function
kubeflow/pipelines 6534 helinwang Pending Oct 19 IronPan, chensun, helinwang, sasha-gitg XS chore: add labels and error to the gcp_resources.proto
kubeflow/pipelines 3489 d-kavaliou Pending Oct 19 IronPan, jingzhang36 XS Add s3fs package to support visualization of s3 data
kubeflow/pipelines 3800 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy, IronPan, numerology, rmgogogo, zijianjoy S Marketplace - Only use CloudSQL when connection is provided
kubeflow/pipelines 4228 alexlatchford Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, chensun, neuromage, numerology XS test: Install a specific version of TFX instead of HEAD in Python SDK tests
kubeflow/pipelines 3762 jackwhelpton Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, NikeNano, hongye-sun, jackwhelpton, numerology M Adds composite upload functionality to GCS components
kubeflow/pipelines 3803 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 Bobgy, neuromage, numerology, rmgogogo XS Marketplace - use correct bucket name when SQL settings are not specified
kubeflow/pipelines 4560 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy, animeshsingh, chensun, numerology, zijianjoy M feat(components): Download from GCS - Added the default data optional input
kubeflow/pipelines 5466 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, chensun, numerology S fix(compilerV2): Fixed inputs with constant arguments
kubeflow/pipelines 4155 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy, chensun, numerology, zijianjoy L feat(sdk): SDK - Components - Added support for editing components
kubeflow/pipelines 1832 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, gaoning777, hongye-sun XS fix(sdk/dsl) Made ContainerOp.output_artifact_paths private
kubeflow/pipelines 3447 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, gaoning777, hongye-sun, numerology, rui5i M SDK - Components - Making whole TaskSpec available to the container and graph handlers
kubeflow/pipelines 3709 elikatsis Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy, IronPan, elikatsis, jingzhang36, numerology M Fix workflow.uid global variable usage
kubeflow/pipelines 6392 crogers923 Pending Oct 19 chensun, ji-yaqi S fix: remove line that attempts to enable apis in schedule
kubeflow/pipelines 6425 chensun Pending Oct 19 L [WIP] support string concatenation in importer input
kubeflow/pipelines 6531 rui5i Pending Oct 19 IronPan, SinaChavoshi, chensun, rui5i XS feat(components/google-cloud): add error to gcp resource proto
kubeflow/pipelines 4182 Jeffwan Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy, boarder7395, chensun, eterna2, numerology L feat(sdk): Enable AWS ALB authentication in KFP SDK Client
kubeflow/pipelines 6207 NikeNano Pending Oct 19 Bobgy, NikeNano, capri-xiyue XXL feat(scheduledworkflow): add functionality to relay on pipeline id instead of copy workflow. Fixes #4752
kubeflow/pipelines 5945 andres-de-castro Pending Oct 19 Bobgy, casassg, chensun S feat(sdk): Add interface to support basic auth and kerberos SPNEGO reverse proxy
kubeflow/pipelines 4933 sylus Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy, StefanoFioravanzo, animeshsingh S feat(kfp): Correct link generation for multi user
kubeflow/pipelines 5001 NikeNano Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, chensun, numerology S fix(compiler): Add enum for group types.
kubeflow/pipelines 4854 numerology Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy, numerology S feat(manifest): make the default bucket provisioning optional on GCP marketplace.
kubeflow/pipelines 5251 zsaladin Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, numerology XS fix(components): broken non ascii code after compilation
kubeflow/pipelines 5552 markwinter Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, NikeNano, chensun, numerology M feat(sdk): Add ability to load secrets to volume in onprem
kubeflow/pipelines 4760 chongchuanbing Pending Oct 19 NikeNano, animeshsingh, hougangliu XS fix(katib-component) : experiment succeeded condition modify
kubeflow/pipelines 5468 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 chensun, numerology S fix(compilerV2): Fixed inputValue with parameter arguments
kubeflow/pipelines 6575 judahrand Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, chensun, ji-yaqi L feat(sdk.v2): implement `InputPath` and `OutputPath` as `Generic`s for V2
kubeflow/pipelines 5157 blairdrummond Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, chensun, numerology L feat(kfp): scan workflow for secrets during compile
kubeflow/pipelines 5168 czz2018 Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, chensun, numerology M fix(sdk):recursion op support *args
kubeflow/pipelines 5375 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 Bobgy, chensun, numerology L [WIP]feat(sdk): Compiler - Preserving original input and output names
kubeflow/pipelines 5979 TrsNium Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, chensun, ji-yaqi XS feat(sdk compiler): support type of typing for serializer
kubeflow/pipelines 6137 TrsNium Pending Oct 19 TrsNium, chensun, ji-yaqi XS fix(sdk): fix cloud scheduler's job name
kubeflow/pipelines 5989 NikeNano Pending Oct 19 Bobgy, NikeNano, chensun, neuromage XS [WIP] feat(sdk): block using v2 @component decorator in v1 mode. Fixes #5967
kubeflow/pipelines 6028 Udiknedormin Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, chensun L fix(sdk): allow "name" and "value" to sub-vars of LoopArguments. Fixes #6020
kubeflow/pipelines 4955 alexlatchford Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, chensun, neuromage, numerology S feat(sdk): Add in ability to override the template handler for a BaseOp.
kubeflow/pipelines 6530 judahrand Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, capri-xiyue, chensun, judahrand L fix(v2,sdk.v2): Remove need for base image root access to write artifacts
kubeflow/pipelines 4719 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, chensun, james-jwu, neuromage, numerology L feat(sdk): Components - Added the inputUri and outputUri placeholders to ComponentSpec 2960 k8s-infra-ci-robot Pending Oct 19 spiffxp, thockin M audit: update as of 2021-10-19
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 2306 dseravalli Pending Oct 19 M00nF1sh, kishorj XS Update internal nlb service access control docs
istio/ 10439 ericvn Pending Oct 19 XS Check if VM tests are still broken.
test-infra 24061 ameukam Pending Oct 19 spiffxp, thockin M sig-k8s-infra: Add presubmits and postsubmits for Terraform
istio/istio 35671 istio-testing Pending Oct 19 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler XS Automator: update istio/client-go@master dependency in istio/istio@master
kubeflow/website 3021 thesuperzapper Pending Oct 19 alfsuse, joeliedtke L add example to access the Pipelines API (dex, multi-user)
kubeflow/website 3004 thesuperzapper Pending Oct 19 8bitmp3, animeshsingh, deepak-muley, joeliedtke, knkski, pdmack, sudivate, terrytangyuan, yhwang L create `Guides` section
kubernetes 105428 Git-Jiro LGTM Oct 19 Git-Jiro, andrewsykim, mattcary, mmiranda96, pohly, tallclair M Cleanup FeatureGate skippers
kubeflow/pipelines 6090 neuromage Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy XS chore(backend): Provide troubleshooting hint for workload identity issues on GKE
googleforgames/agones 2315 steven-supersolid Pending Oct 19 aLekSer, markmandel, roberthbailey, steven-supersolid M Add error callback to WatchGameServer in Node.js SDK
kubeflow/website 2776 himanshu9345 Pending Oct 19 Arhell, animeshsingh, pdmack XS Changed markdown file
kubeflow/website 2713 zijianjoy Pending Oct 19 8bitmp3, Bobgy, RFMVasconcelos, joeliedtke L (gke) Updated GPU/TPU and preemptible outdated document
kubeflow/website 2862 romeokienzler Pending Oct 19 Arhell, RFMVasconcelos, alfsuse, joeliedtke M make variable names pythonic
kubeflow/website 2661 plang85 LGTM Oct 19 8bitmp3, RFMVasconcelos, joeliedtke XS Fix working directory path for make commands
kubeflow/website 2662 plang85 LGTM Oct 19 8bitmp3, RFMVasconcelos, joeliedtke XS Fix management project variable name
ingress-nginx 7825 mboutet Pending Oct 19 ElvinEfendi, rikatz XS Fix not rendered markdown list
minikube 12740 spowelljr Pending Oct 19 blueelvis, sharifelgamal XS WIP: containerd ISO: discard unpacked layers
googleforgames/agones 2319 cindy52 Pending Oct 19 EricFortin, aLekSer, markmandel, roberthbailey XXL Upgrade to Go 1.17
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1026 mdbooth Pending Oct 19 jichenjc, seanschneeweiss XXL ✨Devstack on openstack and multi-AZ support
kubernetes 105712 Huang-Wei Pending Oct 19 Huang-Wei, alculquicondor, chendave L sched: ensure --leader-elect* CLI args are honored
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-kubevirt 10 cchengleo LGTM Oct 19 agradouski, justinsb S [Initial implementation migration] Add clusterctl-settings and metadata file
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-kubevirt 8 agradouski LGTM Oct 19 cchengleo, fabriziopandini, justinsb XXL [Initial implementation migration] main.go and modules
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-kubemark 16 elmiko LGTM Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, agradouski, cchengleo, vincepri S update README for 0.2.3 release
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1272 sadysnaat Pending Oct 19 gab-satchi, randomvariable, srm09 XS 🐛 handle nil vsphere machine for vsphere vm
minikube 11125 sschober Pending Oct 19 RA489, afbjorklund, spowelljr, sschober XS site:add note for failing echoserver image on m1
googleforgames/agones 2312 markmandel Pending Oct 19 markmandel, mvlabat, pooneh-m, roberthbailey M Minikube: more options for connectivity
google/cadvisor 2962 kolyshkin Pending Oct 19 bobbypage, kolyshkin L Fix local imports, add appropriate linter
istio/istio 35437 Kmoneal Pending Oct 19 Kmoneal, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, ramaraochavali L Verify cert at client san
test-infra 24034 khalludi Pending Oct 19 cjwagner, mpherman2 L Convert Python Bazel targets to Make targets
kubernetes 105773 deepakkinni Pending Oct 19 dchen1107, thockin XS Add HonorPVReclaimPolicy feature gate
istio/istio 35641 mstrYoda Pending Oct 19 howardjohn, mstrYoda, yangminzhu M Feature/wildcard matching
test-infra 23665 BobyMCbobs Pending Oct 19 chases2, spiffxp M Add public log vendor matcher periodic job
website 30031 sahilvv Pending Oct 19 bradtopol, celestehorgan, chrisnegus, janetkuo, sahilvv, sftim M GA TTLAfterFinished
kube-openapi 257 cici37 Pending Oct 19 liggitt, philips XXL [WIP] Add Cel compilation
kubeflow/pipelines 5405 Udiknedormin Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Tomcli, Udiknedormin, numerology L feat(backend): condition combinators
kubeflow/pipelines 4838 fondlykip Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, numerology XS feat(sdk): Allow Pipeline Volumes to be passed to graph components. Fixes #1891
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 407 nckturner Pending Oct 19 micahhausler, wongma7 XS Add jaypipes to approvers/reviewers
website 30147 chirangaalwis LGTM Oct 19 neolit123, sftim, tengqm XS Notify deletion of Kubelet Bootstrap Token
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 274 rohan47 Pending Oct 19 cofyc, rohan47, saad-ali M Added FsCleanerCommand and updated cleaning scripts
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 767 gnufied Pending Oct 19 BaluDontu, dougm XXL Use vendored dependncies 2953 MeNsaaH LGTM Oct 19 MeNsaaH, endocrimes, spiffxp, thockin L Refactor terraform modules to use for_each
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 728 yhwang Pending Oct 19 ckadner, fenglixa XXL [WIP] V2 tekton compiler
kops 12556 justinsb Pending Oct 19 johngmyers, joshbranham S gce: open kops-controller port from nodes
kubernetes 105659 pohly Pending Oct 19 mauriciopoppe, pohly, saikat-royc, verult L generic ephemeral volume E2E tests
kubeflow/katib 1708 fabianvdW Pending Oct 19 andreyvelich, gaocegege, sperlingxx M Draft: Support log-uniform scale in search space definition
kubernetes 105314 calvin0327 Pending Oct 19 calvin0327, deads2k, liggitt, tallclair S [PodSecurity]Add context to failure message
minikube 12735 zigarn Pending Oct 19 blueelvis, prasadkatti XS Remove useless check of baremetal driver for ingress addon
kubernetes 105771 alvaroaleman Pending Oct 19 davidopp, deads2k, kevin-wangzefeng, lavalamp, sttts XS metav1.TypeMeta: Implement metav1.Type
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1771 shysank Pending Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, LochanRn, devigned, nader-ziada, shysank, sonasingh46 XL [WIP] v1beta1 cluster upgrade tests (using clusterctl upgrade)
website 30103 ramrodo Pending Oct 19 electrocucaracha, raelga, ramrodo L [es] Add content/es/docs/concepts/workloads/pods/
kubernetes 104915 alculquicondor Pending Oct 19 alculquicondor, eddiezane, enisoc, liggitt, roycaihw, soltysh L Track ready pods in Job status
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 711 dkoshkin Pending Oct 19 EleanorRigby, codenrhoden, detiber, dkoshkin, jsturtevant, perithompson S feat: set a default Containerd imports directory
kubernetes-sigs/windows-testing 284 marosset Pending Oct 19 adelina-t, chewong, ddebroy, jsturtevant M updating cluster configs to use AzureCNI v1.4.13 which has a fix for 'unexpected end of JSON' errors'
community 6150 pohly LGTM Oct 19 MadhavJivrajani, alisondy, dims, liggitt, serathius, shivanshu1333, shubheksha S wg-structured-logging: update organizers
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 405 nckturner Pending Oct 19 jaypipes, justinsb, micahhausler XS Use ./hack/
kubernetes 94786 Riaankl Pending Oct 19 andrewsykim, aojea, danwinship, heyste, liggitt, oomichi L Write Pod- & ServiceProxy Test - +12 endpoint coverage
kubernetes 96120 LorbusChris Pending Oct 19 andrewsykim, derekwaynecarr, marosset, rphillips, sjenning, smarterclayton, sttts XL WIP: feature: add node log viewer
website 30137 anyulled Pending Oct 19 electrocucaracha, raelga XXL [es] add concepts/services-networking/service
kubernetes 105768 tkashem Pending Oct 19 MikeSpreitzer, lavalamp L [WIP] [TEST ONLY] run kubemark-500 test with watch enabled
kubernetes 105751 eddiezane Pending Oct 19 caesarxuchao, soltysh, sttts S Fix kubectl port forward service disconnects
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8068 cristicalin Pending Oct 19 bozzo, cristicalin, pasqualet L Kata-Containers: Fix kata-containers runtime
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 273 mauriciopoppe Pending Oct 19 cofyc, jingxu97 L Multi linux arch and multi windows distro builds
kubernetes 105739 tkashem Pending Oct 19 MikeSpreitzer, lavalamp, tkashem, wojtek-t, yue9944882 XS apf: call metrics.AddReject for decisionCancel
istio/istio 35675 frankbu Pending Oct 19 XS Enable more working istiodremote integration tests
kubernetes 105734 marseel Pending Oct 19 liggitt, marseel, tkashem, wojtek-t M Fix race condition in logging when request times out
kubernetes 105729 MikeSpreitzer Pending Oct 19 MikeSpreitzer, tkashem, wojtek-t L Remove presumptions about what decision has been made
kubernetes 105728 gy95 Pending Oct 19 andyxning, cheftako, gy95, neolit123 XXL replace with
kubernetes 105723 ash2k Pending Oct 19 ash2k, deads2k, mcrute, soltysh L Cache discovery in memory on I/O errors
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5438 fabriziopandini Pending Oct 19 enxebre, fabriziopandini, sbueringer, stmcginnis, vincepri M 🌱 clusterctl describe show MachineSets
kubernetes 105721 yxxhero Pending Oct 19 BinacsLee, cici37, feiskyer, humblec, jpbetz, mikedanese XS Optimize Cobra parameters of Controller Manager
kubernetes 105716 gy95 Pending Oct 19 adtac, bobbypage L replace deprecated package io/ioutil with packages io and os
kubernetes 105147 aojea Pending Oct 19 andrewsykim, andyzhangx L [WIP] upgrade to ginkgo V2
kubernetes 105714 g1bl3t Pending Oct 19 brianpursley, dixudx, seans3 L Bugfix: Correct kubectl node describe reporting of total pod resources
kubernetes 105706 uthark Pending Oct 19 BinacsLee, SataQiu, alejandrox1, chirangaalwis, dims, fabriziopandini, pacoxu, uthark M Upgrade etcd to 3.5.1
kubernetes 105705 atiratree Pending Oct 19 atiratree, caesarxuchao, deads2k, soltysh L add errors endpoint to GC debug handler
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 565 wongma7 Pending Oct 19 jqmichael, nckturner L Refactor test/e2e to separate kubernetes from efs tests
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5444 killianmuldoon Pending Oct 19 JoelSpeed, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, vincepri M 📖 Add clusterClass operations guide to the book
kubernetes 105700 sttts Pending Oct 19 jennybuckley, smarterclayton, sttts, wojtek-t M apiserver: clarify watcher fanout deepcopy and self-link code
kubernetes 105126 sallyom Pending Oct 19 adtac, ahg-g, andrewsykim, ehashman, liggitt, sallyom L kubelet tracing instrumentation
minikube 12739 alias-dev Pending Oct 19 afbjorklund, prasadkatti S Support starting minikube with the Podman driver on NixOS systems
kube-openapi 247 Jefftree Pending Oct 19 roycaihw, sttts XXL [WIP] Support for OpenAPI v3
istio/istio 33437 djannot Pending Oct 19 djannot, linsun, rvennam XS Make the productpage app compatible with IPv6 on Linux
test-infra 24059 knative-prow-updater-robot Pending Oct 19 chases2, wojtek-t XXL Update TestGrid for knative
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8094 utkuozdemir LGTM Oct 19 bozzo, holmsten, oomichi, utkuozdemir M Add fallback to node drain using --disable-eviction flag
cloud-provider-gcp 238 DangerOnTheRanger Pending Oct 19 freehan, jpbetz M [WIP] Correct encoding scheme in credential provider
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 851 saikat-royc Pending Oct 19 jingxu97, mattcary XXL Cherrypick #850 - Update go builder to 1.17
istio/istio 34481 liwenhao0810 Pending Oct 19 howardjohn, yangminzhu M Add PeerAuthentication meta to virtual inbound listener filter chain
kubernetes 105769 shivanshu1333 LGTM Oct 19 aojea, freehan, serathius M Migrated server.go, ipvs/proxier.go(partial) to structured logging
kubernetes 105507 claudiubelu Pending Oct 19 adelina-t, aojea, atiratree, foxish XL tests: Refactors daemonset utils into framework
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5430 fabriziopandini Pending Oct 19 JoelSpeed, enxebre, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, vincepri, ykakarap L 🌱 Topology reconciler collects orphan templates in case of errors
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 562 wongma7 LGTM Oct 19 d-nishi, leakingtapan, nckturner XL Move interfaces to _interface.go files and generate mocks from them
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 756 jritten Pending Oct 19 Tomcli, ckadner, drewbutlerbb4, fenglixa S Update typos.
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 852 saikat-royc Pending Oct 19 jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali XXL Cherrypick #850 - Update go builder to 1.17
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1793 cgroschupp Pending Oct 19 Raffo, njuettner, sagor999 L infoblox ptr support
kubernetes 105362 sejr Pending Oct 19 krmayankk, liggitt, sejr, tallclair L Add PodSecurity Webhook Container Image + Manifests
test-infra 24058 reylejano LGTM Oct 19 cblecker, chases2, jimangel, sftim, spiffxp, wojtek-t XS Add label refactor to plugins.yaml
kubernetes 105736 deejross Pending Oct 19 dougsland, soltysh, zhouya0 L kubectl drain node output should say node was drained not evicted
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8050 rptaylor Pending Oct 19 Miouge1, holmsten, oomichi M replace bash for loop when checking API server SANs
kubernetes 105749 tallclair Pending Oct 19 krmayankk, liggitt S Add --version flag to podsecurity-webhook command
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1273 srm09 Pending Oct 19 detiber, justinsb, yastij M Syncs the Owners and Aliases file
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4239 joshdk Pending Oct 19 james-callahan, joshdk, monopole, mortent L cache git clone directories between builds
kubernetes 105588 kerthcet Pending Oct 19 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, kerthcet, liggitt, ncdc XXL Cleanup/remove service affinity plugin
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 568 jonathanrainer Pending Oct 19 justinsb, leakingtapan L Use name of the PVC for the directory created by the Access Point under Dynamic Provisioning
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1262 AartiJivrajani LGTM Oct 19 justinsb, srm09, vincepri M add missing printcolumn to v1alpha3 to release-0.7
kubeflow/website 3038 davidxia LGTM Oct 19 Arhell, alfsuse, joeliedtke XS fix broken pipelines overview link
kubernetes 104551 Elbehery LGTM Oct 19 Elbehery, bertinatto, chrishenzie, gnufied, jsafrane S [sig-storage] Run storage e2e test_client_pod as privileged
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-nested 216 charleszheng44 Pending Oct 19 charleszheng44, christopherhein, jzhoucliqr, kfox1111, neolit123, resouer, vincepri XXL ✨ Generate the manifests by calling the kubeadm
istio/istio 35279 shankgan Pending Oct 19 howardjohn, myidpt, shankgan L Istio-Agent SecretCache: Dedup additional trustAnchors in dataplane f…
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-nested 223 jzhoucliqr Pending Oct 19 charleszheng44, davidewatson, resouer XS use namespace as kubeletclient cert cn because vn-agent expects that for kubectl exec
istio/api 1997 howardjohn Pending Oct 19 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson XS Deprecate injection annotation
kubeflow/pipelines 6715 chongyouquan Pending Oct 19 SinaChavoshi, ji-yaqi XXL fix(component): Fix HP Tuning Job Op
kubeflow/pipelines 6720 chongyouquan Pending Oct 19 SinaChavoshi, sasha-gitg XL chore(components): Add sample for HP Tuning Job
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 489 fenglixa Pending Oct 19 Tomcli, drewbutlerbb4, fenglixa L fix(frontend): Display loop UI for pipelines page 30146 neolit123 Pending Oct 19 jlbutler XS kubeadm/TS guide: fix a misleading step about cert rotation 30145 jlbutler Pending Oct 19 reylejano XS Merged main dev 1.23 30143 reylejano Pending Oct 19 XS WIP Test refactor label - do not merge 30142 afro-coder Pending Oct 19 XS Added CSS to improve user experience with docs and reduce wasted space 30141 Debanitrkl Pending Oct 19 adisky XS Docs to change Container runtime
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 2304 kishorj Pending Oct 19 M00nF1sh XS cut v2.3.0 release
kubernetes-incubator/metrics-server 869 yangjunmyfm192085 Pending Oct 19 XS Cover Helm Chart with proper e2e tests
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 1215 chaodaiG Pending Oct 19 cjwagner XS Workload metrics monitors kubernetes external secrets
kubernetes-sigs/e2e-framework 64 johnSchnake Pending Oct 19 johnSchnake, spiffxp, vladimirvivien L Add more info for before/after hooks
kubernetes 105731 jyz0309 Pending Oct 19 krmayankk, liggitt, tallclair S [PodSecurity] Reuse evaluation result if level+version equal
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5440 srm09 Pending Oct 19 enxebre, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, vincepri M 🌱 Deprecates drain code copied from k8s
minikube 12734 mans0954 Pending Oct 19 afbjorklund, blueelvis, spowelljr XS Add support for multiple --mountstring arguments to `minikube start --mount`
istio/istio 35667 howardjohn Pending Oct 19 L Add default resources to coreDump container
kubernetes 105682 pohly LGTM Oct 19 jsafrane, mauriciopoppe, pohly, smarterclayton, wojtek-t, yujuhong M storage validation: accept generic ephemeral volumes as volume device
kube-state-metrics 1595 mallow111 Pending Oct 19 brancz, dgrisonnet, fpetkovski, mallow111 L Issue #1595 ---Part2 --- Add namespace denied list
kubernetes 105770 shivanshu1333 Pending Oct 19 MrHohn, rramkumar1, serathius M Migrated ipvs/proxier.go(remaining) to structured logging
kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api 731 robscott Pending Oct 19 bowei, danehans, hbagdi, howardjohn, jpeach, robscott, thockin, youngnick L Adding GEP 726: Path Rewrites and Redirects
kubernetes 105692 andyzhangx LGTM Oct 19 gnufied, jingxu97, saad-ali M Automated cherry pick of #105673: support more than 100 disk mounts on Windows
kubernetes 105606 sxllwx Pending Oct 19 aojea, caesarxuchao, liggitt, sxllwx, wojtek-t, xiang90 M fix goroutine leak in the DeleteCollection
kubernetes 105693 andyzhangx LGTM Oct 19 jingxu97, saad-ali M Automated cherry pick of #105673: support more than 100 disk mounts on Windows
kubeflow/kubeflow 6148 juliusvonkohout LGTM Oct 19 Bobgy, DavidSpek, elikatsis, kimwnasptd XS fix: tensorboard-controller is killed due to out of memory
kubernetes-sigs/json 1 liggitt Pending Oct 19 deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt XXL Populate
istio/istio 35647 gy95 Pending Oct 19 costinm, gy95, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler L simplify yaml package: replace with
kubeflow/katib 1718 ca-scribner Pending Oct 19 DomFleischmann, knkski, sperlingxx XS Update OWNERS for charm operators
istio/istio 35668 dgn Pending Oct 19 bianpengyuan, howardjohn L Add WasmPlugin integration test
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2385 miheer Pending Oct 19 Raffo, njuettner XL WIP: While creating DNS records for OpenShift Routes External DNS will map route hostname to LB target in OCP 4.
ingress-gce 1579 cezarygerard Pending Oct 19 bowei, cezarygerard, freehan, kl52752, prameshj, skmatti XXL Add l4NetLb controller
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 1051 mukhoakash Pending Oct 19 ZeroMagic, andyzhangx, edreed, mukhoakash XXL Merge v2 to upstream as of 10122021
kubernetes 105490 aojea Pending Oct 19 aojea, caesarxuchao, deads2k, liggitt, yliaog XXL client-go: share the same transport for generated clientsets
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1695 vincepri Pending Oct 19 alvaroaleman, fabriziopandini, randomvariable, sbueringer, varshaprasad96, vincepri XXL 🐛 Refactor manager to avoid race conditions and provide clean shutdown
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5418 sbueringer LGTM Oct 19 enxebre, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, schrej, vincepri XXL ✨ Add ClusterClass variable and patch types
kubernetes-client/csharp 731 VladimirKhvostov LGTM Oct 19 VladimirKhvostov, brendandburns, krabhishek8260, tg123 XXL Made a change to avoid calling _httpResponse.Content.ReadAsStringAsync() and deserialize from the content stream.
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 268 pravarag Pending Oct 19 Huang-Wei, denkensk, pravarag, seanmalloy M Add verify script for structured logging
kubernetes 100304 mauriciopoppe Pending Oct 19 fabriziopandini, fromanirh, matthyx, mauriciopoppe, spiffxp L Move PodClient outside test/e2e/framework/, remove usage of PodClientNS in framework/ 2570 spiffxp Pending Oct 19 LappleApple, ameukam, endocrimes, jeremyrickard, johnbelamaric, justaugustus, kikisdeliveryservice, mrbobbytables, nikhita, sftim, shekhar-rajak, spiffxp, thockin L terraform/kubernetes-public: add k8s-keps
website 30146 neolit123 Pending Oct 19 SataQiu, jlbutler, kbhawkey, pacoxu, tengqm S kubeadm/TS guide: fix a misleading step about cert rotation
googleforgames/agones 2290 zifter Pending Oct 19 aLekSer, roberthbailey, zifter L Prometheus metrics: Use ServiceMonitor instead of deprecated annotation mechanism
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 790 mallow111 Pending Oct 19 aramase, ritazh, tam7t M Issue#636 - add last lint check items
istio/istio 35617 xichengliudui Pending Oct 19 M Move the Annotation to istio/api
kubeflow/pipelines 6748 jmcarp Pending Oct 19 chensun, ji-yaqi M feat(sdk): Add filters to python client.
