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Open Kubernetes PRs (3449)

RepoNumberAuthorStatus▼ UpdatedAssigneesSizeTitle
istio/istio 28255 su225 Pending Oct 27 ostromart, shamsher31, su225 XL [WIP] Verify after installation with `istioctl install`
kubernetes 95874 tkashem LGTM Oct 27 deads2k, enj, jennybuckley, tkashem L Webhook: handle error when calling wait.ExponentialBackoff
node-problem-detector 481 tosi3k LGTM Oct 27 Random-Liu, andyxning, xueweiz XS Adapt OOMKilling pattern to old and new Linux kernels
istio/istio 28279 Monkeyanator Pending Oct 27 Monkeyanator, howardjohn M Make ingress gateway selector in status watcher match the one used to generate gateway
kubernetes 95896 zshihang Pending Oct 27 justaugustus, kad, liggitt, neolit123, zshihang L make flags of TokenRequest required
istio/ 8372 stevenctl Pending Oct 27 L vm autoregistration doc
kubernetes 94953 mattjmcnaughton LGTM Oct 27 dchen1107, odinuge, thockin XS Remove mattjmcnaughton as a sig-node reviewer
kubernetes 95337 cmluciano LGTM Oct 27 andrewsykim, aojea, cmluciano, freehan, johnbelamaric, neolit123 XS proxy: label kube_proxy test with more unique label
istio/istio 28311 istio-testing Pending Oct 27 bianpengyuan, linsun XS [release-1.8] remove the install comment
kubernetes 95898 povsister Pending Oct 27 liggitt M http2 client: enable http2 connection health check
kubernetes 95921 nodo Pending Oct 27 aojea, apelisse, deads2k, julianvmodesto L Track ownership for scale subresource of deployments
kubernetes 95894 thockin Pending Oct 27 deads2k, justinsb, khenidak L Populate ClusterIPs on read
website 24641 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Oct 27 AlexeyPerevalov, annajung, dashpole, jimangel, kbarnard10, sftim M Actuallize podresources description
istio/istio 28316 istio-testing Pending Oct 27 howardjohn XS [release-1.8] Show empty routes in pc routes
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 1225 GinnyJI LGTM Oct 27 GinnyJI, adrianludwin, rjbez17, srampal, tashimi, yiqigao217 L Add validator for none selector
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6861 catblade Pending Oct 27 EppO, oomichi XS Fix Calico install for BGP
kubernetes 93243 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Oct 27 AlexeyPerevalov, RenaudWasTaken, dashpole, fromanirh, mattjmcnaughton, swatisehgal, yujuhong XL Implement TopologyInfo and cpu_ids in podresources interface
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 918 rbe-toolchains-robot LGTM Oct 27 alex1545, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, smukherj1 XXL Toolchain configs for, Bazel 3.7.0 (2020/10/21)
autoscaler 3646 dmakeroam Pending Oct 27 aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer, jaypipes XS Update Cluster Autoscaler (CA) volume mount path to /etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt
kops 10121 rifelpet Pending Oct 27 mikesplain, zetaab L Add random AWS zone logic + specify build stage location
kubernetes 95852 ITonyLi Pending Oct 27 ITonyLi, cheftako, ehashman, mattjmcnaughton, odinuge, tallclair M Add Kubelet server metrics for response status #95307
kubeflow/kfserving 1132 yuzliu Pending Oct 27 ifilonenko, salanki, yuzisun, yuzliu XXL Integrate MMS inferenceservice controller, configmap controller, model agent
kubernetes 92518 Sh4d1 Pending Oct 27 MrHohn, Sh4d1, andrewsykim, bowei, thockin M Update LoadBalancer service on node IP change
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1710 prafull01 LGTM Oct 27 Adirio, camilamacedo86, ellistarn, mengqiy, prafull01 XL :sparkles: Add scaffolding for the webhook test suite (go/v3-alpha)
kubernetes 92146 gautierdelorme Pending Oct 27 dims, gautierdelorme, lavalamp, sttts, thockin, wojtek-t S Fix CRD validation messages
kubernetes 95429 JornShen Pending Oct 27 JornShen, dims, ehashman, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair S add response status metrics on kubelet server
test-infra 19581 matthyx Pending Oct 27 alvaroaleman, chaodaiG, cjwagner, clarketm, petr-muller S Plank: only create the pod when it is missing
perf-tests 1545 adtac Pending Oct 27 adtac, wojtek-t S perfdash: parse vanilla results correctly
istio/istio 28283 rytswd Pending Oct 27 M chore(manifests): update config to typed config (#27264)
istio/istio 28314 istio-testing Pending Oct 27 M [release-1.8] clean up: extension configs
istio/istio 28306 shamsher31 Pending Oct 27 nrjpoddar, shamsher31 XS istioctl analyze: check targetPort instead of port for gateway
istio/istio 27741 howardjohn Pending Oct 27 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, ramaraochavali L Remove time.Sleep hacks for fast tests
kubernetes 95885 jiahuif Pending Oct 27 andrewsykim, aveshagarwal, cheftako XL refactor: controller manager: base Controller type and InitFunc.
website 22995 inductor Pending Oct 27 BenTheElder, inductor, jimangel, kbhawkey, onlydole, sftim, xiangpengzhao XS Improve front build
kubernetes 93244 Sh4d1 Pending Oct 27 Sh4d1, deads2k, jingyih, lavalamp, liggitt S Allow configuration of etcd healthcheck timeout
enhancements 1992 uablrek Pending Oct 27 caseydavenport, danwinship, dcbw, khenidak, thockin, uablrek M KEP ipv4-ipv6-dual-stack; added service.spec.loadBalancerIPs
kubernetes 95917 xing-yang Pending Oct 27 gnufied, jeffvance XS WIP: Remove Feature:VolumeSnapshotDataSource tag
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 579 chaodaiG Pending Oct 27 fejta, michelle192837, spiffxp XS Prow alert emails subject contains prow instance name
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 345 jizg Pending Oct 27 Tomcli, ckadner L feat(sdk): added sanitizing k8s object process and test. Fixes: #332
istio/ 8348 jacob-delgado Pending Oct 27 brian-avery