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 847 lizhuqi Pending Oct 19 jingxu97, lizhuqi, mattcary, saikat-royc, verult L [WIP] Attach/Detach back off
kubernetes-client/javascript 727 brendandburns Pending Oct 19 drubin XXL Update code generation to Kubernetes 1.22.2, Rev package to 0.16.0
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 755 ScrapCodes Pending Oct 19 Tomcli, fenglixa XXL Remove noninlined files for those tests, it is not required. Added a CI check.
kubeflow/katib 1717 knkski Pending Oct 19 RFMVasconcelos, andreyvelich, gaocegege, sperlingxx L Update Charmed Katib Operators + CI to 0.12
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 7766 forselli-stratio Pending Oct 19 EppO, bozzo, champtar, floryut, oomichi S Fix etcd certificates reference to support etcd_kubeadm_enabled:true
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 4172 invidian Pending Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, JoelSpeed, LorbusChris, MarcelMue, ashcrow, bgilbert, binchenX, enxebre, fabriziopandini, iaguis, invidian, johananl, justinsb, jzhoucliqr, randomvariable, rata, sbueringer, surajssd, vincepri, yastij XXL ✨ Add support for generating bootstrap data in Ignition format to CABPK
kubernetes-sigs/hierarchical-namespaces 94 joe2far Pending Oct 19 adrianludwin, joe2far, srampal L Enable HNC leader election in controllers
kubernetes 103526 brianpursley Pending Oct 19 caesarxuchao, justinmchase, liggitt, sttts L Return port forwarding errors so that kubectl can exit with error
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 446 sayantani11 Pending Oct 19 cpanato, detiber, justinsb, sayantani11 L Doc about Persistent disk added
test-infra 23891 zoncoen LGTM Oct 19 chaodaiG, fejta, petr-muller, stevekuznetsov, zoncoen XXL clonerefs: allow to clone with GitHub App authentication
kubernetes 105763 shivanshu1333 LGTM Oct 19 aojea, danwinship, serathius, shivanshu1333 M Fixed improperly migrated logs
kubernetes 104693 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Oct 19 caesarxuchao, dchen1107, liggitt, marosset, ravisantoshgudimetla XXL Add pod os field
kubernetes 105767 shivanshu1333 LGTM Oct 19 feiskyer, serathius, thockin M Migrated proxier_health.go , proxier.go to structured logging
kubernetes 105766 payall4u Pending Oct 19 alculquicondor, damemi L [release-1.20] Skip update assumed pod
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-kubevirt 3 cchengleo LGTM Oct 19 agradouski, justinsb, neolit123 XXL [Initial implementation migration] API definition
istio/istio 35513 ostromart Pending Oct 19 clsacramento, howardjohn, richardwxn M [WIP] Tree view for bug-report CRDs, run analyze first
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 444 mortent Pending Oct 19 ash2k, haiyanmeng L [WIP] Support apply of Gatekeeper Template and Constraint in the same set
googleforgames/quilkin 416 markmandel Pending Oct 19 XAMPPRocky, iffyio, markmandel l Code: Firewall filter
dashboard 6237 marcosdiez Pending Oct 19 chenrui333, floreks, helight, maciaszczykm, marcosdiez XXL Resource owner now shown in every pane
autoscaler 4349 jlamillan Pending Oct 19 Jeffwan, feiskyer XXL Add OCI instance-pool based cloud provider
kubernetes 105564 cyclinder Pending Oct 19 aojea, lbernail, m1093782566, neolit123 XS revise kubeProxy filed as part of the kubeadm configuration
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 1647 wshihadeh Pending Oct 19 ahmetb, chriskim06, corneliusweig M Add kubectl-counts
kubernetes 105755 bobbypage Pending Oct 19 Dragoncell, bsdnet, giuseppe, vishh M Support cgroupv2 in node problem detector test
website 30135 ericofusco Pending Oct 19 celestehorgan, neolit123, rajeshdeshpande02 S Update
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-playground 693 JitenPalaparthi Pending Oct 19 guineveresaenger, jberkus, nikhita XS Add jitenpalaparthi remote/LEARNERS
enhancements 3013 lauralorenz Pending Oct 19 JeremyOT, kikisdeliveryservice M KEP-2149: adding in community-decided API names and tagging for API review
kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server 869 yangjunmyfm192085 Pending Oct 19 dgrisonnet, s-urbaniak, serathius, yangjunmyfm192085 M Cover Helm Chart with proper e2e tests
kubernetes 105765 mysunshine92 Pending Oct 19 cici37, puerco, sladyn98 XS update changelog-1.22
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1236 vignesh-goutham Pending Oct 19 TerryHowe, gab-satchi, vignesh-goutham, yastij L Support multiple disks on OVA for full clone mode
website 30145 jlbutler LGTM Oct 19 aisonaku, anastyakulyk, reylejano XXL Merged main dev 1.23
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 944 renovate-bot Pending Oct 19 DaveGay, eytankidron, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 M Update commit hash to 63b7e35
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 945 renovate-bot Pending Oct 19 DaveGay, eytankidron, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 L Update module to v0.97.0
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5351 ykakarap Pending Oct 19 enxebre, fabriziopandini, sbueringer, ykakarap XL ✨ clusterctl: add ClusterClass support to `clusterctl generate cluster`
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5426 enxebre LGTM Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, sbueringer M 📖 Metadata propagation docs
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 453 sayantani11 Pending Oct 19 cpanato, fabriziopandini, rsmitty M e2e-tests and jobs that run
istio/api 2104 Shikugawa Pending Oct 19 Shikugawa, basvanbeek, bianpengyuan, brian-avery, douglas-reid, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, mandarjog, nrjpoddar, smawson S add option to skip sidecar generated requestID based sampling decision
kubernetes 105517 tkashem Pending Oct 19 deads2k, dgrisonnet, logicalhan, tkashem, wojtek-t, yue9944882 XS apf: add new label for request_execution_seconds metric
kubernetes 105741 neolit123 Pending Oct 19 pacoxu, yagonobre L kubeadm: introduce the UnversionedKubeletConfigMap feature gate
kubernetes 105726 DiptoChakrabarty Pending Oct 19 brendandburns, deads2k XS Fix Documentation of Default params for PodExecOptions Function
community 6162 ahg-g LGTM Oct 19 Huang-Wei, jdumars S sig-scheduling: Propose new TLs
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4222 zhouhaibing089 Pending Oct 19 monopole, mortent L bump to v1.3.0
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 648 pravarag Pending Oct 19 lixiang233, seanmalloy M [WIP] add new podEvictor statistics
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1027 macaptain Pending Oct 19 chrischdi, iamemilio, jichenjc, macaptain, mdbooth M ✨ Add tags to portOpts
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2054 dsalisbury Pending Oct 19 Raffo, njuettner L Support filtering ingresses on `ingressClassName` as well as deprecated annotation
kubernetes 105632 xens Pending Oct 19 Patrick0308, andrewsykim, bobbypage, caesarxuchao XL Add SOCKS5 proxy support for kubectl exec
test-infra 24054 justinsb Pending Oct 19 johngmyers, zetaab M Create on-demand test for gce + calico
kubeflow/community 524 james-jwu Pending Oct 19 Bobgy, andreyvelich, gaocegege, james-jwu, johnugeorge, nakfour, terrytangyuan, theadactyl, thesuperzapper L Adding Kubeflow Conformance Program Proposal
website 29685 Guneetconvent2002 Pending Oct 19 Guneetconvent2002, bradtopol, geoffcline, jlbutler, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm S Divided headings: labels, annotations, taints
website 29676 kvaps Pending Oct 19 Mr-DG-Wick, kvaps, onlydole, sftim XXL blog: Add Kubernetes-in-Kubernetes and PXE bootable servers farm blog post
cloud-provider-openstack 1656 gman0 Pending Oct 19 chrigl, gman0, ramineni, ricolin XL [manila-csi-plugin] Add e2e tests
website 29898 edithturn Pending Oct 19 anyulled, edithturn, electrocucaracha, raelga L [es] Add concepts/storage/, concepts/storage/, concepts/storage/
kubernetes 104735 Debanitrkl Pending Oct 19 feiskyer, liggitt, resouer XS Updated kubelet server references about 4h hardcoded timeout
website 29978 riita10069 Pending Oct 19 makocchi-git, nasa9084, riita10069 XS [ja] Replace with a link in Japanese about
website 30143 reylejano Pending Oct 19 kbhawkey, tengqm XS WIP Test refactor label - do not merge
kubernetes 105695 uthark Pending Oct 19 liggitt, mrunalp, vishh M Filter only yaml/yml/json
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2787 dlipovetsky Pending Oct 19 JoelSpeed, dlipovetsky, dthorsen, pydctw, richardcase, shivi28 XL feat: Bring your own control plane ELB
ingress-gce 1387 caseywebdev Pending Oct 19 MrHohn, bowei, caseywebdev, freehan, gabihodoroaga, rramkumar1, spencerhance XXL Add missing CDN config options
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5423 ykakarap Pending Oct 19 JoelSpeed, enxebre, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, sbueringer, ykakarap XXL 🌱 WIP: e2e tests for clusterctl quickstart flow using managed topologies
istio/istio 35660 nalbam Pending Oct 19 jwendell S Allow the gateways controller to be changed
kubernetes 104758 Shuanglu Pending Oct 19 Shuanglu, enj, liggitt, pacoxu, soltysh L Fix Daemonset controller role missing 'update pod' permission
kops 12554 justinsb Pending Oct 19 joshbranham, olemarkus L gossip: Seed /etc/hosts in nodeup
website 30130 mayocream Pending Oct 19 chenrui333, pigletfly L [zh] translate concept finalizer
kubernetes 105648 kkkkun Pending Oct 19 jimmidyson, kkkkun, wojtek-t, yliaog M record metrics should set suggestedVerb from requestInfo in kube-Apis…
ingress-nginx 7806 nithyashree675 Pending Oct 19 ChiefAlexander, cpanato S helm chart: choice option for internal/external loadbalancer type ser…
kubernetes 105764 jlebon Pending Oct 19 juanvallejo, spiffxp L test/e2e_node/remote: support pure SSH mode
kubernetes 105525 damemi Pending Oct 19 a-robinson, adtac, cheftako, damemi, soltysh XXL Wire contexts to Core controllers
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 862 feiskyer Pending Oct 19 andyzhangx, nilo19 XL cherry-pick of #856: remove VMSS and VMSS instances from SLB backend pool only when necessary
kubernetes 105727 chendave Pending Oct 19 adtac, alculquicondor, chendave M Fix the inaccurate status when a plugin internal status is found
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5437 fabriziopandini Pending Oct 19 sbueringer, stmcginnis S 🌱 clusterctl describe show Cluster conditions
website 30094 ixodie Pending Oct 19 kbhawkey, thockin XS Remove Open vSwitch from “How to implement the Kubernetes networking model”
minikube 12507 yosshy LGTM Oct 19 YuikoTakada, atoato88, medyagh, shu-mutou, t-inu, yosshy M Update Japanese translation (Line 644-680)
website 30109 sftim LGTM Oct 19 bradtopol, hasheddan, mkorbi L Revise seccomp tutorial
kubernetes-sigs/alibaba-cloud-csi-driver 550 haoshuwei Pending Oct 19 fredkan, xianlubird S Feat/update dockerfile
enhancements 2022 johanneswuerbach Pending Oct 19 elmiko, gjtempleton, josephburnett, kikisdeliveryservice, mwielgus XL KEP: Support scaling HPA to/from zero pods for object/external metrics
website 30141 Debanitrkl Pending Oct 19 adisky, kbhawkey, tengqm L Docs to change Container runtime
istio/istio 35642 strantalis Pending Oct 19 morvencao, strantalis XS fix: don't remove finalizer of IstioOperator when action is still required
website 30093 ixodie Pending Oct 19 ixodie, rajeshdeshpande02, sftim, thockin XS Broken link removal
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5441 dharmjit LGTM Oct 19 enxebre, sbueringer, stmcginnis L :seedling: Added ObjectMeta to DockerMachineTemplateResource, DockerClusterTemplateResource
kubernetes 105653 p0lyn0mial Pending Oct 19 apelisse, deads2k, p0lyn0mial, roycaihw, sttts XL apiextentionserver: refactor returning 503 for custom resource requests during server start
kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server 837 jferris Pending Oct 19 jferris, mohag, serathius, stevehipwell, yangjunmyfm192085 M Add autoscaling configuring to Helm chart
test-infra 23414 deepsm007 Pending Oct 19 spiffxp, stevekuznetsov L prow: Build minimal s390x payload 2873 MadhavJivrajani Pending Oct 19 MadhavJivrajani, spiffxp, thockin XXL Increase test coverage for groups/
website 29703 mythi Pending Oct 19 eero-t, mythi, onlydole, sftim, shannonxtreme L blog: non-root containers and devices
website 30142 afro-coder Pending Oct 19 bradtopol, celestehorgan XS Added CSS to improve user experience with docs and reduce wasted space
kubernetes 104748 p0lyn0mial Pending Oct 19 MikeSpreitzer, cheftako, hzxuzhonghu, jpbetz, liggitt, p0lyn0mial, sttts, tkashem L return 503 for aggregated APIs when the APIServiceRegistrationController hasn't finished installing all known APIServices
website 29761 dilyar85 Pending Oct 19 Mr-DG-Wick, dilyar85, onlydole, sftim M Blog: Using Admission Controllers to Detect Container Drift at Runtime
kubernetes 102534 wangyysde Pending Oct 19 apelisse, cheftako, deads2k, elmiko, josephburnett, krzysied, liggitt, thockin, wangyysde, wojtek-t XXL Create HPA v2 Stable API
cloud-provider-vsphere 395 MartinWeindel Pending Oct 19 MartinWeindel, andrewsykim, divyenpatel, nicolehanjing S optionally check for orphan, unmanaged load balancer service
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1440 snowplayfire Pending Oct 19 font, irfanurrehman XS set default for restconfig timeout and make it configurable
website 30123 sftim LGTM Oct 19 ahg-g, bowei, mkorbi M Make figure sizing more responsive
website 30118 Shatakshi0805 LGTM Oct 19 bradtopol, daminisatya, mkorbi, niteshseram XS fix broken link in
googleforgames/quilkin 419 XAMPPRocky Pending Oct 19 XAMPPRocky, iffyio, markmandel xl Replace `SocketAddr` with `EndpointAddress`
kubeflow/pipelines 6690 omarzouk Pending Oct 19 chensun, ji-yaqi S feat(sdk): Add load_component_from_spec. Fixes #5708 #3748
community 6172 mkumatag Pending Oct 19 fabriziopandini, vincepri XS Correct the link for the ibmcloud
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1306 marunachalam Pending Oct 19 BaluDontu, chethanv28, marunachalam, rpanduranga L Delete TKG in VMC environment
website 30125 chirangaalwis LGTM Oct 19 deads2k, lavalamp, mkorbi XS Combine Service Account to Map with Resource Type
website 30134 ixodie LGTM Oct 19 mkorbi, sftim, thockin M Removing GCE bridging/routing config tweaks
kube-state-metrics 1618 ahmed-mez LGTM Oct 19 brancz, dgrisonnet, mrueg L [release-2.2] Backport #1610
kubernetes 105650 VivekThrivikraman-est LGTM Oct 19 aojea, bowei, rramkumar1 XS Automated cherry pick of #105249: Clear initial UDP conntrack entries for loadBalancerIPs
autoscaler 4407 mainred Pending Oct 19 bskiba, wojtek-t S use docker buildx to buld multi-arch image
enhancements 3004 marquiz Pending Oct 19 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, haircommander, kad XL KEP-3008: Class-based resources in CRI
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 863 feiskyer Pending Oct 19 andyzhangx, nilo19 XL cherry-pick of #856: remove VMSS and VMSS instances from SLB backend pool only when necessary 30137 anyulled Pending Oct 19 XS [es] add concepts/services-networking/service
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 861 feiskyer Pending Oct 19 andyzhangx, nilo19 XL cherry-pick of #856: remove VMSS and VMSS instances from SLB backend pool only when necessary
kubeflow/internal-acls 476 WEICHINLIN Pending Oct 19 Bobgy, capri-xiyue XS Update org.yaml
kubernetes 105271 pacoxu Pending Oct 19 bobbypage, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, jonyhy96, kevindelgado, pacoxu L add --system-reserved support for swap
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 1053 andyzhangx Pending Oct 19 ZeroMagic, edreed XS test: enable one snapshot external test
helm 10248 anshulvermapatel Pending Oct 19 XS Resolve #10212 Change the error message for `helm show` to include --devel option in the error
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1461 iawia002 Pending Oct 19 XS Increase the default QPS and Burst value of the controller manager
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 5413 saschagrunert Pending Oct 19 XS [1.20] BZ2015427 - Skip volume relabel for super privileged containers
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 5413 saschagrunert Pending Oct 19 XS [1.20] BZ2015427 - Skip volume relabel for super privileged containers
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2389 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 19 XS build(deps): bump from 0.13.2 to 0.26.0
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 1214 chizhg Pending Oct 19 XS Add Prow and job config for bazelbuild/rules_k8s repo
autoscaler 4041 douglasmakey Pending Oct 19 Jeffwan, aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer, mwielgus, towca XXL Add Rancher as a cloud provider
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1745 karuppiah7890 Pending Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, cpanato, devigned, karuppiah7890, mboersma XXL Make publicips reconcile/delete async
website 29416 Darshnadas Pending Oct 19 Darshnadas, anubha-v-ardhan, daminisatya, mittalyashu, sftim M [hi] Add content/hi/docs/setup/learning-environment/
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 754 ScrapCodes LGTM Oct 19 Tomcli, fenglixa XS Proposal: Adding ScrapCodes as approver.
ingress-nginx 7028 anthonyho007 Pending Oct 19 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano XL Adding global ssl auth
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2371 arjunrn Pending Oct 19 Raffo, alebedev87, njuettner XXL Label filtering for Ingress, Service, Openshift Route sources
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1014 Xenwar Pending Oct 19 Xenwar, chrischdi, hidekazuna, jichenjc, macaptain, mdbooth, namnx228 M Check trunk support before enabling trunk at port level
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1747 Ankitasw Pending Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, nader-ziada M Add NodeOutboundIPs customization in Azure cluster
google/cadvisor 2904 Serendo Pending Oct 19 Creatone XS prevent tcp metrics from being dropped when network is disabled
kube-state-metrics 1617 ahmed-mez LGTM Oct 19 brancz, dgrisonnet, lilic L [release-2.1] Backport #1610
google/cadvisor 2959 kolyshkin Pending Oct 19 Creatone, kolyshkin L cgroup cleanups
kubeflow/website 2992 Arhell Pending Oct 19 8bitmp3, Bobgy, Jeffwan, sudivate, zijianjoy S fix kfctl version
kubeflow/pipelines 6765 Bobgy Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, capri-xiyue, rui5i XS chore(backend): delete cache owners
kubeflow/pipelines 5743 juliusvonkohout LGTM Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy, capri-xiyue, rui5i XS fix: the cache server in combination with kubeflow profile quotas
istio/istio 35011 TrevorTaoARM Pending Oct 19 howardjohn, morvencao XS Add arm64 arch Support for Operator Config
autoscaler 4331 bpineau Pending Oct 19 Jeffwan, feiskyer M gce: refresh instances templates in background
dashboard 6507 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 19 floreks, maciaszczykm, shu-mutou L Bump d3 from 6.7.0 to 7.1.1
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5383 sbueringer Pending Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, sbueringer, stmcginnis, vincepri M 🌱 ClusterToObjectsMapper: use namespace in client.List for namespaced resources
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 973 renovate-bot Pending Oct 19 DaveGay, eytankidron, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 L Update module to v2.1.1
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 956 renovate-bot Pending Oct 19 DaveGay, Sifat1998, eytankidron, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XL Update module to v0.6.0
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 952 renovate-bot Pending Oct 19 DaveGay, eytankidron, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XS Update module to v1.5.2
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 951 renovate-bot Pending Oct 19 DaveGay, eytankidron, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XS Update module to v1.10.1
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 908 renovate-bot Pending Oct 19 DaveGay, alex1545, eytankidron, nlopezgi, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XS Update dependency bazel_skylib to v1.1.1
kubernetes 105758 gy95 Pending Oct 19 johnSchnake, neolit123 L clean fuzz json dir
kubernetes 105719 yuanhh Pending Oct 19 munnerz, sttts XS sample-controller/docs: Use italics font on package name
autoscaler 4403 trumant Pending Oct 19 aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer, gjtempleton S DOCS - Narrow the scope of resources the suggested IAM policy grants access to
kubeflow/website 3037 zijianjoy LGTM Oct 19 Bobgy, alfsuse, joeliedtke XS kfp: Update Service account explanation in mult-user access
website 30089 kshamajain99 Pending Oct 19 Arhell, anubha-v-ardhan, chrisnegus, derekwaynecarr, mikedanese XS docs: update namespace definition
kubernetes 104743 gjkim42 Pending Oct 19 249043822, andrewsykim, ehashman, endocrimes, gjkim42, odinuge, smarterclayton L Ensure there is one running static pod with the same full name
kubernetes 96790 chenyw1990 Pending Oct 19 gnufied, jingxu97, liggitt, msau42, wojtek-t L don't add pod's configmap volume and secret volume to desiredStateOfWord when the pod's status is Terminating
kubernetes 105760 GreyBalloonYU Pending Oct 19 cofyc, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, smarterclayton M use ControllerRevisionControllerRefManager in StatefulSet
cloud-provider-openstack 1669 gman0 Pending Oct 19 Fedosin, adisky, gman0 M [CI] Add install-k3s-bare-single role
ingress-nginx 7800 ctron Pending Oct 19 rikatz, strongjz S fix: fix thread synchronization issue #6245
kubernetes 104217 jyz0309 Pending Oct 19 CatherineF-dev, adtac, deads2k, jyz0309, liggitt, logicalhan, nikhita, s-urbaniak, tallclair L [PodSecurity] Implement metricRecorder for admission
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 7455 floryut Pending Oct 19 EppO, champtar, holmsten M Configure PKI directory and file to correct owner and permissions
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1461 iawia002 Pending Oct 19 font, hectorj2f XS Increase the default QPS and Burst value of the controller manager
kubernetes 102915 wzshiming Pending Oct 19 bobbypage, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, mrunalp, pacoxu, rphillips, smarterclayton, wzshiming XL Pod Priority Based Node Graceful Shutdown
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 1636 itdove Pending Oct 19 chriskim06, corneliusweig M First push of clusteradm open-cluster-management
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 721 Pearl1594 Pending Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, m1093782566 L Support for RHEL/Rocky 8 image for qemu
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2384 polivbr Pending Oct 19 njuettner, seanmalloy XS [azure] remove dummy MSI_ENDPOINT
enhancements 1990 adrianreber Pending Oct 19 adrianreber, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, elfinhe, krmayankk, mrunalp, riteshnaik, rst0git, schrej, smarterclayton L Add Forensic Container Checkpointing KEP
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 788 aramase Pending Oct 19 aramase, ritazh, tam7t L chore: use `errors.Wrap` instead of `fmt.Errorf`
kubernetes 103226 wangyysde Pending Oct 19 SataQiu, neolit123, pacoxu, wangyysde L [WIP][don't review] kubeadm: add Timeout structure and move TimeoutForControlPlane from APIServer into it
cloud-provider-openstack 1655 ramineni Pending Oct 19 Fedosin, zetaab S [cinder-csi-plugin] Enable volume expansion and volume cloning e2e tests
kubernetes-csi/node-driver-registrar 171 aramase Pending Oct 19 gnufied, j-griffith S feat: add an option to enable pprof profiling
kubeflow/website 3034 tahesse Pending Oct 19 8bitmp3, terrytangyuan S Update
kubernetes 105754 haichaoli01 LGTM Oct 19 aojea, humblec, mkumatag XS Update glusterdynamic-provisioner to provide support for arm64
kubernetes-client/c 87 ityuhui Pending Oct 19 brendandburns S [Doc] Add
istio/istio 35662 morvencao Pending Oct 19 richardwxn M fix operator prune resources for action required case.
googleforgames/agones 2308 zaratsian Pending Oct 19 cyriltovena, roberthbailey, zaratsian L Upgraded Terraform to >=1.0
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 859 mainred Pending Oct 19 andyzhangx, nilo19 M cherry-pick of #855 to 1.1: use docker buildx for multi-arch node image
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 858 mainred Pending Oct 19 andyzhangx, nilo19 M cherry-pick of #855 to 1.0: use docker buildx for multi-arch node image
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 857 mainred Pending Oct 19 andyzhangx, feiskyer, nilo19 M cherry-pick of #855 to 0.7: use docker buildx for multi-arch node image
test-infra 24048 chizhg Pending Oct 19 cblecker, fejta, wojtek-t M Remove bazelbuild/rules_k8s config and Prow jobs from k8s Prow
minikube 12730 sharifelgamal Pending Oct 19 blueelvis, medyagh XS Upgrade minikube-ingress-dns image to 0.0.2
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 855 mainred Pending Oct 19 andyzhangx, feiskyer, mainred M chore: use docker buildx for multi-arch node image
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1460 zqzten LGTM Oct 19 font, hectorj2f, mars1024, xunpan, zqzten L feat: introduce informer cache sync timeout
sig-release 1718 parul5sahoo Pending Oct 19 AuraSinis, Damans227, JamesLaverack, cici37, puerco, reylejano, sam-cogan, wilsonehusin XXL Update release notes draft to version v1.23.0-alpha.3
kubernetes 105756 manugupt1 Pending Oct 19 andyzhangx, saad-ali L Consistently check for mounts specifically instead of reading entire proc/mounts
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2389 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 19 Raffo, njuettner, seanmalloy S build(deps): bump from 0.13.2 to 0.26.0
kubeflow/pipelines 6751 Bobgy Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy, capri-xiyue XL test(backend): v2 create pipeline/version unit tests
website 30105 sandipanpanda Pending Oct 19 howieyuen, marosset XS Fix broken link of Install Docker Engine - Enterprise on Windows Servers
kubernetes 105753 jonyhy96 Pending Oct 19 neolit123, yagonobre M test: add test for PatchNode when error happend
kubernetes 105752 yselkowitz Pending Oct 19 mkumatag S test: use newer test images for better s390x coverage
website 29990 jizusun Pending Oct 19 Arhell, jizusun, rajeshdeshpande02, sftim, tengqm XS fix broken link for owner references in Finalizers
googleforgames/quilkin 417 iffyio Pending Oct 19 XAMPPRocky, iffyio, markmandel xl Add a rate limited logger
kubeadm 2590 SataQiu Pending Oct 19 neolit123, pacoxu, yagonobre S Update testinfra jobs to use 'main' base_ref
kubeflow/arena 692 heluocs LGTM Oct 19 denverdino, happy2048, wsxiaozhang, xiaozhouX L fix no write permission of /tmp in tensorflow serving container
istio/istio 35532 Monkeyanator Pending Oct 19 Monkeyanator, costinm, howardjohn, obaranov1 XL Implement ProxyConfig CR 30135 ericofusco Pending Oct 19 XS Update 30134 ixodie Pending Oct 19 XS Removing GCE bridging/routing config tweaks 30132 Arhell Pending Oct 19 tengqm XS [zh] Update
helm 10244 mmulholla Pending Oct 19 XS fix: rollback failure after update error
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 1212 google-oss-robot Pending Oct 19 XS Update knative-prow to v20211018-183ddb6f2b
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 1211 jcnars Pending Oct 19 XS Adding mfielding after he joined under GCP org
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-kubevirt 7 agradouski LGTM Oct 19 cchengleo, justinsb, neolit123 XL [Initial implementation migration] cluster and machine controllers
google/cadvisor 2966 qiutongs Pending Oct 19 XXL Remove copied CRI and depend on CRI module
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 430 ash2k Pending Oct 19 seans3, soltysh L Check versions a CRD defines
kubernetes 105730 haichaoli01 LGTM Oct 19 haichaoli01, humblec, mkumatag, neolit123 XS glusterdynamic-provisioner: update to v1.3 and provide arm64 support
istio/ 10437 link3280 Pending Oct 19 Arhell, rvennam S Fix broken links for kiali docs
kubernetes 105253 nilo19 LGTM Oct 19 andrewsykim, andyzhangx, cheftako, feiskyer, karataliu S fix: leave the probe path empty for TCP probes
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-kubevirt 9 agradouski LGTM Oct 19 cchengleo, justinsb, neolit123 XXL [Initial implementation migration] Makefile
kubernetes 102640 charlesxsh Pending Oct 19 charlesxsh, deads2k, ncdc, wojtek-t XS fix a potential deadlock
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-kubevirt 4 agradouski LGTM Oct 19 cchengleo, neolit123 XXL [Initial implementation migration] configs
kubernetes 102639 charlesxsh Pending Oct 19 charlesxsh, deads2k, feiskyer, wojtek-t XS fix a potential deadlock
kubernetes 102638 charlesxsh Pending Oct 19 jpbetz, wenjiaswe XS fix a potential deadlock
kubernetes 102637 charlesxsh Pending Oct 19 jpbetz, wenjiaswe XS fix potential deadlock
kubernetes 102577 charlesxsh Pending Oct 19 RenaudWasTaken, chenyw1990, cndoit18, fromanirh, klueska, swatisehgal XS fix potential deadlock
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-kubevirt 6 cchengleo LGTM Oct 19 agradouski, justinsb, neolit123 XL [Initial implementation migration] Add utils packages for machine controller
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-kubevirt 5 cchengleo LGTM Oct 19 agradouski, fabriziopandini, justinsb XL [Initial implementation migration] Add utils packages for cluster controller
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4019 yanniszark Pending Oct 19 justinsb, natasha41575, pwittrock XXL Make ordering configurable
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5424 moonek Pending Oct 19 enxebre, killianmuldoon, moonek, stmcginnis L ⚠️ Add NodeHealthy condition to delete priority policy
website 30054 Arhell LGTM Oct 19 atoato88, makocchi-git, nasa9084 XS [ja] add volume and volumeMount for ephemeral storage
cloud-provider-gcp 253 DangerOnTheRanger Pending Oct 19 mtaufen, yujuhong XS [WIP] Use correct container runtime when running E2E tests
kubernetes 103516 ykakarap Pending Oct 19 caesarxuchao, cbandy, deads2k, lavalamp, sttts, ykakarap L kubectl: apiserver changes to add --subresource support
kubernetes 103681 aojea Pending Oct 19 krmayankk, neolit123 L [WIP] use embed etcd for integration tests
kubernetes 101505 songxiao-wang87 Pending Oct 19 lavalamp, thockin XS Cleanup:fix the spelling error
kubernetes 100709 mickael-carl LGTM Oct 19 DirectXMan12, cheftako, danwinship, jiahuif, jpbetz, logicalhan, mickael-carl, mikedanese L Add basic reconciliation metrics to controllers
kubernetes 105448 pohly Pending Oct 19 coffeepac, dcbw, liggitt, logicalhan, neolit123, pohly L RFC: component-base config to beta
kubernetes 100818 scottilee Pending Oct 19 foxish, liggitt, mortent, scottilee, serathius, smarterclayton, yangjunmyfm192085 M Convert controller daemon files to structured logs
kubernetes 103095 haircommander Pending Oct 19 bobbypage, haircommander, mikebrow, mrunalp, smarterclayton, vishh L Kubelet: implement support for podAndContainerStatsFromCRI
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 832 marunachalam Pending Oct 19 BaluDontu, RaunakShah S GC Test PR - Kindly ignore
dashboard 6351 maciaszczykm Pending Oct 19 floreks, shu-mutou XXL [WIP] Migrate Gulp scripts to Makefile and add latest tag for releases
kubernetes 82162 krmayankk Pending Oct 19 LouisPlisso, alculquicondor, janetkuo, kow3ns, krmayankk, lavalamp, liggitt, m1093782566, ravisantoshgudimetla, soltysh, tnozicka XL API: maxUnavailable for StatefulSet
kubernetes 102411 smarterclayton Pending Oct 19 bobbypage, dims XXL WIP: Support cancellation of some pod sync behavior
kubernetes 100600 shawnhanx Pending Oct 19 chrishenzie, dchen1107, liggitt, msau42, shawnhanx, wojtek-t XL Migrate kubelet to use v1 Event API
kubernetes 99758 aramperes LGTM Oct 19 aramperes, derekwaynecarr, eddiezane, rikatz, zhouya0 L Add label selector in 'kubectl rollout' commands
kubernetes 100819 scottilee Pending Oct 19 enisoc, foxish, scottilee, yangjunmyfm192085 M Convert controller deployment files to structured logs
kubernetes 100829 scottilee Pending Oct 19 foxish, kow3ns, scottilee, yangjunmyfm192085 L Convert controller statefulset files to structured logs
kubernetes 105491 damemi Pending Oct 19 damemi, enisoc, krmayankk, soltysh L Wire contexts to Batch controllers
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1501 ykakarap LGTM Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, cpanato, devigned, fabriziopandini, shysank, ykakarap XXL add AzureClusterTemplate type
kubernetes 102137 mborsz LGTM Oct 19 jingyih, jpbetz, mborsz, mm4tt, ptabor XS Disable zap sampling in etcd3 client.
kubernetes 102813 yastij Pending Oct 19 andrewsykim, brendandburns, liggitt, yastij L bump govmomi to v0.26.0
dashboard 6003 shu-mutou Pending Oct 19 floreks, maciaszczykm, shu-mutou XXL Implements frontend for deployment rollback
kubernetes 84205 TGPSKI Pending Oct 19 TGPSKI, liggitt, logicalhan, mikedanese, sftim, thockin XL Add SOCKS5 proxy support for kubectl exec
kubernetes 105282 mcbenjemaa Pending Oct 19 andrewsykim, brendandburns, liggitt, serathius XL migration from go-spew to kr/pretty
test-infra 21847 sfowl Pending Oct 19 IanColdwater, chases2, fejta, tabbysable M Temporarily disable `secping` job
test-infra 21252 knabben LGTM Oct 19 SergeyKanzhelev, derekwaynecarr, sjenning XS Skipping SCTPConnectivity tests on e2e-cos-alpha-features tab
test-infra 21780 sladyn98 Pending Oct 19 feiskyer, justaugustus, saschagrunert S Create verify install packages periodic job
test-infra 21957 arturo-skydio Pending Oct 19 clarketm, stevekuznetsov L jenkins-operator: Configure jenkins operator to retrigger aborted jo…
test-infra 21958 arturo-skydio Pending Oct 19 cjwagner, clarketm S Always report status when pending, crier doesnt know when the the link for the jen…
test-infra 22476 chrigl Pending Oct 19 lingxiankong, ramineni M provider-openstack: add v1.21 and removed v1.18
test-infra 22098 dhaiducek Pending Oct 19 alvaroaleman, dhaiducek, matthyx, stevekuznetsov M dco: Retrieve default branch for CONTRIBUTING link
test-infra 22405 DangerOnTheRanger Pending Oct 19 jpbetz M Make cloud-provider-gcp conformance tests presubmit instead of periodic
test-infra 22740 harche Pending Oct 19 BenTheElder, MushuEE, harche XS Add systemd based presubmit job to presubmits-kubernetes-nonblocking
test-infra 23177 wangchen615 Pending Oct 19 ehashman XS Enable e2e test for Alpha Feature InPlacePodVerticalScaling
test-infra 23087 cheftako Pending Oct 19 cheftako, dims, jkaniuk, liggitt, mborsz, mm4tt, wojtek-t M Set logexporter to capture konnectivity server and agent logs.
test-infra 23249 adisky Pending Oct 19 SergeyKanzhelev, adisky, derekwaynecarr, karan S Remove sig-node-ppc64le testgrid tab
kubernetes 93096 k-toyoda-pi Pending Oct 19 enisoc, k-toyoda-pi, krmayankk, oomichi, pigletfly, tnozicka S disruption uses apps/v1 instead of apps/v1beta1 and extensions/v1beta1
test-infra 23483 YuviGold Pending Oct 19 YuviGold, alvaroaleman, fejta, petr-muller, stevekuznetsov L Commenter: Add comments-ceiling flag to avoid spamming
test-infra 23573 listx Pending Oct 19 alvaroaleman, cjwagner, sebastienvas XL ghproxy unit tests: avoid using time.Sleep for synchronization of goroutines
kubernetes 100945 lojies LGTM Oct 19 ash2k, deads2k, hongchaodeng M code cleanup for pkg/registry
kubernetes 94899 mikebrow Pending Oct 19 adisky, andrewsykim, mikebrow, resouer, rphillips, ruiwen-zhao L ensure secret pulled images
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1468 alexeldeib Pending Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, cpanato XXL remove AzureManagedCluster, add migration script
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1564 LochanRn Pending Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, LochanRn, alexeldeib, devigned, juan-lee, nprokopic L Availability zones support for managed clusters
kubernetes 102003 navist2020 Pending Oct 19 dougsland, pwittrock XS Add new example help_info about kubectl api-resources --verbs
kubernetes 100538 gitirabassi Pending Oct 19 aojea, caesarxuchao, deads2k, johnSchnake, liggitt L kube-apiserver --advertise-port to make kube-apiserver compatible with proxy on control-plane nodes
kubernetes 100749 Kappie37 Pending Oct 19 Kappie37, dims, lavalamp, nicomitchell XS update gen_kubectl_docs.go
kubernetes 102205 claudiubelu Pending Oct 19 BenTheElder, dims, johnSchnake, wilsonehusin L WIP: conformance: Adds Windows image support
kubernetes 91853 Pingan2017 Pending Oct 19 deads2k, saad-ali S Support update PodManagementPolicy field for StatefulSet
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 164 rambohe-ch Pending Oct 19 Jefftree, caesarxuchao, charleszheng44, cheftako, dberkov, rambohe-ch M fix request hangs up when agent failed to return PacketType_DIAL_RSP
kubernetes 102124 wangyysde Pending Oct 19 dchen1107, lavalamp XS update default of DownwardAPIHugePages to on
kubernetes 98400 chymy Pending Oct 19 brianpursley, chymy, dougsland, pandaamanda, seans3, soltysh XS Fix statefulset absent of kubectl scale in i18n.T
kubernetes 105386 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Oct 19 Huang-Wei, adtac, alculquicondor, ravisantoshgudimetla XXL [wip] Exercise T&T with increased weights.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-packet 269 detiber Pending Oct 19 cpanato, displague, thebsdbox XXL [WIP] :warning: v1alpha4 updates
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-packet 289 detiber Pending Oct 19 gianarb, jacobsmith928 XXL [WIP] CAPI v1beta1 support
kubernetes 95853 hypnoglow Pending Oct 19 gmarek, humblec, jiahuif M Fix golint issues in pkg/controller/podgc
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 259 PratikDeoghare Pending Oct 19 caesarxuchao, cheftako, dberkov XS send headers to an agent after it is added to backends
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 266 PratikDeoghare Pending Oct 19 caesarxuchao, dberkov, jkh52 M remove unnecessary goroutines and channels
kubernetes 103159 rphillips Pending Oct 19 brendandburns, liggitt XS add rphillips to sig-node-reviewers
kubernetes 103880 rphillips Pending Oct 19 krmayankk, yujuhong L WIP: Revert "Ensure that Reason and Message are preserved on pod status"
kubernetes 105257 daniel-hutao Pending Oct 19 aojea, krmayankk L Consistent job/cronjob controller naming styles
kubernetes 100333 CKchen0726 Pending Oct 19 humblec, saikat-royc, yangjunmyfm192085 M migrate volume/csi/csi_attacher.go logs to structured logging
kubernetes 100941 lojies LGTM Oct 19 cici37, cmluciano, johnbelamaric S code cleanup for pkg/controller
kubernetes 102622 likakuli Pending Oct 19 andrewsykim, dchen1107, ehashman, likakuli, yujuhong M # fix a bug that container level CpuShares not equals to 2 even set cpu requests to 0 explicitly
kubernetes 99572 chymy Pending Oct 19 caesarxuchao, chymy, hwdef, smarterclayton S Fix staticcheck failures for vendor/{dynamiccertificates,filters}
kubernetes 100335 pacoxu Pending Oct 19 SergeyKanzhelev, dims, ehashman, krmayankk, lavalamp, pacoxu, troy0820 L Disable kubelet read-only port by default (only set the correct default value)
kubernetes 103061 SergeyKanzhelev Pending Oct 19 BenTheElder, aojea, dchen1107, ehashman, tallclair XS Remove v1alpha1 of runtimeclass API
kubernetes 103128 smarterclayton Pending Oct 19 ehashman, mrunalp, mtaufen XL Add init container pod deletion test
kubernetes 98748 joshkurz Pending Oct 19 dougsland, joshkurz, pwittrock, rikatz, smarterclayton M feat(kubectl): adding --node-name option to top
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 1862 shoekstra Pending Oct 19 M00nF1sh, kishorj L Allow TargetGroup endpoints outside the ELB VPC
kubernetes 101673 carlory Pending Oct 19 KnVerey, carlory, eddiezane, pwittrock, rikatz, soltysh M kubectl validate certificate format when writing embed-certs for the cluster entry in kubeconfig
kubernetes 103022 nikhita Pending Oct 19 L [WIP] Add comment tags for x-kubernetes-api-lifecycle extension
kubernetes 105292 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Oct 19 brendandburns, caesarxuchao XXL Pod os field kubelet
kubernetes 100688 Huang-Wei Pending Oct 19 adtac, caseydavenport L rename some test funcs with incorrect "WithRetries" postfix
kubernetes 101641 jialaijun Pending Oct 19 dchen1107, lavalamp, yangjunmyfm192085 S Migrate pkg/ssh logs to structured logging
kubernetes 103547 sanposhiho Pending Oct 19 ahg-g, damemi L Clean up: combines variables with the same value into global variables.
kubernetes 105252 cyclinder LGTM Oct 19 dougsland, lauchokyip, soltysh XS delete duplicate setnormalizeFunc with WarnWordSepNormalizeFunc
kubernetes 101453 navist2020 LGTM Oct 19 deads2k, pohly, yliaog S Replace strings.Index with strings.Contains
kubernetes 105018 jiahuif Pending Oct 19 andrewsykim, apelisse, caesarxuchao, thockin L [WIP] enum tag builtin types PoC
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1684 CecileRobertMichon Pending Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, karuppiah7890, mboersma, nader-ziada XXL Make VNet and NSGs reconcile/delete async
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 939 gohilankit Pending Oct 19 SandeepPissay, xing-yang S Add arg to disable gocsi in yamls
kubernetes 103740 gmaquinay Pending Oct 19 chrishenzie, justinsb S Make volume unmount max duration customizable
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1686 CecileRobertMichon Pending Oct 19 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, karuppiah7890, shysank XXL Make route tables reconcile/delete async
kubernetes 97593 gaoguangze111 Pending Oct 19 cheftako, deads2k, ehashman, lavalamp, yangjunmyfm192085 S Migrate logs in staging/src/ to structured logging
kubernetes 98307 shvgn Pending Oct 19 mortent, smarterclayton, zuzzas L Add DaemonSet support in PDB
kubernetes 100700 LinshanYu LGTM Oct 19 deads2k, jpbetz, smarterclayton, yangjunmyfm192085 S edit staging/src/ to structured Log
kubernetes 103362 m14815 Pending Oct 19 brianpursley, seans3 S Add some next line char for better information presentation.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1240 AartiJivrajani Pending Oct 19 gab-satchi, yastij M ✨Support for specifying datastore cluster in VSphereMachineTemplate
kubernetes 96246 tengqm LGTM Oct 19 derekwaynecarr, ehashman, ohbus, sjenning, smarterclayton, vishh L Improve kubelet config type documentation
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1609 alexeldeib Pending Oct 19 nader-ziada, shysank S fix: cluster to ammp watch; infra -> ammp requeue
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 811 shalini-b Pending Oct 19 SandeepPissay, divyenpatel, shalini-b, xing-yang XS Add roles/privileges check in file volume setup requirements
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 942 rpanduranga Pending Oct 19 BaluDontu, RaunakShah XL Code coverage - WIP - Not for Merging
kubernetes 103374 smarterclayton Pending Oct 19 Random-Liu, ehashman, mrunalp, yujuhong M kubelet: Test case for static pod with hardcoded UID
kubernetes 104971 smarterclayton Pending Oct 19 Random-Liu, ehashman L DO NOT MERGE: Testing pod hash change due to content change`
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 959 shalini-b Pending Oct 19 chethanv28, divyenpatel XS WIP: Enable SV FSS replication feature on the GC side
kubernetes 102206 sanwishe LGTM Oct 19 andrewsykim, caseydavenport, cmluciano, wangyysde XS Omit comparison with boolean constant
kubernetes 97070 rikatz Pending Oct 19 Ramon199, andrewsykim, danwinship, dougsland, rikatz L Validate nfconntrack regardless of kernel version
kubernetes 101027 Sh4d1 Pending Oct 19 aojea, thockin L Copy LoadBalancerStatus from core/v1 to networking/v1
kubernetes 101856 prateekpandey14 LGTM Oct 19 deads2k, derekwaynecarr, msau42, prateekpandey14 M fix static check of importing the same package multiple times
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 207 Huang-Wei Pending Oct 19 cwdsuzhou, yuanchen8911 M standardize error and state of return values of Permit
kubernetes 104810 pacoxu Pending Oct 19 alculquicondor, andrewsykim XXL [go1.17] go.mod: update to go1.17
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1254 chethanv28 Pending Oct 19 divyenpatel, xing-yang S Update few go libraries
kubernetes 99142 almas33 Pending Oct 19 almas33, caesarxuchao, thockin, vishh M fix staticcheck client-go/rest
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 529 MartinWeindel Pending Oct 19 BaluDontu, MartinWeindel, chethanv28, divyenpatel, jingxu97, yuga711 M fix volume detach if node is not existing anymore
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 975 kavyashree-r Pending Oct 19 RaunakShah, kavyashree-r, sashrith, xing-yang XL Modified VC change password test case and stabilize stateful set test cases
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1141 lipingxue Pending Oct 19 SandeepPissay, cdickmann, xing-yang, zhelongp L [WIP]Add fault type to CsiControlOpsHistVec for WCP, PVCSI and Vanilla CSI
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1220 incubateurpe Pending Oct 19 detiber, vincepri XS fix(#1162): add TLS Thumprint to vsphere-csi.conf
kubernetes 104339 rphillips Pending Oct 19 andrewsykim, derekwaynecarr S WIP: kubelet: add max_housekeeping_interval and eviction_monitoring_period flags
kubernetes 96820 sanchezl LGTM Oct 19 fedebongio, lavalamp, wojtek-t XS Update pkg godoc
kubernetes 99106 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Oct 19 feiskyer, neolit123 L [wip] Switch to runtime classes in Windows e2e tests
kubernetes 103719 novahe Pending Oct 19 hwdef, sttts M code-generator: use multithreading to reduce time-consuming
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 910 shalini-b Pending Oct 19 SandeepPissay, divyenpatel, shalini-b, xing-yang S Warn user about clashing IPs in NetPermissions for file volume configuration
kubernetes 93021 p0lyn0mial Pending Oct 19 SataQiu, alenkacz, deads2k, p0lyn0mial, smarterclayton, sttts, zerodayz XL integration test for dynamic certificate reload in the kube-aggregator
kubernetes 102355 lunhuijie LGTM Oct 19 caesarxuchao, liggitt, mikedanese, yangjunmyfm192085 M Structured Logging migration: for package staging/src/
kubernetes 90721 brianpursley Pending Oct 19 Jefftree, brianpursley, caesarxuchao, deads2k, kwiesmueller, liggitt, tallclair, tarokkk, wojtek-t M Fixed bug where querystring was lost on connection upgrade without using request location
kubernetes 97607 wwgfhf Pending Oct 19 ehashman, gmarek, mm4tt, serathius XS Migrate pkg/kubemark logs to structured logging
kubernetes 102002 brianpursley Pending Oct 19 hongchaodeng, mikedanese M WIP:Preserve request query when proxied request is upgraded
kubernetes 101760 sanwishe LGTM Oct 19 jingxu97, njuptlzf, saad-ali, shubheksha, yangjunmyfm192085 L Structured Logging migration: migrate package pkg/volume/util/operationexecutor for structured logging
kubernetes 102889 iterion Pending Oct 19 dims, krmayankk, lavalamp L WIP: Add cronjob timezone
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 155 cheftako Pending Oct 19 Jefftree, Sh4d1, caesarxuchao, cheftako XL Added code to track tainting of a tunnel.
dashboard 5449 floreks Pending Oct 19 jeefy, maciaszczykm XXL [WIP] Design and create new API
kubernetes 102265 danielrodriguez Pending Oct 19 apelisse, danielrodriguez, eddiezane, lauchokyip, pwittrock, seans3 M Fix: kubectl create -f and kubectl delete -f are not glob friendly
kubernetes 85796 oke-py Pending Oct 19 ahmetb, brendandburns, derekwaynecarr, juanvallejo M find plugin when configuration given on command line
kubernetes 88072 wojtek-t Pending Oct 19 enj, hongchaodeng, jpbetz, liggitt, wojtek-t S [WIP] Optimize list pods from a namespace in cacher.
kubernetes 80438 jennybuckley Pending Oct 19 apelisse, jennybuckley, kwiesmueller, lavalamp M Add cached lazy unmarshalling for field sets
kubernetes 90815 wojtek-t Pending Oct 19 kow3ns, sttts, wojtek-t L [WIP] Get rid of UntilWithoutRetry method in favor of already existing Until()
kubernetes 102596 ilyee Pending Oct 19 deads2k, ilyee, roycaihw, sttts, yue9944882 S Specify forbidden fields if metadata properties validation failed
kubernetes 89546 verult Pending Oct 19 gnufied, misterikkit, saad-ali, verult L Prototype of OperationKey refactor for NestedPendingOperations
kubernetes 100831 scottilee Pending Oct 19 foxish, lichuqiang, scottilee, yangjunmyfm192085 XL Convert controller util and volume files to structured logs
kubernetes 102474 wzshiming Pending Oct 19 aojea, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, matthyx, vishh, wzshiming XL Normalize HTTP Lifecycle handlers with HTTP Probers
kubernetes 102943 CaoDonghui123 Pending Oct 19 CaoDonghui123, alculquicondor, lavalamp, liggitt, mortent S Change the API priority
kubernetes 103628 mtaufen Pending Oct 19 Random-Liu, andyzhangx, brendandburns, enj, micahhausler, mikedanese XL [WIP] Make image pulls work with KSA tokens bound to Pods
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 181 huiwq1990 Pending Oct 19 Jefftree, Sh4d1, jdnurme M use `component-base` to operator flag
kubernetes 101883 cici37 Pending Oct 19 aojea, cheftako L cloud provider gce migration
kubernetes 101787 sanwishe LGTM Oct 19 andyzhangx, jingxu97, saad-ali, yangjunmyfm192085 L Structured Logging migration: for package pkg/volume/util
kubernetes 101941 TCeason Pending Oct 19 caesarxuchao, cndoit18, mikedanese, roycaihw M Modify API server validation error message misses ^ and $ in regexp format
kubernetes 102532 pigletfly Pending Oct 19 logicalhan, neolit123 L Move pkg/util/env to
kubernetes 104120 bart0sh Pending Oct 19 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, lavalamp S remove GAed HugePageStorageMediumSize feature gate
kubernetes 101808 haircommander Pending Oct 19 mtaufen, resouer XXL WIP cri-api: add pinned field to Image
kubernetes 103052 Rahul-D78 Pending Oct 19 brahmaroutu, timothysc S removes pkg/errors
kubernetes 99427 m14815 Pending Oct 19 BenTheElder, neolit123, spiffxp S Fix gosec G307 in tar.go
kubernetes 96595 gavinfish Pending Oct 19 alculquicondor, gavinfish, liu-cong, msau42 XXL [WIP] qualify in-tree scheduler plugin
website 28488 swatisehgal Pending Oct 19 celestehorgan, steveperry-53 XS PodResources: Introducing isExclusive field in ContainerResources
kubernetes 96936 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Oct 19 andrewsykim, bowei, marosset, ravisantoshgudimetla, rikatz M Add priority flag kube proxy
test-infra 22135 arturo-skydio Pending Oct 19 matthyx, stevekuznetsov L [jenkins-operator] Allow specifying additional params for downstream …
autoscaler 4081 brunzefb Pending Oct 19 Jeffwan, aleksandra-malinowska S Clarified instructions for helm users when using aws autodiscovery - Try#2
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1178 Promaethius LGTM Oct 19 Promaethius, chuckha, gab-satchi, justinsb, yastij M CSI Thumbprint Support and Version Bump
kubeflow/pipelines 6759 zijianjoy Pending Oct 19 Bobgy, StefanoFioravanzo XXL feat(frontend): View pipeline from run ID in KFPv2. Fix #6758
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1354 chethanv28 Pending Oct 19 BaluDontu, divyenpatel L Add 2.0.2 and 2.1.2 release pages
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1697 CecileRobertMichon Pending Oct 18 CecileRobertMichon, devigned, mboersma, nader-ziada, shysank XXL make virtual machine reconcile async
website 28331 MikeSpreitzer Pending Oct 18 MikeSpreitzer, aojea, kbarnard10, neolit123, sftim L Add blog post about avoiding the default address when using kubeadm
kubernetes 101264 lojies Pending Oct 18 MaciekPytel, cjcullen XS code cleanup:fix broken link in gce
istio/istio 35658 bianpengyuan Pending Oct 18 M Make port forwarder resilient to broken connection.
minikube 11598 daehyeok Pending Oct 18 daehyeok, ilya-zuyev, medyagh, prezha L Support copy file from node to local host or between nodes.
kubeflow/kubeflow 6198 zijianjoy Pending Oct 18 Bobgy, james-jwu, kimwnasptd, pdmack, shannonbradshaw, zijianjoy L Document for cutting Kubeflow website release.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1672 jsturtevant Pending Oct 18 CecileRobertMichon, devigned, jayunit100, jsturtevant, marosset, perithompson XXL Windows Containerd support using Calico and HostProcess
kube-openapi 255 jpbetz LGTM Oct 18 apelisse, yujuhong XS Add jpbetz as approver
kubernetes 105201 marosset Pending Oct 18 chewong, dcantah, feiskyer, jsturtevant, marosset L HostProcess e2e tests to validate command / workingDir parameters
googleforgames/quilkin 360 iffyio Pending Oct 18 XAMPPRocky, iffyio, markmandel xl XDS Management Server
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1767 CecileRobertMichon Pending Oct 18 cpanato, mboersma S [WIP] Add cluster upgrades + conformance spec
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1353 chethanv28 Pending Oct 18 divyenpatel S Renaming v2.1.2-rc.1 yamls with v2.1.2
istio/istio 35615 aweis89 Pending Oct 18 aweis89, yangminzhu L JWKS with empty keys or invalid fields should fail validations
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1352 chethanv28 Pending Oct 18 SandeepPissay, divyenpatel, xing-yang XL Removing v2.0.2-rc.1 and renaming v2.0.2-rc.2 with v2.0.2
kubernetes-sigs/structured-merge-diff 203 jiahuif Pending Oct 18 apelisse, jennybuckley, jiahuif M Prefer rhs ordering while merging list.
minikube 12663 yosshy Pending Oct 18 YuikoTakada, atoato88, prasadkatti, sharifelgamal, shu-mutou, t-inu, yosshy M Update Japanese translation (Line 700-749)
kubernetes 104781 RPing Pending Oct 18 bobbypage, derekwaynecarr S [WIP] kubelet knob for housekeepingPeriod
kubernetes 104056 Patrick0308 Pending Oct 18 adtac, andrewsykim, caesarxuchao XL Add SOCKS5 proxy support for kubectl exec [based on #84205]
kubernetes 104287 jsturtevant Pending Oct 18 andrewsykim, andyzhangx L Reduce the number of expensive calls in the Windows stats queries for dockershim
googleforgames/quilkin 385 rezvaneh Pending Oct 18 XAMPPRocky, iffyio, markmandel, rezvaneh m replace slog with tracing in Filter
kubernetes 105744 jsturtevant Pending Oct 18 mtaufen, vishh M Get Windows network stats directly for Containerd
google/cadvisor 2963 frebib Pending Oct 18 M Support listening on TLS
website 30132 Arhell Pending Oct 18 cdrage, chenxuc, tengqm XS [zh] Update
kubernetes 105406 marosset Pending Oct 18 dchen1107, ehashman, jsturtevant, madhanrm, marosset L Adding kubelet metrics for started and failed to start HostProcess containers
kubernetes-sigs/cli-experimental 212 koba1t Pending Oct 18 SyamSundarKirubakaran, barney-s, natasha41575 XS [fix] Containerized KRM Functions sample yaml is missing.
istio/istio 35360 howardjohn Pending Oct 18 bianpengyuan, costinm, howardjohn, lambdai, linsun, mandarjog, nmittler XL drop dependency on `iproute2` binary and libraries
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1492 aayushrangwala Pending Oct 18 DirectXMan12, aayushrangwala, alenkacz, alvaroaleman, christopherhein, joelanford, vincepri L ⚠️ fix the leader election precedence over config file
website 30087 verma-kunal Pending Oct 18 AvineshTripathi, anubha-v-ardhan, divya-mohan0209, mittalyashu, sftim, verma-kunal M [hi] Add content/hi/_index.html
kubernetes 98552 yangjunmyfm192085 LGTM Oct 18 SergeyKanzhelev, dchen1107, heqg, mrunalp, mtaufen, yangjunmyfm192085 XS disable the container health check function for sanbox
website 30075 nuno-faria LGTM Oct 18 DirectXMan12, divya-mohan0209, justinsb, nuno-faria, reylejano, tengqm XS Remove extra parenthesis
website 30082 sftim LGTM Oct 18 jimangel, kbhawkey, reylejano L Revise page header styles
googleforgames/open-match-docs 238 syntxerror Pending Oct 18 S Release 1.3
kube-openapi 256 jpbetz Pending Oct 18 sttts, yujuhong XXL [WIP] Add CEL rule validator
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1721 karuppiah7890 Pending Oct 18 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, devigned, karuppiah7890, shysank XL Fix resource group not getting updated if tags are added
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1776 jsturtevant LGTM Oct 18 CecileRobertMichon, jsturtevant, mboersma L Add metadata to machine object for propagation
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2298 dmizelle Pending Oct 18 Raffo, dmizelle, njuettner, seanmalloy L Bump Cloudflare-Go
website 29206 sftim Pending Oct 18 kbhawkey, tengqm L Revise task for practising NGINX Ingress controller
istio/istio 35655 bianpengyuan Pending Oct 18 howardjohn S Fix cronjob timestamp trimming.
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2387 alebedev87 Pending Oct 18 Raffo, njuettner XS GCP: handle failed project auto detection
kube-openapi 253 jpbetz Pending Oct 18 TristonianJones, apelisse, jpbetz, seans3 XXL Fork in part of
kubernetes 103934 boenn Pending Oct 18 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor, boenn, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, gjkim42 L De-duplicate predicate (known as filter now) logic shared in kubelet and scheduler
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 404 karlkfi Pending Oct 18 Liujingfang1, seans3, soltysh XXL [WIP] Add context and timeouts
website 30107 chirangaalwis LGTM Oct 18 Mr-DG-Wick, alculquicondor, chirangaalwis, davidopp, jimangel, sftim M Update "multiple schedulers" example
kubeflow/pipelines 6753 capri-xiyue Pending Oct 18 XS debug mysql latency
minikube 12578 denverdino Pending Oct 18 afbjorklund, denverdino, medyagh L Initial support for adding Aliyun mirror for preload images and K8s release binaries
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5419 DiptoChakrabarty Pending Oct 18 DiptoChakrabarty, enxebre, fabriziopandini, killianmuldoon, stmcginnis, vincepri M Errors moved from util to errors package :seedling:
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5429 killianmuldoon Pending Oct 18 sbueringer, vincepri L 🌱 Integration tests for clusterclass
website 30033 gochist LGTM Oct 18 ClaudiaJKang, jihoon-seo, seokho-son S [ko] Update working-with-objects
test-infra 24039 rayandas Pending Oct 18 ameukam, mborsz, neolit123 XS [WIP] Migrate release-blocking prowjobs to the community-owned build cluster 30130 mayocream Pending Oct 18 XS [zh] translate concept finalizer
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2387 alebedev87 Pending Oct 18 XS GCP: handle failed project auto detection
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 8094 utkuozdemir Pending Oct 18 XS Add fallback to node drain using --disable-eviction flag
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 8094 utkuozdemir Pending Oct 18 XS Add fallback to node drain using --disable-eviction flag
kubeflow/kfserving 1870 jagadeeshi2i Pending Oct 18 XS Torchserve v2 protocol
kubernetes 105030 liggitt Pending Oct 18 liggitt, luxas, neolit123 XL WIP: switch from json-iterator to forked stdlib json decoder
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1181 chethanv28 Pending Oct 18 divyenpatel, xing-yang S Updating param name in ReloadConfig for better code readability
cloud-provider-openstack 1535 jingczhang Pending Oct 18 anguslees, dims L [occm] Add support of trunk ports
cloud-provider-gcp 282 Fedosin Pending Oct 18 elmiko, jiahuif, jpbetz L Use Alpha Compute API only in case of dual stack
kubernetes 104481 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Oct 18 SergeyKanzhelev, krmayankk, matthyx XS e2e_node: Properly check for DynamicKubeletConfig
kubeflow/pipelines 6752 davidxia Pending Oct 18 Bobgy, capri-xiyue XS docs(backend): fix incorrect maxNumViewers help text
minikube 12084 Srikrishnabh Pending Oct 18 Srikrishnabh, afbjorklund, medyagh, prasadkatti, prezha, spowelljr XL fixes get ETCD version from kubernetes constants #11290
website 29034 rguichard Pending Oct 18 AWKIF, anthonydahanne M [fr] fix typos and trailing spaces
kubernetes 100409 yuzhiquan Pending Oct 18 derekwaynecarr, ehashman, erictune, liggitt, manugupt1, serathius, sjenning, yuzhiquan M Fix json log format config bug
kubernetes 105251 calvin0327 Pending Oct 18 lavalamp, liggitt S Update corefile-migration to v1.0.14 and update coredns to 1.8.6
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1770 zachberger Pending Oct 18 EricEdens, adjackura, zoran15 S Daisy: Use ListUsable instead of List for Subnetworks
kops 12548 hakman LGTM Oct 18 MoShitrit, hakman, johngmyers, joshbranham, zetaab M Update channels
kubernetes 105568 alvarovn Pending Oct 18 derekwaynecarr, smarterclayton XS Remove status validation of PodSpec.NodeName
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2043 RicardoNalesAmato Pending Oct 18 Raffo, njuettner, seanmalloy M Add annotationFilter to Ambassador Hosts
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 1594 tohjustin LGTM Oct 18 ahmetb, chriskim06, corneliusweig, tohjustin M Add lineage plugin
istio/ 10435 yangminzhu Pending Oct 18 ericvn S add authz limitation of server-first TCP protocol
kubernetes-sigs/etcdadm 242 g-gaston Pending Oct 18 dlipovetsky, g-gaston, hakman, justinsb XL Init and join command phases
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 1606 xcoulon Pending Oct 18 ahmetb, corneliusweig, xcoulon M Add plugin: terminate
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 433 sayantani11 Pending Oct 18 cpanato, krousey, sayantani11 L shellcheck verification and cert-manager installation script
kubeflow/pipelines 6564 midhun1998 Pending Oct 18 animeshsingh, neuromage S fix(components): Fixes `default-editor` unable to create PVC in `default` namespace
kubeflow/website 3033 alexeykaplin Pending Oct 18 Arhell, deepak-muley, deepakm-ntnx, johnugeorge S Documentation for kubeflow monitoring at nutanix deployments
kubernetes 99728 mattcary Pending Oct 18 andrewsykim, brendandburns, enj, kow3ns, krmayankk, liggitt, mattcary, msau42 XXL StatefulSet PVC auto-delete implementation
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 432 sayantani11 Pending Oct 18 cpanato, krousey, sayantani11 M Allows using a local image in make create-cluster
enhancements 2801 shekhar-rajak Pending Oct 18 jeremyrickard, kikisdeliveryservice XS Replace kep-number to kep_number for JSON format
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1777 karuppiah7890 Pending Oct 18 juan-lee, shysank XS Capture test case range variable before running sub test in parallel
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1265 yastij Pending Oct 18 MaxRink, jzhoucliqr, vrabbi XL add the supervisor-based APIs support CAEP
kube-state-metrics 1614 geojaz Pending Oct 18 brancz, dgrisonnet, fpetkovski M Updates ClusterRole with get permissions
kubernetes 99891 almas33 Pending Oct 18 almas33, brianpursley, deads2k, lauchokyip, rikatz XXL remove generator dependency of expose
kube-state-metrics 1616 olivierlemasle LGTM Oct 18 brancz, dgrisonnet, lilic, mrueg, olivierlemasle M [e2e] check all default collector metrics are available
istio/istio 34950 adiprerepa Pending Oct 18 howardjohn M delta: eds/sds removedresources fix
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 813 dependabot[bot] LGTM Oct 18 andyzhangx, feiskyer M chore(deps): bump from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 658 parth-pandit Pending Oct 18 figo, justinsb XS Added vmware-vmx reference
cloud-provider-openstack 1665 gman0 Pending Oct 18 lingxiankong, ramineni S [CI] Add install-k8s role
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8083 jayonlau Pending Oct 18 EppO, bozzo, floryut XS Add jayonlau to reviewers
kubernetes 105237 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Oct 18 pigletfly, rootfs, sttts, vinayakankugoyal XS Fix CAP_SYS_ADMIN verification
kubeflow/common 100 xfate123 Pending Oct 18 Jeffwan, gaocegege, merlintang, terrytangyuan, xfate123 XS minor errors in pod.go
kubernetes 104613 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Oct 18 andrewsykim, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, marosset, ravisantoshgudimetla L [kubelet]: Reconcile OS and arch labels periodically
kops 12549 liranp Pending Oct 18 rdrgmnzs, zetaab XS Spotinst: Get instance types from `mixedInstancesPolicy` field
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 1646 krew-release-bot Pending Oct 18 ahmetb, corneliusweig M release new version v0.0.1 of statistics
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2898 gabeduke Pending Oct 18 MHBauer, jberkhahn, jhvhs S [Feature] Configurable Migration Timeout
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1077 aaronhenshaw Pending Oct 18 Raffo, artburkart, seh L Expose ExternalIP of Node as annotation on headless service
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-packet 293 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 18 deitch, mrmrcoleman XS Bump actions/checkout from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5
kubernetes 99769 CKchen0726 Pending Oct 18 CKchen0726, jingxu97, lala123912, serathius, shubheksha, verult, yangjunmyfm192085 M migrate volume/csi/csi_block.go logs to structured logging
website 29214 AnirudhPanda Pending Oct 18 AnirudhPanda, kbarnard10, sftim, tengqm L centered the get-certified section
website 29252 AnirudhPanda Pending Oct 18 daminisatya, jimangel, sftim L Responsiveness fixed
website 28916 jihoon-seo Pending Oct 18 rajeshdeshpande02, sftim S Cleanup redirects
website 28227 kedare LGTM Oct 18 Sh4d1, rbenzair, sftim, yastij XS Add Scaleway Kapsule to French providers page
website 28036 sftim Pending Oct 18 PI-Victor, kbhawkey, onlydole, sftim, steveperry-53, tengqm XXL Generate feature gates list from data
website 29858 LittleAaron Pending Oct 18 Arhell, SataQiu, chenxuc S update completion-mode
website 29732 jayesh-srivastava Pending Oct 18 gochist, jihoon-seo S [ko] Added the correct korean translations.
kops 9178 johngmyers Pending Oct 18 joshbranham, zetaab XXL WIP Introduce v1beta1 API
kops 10175 h3poteto Pending Oct 18 h3poteto, johngmyers, mikesplain, olemarkus, rdrgmnzs XXL Add prometheus exporter to expose validation result in kops-controller
kops 10251 olemarkus Pending Oct 18 hakman, joshbranham, justinsb, olemarkus, rifelpet, seh XXL Delete security group rules that kops do not know about
kops 10595 DOboznyi Pending Oct 18 DOboznyi, HELLRAZOR6666, hakman, olemarkus, rdrgmnzs, zetaab XL Removed default hostname-override
kops 11099 justinsb Pending Oct 18 mikesplain, rdrgmnzs M Don't grant S3 node IAM permissions when reading from kops-controller
kops 9855 rifelpet Pending Oct 18 KashifSaadat, mikesplain, rifelpet XXL WIP Initial support for Bottlerocket OS
kops 11100 justinsb Pending Oct 18 mikesplain, zetaab L WIP: Use signed-token authentication on GCE
kops 11104 justinsb Pending Oct 18 johngmyers, mikesplain L WIP: Use CertificateSigningRequests when requesting kops-controller certificates
kops 11135 guydog28 Pending Oct 18 bharath-123, guydog28, rdrgmnzs, zetaab XL use regex instead of hard-coded incomplete zones to guess cloud provider
kops 11163 Deepak1100 Pending Oct 18 Deepak1100, hakman, johngmyers, mikesplain, olemarkus, zetaab XL [WIP] Adding IPV6 support for aws vpc and subnet
kops 11155 justinsb Pending Oct 18 olemarkus, rdrgmnzs L Refactor kubeconfig generation
website 28545 MikeSpreitzer LGTM Oct 18 bradtopol, onlydole, tengqm M Fully describe how to get non-default address in place
website 25042 geoffcline Pending Oct 18 geoffcline, jsafrane, kbhawkey, msau42, sftim XXL refactor volumes page into core, external
website 27584 erismaster Pending Oct 18 derekwaynecarr, vishh S Clarify Eviction Process Docs
website 24169 sftim Pending Oct 18 kbhawkey, mbevc1, mikedanese, sftim, steveperry-53, tengqm XXL [WIP] Rewrite Secret concept
ingress-nginx 7614 larivierec Pending Oct 18 arvtiwar, cmluciano, jroper, larivierec, rikatz, tao12345666333, theunrealgeek L Support cors-allow-origin with multiple origins
kubernetes 105585 fengzixu Pending Oct 18 SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, dgrisonnet, ehashman, fengzixu, gnufied, logicalhan, msau42, resouer, xing-yang M add volume kubelet_volume_stats_health_abnormal to kubelet
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2251 litewhatever Pending Oct 18 litewhatever, njuettner, prydie, seanmalloy L Upgrade OCI SDK and add support for private zones
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2238 EIP-Laurent Pending Oct 18 njuettner, seanmalloy XXL Implement external provider for EfficientIP SOLIDserver
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-release-tools 33 Adirio Pending Oct 18 joelanford, vincepri XXL 🌱 Pkg cleanup
website 29865 mab Pending Oct 18 Arhell, bene2k1, mkorbi M Update
kubernetes 102844 mcbenjemaa Pending Oct 18 abhiraut, jayunit100 M Minor netpol improvements:
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8088 irizzant Pending Oct 18 holmsten, mirwan, oomichi XS Metrics-server Deployment has incongruencies in resources requests/limits
website 27981 mkorbi Pending Oct 18 bene2k1, rlenferink XXL Fix minikube links and kubectl install pages
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 972 swapnilbabladkar Pending Oct 18 chrischdi, hidekazuna, prankul88, sbueringer, swapnilbabladkar L Implementation of Conditions feature in Openstack Machine Controller
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4030 thatsmydoing Pending Oct 18 justinsb, monopole, natasha41575, thatsmydoing M Update supported URLs in
kubernetes 101136 CKchen0726 Pending Oct 18 msau42, vishh, yangjunmyfm192085 M migrate volume/local/local.go logs into structured logging
kubernetes 100743 CKchen0726 Pending Oct 18 mtanino, saad-ali, yangjunmyfm192085 M migrate volume/iscsi/iscsi_util.go logs to structured logging
kubernetes 100323 CKchen0726 Pending Oct 18 CKchen0726, verult, xing-yang, yangjunmyfm192085 M migrate volume/csi/csi_plugin.go logs to structured logging
kubernetes-sigs/kpng 79 hanamantagoudvk Pending Oct 18 jayunit100, mcluseau XXL Determining Local Endpoint
website 29946 neolit123 LGTM Oct 18 SataQiu, celestehorgan, neolit123, pacoxu, rajeshdeshpande02, tengqm M kubeadm: add more details about air-gapped and custom images
google/cadvisor 2645 dqminh Pending Oct 18 bobbypage, dashpole, dqminh, eero-t, kolyshkin M Some optimization for process stats collection 30125 chirangaalwis Pending Oct 18 XS Combine Service Account to Map with Resource Type
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2385 miheer Pending Oct 18 XS WIP: While creating DNS records for OpenShift Routes External DNS will map LB target to route hostname as a A RECORD in OCP 4.
istio/istio 35542 hzxuzhonghu Pending Oct 18 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, ramaraochavali XXL Rework "refactor serviceentry store""
kubernetes 105586 jonyhy96 Pending Oct 18 aojea, danwinship, dcbw, dilyanpalauzov, dougsland, jonyhy96, khenidak XS kube-proxy: fix misleading in help info
kubernetes 105437 cmssczy Pending Oct 18 cmssczy, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, liggitt, piosz L migrate --register-with-taints to KubeletConfiguration
test-infra 24018 cchengleo Pending Oct 18 fabriziopandini, spiffxp S Add initial config OWNERS and testgrid tabs for kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-kubevirt
kubernetes 105481 claudiubelu Pending Oct 18 fejta, johnSchnake XL tests: Prepull images
website 29015 rajula96reddy Pending Oct 18 bobbypage, chrisnegus, ehashman, kbarnard10, mrunalp, reylejano, sftim, xiaoxubeii M 1.22 feature blog for memory qos support with cgroups v2
kubernetes 105656 goofy-z Pending Oct 18 adtac, chendave, goofy-z XS fix DryRunPreemption not return all node status
kubernetes-sigs/work-api 10 qiujian16 Pending Oct 18 JeremyOT, RainbowMango, mikeshng, qiujian16 XL Enable e2e test
kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server 861 serathius Pending Oct 18 dgrisonnet, serathius, yangjunmyfm192085 XL Reduce allocations made by metric parsing
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 592 perithompson LGTM Oct 18 akutz, codenrhoden, jsturtevant, perithompson L Added ability to set timezone in auto unattend
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1527 kevindelgado Pending Oct 18 DirectXMan12, alenkacz, shawn-hurley XL 🌱 [WIP] Conditional Controllers
kubernetes 105459 shivanshu1333 Pending Oct 18 gnufied, jingxu97 S Fixed using reference in for loop
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 621 AshwiniGhanwat Pending Oct 18 ArangoGutierrez, Ethyling L Detect and label CPU Model Name#270
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2354 renehernandez Pending Oct 18 Raffo, njuettner, sheerun L Cloudflare wildcard records in enterprise plan
kubernetes 105368 bart0sh Pending Oct 18 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, s-kawamura-w664, vishh S Fail to create static pod referencing ServiceAccount
kops 12531 rifelpet Pending Oct 18 hakman, zetaab XS Stop skipping snapshot fields tests in EBS CSI e2e
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8086 floryut Pending Oct 18 EppO, bozzo XL Remove deprecated Ambassador ingress code
kubeflow/kubeflow 6195 mofanke Pending Oct 18 kimwnasptd, thesuperzapper XS fix error comparison between pointer and pointer in "CopyStatefulSetFields"
kubernetes 105701 itsAftabAlam LGTM Oct 18 brendandburns, heqg, liggitt XS added hyperlink on Kubernetes Banner
kubeflow/common 163 Jeffwan Pending Oct 18 gaocegege, terrytangyuan L WIP: Revert #135: change rtype to commonv1.ReplicaType
kubernetes 105571 yuzhiquan Pending Oct 18 coderanger, dougsland, eddiezane, yuzhiquan M Remove ignore error flag for drain, and set this feature as default
istio/istio 35646 kebe7jun Pending Oct 18 S Add `istioctl x revision tag list` json output implement
istio/istio 35643 nicole-lihui Pending Oct 18 L add MultipleYAMLDiff func and fix invalid unit test
kubernetes 105718 CIPHERTron LGTM Oct 18 CIPHERTron, fejta, serathius, shivanshu1333, vishh, xichengliudui XS mark kube-proxy structured logs as migrated
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2378 mainred Pending Oct 18 Raffo, mainred, njuettner M use docker buildx for multi-arch docker image
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1308 marunachalam Pending Oct 18 chethanv28, divyenpatel XS [WIP]Kindly ignore
istio/istio 35262 howardjohn Pending Oct 18 adiprerepa L DNM: Add tests for delta XDS
istio/istio 35240 dsy3502 Pending Oct 18 howardjohn XS fix 'misspellings
istio/istio 35237 liuxu623 Pending Oct 18 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, liuxu623 XS config capture-all-dns via env ISTIO_META_DNS_CAPTURE_ALL
istio/istio 34823 kebe7jun Pending Oct 18 L Fix sidecar's resources if set resource annotation and global values
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1340 gohilankit Pending Oct 18 BaluDontu, divyenpatel XS [WIP] Fix metadata syncer for static PV
kubernetes 105643 mysunshine92 Pending Oct 18 Random-Liu, fromanirh, pacoxu, vishh XS update kuberuntime_gc.go
website 29868 RA489 Pending Oct 18 RA489, kbhawkey, onlydole, s-kawamura-w664, tengqm XS explanation of the role of activeDeadlineSeconds in initContainers be…
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 1619 fleeto Pending Oct 18 RainbowMango, ahmetb, chriskim06, corneliusweig, fleeto M Plugin added: karmada-cli
kubernetes-sigs/minibroker 210 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 18 carolynvs, f0rmiga, mook-as M build(deps): bump from 1.12.2 to 1.16.5 in /tests/integration
kubernetes 105645 aoxn Pending Oct 18 RA489, SataQiu, fabriziopandini, neolit123, pacoxu M GetConfigMapWithRetry is a common function, should not share global d…
enhancements 3007 spiffxp LGTM Oct 18 LappleApple, deads2k, ehashman, jeremyrickard, johnbelamaric, justaugustus, kikisdeliveryservice, mrbobbytables, spiffxp, wojtek-t L pkg/kepval: enable PRR check for implemented KEPs
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1286 sashrith Pending Oct 18 RaunakShah, divyenpatel M [WIP] temp 30123 sftim Pending Oct 18 XS Make figure sizing more responsive
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2384 polivbr Pending Oct 18 XS [azure] remove dummy MSI_ENDPOINT
kubernetes 105722 249043822 Pending Oct 18 ehashman, smarterclayton M Fix:Kubectl reports wrong status for evicted pod when container statuses are synced after
kubernetes 105268 249043822 Pending Oct 18 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, smarterclayton L Eviction and soft admission failures should stop pod probes
kubernetes 102764 wzshiming Pending Oct 18 adisky, andrewsykim, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, kolyshkin, smarterclayton, wzshiming L Validates the value of the environment variable
kubernetes 101997 shawnhanx LGTM Oct 18 derekwaynecarr, smarterclayton, yliaog M Add unit tests for pvc quota
kubeflow/blog 110 johnugeorge LGTM Oct 18 Bobgy, Jeffwan, gaocegege, jbottum, terrytangyuan, zijianjoy M Blogpost for unified training operator
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2899 hezhizhen Pending Oct 18 MHBauer, duanhongyi, jberkhahn, piotrmiskiewicz L Fix typo and adjust import order
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 639 JaneLiuL Pending Oct 18 JaneLiuL, a7i, damemi, k82cn, seanmalloy L Ignore Pods With Deletion Timestamp
website 30120 bang9211 Pending Oct 18 ClaudiaJKang, pjhwa, yoonian M [ko]Translate tasks/run-application/ in Korean
kubernetes 105562 Zhongya-Yan Pending Oct 18 cmluciano, dougsland, m1093782566 M use sysctl to write sysfs
community 5373 eddiezane Pending Oct 18 andrewsykim, brancz, markyjackson-taulia, mrbobbytables, nikhita M Add note about calendar invites to templates
community 5514 cblecker Pending Oct 18 idvoretskyi, mrbobbytables, nikhita, spiffxp M Add generation function for annual report
community 5799 gghezzo Pending Oct 18 ericavonb, hannibalhuang, mrbobbytables XS Changed the Meeting Details to match the Notes
community 5966 lukehinds Pending Oct 18 castrojo, cblecker, cpanato, nikhita XL PSC Rename
istio/istio 35621 gy95 Pending Oct 18 bianpengyuan, howardjohn, jacob-delgado S replace deprecated package io/ioutil with packages io and os
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-release-tools 39 DirectXMan12 LGTM Oct 18 Adirio, estroz XS :seedling: Move directxman12 to approvers-emeritus
kubernetes 103784 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Oct 17 egernst, yastij M [WIP] runtimeclass: Validate Windows pods
kubernetes 102403 fduyangchao Pending Oct 17 fduyangchao, jingxu97, msau42 XS outerVolumeSpecName should not set as innerVolumeSpecName when reconstructing volume
website 29923 Arhell Pending Oct 17 femrtnz, rikatz, yagonobre XS [pt-br] Add seccomp tutorial to index
community 5678 tpepper Pending Oct 17 AevaOnline, karenhchu M add Slack handles for CoCC
community 5677 tpepper Pending Oct 17 cblecker, karenhchu, mrbobbytables, nikhita, spiffxp, tashimi, tpepper M add optional Slack handles
community 5980 jichenjc Pending Oct 17 MadhavJivrajani, idvoretskyi, liggitt S Add cluster-api-provider-openstack office hour links
community 5910 robscott Pending Oct 17 caseydavenport, thockin S Updating Gateway API Meeting Times
website 30111 nakamasato LGTM Oct 17 divya-mohan0209, onlydole, sftim S Remove duplicated docs from setup ingress on minikube
website 30117 ztzxt Pending Oct 17 mikedanese, onlydole XS Bump dashboard version to 2.4.0 from 2.3.1
kubernetes 103567 gooney152 Pending Oct 17 caesarxuchao, oomichi, pohly, timothysc, wangyysde S refactor master function names to controlplane
website 30122 sejr Pending Oct 17 kbhawkey, sejr, sftim, tengqm M WIP: Add Task page for setting up the Pod Security Webhook 30122 sejr Pending Oct 17 XS WIP: Add Task page for setting up the Pod Security Webhook 30120 bang9211 Pending Oct 17 XS [ko]Translate tasks/run-application/ in Korean 30118 Shatakshi0805 Pending Oct 17 XS fix broken link in
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2382 stobias123 Pending Oct 17 njuettner XS [Google Provider] Additional logging when project detection fails
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 648 pravarag Pending Oct 17 XS [WIP] add new podEvictor statistics
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 630 justinsb Pending Oct 17 droot, pwittrock M :bug: CRD generation: remove status before writing
kops 12382 justinsb Pending Oct 17 KashifSaadat, johngmyers, rifelpet, zetaab L GCE: improve network & subnet terraform support
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2382 stobias123 Pending Oct 17 Raffo, njuettner XS [Google Provider] Additional logging when project detection fails
kubernetes-sigs/boskos 91 hamzy Pending Oct 17 alvaroaleman, stevekuznetsov XS Fix build break in images/ boskosctl
website 24420 sftim Pending Oct 17 daminisatya, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm, zparnold XL Revise “Configure a Pod to Use a ConfigMap”
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 478 shyamg28 Pending Oct 17 jqmichael, leakingtapan, nckturner S Added DNS Config for Controller to support EFS Access Point deletion. 30117 ztzxt Pending Oct 17 XS Bump dashboard version to 2.4.0 from 2.3.1
kompose 1440 ndeloof Pending Oct 17 ngtuna, sebgoa XXL [WiP] adopt Compose-go to parse Compose files v2 or v3
ingress-nginx 7093 zhaogaolong Pending Oct 17 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano, tao12345666333, tokers, zhaogaolong L perf: backend split to buckets
kubernetes-client/csharp 730 tg123 Pending Oct 17 brendandburns, krabhishek8260 L Upgrade generator dep
kubeflow/website 3012 shannonbradshaw LGTM Oct 17 Arhell, animeshsingh, jbottum, kimwnasptd, pdmack XS remove mention of Kubeflow 1.3 on OpenShift distro page
kubernetes-sigs/hierarchical-namespaces 51 RealHarshThakur Pending Oct 17 RealHarshThakur, adrianludwin, rjbez17, srampal M Deny requests adding tree labels
kubernetes-sigs/depstat 20 GrooveCS Pending Oct 17 GrooveCS, RinkiyaKeDad M Initial Commit Dependency Analyzer (depstat) Auto Completion Feature
istio/istio 35241 Shikugawa Pending Oct 17 M pilot: add knob to configure requestIDExtension to HCM
website 29848 arsheelsheikh Pending Oct 17 anubha-v-ardhan, divya-mohan0209, habibrosyad, mittalyashu XXL [hi] Add content/hi/docs/setup/production-environment/windows/user-gu…
website 29401 rajatgupta24 Pending Oct 17 anubha-v-ardhan, daminisatya, mittalyashu, rajatgupta24, sftim L [hi] Add content/hi/docs/tutorials/kubernetes-basics/deploy-app/deploy-intro.html
kubernetes-sigs/kpng 55 jayunit100 Pending Oct 17 mcluseau, thockin XXL WIP commit, userspace port
kubernetes-sigs/kpng 64 VivekThrivikraman-est Pending Oct 17 jayunit100, mcluseau XL Include lb and session affinity related parameters to kpng controller
kubernetes 99988 changshuchao LGTM Oct 17 caesarxuchao, fedebongio, smarterclayton XS fix Spelling error for supersede in config.go
website 27571 ntith LGTM Oct 17 anthonydahanne, oussemos XS Fix start tutorial button url for french version
website 28181 bells17 Pending Oct 17 kakts, makocchi-git L Translate docs/contribute/advanced/ into Japanese
website 19980 remyleone LGTM Oct 17 oussemos, perriea, yastij S WIP: Add a French specific localization page
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 2338 rashmigottipati Pending Oct 17 Adirio, camilamacedo86, estroz, jmrodri, rashmigottipati XL ✨Plugin phase 2 implementation
website 27921 brianharwell Pending Oct 17 bradtopol, onlydole XS Update update-intro.html
website 27265 npu21 Pending Oct 17 bells17, makocchi-git, nasa9084 XS Fix line separation in concepts/architecture/nodes
test-infra 24001 aojea Pending Oct 16 BenTheElder, amwat, neolit123 L kind presubmit jobs for supported releases
test-infra 23844 ameukam Pending Oct 16 mm4tt, spiffxp L sig-scalability: migrate kubemark-gce-* to k8s-infra
test-infra 12440 matthyx Pending Oct 16 alvaroaleman, cblecker, cjwagner, matthyx, stevekuznetsov XL Implement ConfigTree in approve plugin
test-infra 17142 adshmh Pending Oct 16 adshmh, alvaroaleman, cblecker, cjwagner, fejta, petr-muller, spiffxp, stevekuznetsov XL Reply to pr for failed postsubmit jobs
test-infra 19969 aramase Pending Oct 16 aojea, aramase, brendandburns, chewong M add sctp periodic job for azure
test-infra 21466 MushuEE Pending Oct 16 MushuEE, cjwagner, fejta, petr-muller L [Prow] Speedup GetRepos Query
test-infra 21663 ameukam Pending Oct 16 dims, spiffxp S wg-k8s-infra: Add presubmit to validate k8s resources
test-infra 17379 adshmh Pending Oct 16 adshmh, alvaroaleman, cjwagner, petr-muller, stevekuznetsov L Leave a comment on PRs that fail to merge by tide
test-infra 21398 ykakarap Pending Oct 16 alvaroaleman, cblecker, mrbobbytables, nikhita, spiffxp XXL add `granular_approval` flag to `approve` plugin
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 157 atoato88 Pending Oct 16 DirectXMan12, johnsonj L [WIP] Add test for direct.go
kubernetes 78837 danielqsj Pending Oct 16 cheftako, mikedanese, resouer, roycaihw, smarterclayton XS fix leader election LeaseDuration/RenewDeadline validation
kubernetes 104792 matthyx Pending Oct 16 aojea, deads2k, dougsland, matthyx, seans3 M make kubectl cp resume on transfer error
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2014 esse Pending Oct 16 Raffo, njuettner, seanmalloy L Allow option of pointing public ip to headless service
kubernetes 92277 rahulchheda Pending Oct 16 deads2k, lauchokyip, seans3, soltysh, zhouya0 L Added `kubectl wait` to wait on jsonpath
ingress-nginx 7649 hypnopotamus Pending Oct 16 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano L v1.0.0 Broke Ingress by Annotation
istio/istio 35465 jacob-delgado Pending Oct 16 M [release-1.10] run UPDATE_BRANCH=release-1.10 ./bin/; make gen
kubernetes-sigs/kind 2505 sethp Pending Oct 16 AkihiroSuda, BenTheElder, aojea, krzyzacy XS fix(cgroupsv2): skip procs from another namespace 30111 nakamasato Pending Oct 16 divya-mohan0209 XS Remove duplicated docs from setup ingress on minikube 30110 sftim Pending Oct 16 XS Add immediate pod deletion to cheat sheet 30109 sftim Pending Oct 16 XS Revise seccomp tutorial
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2378 mainred Pending Oct 16 XS use docker buildx for multi-arch docker image
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 1504 njnygaard LGTM Oct 16 ahmetb, chriskim06, corneliusweig, njnygaard M Initial release for kubectl-multiforward
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4245 criztovyl Pending Oct 16 monopole, natasha41575 XS File URIs for local git repos
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-playground 827 anubhav-saurav Pending Oct 16 nikhita XS adding asaurav as lerner
kops 12544 justinsb Pending Oct 16 johngmyers, joshbranham L Show additional ("addon") objects in kops get
ingress-nginx 7814 longwuyuan LGTM Oct 16 strongjz, tao12345666333, theunrealgeek XS replaced relative path with permalink to gRPC example app Dockerfile
kubernetes 73203 wojtek-t Pending Oct 16 brendandburns, thockin, wojtek-t L [WIP] Introduce callback in informers for finished initial sync.
kubernetes 76428 koesie10 Pending Oct 16 caesarxuchao, lavalamp, mbohlool, wojtek-t M Fix code-generator compatibility with Windows
kubernetes 76904 hormes Pending Oct 16 fgrzadkowski, jpbetz, mml, wojtek-t L reduce memory allocations in GetAllEventsSinceThreadUnsafe
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1411 sedflix Pending Oct 16 hectorj2f, makkes, xunpan XS Add step for downloading binaries
kubernetes-sigs/alibaba-cloud-csi-driver 462 mowangdk Pending Oct 16 fredkan, xianlubird XS Add checkpoint before delete disk snapshot
kops 12498 justinsb Pending Oct 16 KashifSaadat, zetaab L WIP: Use .bazel-bin to help gopls & VSCode
kubernetes 102162 yuzhiquan Pending Oct 16 PxyUp, SergeyKanzhelev, aojea, bowei, deads2k, ehashman, matthyx, odinuge, rphillips, thockin, yuzhiquan XXL Add gRPC probe to Pod.Spec.Container.{Liveness,Readiness,Startup}Probe
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 183 justinsb Pending Oct 16 monopole, pwittrock XS Update to klog v2
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 715 kkeshavamurthy Pending Oct 16 justinsb, timothysc L Support RockyLinux-8 on vSphere
minikube 12656 t-inu Pending Oct 16 YuikoTakada, atoato88, s-kawamura-w664, t-inu, yosshy M Update Japanese translation (Line 2-51)
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2897 duanhongyi Pending Oct 16 jhvhs, piotrmiskiewicz M Deprecated API Migration
website 30110 sftim Pending Oct 16 krousey, rajeshdeshpande02 XS Add immediate pod deletion to cheat sheet
kubeflow/kubeflow 6193 anencore94 Pending Oct 16 elikatsis, kimwnasptd XS web-apps(front) : change error msg for min
kubeflow/kubeflow 6192 anencore94 Pending Oct 16 SachinVarghese, elikatsis, kimwnasptd S [bugfix]: update unsupported links to latest pages
kubernetes 105697 fromanirh LGTM Oct 16 SergeyKanzhelev, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, endocrimes S node: e2e: clarify findKubeletService
website 30108 sftim Pending Oct 16 mtaufen, tengqm S Revise dynamic kubelet config task 30108 sftim Pending Oct 16 XS Revise dynamic kubelet config task 30107 chirangaalwis Pending Oct 16 XS Update "multiple schedulers" example
website 30066 sftim Pending Oct 16 chrisnegus, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm L Tidy task pages within Manage Memory, CPU, and API Resources
kubernetes-sigs/kind 2076 ktock Pending Oct 16 AkihiroSuda, BenTheElder, amwat, ktock, neolit123 M Ship Stargz Snapshotter
kubeflow/website 2908 Arhell Pending Oct 16 Arhell, RFMVasconcelos, animeshsingh, shawnzhu XS fix Installing Kubeflow link
kubeflow/website 3031 Jeffwan LGTM Oct 16 Arhell, aronchick, dsdinter XS Remove Jeffwan@ from OWNERS
website 30064 sftim LGTM Oct 16 divya-mohan0209, mkorbi, tengqm XS Tidy task about PV reclaim policy
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 717 devigned Pending Oct 16 CecileRobertMichon, codenrhoden, devigned, jepio, jsturtevant M add test to validate iptable rule drop on Azure
kubernetes-sigs/kube-scheduler-simulator 32 tamboliasir1 Pending Oct 16 adtac, sanposhiho S Added restore old setting function
istio/istio 35151 pangsq Pending Oct 16 hzxuzhonghu, pangsq, stevenctl M ServiceEntry use port map to make instances of pod
autoscaler 3887 pohly Pending Oct 16 MaciekPytel, aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer, pohly XL RFC: scale up: tests and support for pods with volumes
kubernetes-client/python 959 tomplus Pending Oct 16 HaraldGustafsson, arcivanov, roycaihw, tomplus, yliaog L content-type for patch commands
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1321 BaluDontu Pending Oct 16 RaunakShah, SandeepPissay L Decouple CPI from CSI - Remove dependency on K8s Node ProviderID set by CPI from CSI
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 408 MaxRink Pending Oct 16 MaxRink, davidewatson, kkeshavamurthy, ncdc L Add subiquity-based flavour for Ubuntu 20.04 based upon UEFI
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 2084 varshaprasad96 Pending Oct 16 Adirio, estroz, varshaprasad96 XXL (:sparkles:) (go/v3) implement scaffolding hub and spoke interfaces for conversion WH
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 2313 georgettica Pending Oct 16 Adirio, camilamacedo86, joelanford M ⚠️ feat(makefile): add configurable binaries
autoscaler 3853 cwdsuzhou Pending Oct 16 Jeffwan, cwdsuzhou, feiskyer, mwielgus, towca, vivekbagade S Expose backoff time parameters
autoscaler 3964 clamoriniere Pending Oct 16 MaciekPytel, clamoriniere, elmiko, gjtempleton, towca XL Add PodTemplates support as NodeInfoProcessor in Cluster-Autoscaler
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 7695 Phil1602 Pending Oct 16 EppO, holmsten M Terraform OpenStack Fix network creation race condition
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 7632 franitel Pending Oct 16 EppO, champtar, efrikin, oomichi XS Adding to coredns deployment the nodeselector option
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 971 andyzhangx Pending Oct 16 ZeroMagic, feiskyer XS [WIP]feat: switch to use alpine base image
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 655 manedurphy Pending Oct 16 aramase, tam7t XL SyncAll feature
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 611 mitsutaka Pending Oct 16 aramase, mitsutaka, ritazh, tam7t L feat: add SecretProviderClass metrics
autoscaler 4258 dany74q Pending Oct 16 Jeffwan, gjtempleton L Added node readiness grace time & node-info cache expiration
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 2232 fahedouch Pending Oct 16 camilamacedo86, mengqiy XS update kubebuilder go version
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6244 mattymo LGTM Oct 16 EppO, Miouge1, bozzo, champtar, floryut, riverzhang S Tolerate failed coredns svc errors on kubeadm init/upgrade
website 30099 lucasbasquerotto LGTM Oct 16 Debanitrkl, divya-mohan0209, onlydole XS Fix typo at
istio/test-infra 3616 istio-testing Pending Oct 16 jacob-delgado S Automator: update build-tools:release-1.10
googleforgames/open-match-docs 237 SaitejaTamma Pending Oct 16 M Release 1.3 30106 Arhell Pending Oct 16 atoato88, nasa9084 XS [ja] Add "KubeOps" operator SDK to third-party list 30105 sandipanpanda Pending Oct 16 XS Fix broken link of Install Docker Engine - Enterprise on Windows Servers 30103 ramrodo Pending Oct 16 XS [es] Add content/es/docs/concepts/workloads/pods/
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 2298 syscll Pending Oct 16 XS docs: add manual tls instructions
kubernetes 105711 marckhouzam Pending Oct 16 L Shell completion of multiple resource names
cloud-provider-gcp 283 DangerOnTheRanger Pending Oct 16 bowei, mtaufen XS Prevent CCM from receiving feature gates it doesn't support
test-infra 24023 DangerOnTheRanger Pending Oct 16 amwat, mikedanese XS [DO-NOT-MERGE] Enable out-of-tree credential provider when running E2E tests on cloud-provider-gcp
kops 12156 justinsb Pending Oct 16 KashifSaadat, olemarkus, zetaab XL Prune addons via labels
istio/ 10168 stevenctl Pending Oct 15 Xunzhuo, costinm, craigbox, dio, ejona86, ericvn, howardjohn, srini100, stevenctl XXL proxyless gRPC blogpost
kubernetes-sigs/sig-windows-tools 161 jsturtevant Pending Oct 15 dcantah, jayunit100, jsturtevant, liggitt, marosset, perithompson XXL Add Host process examples
perf-tests 1915 jupblb Pending Oct 15 mborsz XS Use for prometheus storage
ingress-nginx 6777 targs08 Pending Oct 15 Aut0R3V, ChiefAlexander, aledbf, tao12345666333 XS Allow changing an internal service type
ingress-nginx 7813 zhiweiv LGTM Oct 15 ChiefAlexander, cpanato, longwuyuan XS Remove deprecated annotation in helm chart example
website 30106 Arhell Pending Oct 15 atoato88, bells17, kakts, nasa9084 XS [ja] Add "KubeOps" operator SDK to third-party list
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 2298 syscll Pending Oct 15 M00nF1sh, kishorj, syscll M docs: add manual tls instructions
website 29385 shannonxtreme Pending Oct 15 sftim, shannonxtreme XL Refactor Assigning Pods to Nodes
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 272 relyt0925 Pending Oct 15 caesarxuchao, jkh52 XS randomize selected backend for desthost backend manager
kubernetes 105611 damemi Pending Oct 15 ahg-g, alculquicondor, chendave, damemi, lavalamp L [wip] Scheduler simplified MultiPoint plugin config
kubernetes-sigs/kube-storage-version-migrator 96 awgreene LGTM Oct 15 caesarxuchao, lavalamp XS Fix's KEP links
minikube 12102 afbjorklund Pending Oct 15 prasadkatti, prezha, sharifelgamal L WIP: Use cri-dockerd instead of dockershim where needed
kubeflow/training-operator 1413 hackerboy01 Pending Oct 15 alculquicondor, terrytangyuan XXL [WIP]add mpi-operator to the unified operator
kubeflow/training-operator 1398 zw0610 Pending Oct 15 XS [WIP]: add a GenericJob type and controller
kubeflow/training-operator 1408 Jeffwan Pending Oct 15 XS WP: Update kubeflow/common to revert_135_new branch
kubeflow/training-operator 1307 ghost Pending Oct 15 XS Converting manifests/base/crd.yaml to be openAPIV3 compliant
istio/ 10288 upodroid Pending Oct 15 howardjohn, rvennam, upodroid M Monitoring instructions for using ServiceMonitors
website 29733 ramrodo Pending Oct 15 jihoon-seo, kbhawkey, ramrodo, sftim XS Improve code style advice for kubelet component name
cloud-provider-gcp 265 leiyiz Pending Oct 15 cheftako, leiyiz, mattcary, vishh, yujuhong XL install pd-csi driver by default at kube-up 30099 lucasbasquerotto Pending Oct 15 XS Fix typo at
ingress 7814 longwuyuan Pending Oct 15 XS replaced relative path with permalink to gRPC example app Dockerfile
ingress 7813 zhiweiv Pending Oct 15 longwuyuan XS Remove deprecated annotation in helm chart example
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1460 zqzten Pending Oct 15 XS feat: introduce informer cache sync timeout
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 8088 irizzant Pending Oct 15 XS Metrics-server Deployment has incongruencies in resources requests/limits
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 8086 floryut Pending Oct 15 XS Remove deprecated Ambassador ingress code
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 8088 irizzant Pending Oct 15 XS Metrics-server Deployment has incongruencies in resources requests/limits
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 8086 floryut Pending Oct 15 XS Remove deprecated Ambassador ingress code
kubernetes-incubator/cri-containerd 1649 scuzhanglei Pending Oct 15 XS Add devices for privileged container
enhancements 3005 aojea Pending Oct 15 deads2k, fedebongio, lavalamp, roycaihw M KEP-1965: update apiserver-identity KEP with metrics
kubeflow/website 3028 jlbutler Pending Oct 15 XS [WIP] Update aws distro approvers in owners
enhancements 3012 swatisehgal Pending Oct 15 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr S podresources: KEP updates for introducing cpu_affinity in ContainerResources
kubeflow/kubeflow 6191 timcharper Pending Oct 15 elikatsis, kimwnasptd, thesuperzapper S Use the workspace volume path from spanner_ui_config, rather than harcodecode
kubernetes 98439 enj Pending Oct 15 gmarek, lavalamp, liggitt, smarterclayton, yliaog S protobuf serializer: set content type when into is runtime.Unknown
kubernetes 105576 swatisehgal Pending Oct 15 derekwaynecarr, fromanirh, klueska, swatisehgal L podresources: Introducing cpu_affinity in ContainerResources
kubernetes 105164 ardaguclu LGTM Oct 15 apelisse, ardaguclu, rikatz, zhouya0 XL Introduce new prune parameter into diff command
kubernetes 103287 yashikabadaya Pending Oct 15 MadhavJivrajani, aojea, lbernail, uablrek, yashikabadaya XS Fix to prevent concurrent map read and map write in kube-proxy
kubernetes 104019 verult Pending Oct 15 Jiawei0227, jingxu97 XS Fix a CSI volume teardown log message
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 638 MaxRink Pending Oct 15 MaxRink, chaosaffe, codenrhoden, detiber, moshloop L add efi support to raw and qemu builder
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1774 alexander-demichev Pending Oct 15 CecileRobertMichon, JoelSpeed, alexander-demichev, devigned M Add machine set support for availability sets
community 6141 JimBugwadia Pending Oct 15 JimBugwadia, MadhavJivrajani, idvoretskyi, mrbobbytables, spiffxp S Update wg policy readme
kubernetes 105296 deads2k Pending Oct 15 caesarxuchao, deads2k, liggitt, wojtek-t M [wip] Always allow an unready pod to be evicted.
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 406 chethanv28 Pending Oct 15 SandeepPissay, divyenpatel M Test e2e pipeline
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5432 alexander-demichev Pending Oct 15 fabriziopandini, sbueringer M ✨Update spot instances proposal with termination handler design
kubernetes-sigs/ibm-vpc-block-csi-driver 43 ambiknai Pending Oct 15 arahamad S Fix sed and base64 commands for MAC OS
kops 12035 olemarkus Pending Oct 15 johngmyers, olemarkus, zetaab L Render addons and channel manifest during task execution
kops 11325 bharath-123 Pending Oct 15 KashifSaadat, hakman, johngmyers, rifelpet, zetaab XXL Add support for cri-o runtime
kops 11404 justinsb Pending Oct 15 mikesplain, rifelpet, zetaab XL Create kops-specific e2e test
kops 11639 johngmyers LGTM Oct 15 hakman, mikesplain, olemarkus S WIP Stop feature-flagging SpecOverride
kops 11776 johngmyers Pending Oct 15 joshbranham, mikesplain L add replaceBeforeVersion field for channel
kops 11913 justinsb LGTM Oct 15 hakman, rdrgmnzs, zetaab XS WIP: Update containerd to 1.5.2 for kubernetes >= 1.22
kops 12254 6929400 Pending Oct 15 KashifSaadat, olemarkus XS Fix dead link in update_cluster.go
minikube 11329 baryluk Pending Oct 15 prezha, tstromberg L Simplify zsh completion code
minikube 11517 zarenner Pending Oct 15 RA489, afbjorklund, medyagh M vmware: Add new flag to specify network type through `--vmware-network-type`
minikube 11070 zhan9san Pending Oct 15 RA489, afbjorklund, medyagh, spowelljr, zhan9san L new flag --listen-apiserver-port for docker/podman: allow user to specify host port for api-server
minikube 12313 jroes Pending Oct 15 prezha, sharifelgamal S Use privileged pod security policy for nginx ingress addon
kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api 691 robscott Pending Oct 15 bowei, howardjohn, robscott, thockin XXL Initial Conformance Tests for Gateway API
minikube 11798 ilya-zuyev Pending Oct 15 RA489, tstromberg XS [wip] Improve "pending" links
minikube 11703 vishjain Pending Oct 15 andriyDev, blueelvis, ilya-zuyev, medyagh, vishjain M Add Autopause Time parameter to addons
website 30091 shannonxtreme Pending Oct 15 celestehorgan, rajeshdeshpande02, sftim S Modify training page CSS to wrap 2 icons at a time
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-playground 749 nikunjbanker Pending Oct 15 MadhavJivrajani, guineveresaenger, jberkus, palnabarun XS Added nikunjbanker file my first pr to opensource feeling great
test-infra 23693 chaodaiG Pending Oct 15 XXL Create Google cloudbuild client package
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2292 abursavich Pending Oct 15 Raffo, njuettner XXL Add Support for Gateway API Route Sources
autoscaler 4398 MyannaHarris Pending Oct 15 aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer S [AWS EKS - Scale-to-0] Update conditional to check cluster-name as well
perf-tests 1874 JohnRusk Pending Oct 15 JohnRusk, krzysied, marseel, wojtek-t L Fast delete events
kubernetes-sigs/prometheus-adapter 461 dgrisonnet Pending Oct 15 fpetkovski, s-urbaniak XS *: merge changes from v0.9.1
dashboard 6535 danBamikiya Pending Oct 15 atoato88, danBamikiya, desaintmartin M Update most http links to https links
ingress-nginx 7711 fblgit Pending Oct 15 fblgit, rikatz, strongjz, tao12345666333 L feature: added AdmissionController metrics
kubernetes 102801 CKchen0726 LGTM Oct 15 JornShen, jingxu97, logicalhan, mattcary, msau42, saad-ali M remove storageOperationErrorMetric and storageOperationStatusMetric in release 1.21
kubeflow/website 3017 shannonbradshaw Pending Oct 15 andreyvelich, dsdinter, kimwnasptd, nickchase, shannonbradshaw S Update kubeflow versioning policies table 1.4
kubernetes 105495 ikeeip Pending Oct 15 brendandburns, dchen1107, deads2k, ikeeip, msau42 M Lock StorageObjectInUseProtection feature gate to default
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-playground 692 piyush-saurabh Pending Oct 15 guineveresaenger, jberkus, nikhita XS added lerner
kubernetes 102240 SaiHarshaK Pending Oct 15 SaiHarshaK, eddiezane, pwittrock, soltysh L Refactor Apply cmd to split flags from options
kubernetes-csi/lib-volume-populator 9 pohly Pending Oct 15 j-griffith, jingxu97 XXL master: update release-tools
cloud-provider-openstack 1658 jmc-9304 Pending Oct 15 FengyunPan2, anguslees S [occm] Fix listener, pool, healthmonitor's empty name
kubernetes 105450 danwinship LGTM Oct 15 andrewsykim, aojea, caseydavenport, danwinship, m1093782566 M Remove some dead code in the ipvs proxy
ingress-nginx 7013 bokysan Pending Oct 15 ChiefAlexander, cmluciano S Add support for hostIP to NGINX ingress
website 28986 xeathen Pending Oct 15 howieyuen, idealhack XS [zh] fix typo of expose-intro.html
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-playground 882 zjx1230 Pending Oct 15 MadhavJivrajani, guineveresaenger, jberkus XS add a directory and a
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-playground 837 simplymihir Pending Oct 15 MadhavJivrajani, nikhita, palnabarun XS first k8s
kubernetes 104877 pohly Pending Oct 15 k8s-ci-robot, pohly, serathius, thockin, yuzhiquan L WIP: component-base: test json output for KObj
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2854 richardcase Pending Oct 15 randomvariable, shivi28 XL WIP feat: expose additional EKS bootstrap options
kubeflow/manifests 2044 juliusvonkohout Pending Oct 15 StefanoFioravanzo, kimwnasptd M Fix knative image tags and runasnonroot
kubeflow/website 3029 davidxia Pending Oct 15 Arhell, berndverst, yanniszark XS Fix misworded and out of order link
kubernetes-sigs/alibaba-cloud-csi-driver 542 Patanouk LGTM Oct 15 fredkan, mowangdk, xianlubird XS Fix typo in registry-name in csi-provisioner.yaml
enhancements 2856 awgreene Pending Oct 15 awgreene, deads2k, fedebongio, lavalamp, sttts XL KEP-2855: Introduce automated storedVersion KEP
gengo 219 markusthoemmes Pending Oct 15 lavalamp, wojtek-t S Add Golang 1.17 style build tag to deepcopy files
klog 266 pohly Pending Oct 15 andyxning, vincepri S WIP: custom marshaler for ObjectRef
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 7895 atorrescogollo Pending Oct 15 bozzo, holmsten L Added ArgoCD kubernetes-app
kubernetes 105699 yuzhiquan LGTM Oct 15 ehashman, serathius, sjenning M Remove format.pods func, instead with klog.Kobjs
enhancements 3010 danwinship Pending Oct 15 caseydavenport, thockin S KEP-2086: Add internalTrafficPolicy: PreferLocal
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 786 nlamirault Pending Oct 15 ritazh, tam7t M Refactoring labels and support additional labels
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2852 AverageMarcus Pending Oct 15 dthorsen, sedefsavas L WIP: Support dual API ELB scheme endpoints
kops 12441 hierynomus Pending Oct 15 KashifSaadat, johngmyers, olemarkus L Add support for NodeAnnotations on an InstanceGroup
kubernetes-csi/csi-lib-iscsi 29 paullaffitte Pending Oct 15 humblec, j-griffith, jskazinski, paullaffitte, saad-ali XXL Fix/disconnect volume
kubeflow/blog 108 yuzisun LGTM Oct 15 Arhell, kramachandran, theadactyl XS Fix typo in kfserving transition blog
ingress-nginx 7036 mike-sirs Pending Oct 15 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano, rikatz M Сluster parameter for selection
ingress-nginx 7624 bhumijgupta LGTM Oct 15 ElvinEfendi, rikatz, tao12345666333 XS Added docs for --ingress-class-by-name flag in the cli arguments page
kubernetes-client/csharp 729 FrodeHus LGTM Oct 15 FrodeHus, brendandburns, krabhishek8260, tg123 M Add missing client cert
kubernetes 104650 yxxhero Pending Oct 15 249043822, SergeyKanzhelev, aojea, matthyx, mrunalp, yangjunmyfm192085, yifan-gu, yxxhero M fix init container oomkilled as a failure
enhancements 3006 bertinatto Pending Oct 15 jsafrane, saad-ali, xing-yang XL KEP 2994: Protect volumes from being leaked in in CSI external-provisioner
ingress-nginx 7662 narqo LGTM Oct 15 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano, iamNoah1, narqo S Update documentation and templates for AWS NLB
kubernetes 100386 mikkeloscar Pending Oct 15 MaciekPytel, josephburnett M Automated cherry pick of #99514: hpa: Don't scale down if at least one metric was invalid
kubernetes 102423 lunhuijie LGTM Oct 15 brendandburns, lavalamp, lunhuijie, yangjunmyfm192085 M Add test cases to the ReadAtMost function
kubernetes 100385 mikkeloscar Pending Oct 15 MaciekPytel, piosz M Automated cherry pick of #99514: hpa: Don't scale down if at least one metric was invalid
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2850 codablock Pending Oct 15 randomvariable, shivi28 XS Use s.roles instead of defaultRoles in describeSecurityGroupOverridesByID
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 677 pohly Pending Oct 15 chrishenzie, jingxu97 M release-2.2: update release-tools
kubernetes-csi/volume-data-source-validator 13 pohly Pending Oct 15 bswartz, j-griffith XXL master: update release-tools
kubernetes-sigs/structured-merge-diff 204 zqzten Pending Oct 15 jennybuckley, jpbetz M Fix potential conversion failure in addBackOwnedItems
kubernetes-csi/node-driver-registrar 169 pohly Pending Oct 15 andyzhangx, humblec M release-2.1: update release-tools
kubernetes-csi/livenessprobe 131 pohly Pending Oct 15 andyzhangx, jingxu97 XS master: update release-tools
kubernetes-csi/node-driver-registrar 168 pohly Pending Oct 15 andyzhangx, humblec XS master: update release-tools
kubernetes-csi/external-resizer 176 pohly Pending Oct 15 andyzhangx, humblec XS master: update release-tools
istio/istio 35519 mandarjog Pending Oct 15 bianpengyuan XXL Fix regression when using custom transport_socket envoyfilter (#33386…
kubernetes-csi/external-health-monitor 95 pohly Pending Oct 15 j-griffith, jingxu97 XS master: update release-tools
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2749 paulcarlton-ww Pending Oct 15 dlipovetsky, dthorsen L bug: add rules to access eks-contoller private endpoint
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-nfs 237 pohly Pending Oct 15 andyzhangx, humblec XS master: update release-tools
kubeflow/pipelines 6622 juliusvonkohout LGTM Oct 15 Bobgy, zijianjoy S feat: allow the default-editor to edit argo workflows and fix bug #6649
kubeflow/website 3007 thesuperzapper Pending Oct 15 8bitmp3, alfsuse, terrytangyuan, thesuperzapper, zijianjoy XL restructure `About` section
kubernetes-csi/csi-test 355 pohly Pending Oct 15 chrishenzie, jingxu97 XS master: update release-tools
kubernetes 105696 wongearl Pending Oct 15 derekwaynecarr, yujuhong XS Variable 'field' collides with imported package name
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5057 asalkeld Pending Oct 15 alexander-demichev, asalkeld, fabriziopandini XXL ✨ Use go.mod for the operator
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 4926 asalkeld Pending Oct 15 JoelSpeed, alexander-demichev, asalkeld, fabriziopandini XXL ✨Initial implementation of operator ProviderSpec
kubeflow/pipelines 6595 zijianjoy LGTM Oct 15 Ark-kun, Bobgy L fix(manifests): Upgrade kpt to 1.0.0-beta.6. Fix #5368
kubernetes 102930 chrishenzie Pending Oct 15 XS WIP: Troubleshooting E2E GCE slow test timeouts
kubernetes 105599 jonyhy96 Pending Oct 15 249043822, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, jonyhy96, liggitt, rphillips, vishh XS fix: pod workers test
kubernetes 105584 goofy-z Pending Oct 15 caesarxuchao, mikedanese XS update extension point PostFilter comment
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2050 logingood Pending Oct 15 Raffo, crawforde, logingood, mesge, njuettner, seanmalloy M Add NLB IP dualstack mode support (ipv6 support for NLB)
kubernetes 104508 EricWvi Pending Oct 15 EricWvi, dashpole, dchen1107, ehashman, endocrimes, resouer L Fix 77603 - Don't break the log line when it is more than 16K
kubernetes 105127 astraw99 LGTM Oct 15 cndoit18, jingxu97, saad-ali, spiffxp, xing-yang XS Fix duplicate CSI kube client
kubernetes 102406 njuptlzf LGTM Oct 15 ehashman, feiskyer, matthyx, njuptlzf L add more ut for kubelet_getters.go
kubernetes 103299 wgahnagl Pending Oct 15 andrewsykim, ehashman, endocrimes, feiskyer, haircommander, pacoxu, wgahnagl XXL prevents garbage collection from removing pinned images
kubernetes 105667 gy95 Pending Oct 15 liggitt, saikat-royc, yliaog XS replace deprecated package
ingress-nginx 7472 zryfish Pending Oct 15 cpanato, kfox1111, rikatz, zryfish L Support watch multiple namespaces matched witch namespace selector
kubernetes 99579 pacoxu Pending Oct 15 derekwaynecarr, dougsland, eddiezane, lala123912, pacoxu, smarterclayton, soltysh M print <none> when custome column array is out of bound
kubeflow/katib 1715 alexeykaplin Pending Oct 15 andreyvelich, deepak-muley, deepakm-ntnx, gaocegege, hougangliu, sperlingxx XS #1714: Missing metrics port annotation
kops 12538 hierynomus Pending Oct 15 joshbranham, zetaab L Configure aws-iam-authenticator using roleMappings defined in cluster.yaml 30094 ixodie Pending Oct 15 XS Removed OVS 30093 ixodie Pending Oct 15 XS Broken link removal 30091 shannonxtreme Pending Oct 15 XS Modify CSS to wrap 2 icons at a time 30089 kshamajain99 Pending Oct 15 XS docs: update namespace definition 30087 verma-kunal Pending Oct 15 XS [hi] Add content/hi/_index.html
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 1202 cjwagner Pending Oct 15 chaodaiG XS Explicitly opt-in GCP repos to plugins that consume ratelimit or act passively.
kubernetes 105646 houjun41544 Pending Oct 15 mattcary, saikat-royc XS Node's volume processing should be for each node, not each volume
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4242 natasha41575 Pending Oct 15 KnVerey, monopole M fix issue with quotations being dropped in configmap generation
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 588 Kartik494 Pending Oct 15 Kartik494, humblec, jingxu97, xing-yang XS Update CertificateSigningRequest apiversion to V1
kubernetes 104903 ikeeip Pending Oct 15 alculquicondor, ikeeip, msau42, pohly L Remove StorageObjectInUseProtection feature gate logic
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 435 mortent Pending Oct 15 ash2k, karlkfi, seans3 L Update to latest version of kyaml and k8s libs
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 1094 wongma7 Pending Oct 15 ayberk, gnufied XS Bump eksctl used in e2e tests to 0.69.0
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 610 bcho Pending Oct 14 Porges, droot, mengqiy L ✨ feat: add support for skipping unexported fields without JSON tag
kubernetes 105401 fromanirh Pending Oct 14 klueska, smarterclayton L DNM: WIP: investigating dynamic kubelet config failures
kubernetes 103297 fromanirh Pending Oct 14 SergeyKanzhelev, ehashman, fromanirh, swatisehgal, vishh, vpickard L e2e: node: fix the device plugin test
kubernetes 102307 ranchothu Pending Oct 14 dims, fromanirh, jfbai, klueska, ranchothu, swatisehgal XL [WIP]add uncore-cache align to cpu allocation
kubernetes 94210 beekhof Pending Oct 14 beekhof, derekwaynecarr, endocrimes, harche, odinuge, pacoxu, rphillips, sftim, sjenning, slintes, yujuhong L Systemd watchdog support
kubernetes 100487 kgtw LGTM Oct 14 bobbypage, dims, kgtw, matthyx, mrunalp, rphillips, sjenning L Log and expose cgroup OOM events to the associated Pod resource
kubernetes 103933 MikeGoltsov Pending Oct 14 dchen1107, ehashman, fromanirh, klueska L Feature: Add StrictCPUReservation option in static cpu policy
kubernetes 97887 wawa0210 Pending Oct 14 deads2k, liggitt, soltysh, verb, wawa0210 L Support kubectl debug overload from overrides json
kubernetes 100657 gavinfish Pending Oct 14 SataQiu, spiffxp XS Fix -args not work in
kubernetes 97937 varshavaradarajan Pending Oct 14 caesarxuchao, yliaog M client-go/testing - disallow some subresource updates for pods, nodes, services
kubernetes 99883 mowangdk Pending Oct 14 XudongLiuHarold, justinsb, piosz M Change the users of IsQualifiedName to ValidateQualifiedName
kubernetes 101730 zshihang Pending Oct 14 liggitt, neolit123 M opt out secret-based token generation when labeled
kubernetes 98045 carlory Pending Oct 14 deads2k, jpbetz, smarterclayton, thockin, wojtek-t XS mark the APIListChunking feature as GA
kubernetes 103916 gmaquinay Pending Oct 14 andrewsykim, davidopp L Delete all terminating pods attached to a not-ready node
kubernetes 100058 wzshiming Pending Oct 14 piosz, vishh XXL [WIP] Add Timeout for Lifecycle
kubernetes 97250 shengnuo Pending Oct 14 chrishenzie, jingxu97, resouer XL Verify controller attached volume watch
kubernetes 98642 pacoxu Pending Oct 14 dchen1107, smarterclayton M fewer read calls: filter for file systems in the call to blkid
kubernetes 101022 p0lyn0mial Pending Oct 14 aojea, caesarxuchao, deads2k, juanvallejo, krousey, liggitt, p0lyn0mial, smarterclayton, sttts XXL client-go: changes config.Timeout field semantic
kubernetes 99556 nikhita Pending Oct 14 deads2k, dims, eddiezane, lavalamp, seans3, soltysh, ykakarap XL kubectl: support --subresource flag
kubernetes 102985 songxiao-wang87 Pending Oct 14 ashnehete, sladyn98, xmudrii XS CHANGELOG: fix punctuation and spelling errors in 1.22
kubernetes 99534 LinshanYu Pending Oct 14 cheftako, stewart-yu S edit cmd/genswaggertypedocs.go log to structured Log
kubernetes 98404 gaoguangze111 Pending Oct 14 gnufied, saad-ali, yangjunmyfm192085 M Update logs mount_linux.go
kubernetes 103442 howardjohn Pending Oct 14 Monkeyanator, deads2k, ingvagabund, resouer, sttts, yuzhiquan L Add prioritized leader election
kubernetes 100806 Fish-pro LGTM Oct 14 andrewsykim, carlory, carlosedp, klueska, m1093782566 M promote duplicate log information to global variables
kubernetes 101729 palnabarun Pending Oct 14 dchen1107, deads2k, fejta, lavalamp, palnabarun, ykakarap XL [WIP] [POC] Install CRDs at cluster startup
kubernetes 101867 sanwishe LGTM Oct 14 jennybuckley, liggitt, sanwishe, smarterclayton, yangjunmyfm192085, yliaog M Structured Logging migration: for package staging/src/
kubernetes 100820 scottilee Pending Oct 14 MrHohn, danwinship, scottilee, yangjunmyfm192085 L Convert controller disruption and endpoint files to structured logs
kubernetes 100825 scottilee LGTM Oct 14 foxish, piosz, scottilee, yangjunmyfm192085 M Convert controller pod files to structured logs
kubernetes 100832 scottilee LGTM Oct 14 cici37, ncdc, piosz, scottilee, yangjunmyfm192085 M Convert controlplane files to structured logs
kubernetes 104377 Zheaoli LGTM Oct 14 adtac, alejandrox1, endocrimes, jpbetz, knight42 L replace ioutil.TempDir by os.MkdirTemp
kubernetes 102469 CaoDonghui123 LGTM Oct 14 CaoDonghui123, cici37, jpbetz, juanvallejo, thockin, umangachapagain, yangjunmyfm192085 S migrate cmd/cloud-controller-manager to structured logging
kubernetes 94303 mborsz Pending Oct 14 jingyih, jpbetz, smarterclayton, timothysc, wenjiaswe, wojtek-t S [WIP] Introduce max limit of objects fetched from etcd in a single list call.
kubernetes 97674 heqg Pending Oct 14 msau42, saad-ali XS Fix Spelling error about [avaliable] for index_test.go
kubernetes 102173 sanwishe Pending Oct 14 cici37, lavalamp, quinton-hoole, shubheksha, spiffxp, yangjunmyfm192085 M Structured Logging migration: for rest part of package cmd/kube-controller-manager
kubernetes 101489 ingvagabund Pending Oct 14 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor, chendave, ingvagabund, ravisantoshgudimetla XXL Inject pkg/apis/core/v1 ResourceName helpers through ResourceNameQualifier from cmd/kube-scheduler
kubernetes 99711 JornShen Pending Oct 14 JornShen, bowei, caseydavenport, chymy, robscott XS fix network types description
kubernetes 101469 songxiao-wang87 LGTM Oct 14 heqg, mortent, smarterclayton XS cleanup: fix log capitalization in job
kubernetes 97681 Sh4d1 Pending Oct 14 Sh4d1, aledbf, andrewsykim, aojea, caseydavenport, janosi, thockin XL Add IP mode field to loadbalancer status ingress
kubernetes 103397 h4ghhh Pending Oct 14 andrewsykim, aveshagarwal XXL Migrate kube-controller-manager to adapt new event api
kubernetes 100932 whiterm Pending Oct 14 caesarxuchao, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, mikedanese L Using 'kubectl proxy' behind a reverse proxy
kubernetes 96934 masap Pending Oct 14 liggitt, masap, roycaihw, sttts S Fix a memory leak of EndpointReconciler
kubernetes 102401 tanjing2020 Pending Oct 14 ahg-g, alculquicondor, aojea XS fix e2e test predicates conflict hostip
kubernetes 100424 yangjunmyfm192085 LGTM Oct 14 249043822, changshuchao, ehashman, feiskyer, manugupt1, mrunalp, odinuge, yangjunmyfm192085 M Add test cases of kubelet_pods_test.go.
kubernetes 98816 hanlins Pending Oct 14 andrewsykim, bowei, dougsland, m1093782566, uablrek M Add iptables rules to allow nodeport traffic in ipvs mode
kubernetes 95361 humblec Pending Oct 14 Random-Liu, piosz L [WIP] Migration library for RBD intree to CSI volume
kubernetes 101835 sanposhiho Pending Oct 14 adtac, ahg-g, hex108, wgliang M scheduler_perf: create sleep operation
kubernetes 101854 sanposhiho Pending Oct 14 adtac, johnSchnake, sanposhiho L scheduler_perf: create `deleteNodes` op
kubernetes 103188 MorrisLaw Pending Oct 14 BenTheElder, MorrisLaw, SataQiu, fabriziopandini, gnufied, oomichi, spiffxp M Refactor instances of MasterOSDistro to be ControlPlaneOSDistro
kubernetes 103568 gooney152 Pending Oct 14 BenTheElder, SataQiu, gooney152, neolit123, oomichi, pohly, wangyysde S refactored strings from master to control plane
kubernetes 104392 harche Pending Oct 14 bobbypage, brendandburns, dims, logicalhan S vendor: upgrade cadvisor to 0.40.0
kubernetes 101039 monotek Pending Oct 14 BenTheElder, DirectXMan12, SergeyKanzhelev, brancz, coffeepac, ehashman, liggitt, monotek XXL remove fluentd-elasticsearch addon
kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api 730 mike1808 LGTM Oct 14 hbagdi, jpeach, robscott XS Fix TLS guide with TLSRoute can be terminated
kubernetes 78182 draveness Pending Oct 14 draveness, janetkuo, kow3ns, smarterclayton M fix: redeploy statefulset when stuck at failing init container
kubernetes 87399 tamalsaha Pending Oct 14 eparis, smarterclayton, soltysh S kubectl wait should wait for non-existent resources.
kubernetes 88172 SomtochiAma Pending Oct 14 CaoShuFeng, MikeSpreitzer, SomtochiAma, l1b0k, lavalamp, logicalhan, sttts L Limits request until api is healthy
minikube 10931 tharun208 Pending Oct 14 RA489, ilya-zuyev, medyagh, prezha, spowelljr, tharun208 M add integration test for minikube auto-pause add-on
kubernetes 103021 danishprakash Pending Oct 14 mwielgus, neolit123 L test/e2e/autoscaling: add tests for hpa v2beta2 `spec.behavior`
minikube 11588 vishjain Pending Oct 14 medyagh, sharifelgamal, tharun208, tstromberg M Add Tests Around Load Image.
kubernetes 102595 sanwishe Pending Oct 14 enj, logicalhan, wojtek-t S Get rid of duplicate set of metrics for watch counts
client-go 996 2rs2ts Pending Oct 14 caesarxuchao, yliaog XS Add link title to Go Docs widget
kubeflow/website 3023 surajkota Pending Oct 14 berndverst, yanniszark XS doc: update profile creation defaults to match current manifests
kube-openapi 251 DangerOnTheRanger Pending Oct 14 DangerOnTheRanger, Jefftree, apelisse, philips, roycaihw L Lazy marshaling for OpenAPI v2 spec
kubernetes 105575 endocrimes LGTM Oct 14 SergeyKanzhelev, ehashman, endocrimes, fejta, matthyx L Allow the e2e_node runner to receive a KubeletConfiguration rather than requiring flags
kubeflow/internal-acls 502 jlbutler LGTM Oct 14 Bobgy, annajung, capri-xiyue, ellistarn, zijianjoy XS add jlbutler to member list
kubeflow/internal-acls 493 pramodrj07 LGTM Oct 14 Bobgy, annajung, capri-xiyue, terrytangyuan XS Add pramodrj07 to the member list
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4241 Goodwine Pending Oct 14 mengqiy, phanimarupaka L Handle "Result" errors as non-fatal errors in kyaml FilterFuncs
enhancements 2842 shalini-b Pending Oct 14 gnufied, saad-ali, shalini-b, xing-yang XL KEP-0661: StatefulSet volume resize
kubeflow/website 3015 thesuperzapper Pending Oct 14 jinchihe, terrytangyuan XL create `Releases` section
kubeflow/website 3014 thesuperzapper LGTM Oct 14 berndverst, knkski, terrytangyuan XXL remove `Reference` section
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 1093 wongma7 Pending Oct 14 d-nishi, gnufied XS Update windows example to refer to v1.4.0
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1347 sashrith Pending Oct 14 divyenpatel, xing-yang XL [WIP] first cut
test-infra 22925 Jefftree Pending Oct 14 deads2k, lavalamp XS Use test infra log dumping
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 753 Tomcli Pending Oct 14 ScrapCodes, fenglixa XL Add csi-s3 storage class as big data passing storage
examples 410 jimangel LGTM Oct 14 celestehorgan, jimangel, kbhawkey XL Update guestbook example to remove inappropriate terminology
kubernetes 100044 micahhausler Pending Oct 14 BenTheElder, hwdef, lavalamp S Use gnu date if available
kubernetes 105685 liggitt Pending Oct 14 ehashman M Simplify kubelet file config field allowlists
website 30067 sftim LGTM Oct 14 chrisnegus, kbhawkey, tengqm M Tidy task “Pull an Image from a Private Registry”
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 584 williammck Pending Oct 14 DirectXMan12, droot, joelanford M :bug: Skip unexported fields when generating CRDs
kubernetes 105547 smarterclayton Pending Oct 14 249043822, bobbypage, ehashman, endocrimes, matthyx L kubelet: When apiserver is down, kubelet should restart static pods
istio/api 2110 douglas-reid Pending Oct 14 M (WIP) telemetry: add provider-specific format options
cloud-provider-alibaba-cloud 260 ialidzhikov Pending Oct 14 aoxn, gujingit, xlgao-zju M Update golang
cloud-provider-alibaba-cloud 261 ialidzhikov Pending Oct 14 aoxn, gujingit, xlgao-zju S Fix minor nits
kubernetes 105609 pohly Pending Oct 14 andrewsykim, deads2k, xing-yang XL generic ephemeral volume GA
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1706 meixingdb Pending Oct 14 CecileRobertMichon, LochanRn, cpanato, juan-lee XXL Enable more optional configurations for AKS node pools
minikube 12702 prezha Pending Oct 14 prasadkatti, prezha, rikatz, spowelljr L update ingress controller to v1/1.0.4 and v1beta1/0.49.3
kubernetes 105663 Jefftree LGTM Oct 14 apelisse, deads2k, lavalamp, tkashem XS Add feature flag for OpenAPI v3
test-infra 22921 fgimenez Pending Oct 14 BenTheElder, alvaroaleman, cjwagner, e-blackwelder S Add allow-same-origin to deck/spyglass sandbox
kubernetes 105630 hxietkg Pending Oct 14 SataQiu, claudiubelu, mkumatag, neolit123 XS Add iperf to system path
enhancements 1881 aojea Pending Oct 14 JornShen, aojea, aramase, danwinship, dcbw, khenidak, lavalamp, pacoxu, sftim, smarterclayton, thockin XL [WIP] KEP Kubernetes Services ClusterIP Allocation
kubernetes 104907 adrianreber Pending Oct 14 adrianreber, mrunalp, mtaufen, riteshnaik XXL Minimal checkpointing support
kubernetes-client/javascript 731 erdkse Pending Oct 14 brendandburns, drubin, erdkse XS feat: Extract cluster server origin from server address
kubernetes 103062 ikeeip Pending Oct 14 adtac, alculquicondor, andrewsykim, ikeeip, liggitt, msau42 XXL Move volume helpers to "".
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 3949 bzub Pending Oct 14 monopole, mortent, pwittrock M Remove label value validation from annotationSelector
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2377 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 14 XS build(deps): bump from 0.21.0 to 0.22.0
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2376 sramek5 Pending Oct 14 XS Update Chart.yaml
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2374 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 14 XS build(deps): bump from 0.73.2 to 0.80.1
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 8083 jayonlau Pending Oct 14 XS Add jayonlau to reviewers
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 8083 jayonlau Pending Oct 14 XS Add jayonlau to reviewers
kubeflow/tf-operator 1449 pramodrj07 Pending Oct 14 XS consistent naming for better readability
kubeflow/tf-operator 1448 qiankunli Pending Oct 14 XS [fix]fix set scheduler error
kubeflow/training-operator 1449 pramodrj07 Pending Oct 14 jinchihe, johnugeorge, terrytangyuan XS consistent naming for better readability
istio/api 2094 douglas-reid Pending Oct 14 costinm, douglas-reid, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, mandarjog, zirain L Add log formatting options to Telemetry API
kubernetes 96628 jingxu97 Pending Oct 14 gnufied, humblec, jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali, yuga711 XS Mark volume uncertain state when detach failed.
kubeflow/training-operator 1448 qiankunli Pending Oct 14 ChanYiLin, Jeffwan, jinchihe, johnugeorge XS [fix]fix set scheduler error
istio/istio 34974 yangminzhu Pending Oct 14 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler, yangminzhu XL support routing based on jwt claims
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1343 nigupta1 Pending Oct 14 divyenpatel, xing-yang M add examples for windows
istio/istio 34849 monsteredc Pending Oct 14 AndreaM12345, howardjohn, monsteredc S fix istioctl manifest generate default inconsistent behavior
istio/istio 35086 WillardHu Pending Oct 14 S clean up: error strings should not be capitalized
istio/istio 34960 stevenctl Pending Oct 14 Monkeyanator, costinm, jacob-delgado, morvencao S override port for remotePilotAddress to support NodePort
istio/istio 35148 zc2638 Pending Oct 14 howardjohn XS fix incorrect use of fmt placeholder
istio/istio 35063 WillardHu Pending Oct 14 S try to keep the normal code path at a minimal indentation
istio/istio 34971 stevenctl Pending Oct 14 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu M use EndpointSlices by default in 1.21
istio/istio 35154 TianTianBigWang Pending Oct 14 howardjohn S method call code cleanup
istio/istio 35357 Kmoneal Pending Oct 14 Kmoneal, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu L Implement InsecureSkipVerify from DestinationRule
istio/istio 35088 WillardHu Pending Oct 14 XS fixed composite literal uses unkeyed
istio/istio 35515 stevenctl Pending Oct 14 howardjohn, stevenctl M proxyless grpc: test virtualservice timeout
istio/istio 35503 monsteredc Pending Oct 14 L fix incorrect IST0109 message displaying when vs has the exportTo field
istio/istio 35458 monsteredc Pending Oct 14 howardjohn, monsteredc XS fix istioctl precheck unused code logic
istio/istio 35509 stevenctl Pending Oct 14 nmittler, therealmitchconnors S istioctl: move multicluster commands out of x
istio/istio 35106 WillardHu Pending Oct 14 XS Cleanup regex string
istio/istio 35484 howardjohn Pending Oct 14 costinm, linsun, nmittler XS Add Steven to top level owners
istio/istio 35120 yangminzhu Pending Oct 14 howardjohn, lambdai M do-not-merge: test update envoy
istio/istio 35390 Monkeyanator Pending Oct 14 howardjohn M Add injection label
istio/istio 35379 pangsq Pending Oct 14 hzxuzhonghu S ServiceEntry ignores inactive pods at EventAdd
istio/istio 35507 stevenctl Pending Oct 14 M test removing a remote secret
istio/istio 35084 zc2638 Pending Oct 14 howardjohn S support IP verification and de duplication
istio/istio 35521 ramaraochavali Pending Oct 14 howardjohn, ramaraochavali M optimize consistent hash dr lookups
istio/istio 35584 stevenctl Pending Oct 14 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler XS debug proxy update
istio/istio 35551 stevenctl Pending Oct 14 howardjohn M test proxyless grpc in multi-cluster multi-network
enhancements 2522 abhiraut Pending Oct 14 Dyanngg, abhiraut, aojea, astoycos, caseydavenport, danwinship, dcbw, joestringer, rikatz, skmatti, srampal, tgraf, thockin, tnqn XXL Add support for ClusterNetworkPolicy resources
istio/istio 26059 ckcd Pending Oct 14 ckcd, costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, ramaraochavali, rshriram, shamsher31 L add gRPC status in fault abort
istio/istio 34240 kebe7jun Pending Oct 14 howardjohn, morvencao L Bump HPA resource version to autoscaling/v2beta2
istio/istio 35047 Monkeyanator Pending Oct 14 Monkeyanator L Configure revision tags through base
istio/istio 28701 shamsher31 Pending Oct 14 costinm, elfinhe, howardjohn, linsun, nmittler, ostromart, richardwxn, shamsher31 S istioctl upgrade: check previous version of Istio is installed with revision.
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5421 sbueringer Pending Oct 14 JoelSpeed, enxebre L [WIP] Reproduce v1alpha3=>v1beta1 upgrade issue (mgr refactor)
istio/istio 35039 hzxuzhonghu Pending Oct 14 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu L Not allocate address for dns type serviceentry without endpoints
istio/istio 35354 howardjohn Pending Oct 14 S Test environments more
istio/istio 35471 howardjohn Pending Oct 14 costinm, jacob-delgado, linsun, nmittler L Bump go dependencies
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2374 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 14 njuettner, seanmalloy S build(deps): bump from 0.73.2 to 0.80.1
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2377 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 14 njuettner, seanmalloy S build(deps): bump from 0.21.0 to 0.22.0
test-infra 23428 PushkarJ Pending Oct 14 PushkarJ, puerco, tabbysable, tallclair S New label for officially announced CVEs by SRC
istio/proxy 3534 TrevorTaoARM Pending Oct 14 bianpengyuan XS Export the cache to correct arch location
kubernetes 103616 njuptlzf Pending Oct 14 deads2k, liggitt, tallclair M [test-only][PodSecurity] Scale testing of namespace bulk check behavior
kubeflow/pipelines 6744 zijianjoy Pending Oct 14 Bobgy, StefanoFioravanzo M feat(frontend): SubDAG styling for KFPv2. Fix #6419
kubernetes 101250 evertrain Pending Oct 14 evertrain, janetkuo, krmayankk, liggitt, soltysh M Bugfix: prevent daemon controller to adopt controller revisions of ot…
kubernetes 102728 hysyeah Pending Oct 14 hysyeah, josephburnett, mwielgus, piosz M fix:hpaController set hpa DesiredReplicas=0 in corner case when can not compute or get metrics
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 452 jayesh-srivastava Pending Oct 14 detiber, krousey M Remove kube-rbac-proxy
kubernetes 105415 uhari03 Pending Oct 14 deads2k, hzxuzhonghu, sttts, tallclair XS Issue 105353: Add messages+details to audit logs response
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2843 Ankitasw LGTM Oct 14 dlipovetsky, dthorsen, sedefsavas XXL Add GPU e2e test
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 4596 enxebre Pending Oct 14 JoelSpeed, enxebre, fabriziopandini, sbueringer, vincepri L ✨ Add rolloutAfter for RollingUpdate strategy
test-infra 23997 dhiller Pending Oct 14 clarketm, matthyx S mkpj: add fetching of baseSHA for tags as fallback
kubernetes 105511 benluddy Pending Oct 14 benluddy, deads2k, logicalhan, p0lyn0mial, wojtek-t, yue9944882 L Free APF seats for watches handled by an aggregated apiserver.
kubeflow/website 2977 Arhell Pending Oct 14 Bobgy, jinchihe, nickchase, zijianjoy L update favicons
cloud-provider-gcp 278 sugangli Pending Oct 14 cici37, freehan, jpbetz, saad-ali, skmatti, spencerhance, sugangli XXL add code generator scripts and firewall CRD
ingress-nginx 7052 bchess Pending Oct 14 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano L Option to always use fake certificate for Nginx default server
kubernetes-sigs/cli-experimental 187 davecardwell Pending Oct 14 Liujingfang1, soltysh S docs: fix invalid --enable_alpha_plugins flag
test-infra 23044 morlay Pending Oct 14 amwat, howardjohn, spiffxp M images/bootstrap: build multi-archs amd64 & arm64
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2376 sramek5 Pending Oct 14 Raffo, seanmalloy XS Update Chart.yaml
ingress-nginx 7247 aelbarkani Pending Oct 14 ChiefAlexander, ElvinEfendi L Openshift
ingress-nginx 7235 weiwu-sre Pending Oct 14 ElvinEfendi, rikatz S Fix chashsubset backend with canary
ingress-nginx 7128 marshall007 Pending Oct 14 ElvinEfendi, rikatz M Ensure `ttlSecondsAfterFinished` is set on Job resources in static deploy manifests
ingress-nginx 6992 hamza3202 Pending Oct 14 ChiefAlexander, ElvinEfendi, jtslear L [Helm] Add labels to resources
ingress-nginx 6939 aperigault Pending Oct 14 ChiefAlexander, ElvinEfendi, aperigault, tao12345666333 M Rebase controller-service-internal on controller-service + add capability to disable ports
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 720 SayaliAsh Pending Oct 14 CecileRobertMichon, codenrhoden, kkeshavamurthy, randomvariable S [WIP] Added ability to configure the packer builder VM to trust custom ca certs on Red Hat
kubernetes 105665 chendave LGTM Oct 14 alculquicondor, k82cn, liu-cong M Automated cherry pick of #105509: [test]: Fix PreferNominatedNode test
kubernetes 90039 yuzhiquan LGTM Oct 14 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor, damemi, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, lavalamp, liggitt, mrunalp, soltysh, yuzhiquan L Moving a dependency on pkg/api/v1/pod and switching to component-helper
kubeflow/kubeflow 6188 sunzhaochang Pending Oct 14 StefanoFioravanzo, kimwnasptd S Fix the bug of ResourceQuota removal
ingress-nginx 7644 vibecoder Pending Oct 14 ChiefAlexander, tao12345666333 M Subset hashing with the ability to stick requests to a pod within the subset if needed
kubernetes 102656 jsafrane Pending Oct 14 andrewsykim, andyzhangx, gnufied, liggitt, thockin L Automated cherry pick of #102059: Bump #101862: Retry detaching FibreChannel volume few times
ingress-nginx 7579 ubergesundheit Pending Oct 14 ChiefAlexander, longwuyuan, strongjz L Fix Ingress resources in docs
kubernetes 105628 JoeyValentine Pending Oct 14 adtac, ahg-g, dongwang-hotstar M Modify balancedResourceScorer to use a weighted standard deviation
kubernetes 105135 astraw99 LGTM Oct 14 Jiawei0227, astraw99, davidz627, jsafrane, verult XS Fix nil check in map merge
kubernetes-client/java 1628 aaruna Pending Oct 14 aaruna, brendandburns, yue9944882 M Reflector list should handle expired resource version from watch handler as well
enhancements 2751 pacoxu Pending Oct 14 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, ehashman XS update deprecated status of streaming proxy redirects
community 6017 adisky Pending Oct 14 MadhavJivrajani, SergeyKanzhelev, endocrimes S Update node perf testing doc
ingress-nginx 7533 velothump LGTM Oct 14 ChiefAlexander, cpanato, tao12345666333 M Allow setting of container securityContext
kubernetes 102884 vinaykul Pending Oct 14 Huang-Wei, PatrickLang, Random-Liu, XuShaohui, ahg-g, bg-chun, caesarxuchao, dchen1107, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, fromanirh, klueska, liubog2008, mrunalp, rphillips, thockin, vinaykul XXL In-place Pod Vertical Scaling feature
minikube 12707 eiffel-fl Pending Oct 14 prasadkatti, spowelljr S Use kernel 5.10 for minikube.iso.
kubernetes 93709 ash2k Pending Oct 14 ash2k, deads2k, roycaihw, sttts XS Make RetryWatcher sleep interruptible
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 2281 mason-liu Pending Oct 14 M00nF1sh, kishorj M Update the samples of guide/annotations #2182
kubernetes 104575 saschagrunert Pending Oct 14 alculquicondor, andrewsykim, dims, fuweid, mikebrow, mrunalp, saschagrunert XXL Support CRI `v1` and `v1alpha2` at the same time
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1663 lining2020x Pending Oct 14 alenkacz, alvaroaleman, droot, shawn-hurley M [WIP] :book: give an example about use-selectors-at-cache
kubeflow/website 3003 thesuperzapper LGTM Oct 14 Arhell, berndverst, terrytangyuan XL update `Kubeflow Notebooks` docs
kubernetes 105551 RenatoBrittoAraujo Pending Oct 14 caesarxuchao, dchen1107, lavalamp, tiloso XS Fix all staticcheck logic code errors on vendor/
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 1075 nirmalaagash Pending Oct 14 AndyXiangLi, ayberk, ddebroy, gnufied, nirmalaagash, vdhanan, wmesard, wongma7 L Added more volumeAttachLimit values based on instanceTypes
kubernetes-sigs/aws-fsx-csi-driver 202 Mberga14 Pending Oct 14 d-nishi, leakingtapan M Added option to tag FSx resource created in AWS
kops 12437 olemarkus Pending Oct 14 KashifSaadat, johngmyers, olemarkus S Make it possible to set CAS max-node-provision-time
kops 12378 justinsb Pending Oct 14 hakman, johngmyers, rifelpet XL gossip: support resolution of k8s.local names from pods
kubernetes 104302 ipochi Pending Oct 14 derekwaynecarr, mtaufen, vishh M kubelet: Move Lock Contention flags to configuration
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 873 gowthams316 Pending Oct 14 bertinatto, d-nishi XS Fixed volume resizing when using alpha driver by making changes to clusterrolebinding subjects serviceaccount namespace
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 1006 AtkinsChang Pending Oct 14 AtkinsChang, bertinatto, krmichel, leakingtapan XXL Cleanup and refactor helm chart
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 1013 AtkinsChang Pending Oct 14 vdhanan, wongma7 XL [chart] Reorganizing helm chart
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 859 wongma7 Pending Oct 14 AndyXiangLi, gnufied, wongma7 S Run chart releaser action from release branches only
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 919 opelr Pending Oct 14 AndyXiangLi, ddebroy XXL WIP: Support MultiAttachEnabled
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 1054 ialidzhikov Pending Oct 14 ayberk, leakingtapan, wongma7 S [chart] Update kubernetes-csi/livenessprobe
kubernetes-sigs/cli-experimental 200 joncfoo Pending Oct 14 barney-s, natasha41575, soltysh S Update
kubernetes-client/python 1574 cloudermaan Pending Oct 14 roycaihw, yliaog L Update
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 886 Xenwar LGTM Oct 14 Xenwar, chrischdi, jichenjc, sbueringer, seanschneeweiss L :running: Install binaries required for running tests 30082 sftim Pending Oct 14 XS Revise page header styles
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 2292 kishorj Pending Oct 14 XS Helper scripts for NLB performance tests
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 2291 kishorj Pending Oct 14 XS helm chart rbac update for endpointslices
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2373 ameir Pending Oct 14 XS Override provider-specific values for TXT registry.
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 2383 estroz Pending Oct 14 joelanford, pwittrock L :sparkles: feat(go/v3,all): use go install instead of go get
kube-state-metrics 1603 karancode Pending Oct 14 brancz, lilic M feat: kustomization for all examples
kubernetes 96364 saschagrunert Pending Oct 14 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, mikebrow, mrunalp, mtaufen, saschagrunert, smarterclayton, thockin M kubelet: add AppArmor profile values to CRI
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 2373 ameir Pending Oct 14 njuettner, seanmalloy S Override provider-specific values for TXT registry.
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 561 makomatic Pending Oct 14 kbasv, wongma7 XS fix: add volMetricsOptIn option for emitting volume metrics #454
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4178 aibarbetta Pending Oct 14 KnVerey, pwittrock M support labels field in edit add command
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 2292 kishorj Pending Oct 14 M00nF1sh XL Helper scripts for NLB performance tests
kubeflow/kubeflow 6174 and-1 Pending Oct 14 kimwnasptd, thesuperzapper L Add ability to set requests of resources in tensorboard manifest
kubeflow/kubeflow 5941 hwk42 Pending Oct 14 StefanoFioravanzo, elikatsis, kimwnasptd, yanniszark XL upgrade kfam profile api to fix bug to resource quota
kubeflow/kubeflow 5280 thesuperzapper Pending Oct 14 vkoukis XXL jupyter-web-app rewrite
kubeflow/kubeflow 5986 akirillov Pending Oct 14 discordianfish, yanniszark L Add support for PodSecurityContext to PodDefault
kubeflow/kubeflow 6081 benjamintanweihao Pending Oct 14 StefanoFioravanzo, thesuperzapper XS Fix typo
kubeflow/kubeflow 6035 robbertvdg Pending Oct 14 elikatsis, thesuperzapper S Add dropdown for existing volumes when creating a Notebook
kubeflow/kubeflow 6005 kimwnasptd Pending Oct 14 StefanoFioravanzo, kimwnasptd, tasos-ale XXL JWA: Very basic E2E tests to run locally
kubeflow/kubeflow 6022 JessicaBarh Pending Oct 14 SachinVarghese, thesuperzapper, yanniszark XL feat(centraldashboard): ad i18n
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4235 Goodwine Pending Oct 14 mortent, phanimarupaka L Fix kyaml readwriter inconsistencies when wrapping resources
kubernetes 99329 chymy Pending Oct 14 dims, smarterclayton, yifan-gu S Fix link 404
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 410 clarkdoan LGTM Oct 14 clarkdoan, danielwegener, jqmichael, wongma7 XS Added http_proxy to the helm chart
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 536 czerasz-allianz Pending Oct 14 kbasv, wongma7 M feat: add support for env and envFrom
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1320 lintongj Pending Oct 14 SandeepPissay, chethanv28 XL [WIP] Added validating admission webhooks in vanilla cluster for the block volume snapshot feature
kubernetes 102634 duhruh Pending Oct 14 BenTheElder, brendandburns, deads2k, duhruh, pacoxu, smarterclayton M Update pflag to allow blank ips to default
kubernetes 99544 jialaijun Pending Oct 13 aojea, lala123912, lavalamp, serathius, shubheksha, spiffxp S Migrate to structured logs pkg/util/bandwidth/ and /conntrack 2892 spiffxp Pending Oct 13 MadhavJivrajani, dims, nikhita XL groups: attempt to handle equivalent e-mail addresses
test-infra 23999 jimdaga Pending Oct 13 spiffxp, thockin M Add codesearch to k8s-infra app deploy prow job
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 909 jichenjc Pending Oct 13 hidekazuna, jichenjc, mdbooth, prankul88 S 🐛update logic to support more instance state
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 3655 maknihamdi Pending Oct 13 james-callahan, justinsb, monopole L Cached git cloner
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 3313 sylr Pending Oct 13 monopole, mortent XXL Decrypt secret/configmap generators inputs encrypted with AGE
kubernetes-sigs/sig-windows-dev-tools 122 FriedrichWilken Pending Oct 13 jayunit100, jsturtevant, marosset M [wip] supporting Windows hosts via powershell scripts
kubeflow/kubeflow 6186 thesuperzapper Pending Oct 13 SachinVarghese, kimwnasptd, yanniszark S fix dashboard sending malformed headers to kfam
kubernetes 105623 ash2k LGTM Oct 13 ash2k, deads2k, lavalamp, smarterclayton, yliaog M ResettableRESTMapper to make it possible to reset wrapped mappers
community 6142 MadhavJivrajani LGTM Oct 13 SergeyKanzhelev, dchen1107, ehashman XS Remove kind/design from triage doc
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1773 richardchen331 Pending Oct 13 nader-ziada, shysank L Support multiple CIDR blocks and multiple subnets in AzureManagedControlPlane
kubernetes 104177 DangerOnTheRanger Pending Oct 13 DangerOnTheRanger, aojea, cheftako, cynepco3hahue, justinsb XS Fix node resizing E2E test flake
kubernetes 103665 njuptlzf Pending Oct 13 deads2k, liggitt, ncdc, njuptlzf, yangjunmyfm192085 XS portforward audit logs when SPDY
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1237 geetikabatra Pending Oct 13 Ankitasw, MaxRink, gab-satchi, geetikabatra, pshail, sonasingh46, srm09 L Proposal for GPU support
website 29879 prabhsimransingh Pending Oct 13 divya-mohan0209, jimangel, krousey, prabhsimransingh, sftim XS Fixing kubectl cheatsheet run command comment to be more accurate
kubeflow/pipelines 6733 Ark-kun Pending Oct 13 IronPan, chensun, gaoning777, neuromage, zijianjoy XS fix(components): Fixed the Dataproc GCP components
website 29871 verb Pending Oct 13 jimangel, jlbutler, sftim, soltysh, verb XS PLACEHOLDER: Promote EphemeralContainers to beta in website
kubernetes-client/python 1392 DiptoChakrabarty Pending Oct 13 DiptoChakrabarty, palnabarun, roycaihw, yliaog XL Delete yaml 30075 nuno-faria Pending Oct 13 tengqm XS Remove extra parenthesis
website 30069 sftim Pending Oct 13 mikedanese, rajeshdeshpande02 S Tweak advice about kubectl skew
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 1576 CCsnax Pending Oct 13 XS gitRemote
perf-tests 1821 akantek-wr Pending Oct 13 shyamjvs, wojtek-t S set firewall port to netperf data path and set IP version for iperf3
kubernetes 98462 kevinzs2048 Pending Oct 13 BenTheElder XS Automated cherry pick of #97982 upstream release 1.20
kubernetes-sigs/krew 718 corneliusweig Pending Oct 13 ahmetb, chriskim06, soltysh M Show plugin version on plugin overview page
community 5914 marians Pending Oct 13 hpandeycodeit, morengab, tashimi S Update SIG Usability meeting cadence, time, and URL
googleforgames/agones 2264 himanshu007-creator Pending Oct 13 aLekSer, markmandel, roberthbailey XS NodeExternalDNS moved to beta
kubernetes-sigs/kind 648 BenTheElder Pending Oct 13 XS [WIP] Test PR DO NOT MERGE
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1591 jmrodri Pending Oct 13 alvaroaleman, droot, jmrodri, joelanford, varshaprasad96 L [WIP] :sparkles: Add GVKCaches and DynamicMultiNamespaceCache
enhancements 1411 michaelgugino Pending Oct 13 JoelSpeed, bboreham, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, elmiko, jsafrane, klueska, mattjmcnaughton, michaelgugino, neolit123, sftim, timothysc, yastij L add KEP: Node Maintenance Lease
kubernetes 99530 jialaijun Pending Oct 13 danwinship, dcbw, serathius, shubheksha, yangjunmyfm192085 S Structured log migration for pkg/util/iptables
kubernetes 100202 nan-yu Pending Oct 13 apelisse, mengqiy S Return an error if schema is nil
kubeflow/pipelines 6716 jagadeeshi2i Pending Oct 13 chauhang, shrinath-suresh L WIP chore: kfserving -> kserve migration
minikube 12644 rajdas98 Pending Oct 13 prasadkatti, spowelljr S Adding label to the docker network
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 699 knabben Pending Oct 13 jsturtevant, justinsb, knabben, moshloop, perithompson XL Adding virtualbox local build for local environment base box
kube-state-metrics 1599 arajkumar LGTM Oct 13 brancz, fpetkovski, lilic, mrueg, tariq1890 XS Make v2.1.1 subset of master
kubernetes-client/python 1576 CCsnax Pending Oct 13 roycaihw, yliaog XS gitRemote
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1331 divyenpatel Pending Oct 13 chethanv28, xing-yang XS set MAX_VOLUMES_PER_NODE to 59 for Vanilla and Guest Cluster Nodes
istio/api 2117 howardjohn Pending Oct 13 brian-avery, ericvn, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson XS Fix docs for protocol detection timeout
kubernetes 100860 gavinfish Pending Oct 13 gavinfish, liggitt, mkumatag, thockin M Make GetLoadedProfiles reusable for apparmor
kubeflow/katib 1713 tenzen-y Pending Oct 13 andreyvelich, gaocegege, johnugeorge, sperlingxx, tenzen-y M Support leader election for katib-controller
istio/api 1937 Niksko Pending Oct 13 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, smawson M Add topologySpreadConstraints field to operator k8s opts
kubernetes 102917 bysnupy Pending Oct 13 bysnupy, dougsland, rikatz, soltysh S Use "Capacity" instead of "Allocatable" for an accurate node memory total size
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 623 akram Pending Oct 13 droot, joelanford, mengqiy, pwittrock XS 🐛Bump v1.3.0 and call yaml.v2.FutureLineWrap
utils 224 MadhavJivrajani Pending Oct 13 dims, liggitt, wojtek-t XS Replace Clock with WithTicker in WithDelayedExecution
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 7709 titansmc Pending Oct 13 holmsten, oomichi S Adding support for configuring registry authentication at the node level for v2.15
website 30074 yitingdc Pending Oct 13 chenrui333, howieyuen XS Chinese doc bugs in Admission Control session:update requests for all status subresources
kops 11995 johngmyers Pending Oct 13 mikesplain, olemarkus M WIP Implement setting and unsetting map entries
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery-operator 99 Evalle LGTM Oct 13 ArangoGutierrez, marquiz XS Drop the non-working link from the Advanced section
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 530 Tal-or Pending Oct 13 Ethyling, adrianchiris, marquiz XXL WIP: Topology updater: TM policy from configz endpoint
website 30049 zilmarr Pending Oct 13 femrtnz, rikatz, zilmarr L [l10n] PT-BR - docs/concepts/scheduling-eviction/
kubernetes 100949 wzshiming Pending Oct 13 derekwaynecarr, monopole, rikatz, soltysh, wzshiming M Add --controller args for kubectl create job
website 29391 rajatgupta24 Pending Oct 13 anubha-v-ardhan, daminisatya, mittalyashu, sftim, verma-kunal L [hi] Add content/hi/docs/tutorial/kubernetes-basics/_index.html
kubernetes 105347 nehaLohia27 Pending Oct 13 SergeyKanzhelev, bobbypage, danwinship, ehashman, endocrimes, nehaLohia27, rikatz L [WIP] move pkg/util/node to component-helpers/node/utils
website 28887 chenxuc Pending Oct 13 celestehorgan, chenxuc, rajeshdeshpande02, sftim XS clarify rollout behavior in deployment
kubernetes 102719 xiaoanyunfei LGTM Oct 13 deads2k, justinsb, wangyysde, wojtek-t, yuzhiquan XS improve DefaultWatchErrorHandler log level
enhancements 2922 marquiz Pending Oct 13 AlexeyPerevalov, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, fromanirh, kad, swatisehgal L KEP-2403: extend the podresources API 30074 yitingdc Pending Oct 13 XS Chinese doc bugs in Admission Control session:update requests for all status subresources 30069 sftim Pending Oct 13 XS Tweak advice about kubectl skew 30068 sftim Pending Oct 13 tengqm XS Use Docsy alert classes 30067 sftim Pending Oct 13 XS Tidy task “Pull an Image from a Private Registry” 30066 sftim Pending Oct 13 XS Tidy task pages within Manage Memory, CPU, and API Resources 30064 sftim Pending Oct 13 XS Tidy task about PV reclaim policy
helm 10238 ssrahul96 Pending Oct 13 XS Added support to generate Windows Installer
ingress 7806 nithyashree675 Pending Oct 13 XS helm chart: choice option for internal/external loadbalancer type ser…
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 5402 saschagrunert Pending Oct 13 XS WIP: Add debug logs to pod sandbox stop
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 2371 arjunrn Pending Oct 13 XS Label filtering for Ingress, Service, Openshift Route sources
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 5402 saschagrunert Pending Oct 13 XS WIP: Add debug logs to pod sandbox stop
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 1574 cloudermaan Pending Oct 13 XS Update
googleforgames/quilkin 421 XAMPPRocky Pending Oct 13 iffyio, markmandel m Move iPerf benchmark to use Docker
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4237 dtaniwaki Pending Oct 13 mortent, phanimarupaka XS Order HorizontalPodAutoscaler before Deployment
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8065 edib Pending Oct 13 EppO, bozzo XS sshpass package must be in nodes
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8047 strmwalker Pending Oct 13 EppO, floryut, holmsten XS Update link to operators blog entry
cloud-provider-aws 237 nckturner Pending Oct 13 justinsb, wongma7 S Set custom service account names for controllers
kubernetes-sigs/kind 2497 YuviGold Pending Oct 13 amwat, munnerz M Support getting all kind nodes with -A flag
kubernetes 103723 hlee95 LGTM Oct 13 alculquicondor, aojea, caesarxuchao, hlee95, liggitt, neolit123, nikhita, thockin L Add staticcheck to verify-golangci
website 30024 jmyung Pending Oct 13 gochist, pjhwa L [ko] Translate docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/configure-gmsa in Korean
kubernetes 105339 microyahoo Pending Oct 13 MadhavJivrajani, lavalamp, tkashem, yue9944882 M [#105338] fix the potential panic of queueSet.findDispatchQueueLocked()
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1940 aptenodytes-forsteri Pending Oct 13 XS Maintain old API for backwards compatibility.
kubernetes 104722 leiyiz Pending Oct 13 smarterclayton, thockin M turning on the CSIMigrationGCE feature flag
website 30059 chetak123 Pending Oct 13 celestehorgan, jimangel, sftim XS changed links from beta2-beta3
website 30068 sftim LGTM Oct 13 daminisatya, jimangel, tengqm M Use Docsy alert classes
kubeflow/katib 1712 seong7 Pending Oct 13 andreyvelich, kimwnasptd, sperlingxx XXL [new-ui] Bump angular version to 12
ingress-nginx 7757 jpetazzo Pending Oct 13 ElvinEfendi, tao12345666333 L [WIP] Try to improve the installation guide
enhancements 2376 shekhar-rajak Pending Oct 13 LappleApple, jeremyrickard, justaugustus, palnabarun L query_test.go: Testcases are written for helper methods
ingress-nginx 7086 steinarvk-kolonial Pending Oct 13 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano, rikatz, steinarvk-kolonial M Fix buggy retry logic in syncIngress()
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 336 Liujingfang1 Pending Oct 13 ash2k, pwittrock, seans3 L capture apply/prune duration for single object in events
enhancements 2480 justaugustus Pending Oct 13 jeremyrickard, johnbelamaric XS api: Add `Scope` field to the `Proposal` document
kubernetes 101427 phil9909 Pending Oct 13 mengqiy, rikatz XS Fix bash completion for multiple resource names
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 4582 khos2ow Pending Oct 13 CecileRobertMichon, JoelSpeed, enxebre, fabriziopandini, khos2ow, sbueringer, vincepri, wfernandes M 🐛 Return error instead of panic if controlPlaneRef is nil
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 4605 bvberg Pending Oct 13 sbueringer, wfernandes L ✨ Add the ability to specify name of cluster to move
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 4247 bavarianbidi Pending Oct 13 CecileRobertMichon, bavarianbidi, detiber, fabriziopandini, randomvariable, sbueringer, sftim, vincepri M 📖 document metrics scraping and enable metrics services via annotations
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5001 schrej Pending Oct 13 JoelSpeed, enxebre XXL ⚠️ replace corev1.ObjectReference with custom structs
enhancements 1992 uablrek Pending Oct 13 caseydavenport, danwinship, dcbw, khenidak, thockin, uablrek M KEP ipv4-ipv6-dual-stack; added service.spec.loadBalancerIPs
enhancements 2766 MikeSpreitzer Pending Oct 13 MikeSpreitzer, fedebongio, lavalamp, logicalhan, wojtek-t XXL WIP: Catch up Fair Queuing description with past and present
enhancements 2745 bowei LGTM Oct 13 SergeyKanzhelev, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, johnbelamaric, kikisdeliveryservice S KEP-2727: Fix missing fields in the kep.yaml control file
enhancements 2783 tkashem Pending Oct 13 MikeSpreitzer, deads2k, lavalamp, wojtek-t M apf: estimate width of LIST
ingress-nginx 7646 kundan2707 Pending Oct 13 ChiefAlexander, strongjz, tao12345666333 L Chart changelog update
minikube 11535 dinever Pending Oct 13 RA489, afbjorklund, dinever, medyagh L Fix TestFunctional/parallel/LogsCmd flakiness
ingress-nginx 6810 answer1991 Pending Oct 13 ChiefAlexander, ElvinEfendi M remove duplicated and unused permission statement in controller role
ingress-nginx 7236 HushAsy Pending Oct 13 cmluciano, rikatz, tao12345666333, wasker M Canary by ip range
ingress-nginx 7003 joostschriek Pending Oct 13 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano, joostschriek, rikatz, tokers XXL Adding SSL OCSP Client Certificate validation
ingress-nginx 7121 tokers Pending Oct 13 cmluciano, moonming, rikatz, tao12345666333 XL feat: support blocklist-source-range
ingress-nginx 7109 carnei-ro Pending Oct 13 carnei-ro, cmluciano, rikatz, tao12345666333, tokers L feat: Rate limit with header based rules
ingress-nginx 6338 cofyc Pending Oct 13 ElvinEfendi, aledbf, cofyc M fine-grained control over canary: add canary-weight-total to configure the total weight
ingress-nginx 7324 anthonyho007 Pending Oct 13 ElvinEfendi, kd7lxl, strongjz, tao12345666333 XXL [WIP]Adding global tls auth
kubernetes 103790 boenn Pending Oct 13 adtac, alculquicondor, boenn, chendave, chrishenzie, msau42 XL add fast failed in ReadWriteOncePod
kubernetes 104153 cynepco3hahue Pending Oct 13 SergeyKanzhelev, cynepco3hahue, fromanirh, pohly, yifan-gu XL e2e node: provide static kubelet config
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1325 dsharp-pivotal Pending Oct 13 DirectXMan12, alvaroaleman, dsharp-pivotal XXL :seedling: Add testingclient package with clients for testing
kubernetes 102936 Jerry-Ge LGTM Oct 13 Huang-Wei, adtac, chendave, damemi L Make numFeasibleNodesToFind stateless
kubernetes 104490 jsturtevant Pending Oct 13 dcantah, deads2k, jsturtevant, juanvallejo, liggitt L Handle for Windows HostProcess containers in go-client
kops 12423 justinsb Pending Oct 13 hakman, johngmyers M Refactor bootstrap logic to allow for alternative signatures
kubernetes 103134 MikeSpreitzer Pending Oct 13 MikeSpreitzer, SergeyKanzhelev, ehashman, pwittrock, smarterclayton, tengqm, wangyysde S Update description of nodeLeaseDuration
kubernetes 85164 msau42 Pending Oct 13 gnufied, johnbelamaric, smarterclayton, spiffxp S WIP: Promote "CSI volume limit information using mock driver should report attach limit when limit is bigger than 0" e2e test to Conformance
kubernetes 101077 wangyx1992 Pending Oct 13 aramase, divyenpatel, saad-ali, serathius, wangyx1992, yangjunmyfm192085 L Structured Logging migration: modify logs for kinds of kuberentes volumes
kubernetes 101566 wzshiming Pending Oct 13 aojea, krmayankk, mtaufen, wzshiming XL Field `status.hostIPs` added for Pod
kubernetes 102235 sanposhiho Pending Oct 13 ahg-g, damemi, sanposhiho M Scheduler(NodeVolumeLimits plugin): filter volumes of new pod in prefilter phase
kubernetes 99435 Jerry-Ge LGTM Oct 13 Huang-Wei, Jerry-Ge, adtac, ahg-g, alculquicondor, chendave, liggitt, piosz, yuanchen8911 L make unschedulableQTimeInterval configurable
kubernetes 100652 jialaijun Pending Oct 13 dchen1107, lavalamp XS Migrate pkg/util/resizefs logs to structured logging
kubernetes 103674 mmiranda96 Pending Oct 13 SergeyKanzhelev, bobbypage, ehashman, johnbelamaric, liggitt, mmiranda96 L Split \[Node(Alpha|Serial)Feature:.+\] tags into the proper new tags
kubernetes 100990 harshanarayana Pending Oct 13 BenTheElder, davidopp, neolit123 L GIT-100367: cleanup usage of Deprecated io/ioutil
kubernetes 98507 wzshiming Pending Oct 13 SergeyKanzhelev, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, jqmichael, mikebrow, mrunalp, mtaufen, smarterclayton, wzshiming L Allowed shortened grace period for pods in Kubelet
kubernetes 101215 knabben Pending Oct 13 cmluciano, dcbw XXL Kube-proxy flags and config on options folder
kubernetes-client/csharp 671 hol430 Pending Oct 13 brendandburns, krabhishek8260 XL Copy to/from pod
kubernetes 102459 danishprakash Pending Oct 13 danishprakash, jayunit100, oomichi M test/e2e: minor netpol test improvements
kubernetes 100809 tamalsaha Pending Oct 13 lavalamp, sttts, tamalsaha, wojtek-t XXL Fix clientset generation for resource names matching Go keyword
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1499 randomvariable Pending Oct 13 alexeldeib, alvaroaleman, droot, estroz, joelanford, randomvariable, varshaprasad96, vincepri L :sparkles: Expose function to find controller namespace in controllerutil
kubernetes 100807 aojea Pending Oct 13 JornShen, aojea, bowei, danwinship L WIP Kube-proxy topology hints
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1638 justinsb Pending Oct 13 FillZpp, coderanger, gerred, justinsb, shawn-hurley L WIP: Use proto if we have proto types
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1623 willthames Pending Oct 13 alvaroaleman, joelanford, mengqiy, shawn-hurley, willthames L ✨ Allow specifying custom TLS Config for webhooks
kubernetes-sigs/gateway-api 900 robscott LGTM Oct 12 hbagdi, jpeach, robscott, thockin XS Clarifying PathPrefix matching
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1297 rpanduranga Pending Oct 12 SandeepPissay, kavyashree-r, xing-yang L [e2e-test]: Adding TKG RWX operation storm tests
googleforgames/agones 2241 WilSimpson Pending Oct 12 Ludea, WilSimpson, cyriltovena, roberthbailey XXL Agones SDK with Unreal Engine Example
kubernetes 104835 uthark Pending Oct 12 SataQiu, lavalamp, neolit123 S Linter for incorrect var capture
googleforgames/open-saves 275 yuryu Pending Oct 12 hongalex, irataxy, loranger2k, yuryu XL docs: Add a load testing tool and a guide
website 28908 wxw-matt Pending Oct 12 Arhell, jimangel, mikedanese XS use current cpu arch instead hard-coding
website 28918 amirensit Pending Oct 12 Arhell, davidopp, thockin XS fix namespace name in the example
kubernetes 103389 jdnurme Pending Oct 12 enj, smarterclayton M Cheftako patch
kubernetes 105510 damemi LGTM Oct 12 caesarxuchao, cheftako, damemi, deads2k, smarterclayton, soltysh M Wire contexts to Bootstrap controllers
kubernetes 100263 troy0820 Pending Oct 12 mrunalp XS Request: Add troy0820 as a sig-node-reviewer
kubernetes 105389 taku333 Pending Oct 12 MrHohn, cheftako XS Update sleep .5 ⇨ sleep 0.5
kubernetes 105549 damemi Pending Oct 12 quinton-hoole, smarterclayton L Wire contexts to Disruption controllers
kubernetes 104776 kerthcet Pending Oct 12 RainbowMango, cheftako, dashpole, kerthcet, krmayankk, sanposhiho, tallclair S fix flushlogs not working together with exit in staging repos
minikube 11911 mahalrs Pending Oct 12 mahalrs, prasadkatti, spowelljr, tstromberg L Add integration test in TestPause to ensure `namespaces` flag works
kubernetes 105140 brianpursley Pending Oct 12 KnVerey, brianpursley, dixudx, eddiezane, pwittrock, soltysh XL Add --override-type flag to kubectl run and kubectl expose
kubernetes 105566 ardaguclu Pending Oct 12 ardaguclu, dougsland, soltysh M Enable setting proxyurl in kubeconfig via kubectl config
kubernetes 105555 MikeSpreitzer Pending Oct 12 deads2k, lavalamp, mwielgus, sttts, tkashem, wojtek-t S Update comment on ResourcePolicyRule
kubernetes 105299 liggitt Pending Oct 12 sttts M WIP: Update to handle GOPATH or module builds
kubernetes 100827 scottilee LGTM Oct 12 cheftako, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, scottilee, yangjunmyfm192085 M Convert controller resourcequota files to structured logs
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1138 chethanv28 Pending Oct 12 RaunakShah, xing-yang XS Set worker threads to 25 for csi-attacher to process high volume of concurrent attach-detach operations
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 272 jingxu97 Pending Oct 12 cofyc, saad-ali XXL WIP windows support
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5266 sbueringer Pending Oct 12 CecileRobertMichon, sbueringer, stmcginnis, vincepri L 🌱 Move ClusterClass webhook to a separate package, add ClusterClass deletion validation
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1690 fabriziopandini Pending Oct 12 alexeldeib, gerred, vincepri S [WIP] 🐛 Start web hooks first 30059 chetak123 Pending Oct 12 celestehorgan XS changed links from beta2-beta3
ingress 7800 ctron Pending Oct 12 XS fix: fix thread synchronization issue #6245
enhancements 2821 lauralorenz Pending Oct 12 JeremyOT, palnabarun XS [WIP] KEP-1645: Update MCS API graduation criteria based on 5/11 SIG-MC discussions
website 29918 imoisharma Pending Oct 12 imoisharma, onlydole, sftim XS fix the constraint template for gatekeeper.
kubernetes-sigs/windows-gmsa 48 marosset Pending Oct 12 ddebroy, jayunit100, jsturtevant XS ci: replacing --dry-run with --dry-run=client for kubectl commands
kubeflow/arena 691 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 12 denverdino, wsxiaozhang, xiaozhouX XS Bump client-java from 10.0.1 to 11.0.1 in /sdk/arena-java-sdk
kubernetes 105416 JeremyBolster Pending Oct 12 mallow111, saad-ali, sttts L Add named container validation -- Show errors for duplicated named ports.
kubeflow/katib 1709 tenzen-y Pending Oct 12 andreyvelich, gaocegege, hougangliu, johnugeorge, sperlingxx, tenzen-y L Implement validating webhooks for early stopping
ingress-nginx 7171 serge-r Pending Oct 12 ElvinEfendi, kd7lxl, rikatz, serge-r, tokers M Add flag to set custom buckets for prometheus histogram
kubeflow/pipelines 6472 casassg LGTM Oct 12 Ark-kun, Bobgy, casassg, chensun, ji-yaqi S feat(sdk): Add version description optionally to Py SDK. Part of #6256
google/cadvisor 2957 rphillips Pending Oct 12 kolyshkin XS crio: filter out systemd related components
kubeflow/pipelines 6551 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 12 IronPan, animeshsingh XS chore(deps): bump requests from 2.18.4 to 2.20.0 in /components/arena/docker
kubernetes 98522 pengzhisun Pending Oct 12 SergeyKanzhelev, andrewsykim, andyzhangx, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, jsturtevant, marosset, pengzhisun, yifan-gu S get system uuid via powershell
kubernetes 94986 tkashem Pending Oct 12 apelisse, hzxuzhonghu, lavalamp, liggitt, soltysh, sttts, tkashem, wojtek-t L drop managed fields from audit entries
kubernetes 102882 fromanirh LGTM Oct 12 RenaudWasTaken, chenyw1990, endocrimes, fromanirh, klueska, swatisehgal XL devicemanager: checkpoint: support pre-1.20 data
kubeflow/arena 622 heluocs Pending Oct 12 denverdino, wsxiaozhang, xiaozhouX M support annotations/nodeSelector/tolerations in tensorflow serving an…
kubeflow/website 2980 jbottum LGTM Oct 12 Arhell, Jeffwan, james-jwu, jbottum, yanniszark, zijianjoy XS Revert "Update"
kubernetes 104767 gxglls Pending Oct 12 davidz627, jingxu97, pohly L feat(e2e/storage): support StorageClass Secrets E2E test in CSI
kubernetes 105600 gy95 Pending Oct 12 alculquicondor, kow3ns XS fix filter Funcs object type print logs
kubernetes 104900 mengjiao-liu Pending Oct 12 dchen1107, matthyx, n4j M [WIP]kubelet: Remove deprecated flag `--experimental-mounter-path`
kubernetes 102721 xiaoanyunfei Pending Oct 12 krousey, wojtek-t, wzshiming, xiang90 XS use uid first for MetaNamespaceKeyFunc
kubernetes 100902 mikedanese Pending Oct 12 coltonstapper L WIP: add per-connection TLS verification cache
enhancements 2869 adisky Pending Oct 12 SergeyKanzhelev, adisky, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, endocrimes, mrunalp, neolit123, pacoxu, rata, timbyr XL KEP-2872 Add keystone containers KEP
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 1008 EmilienM Pending Oct 12 EmilienM, hidekazuna, iamemilio, jichenjc, mdbooth, prankul88 M ✨ getOrCreatePort: add support to configure QoS profile ID on ports
kubernetes-sigs/hierarchical-namespaces 62 hutchic Pending Oct 12 adrianludwin, hutchic, olljanat, srampal XL feat(helm): initial try at making a helm chart
kubernetes 105621 shawnhanx Pending Oct 12 Random-Liu, vishh XS fix kubelet/types is imported more than once
kubernetes 105367 JaneLiuL Pending Oct 12 alculquicondor, damemi M add scheduler multi profile test
website 29543 zhangrj Pending Oct 12 Arhell, eparis, pigletfly XS Update
website 30010 ClaudiaJKang Pending Oct 12 seokho-son, yoonian L [ko] Translate docs/tasks/administer-cluster/ in Korean
website 30023 gochist Pending Oct 12 jihoon-seo, seokho-son M [ko] Update outdated content in dev-1.22-ko.2 (Task M11)
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 316 pmundt Pending Oct 12 aveshagarwal, damemi, k82cn M Fix 'make gen' target outside of GOPATH
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 619 roim LGTM Oct 12 aveshagarwal, damemi, ingvagabund, seanmalloy XS [helm values] Add note on evict-local-storage-pods
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 553 ravisantoshgudimetla Pending Oct 12 damemi, ingvagabund, k82cn, ravisantoshgudimetla L [wip]Add same workload metric
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 636 RyanDevlin Pending Oct 12 RyanDevlin, damemi, eero-t, k82cn XXL Added request considerations to NodeFit Feature
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 473 AmoVanB Pending Oct 12 AmoVanB, damemi, ingvagabund, k82cn, lixiang233, matthieu-eck XL Add a parameter for making the thresholds of the LowNodeUtilization strategy relative to average values
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 488 damemi Pending Oct 12 damemi, denkensk, ingvagabund, k82cn, lixiang233, seanmalloy L [WIP] Allow Node strategies to run with informers
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 587 hanumanthan Pending Oct 12 damemi, hanumanthan, ingvagabund, k82cn, lixiang233 XXL Introducing descheduler profiles with v1alpha2 api version
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-packet 292 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 12 deitch, jacobsmith928 XS Bump from 1.16.4 to 1.16.5
kubernetes 105380 luyou86 Pending Oct 12 Jefftree, caesarxuchao, lavalamp XS Fix single-item and collection deletion api doc
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1095 nigupta1 Pending Oct 12 chethanv28, subramanian-neelakantan S When a pvc is requested with host affinity parameter and a storage cl…
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 5407 sbueringer Pending Oct 12 JoelSpeed, enxebre L [WIP] Reproduce v1alpha3=>v1beta1 upgrade issue
kubernetes-sigs/cli-experimental 111 sunny0826 Pending Oct 12 SyamSundarKirubakaran, pwittrock XXL Update zh docs
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 260 PratikDeoghare Pending Oct 12 Jefftree, Sh4d1 L add/remove agent to default backend only if it accepts all traffic
kubernetes 105624 adisky Pending Oct 12 brendandburns, dchen1107 XS [WIP] [test] Move Kubelet credential provider to beta
kubeflow/katib 1704 seong7 Pending Oct 12 andreyvelich, hougangliu, kimwnasptd, seong7, sperlingxx XXL [Bug Fix - new ui] : Fix bug on list type hp
website 29974 riita10069 LGTM Oct 12 kakts, makocchi-git, riita10069 XS [ja] Replace with a link in Japanese about
website 29980 riita10069 LGTM Oct 12 bells17, kakts, riita10069 XS [ja] Replace with a link in Japanese about `/concepts/`
charts 24531 kevinpollet Pending Oct 12 XS [stable/traefik] fix: support ACME preferredChain option
charts 24530 anuof90 Pending Oct 12 XS Update values.yaml
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 5398 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 12 XS build(deps): bump from 1.16.4 to 1.16.5
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 5398 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 12 XS build(deps): bump from 1.16.4 to 1.16.5
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 8072 oomichi Pending Oct 12 EppO, floryut, holmsten XS Fix ownership related to Calico
kubernetes 105598 gy95 Pending Oct 12 enj, mikedanese XS break the pointless loop when group matched
kubernetes 105620 gy95 Pending Oct 12 caesarxuchao, soltysh S fix some logs
kubernetes 105567 rogpeppe Pending Oct 12 dixudx, dougsland, soltysh M kubectl/pkg/cmd/apiresources: support JSON and YAML output
googleforgames/quilkin 371 XAMPPRocky Pending Oct 12 XAMPPRocky, iffyio, markmandel l Add initial version of the test subcommand
community 5985 CsatariGergely Pending Oct 12 jdumars, parispittman L Adding CC-BY-4.0 as a documentation license
kubernetes 101909 nolancon Pending Oct 12 fromanirh, klueska, krmayankk L Additional cases for reconcileState testing
ingress-nginx 7621 dmathieu Pending Oct 12 bowei, tao12345666333 XL OpenTelemetry support
google/cadvisor 2890 Creatone Pending Oct 12 L Enable multiple Uncore PMUs for a single group in a configuration file.
kubeflow/arena 690 happy2048 Pending Oct 12 denverdino, wsxiaozhang, xiaozhouX XS release v0.8.9
minikube 11702 vishjain Pending Oct 12 ilya-zuyev, medyagh, vishjain XS Fix Minikube Start Image Download Hang
kubernetes 103091 scaat Pending Oct 12 deads2k, lavalamp, leilajal, thockin XS Fix unreachable code
enhancements 3009 klueska LGTM Oct 12 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, fromanirh S Change feature gate in KEP-2902 to CPUManagerPolicyAlphaOptions
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 269 Huang-Wei Pending Oct 12 cwdsuzhou, seanmalloy XS doc: use the symbolic-linked folder to apply CRDs
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 1135 RaunakShah Pending Oct 12 BaluDontu, chethanv28, xing-yang M Make changes to pvcsi yamls to upgrade node driver registrar to v2.1.0
kubeflow/katib 1710 midhun1998 Pending Oct 12 andreyvelich, gaocegege, hougangliu, midhun1998, sperlingxx S Updating Katib CI to use training operator
enhancements 2661 wzshiming Pending Oct 12 aojea, bridgetkromhout, caseydavenport, danwinship, dchen1107, ehashman, irvifa, johnbelamaric, khenidak, sftim, thockin, wzshiming XL KEP-2681: Field status.hostIPs added for Pod
kubernetes 104255 niulechuan Pending Oct 12 brendandburns, ehashman, mrunalp, pacoxu, sjenning, zshihang XS Cleanup storage related deprecated flags and default feature gate that marked as remove in 1.23
kubernetes 102945 chenchun Pending Oct 12 caesarxuchao, deads2k, enj L Pass DeleteOptions down to the Reactor
kubernetes 104791 mysunshine92 Pending Oct 12 alculquicondor, chendave, mysunshine92 M Add UT for testing EnableProfiling in scheduler 30054 Arhell Pending Oct 12 atoato88, nasa9084 XS [ja] add volume and volumeMount for ephemeral storage
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 900 robscott Pending Oct 12 hbagdi XS Clarifying PathPrefix matching
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-site 249 nate-double-u Pending Oct 12 XS NCW2 Session: Community Groups
kubernetes 105619 bobbypage Pending Oct 12 dchen1107, logicalhan M [WIP] Bump cAdvisor to v0.42.0
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1593 morlay Pending Oct 12 mengqiy, shawn-hurley L ⚠️ Bump & to v1.1.0
kubernetes 104698 weiwenli97 Pending Oct 12 jayunit100, marosset, yujuhong L Add Windows node reboot
website 29984 superleo Pending Oct 12 howieyuen, pigletfly, tengqm M [zh] Concept files to sync for 1.22 - task13 - k8s Extension
kubernetes-sigs/sig-windows-tools 151 jayunit100 Pending Oct 12 craigminihan, ddebroy, jsturtevant XS Update PrepareNode.ps1
release 2271 cici37 Pending Oct 12 cici37, puerco, wilsonehusin, xmudrii S Make feature flag `--list-v2` of `krel release-notes` as the default behavior
community 6140 JimBugwadia Pending Oct 11 rficcaglia, tabbysable L Policy management paper
contributor-site 249 nate-double-u Pending Oct 11 alisondy, chris-short L NCW2 Session: Community Groups
test-infra 21923 Riaankl Pending Oct 11 fejta, spiffxp XS Add do-not-merge/flake-free-test-needed for Conformance Promotion PR's
test-infra 21833 claudiubelu Pending Oct 11 BenTheElder, dims, spiffxp M test images: Adds private registry images
test-infra 19449 matthyx Pending Oct 11 cblecker, clarketm, mrbobbytables, nikhita, stevekuznetsov L Add reward-owners plugin
test-infra 20868 nikhita LGTM Oct 11 cblecker, chaodaiG, cjwagner, mrbobbytables, petr-muller, spiffxp M prow/plugins: allow label-based automatic posting of comments
test-infra 22449 rahulii Pending Oct 11 cjwagner, michelle192837, petr-muller, rahulii, taragu M add /check-required-labels command
test-infra 22663 gdsoumya LGTM Oct 11 BenTheElder, cblecker, chases2, dims, gdsoumya, sftim XS Retain LGTM through squashes for kubernetes/kubernetes repo
test-infra 22232 sujil02 Pending Oct 11 alexeldeib, camilamacedo86, mengqiy XS Bump kubebuilder version from 1.15 to 1.16
test-infra 23215 mmiranda96 LGTM Oct 11 adisky, dims, ehashman, endocrimes, manugupt1, mmiranda96, spiffxp M Create containerd 1.5 canaries
test-infra 22728 wzshiming Pending Oct 11 alejandrox1, derekwaynecarr XS Update GracefulNodeShutdown to NodeFeature from NodeAlphaFeature
test-infra 23363 pigletfly Pending Oct 11 alenkacz, alvaroaleman, vincepri XS Update controller runtime master branch tests to run on Go 1.17
test-infra 22134 arturo-skydio Pending Oct 11 cjwagner, matthyx M [jenkins-operator] Add ability to trigger jobs not in the root path o…
test-infra 22406 harche Pending Oct 11 andrewsykim, fejta M WIP: Add crio based e2e job
test-infra 23949 estroz Pending Oct 11 mengqiy, spiffxp XS chore(kubebuilder): update OWNERS and OWNERS_ALIASES
test-infra 22742 anusha94 Pending Oct 11 MadhavJivrajani, anusha94, cjwagner, clarketm, jeefy, mrbobbytables, nikhita, spiffxp L Add support for EasyCLA
test-infra 23240 jimangel LGTM Oct 11 BenTheElder, parispittman, sftim XS updating SIG Docs co-chairs
test-infra 23388 coryrc LGTM Oct 11 coryrc, matthyx, spiffxp XS Spyglass example match Gubernator docs
test-infra 22800 adisky Pending Oct 11 bart0sh, ehashman M [WIP] Add CI job for Kubelet credential provider Alpha feature
test-infra 23914 jsturtevant LGTM Oct 11 CecileRobertMichon, devigned, jayunit100, juan-lee L Windows capz containerd jobs
test-infra 22941 danwinship LGTM Oct 11 aojea, knabben XS remove superfluous skip patterns
test-infra 23335 danwinship Pending Oct 11 alvaroaleman, chaodaiG, danwinship, michelle192837 M Allow /approve to be misspelled as /approved
test-infra 23243 ipochi Pending Oct 11 SergeyKanzhelev, ehashman, vpickard XS update jobs to include lock contention flags
test-infra 23320 pacoxu LGTM Oct 11 SergeyKanzhelev, cynepco3hahue, ehashman, karan M mv from k/k test/e2e_node/jenkins/ to test-infra jobs/e2e_node/
test-infra 23070 PushkarJ Pending Oct 11 nikhita, spiffxp S Add new label for security assessments
test-infra 23461 MushuEE Pending Oct 11 BenTheElder, amwat, spiffxp XS Update docs to reflect disk size increase.
test-infra 23733 listx Pending Oct 11 alvaroaleman, chaodaiG, cjwagner, listx, mpherman2, stevekuznetsov L explain always_run field for postsubmits
test-infra 23460 jdnurme Pending Oct 11 MushuEE, amwat, jdnurme, spiffxp XS updated to remove newline delimiter from json
test-infra 23838 Dragoncell Pending Oct 11 Dragoncell, MHBauer, bobbypage, vpickard M add serial node e2e for cgroupv2 cos containerd
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 906 rbe-toolchains-copybara-robot Pending Oct 11 DaveGay, alex1545, eytankidron, nlopezgi, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, rubensf, smukherj1 S Update rules_docker version
kubernetes 99226 liggitt Pending Oct 11 MHBauer, spiffxp L WIP - build in module mode
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 272 Huang-Wei Pending Oct 11 cwdsuzhou, yuanchen8911 S install: create a RoleBinding for obtain delegated authentication
contributor-site 245 tokt Pending Oct 11 castrojo, idvoretskyi, parispittman XS Fixing npm error when building a contributor-site docker image
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 7887 mmelyp Pending Oct 11 bozzo, oomichi XS increase maximal_ansible_version to 2.12.0
kubernetes 99287 anfernee LGTM Oct 11 andrewsykim, anfernee, ibabou, jeremyje, ksubrmnn, sbangari L Add HNS Load Balancer Healthchecks for ExternalTrafficPolicy: Local
ingress-nginx 7633 mtparet Pending Oct 11 ElvinEfendi, rikatz, trnl S Include lua libraries to enable JWT manipulations
kubernetes 103663 bells17 Pending Oct 11 cheftako, jpbetz, logicalhan XS Fix Priority plugin comment
website 29957 sftim LGTM Oct 11 daminisatya, jimangel, reylejano M Document {{% thirdparty-content %}} shortcode
kubernetes-client/csharp 682 ddieruf LGTM Oct 11 brendandburns, ddieruf, krabhishek8260, tg123 XXL Ported GenericKubernetesApi from java along with other utilities
website 29993 imoisharma Pending Oct 11 imoisharma, jimangel, kbhawkey, sftim L Import “Identifiers and Names in Kubernetes” into reference section
kubeflow/pipelines 6549 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 11 akartsky, mameshini XS chore(deps): bump pyyaml from 3.12 to 5.4 in /components/aws/sagemaker
kubeflow/pipelines 6550 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 11 IronPan, neuromage XS chore(deps): bump pyyaml from 3.12 to 5.4 in /components/arena/docker 30049 zilmarr Pending Oct 11 XS [l10n] PT-BR - docs/concepts/scheduling-eviction/
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 8072 oomichi Pending Oct 11 XS Fix ownership related to Calico
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 8072 oomichi Pending Oct 11 XS Fix ownership related to Calico
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1737 illicitonion Pending Oct 11 DaveGay, alexeagle, eytankidron, hicksjoseph, illicitonion, smukherj1 XS Show digest of pushed images
enhancements 1816 phenixblue Pending Oct 11 BenTheElder, justinsb, liggitt, logicalhan, mtaufen, neolit123, phenixblue, rosti, timothysc XL Add ComponentConfig ObjectMeta KEP
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 412 karlkfi Pending Oct 11 Liujingfang1, pwittrock XXL [WIP] Add support for external dependencies
website 30019 sftim Pending Oct 11 bradtopol, tengqm S Tweak announcement padding
website 29658 jlbutler Pending Oct 11 rajeshdeshpande02, sftim M Official 1.23 Release Docs
enhancements 948 kfox1111 Pending Oct 11 alvaroaleman, dharmab, hongchaodeng, kargakis, kfox1111, lavalamp, mattfarina, pigletfly, prydonius L ConfigMap / Secret Orchestration
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 423 kkeshavamurthy Pending Oct 11 davidewatson, detiber L Adding CI for AMIs
kubernetes 103092 Riaankl Pending Oct 11 cheftako, deads2k, dims, heyste, liggitt, smarterclayton L Write ApiService Test - +2 endpoints
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1689 fabriziopandini Pending Oct 11 alenkacz, alvaroaleman, droot M [WIP] 🐛 Avoid deadlock on start
gengo 215 liggitt Pending Oct 11 sttts L add module support
kubernetes 103585 njuptlzf Pending Oct 11 krmayankk, liggitt, njuptlzf, pacoxu M [PodSecurity] Aggregate identical warnings for multiple pods in a namespace
kube-state-metrics 1571 bavarianbidi Pending Oct 11 brancz, fpetkovski, mrueg M endpoints: export number of ports as new metric
website 30021 my-git9 Pending Oct 11 bradtopol, sftim, soltysh XS Update
kubernetes 105002 markusthoemmes Pending Oct 11 dcbw, klueska M Replace wait.Until and wait.PollUntil with appropriate alternatives
kube-state-metrics 1607 arajkumar Pending Oct 11 fpetkovski, mrueg XS Make v2.1.1 subset of v2.2.x
kubernetes 104420 akshitgrover Pending Oct 11 akshitgrover, jyz0309, krmayankk, liggitt, stlaz, tallclair M Update pods validation based on uniquiness of controller
kubernetes 105483 MadhavJivrajani Pending Oct 11 deads2k, lavalamp, wojtek-t L [WIP] Add watchCacheInterval to reduce lock contention in watch cache
kubeflow/arena 688 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 11 cheyang, denverdino, wsxiaozhang, xiaozhouX XXL Bump from 0.19.3 to 0.20.4
ingress-nginx 7687 rh-tguittet Pending Oct 11 ElvinEfendi, strongjz XS Update Bare-metal NodePort URL anchor
autoscaler 3862 bpineau Pending Oct 11 Jeffwan, aleksandra-malinowska M gce: spread instance template refreshes deadlines
enhancements 1444 saschagrunert Pending Oct 11 BenTheElder, aojea, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, evrardjp, hasheddan, kikisdeliveryservice, liggitt, pjbgf, saschagrunert, tallclair XL KEP for promoting AppArmor to GA
enhancements 2084 saschagrunert LGTM Oct 11 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, ehashman, saschagrunert XS Rename seccomp-operator to security-profiles-operator
enhancements 2640 mkimuram Pending Oct 11 johnbelamaric, jsafrane, lavalamp, liggitt, mkimuram, msau42, saad-ali, sftim, wojtek-t, xing-yang XL Add KEP for Secret/ConfigMap protection 30033 gochist Pending Oct 11 ClaudiaJKang XS [ko] Update working-with-objects 30031 sahilvv Pending Oct 11 XS GA TTLAfterFinished
community 6143 MadhavJivrajani Pending Oct 11 puerco, saschagrunert XS Remove kind/design from release doc
kubernetes 104997 pohly Pending Oct 11 SergeyKanzhelev, klueska, mrunalp XS kubelet: activate logging sooner
kubernetes 105522 damemi Pending Oct 11 cheftako, damemi, deads2k, soltysh, stlaz L [wip]Wire contexts certificates
kubernetes 105550 damemi Pending Oct 11 enisoc, sttts M Wire contexts to RBAC controllers
minikube 12692 dimara Pending Oct 11 afbjorklund, spowelljr XS Support changing apiserver-ips when restarting minikube
kubernetes 105590 imoisharma Pending Oct 11 caesarxuchao, dchen1107, sftim, thockin S updated the IANA link for Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry
kubernetes 98472 uniemimu Pending Oct 11 kow3ns, smarterclayton S Deep copy statefulset pvctemplate annotations
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery-operator 98 marquiz Pending Oct 11 ArangoGutierrez, zvonkok L docs: update build dependencies
node-problem-detector 563 cmssczy Pending Oct 11 Random-Liu, cmssczy, wangzhen127 S add rbac config
kubeflow/kubeflow 6181 toshi-k Pending Oct 11 jbottum, kimwnasptd M Tell user to select a namespace to access namespaced menu item
kubernetes 105444 claudiubelu Pending Oct 11 matthyx, smarterclayton M Automated cherry pick of #101063: tests: Spawn poststart / prestop pods on the same node as the
autoscaler 4131 wangchen615 Pending Oct 11 Jeffwan, bskiba, jbartosik, kgolab, krzysied, wangchen615 L Added changes to support alternative recommender
cloud-provider-openstack 1585 jichenjc Pending Oct 11 jichenjc, lingxiankong, ricolin, zetaab M [cinder-csi-plugin] Add volume condition for controller and node plugin
cloud-provider-openstack 1662 jichenjc Pending Oct 11 ramineni, zetaab S WIP: [cinder-csi-plugin]add snapshot back into CI (again)
kubernetes-sigs/minibroker 209 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 11 carolynvs, f0rmiga, mook-as L build(deps): bump from 0.18.3 to 0.22.2 in /tests/integration
website 29881 mallow111 Pending Oct 11 RinkiyaKeDad, rajeshdeshpande02, sftim M Fix issue #29850 - Drop v1.apps in Deployment
kubernetes 104807 shawnhanx Pending Oct 11 neolit123, thockin, wojtek-t M Add unit tests for pkg/registry/authorization/util
kubernetes 103486 mysunshine92 Pending Oct 11 foxish, jayunit100, lavalamp, mysunshine92, yangjunmyfm192085 L Kube-controller-manager add a flag --delete-all-terminated-pods to delete all terminated pods
kubernetes-sigs/cloud-provider-azure 793 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 11 andyzhangx, nilo19 XL chore(deps): bump from 2.10.0 to 2.20.0
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 4220 mprahl Pending Oct 10 KnVerey, monopole M Add support for exec plugins on Windows
istio/istio 35533 renee2121 Pending Oct 10 bianpengyuan S Delete istio-cni-prefixed.conf
kubernetes 100508 heyste Pending Oct 10 heyste, ihcsim, johnbelamaric, logicalhan, p0lyn0mial, spiffxp L Bug: Extend APIService e2e testing of endpoints 30024 jmyung Pending Oct 10 XS [ko] Translate docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/configure-gmsa in Korean 30023 gochist Pending Oct 10 XS [ko] Update outdated content in dev-1.22-ko.2 (Task M11) 30021 my-git9 Pending Oct 10 XS Update 30019 sftim Pending Oct 10 XS Tweak announcement padding
community 6127 pravarag Pending Oct 10 spiffxp, stevekuznetsov M Add documentation for remaining hack/verify* tests
kubernetes 101259 vincepri Pending Oct 10 deads2k, dims, liggitt, nikhita, smarterclayton, soltysh, vincepri L Allow metadata rest.Config serializer to be set from users
kubernetes-sigs/hierarchical-namespaces 55 RealHarshThakur Pending Oct 10 rjbez17, srampal XS Rename workflow name
kubernetes-sigs/slack-infra 39 palnabarun Pending Oct 10 Katharine, jeefy XS Replace Slack im API with conversations API
website 29910 sftim Pending Oct 10 jimangel, niteshseram, rajeshdeshpande02 S [WIP] Tweak scroll behavior for narrow viewports 30010 ClaudiaJKang Pending Oct 10 XS [ko] Translate docs/tasks/administer-cluster/ in Korean
website 29995 yar2001 Pending Oct 10 Arhell, chenrui333, tengqm XS Update
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 531 guoguodan Pending Oct 10 andyzhangx, ggriffiths XS modify kernel_random
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1438 jayonlau Pending Oct 10 clarketm, mikedanese XS Clean up extra spaces
kube-state-metrics 1479 foxdalas Pending Oct 10 brancz, mrueg M Add status metrics to HPA
website 29709 fromanirh Pending Oct 10 ConnorDoyle, jlbutler, sjenning XS node: cpumanager: policy options to beta: document the options graduation process
kubernetes-sigs/cli-experimental 145 p2c2e Pending Oct 10 SyamSundarKirubakaran, pwittrock XS Fixed typo in Build Output example
kubernetes-sigs/kube-storage-version-migrator 99 irbekrm Pending Oct 10 caesarxuchao, lavalamp XS Clarifies that storage migrator always ensures that resources are stored at current storage version
kubernetes 105591 ash2k Pending Oct 10 ash2k, pwittrock, seans3 M Close HTTP response body on failed GET attempts
kubernetes 103634 CKchen0726 Pending Oct 10 seans3, soltysh S remove unnecessary function after PR #88885 merged
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 8068 cristicalin Pending Oct 10 XS Kata-Containers: Fix kata-containers runtime
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 8068 cristicalin Pending Oct 10 XS Kata-Containers: Fix kata-containers runtime
node-problem-detector 594 oif Pending Oct 10 Random-Liu, andyxning, vteratipally, wangzhen127 L optimize netcollector implementation and custom `/proc` mount path
kubernetes-sigs/cli-experimental 191 bracketttc Pending Oct 10 Liujingfang1, seans3 XS Fix typo in Kustomization File doc
enhancements 2832 sallyom Pending Oct 10 dashpole, ehashman, lengrongfu, logicalhan, sallyom L KEP-2831: Instrumenting Kubelet for OpenTelemetry Tracing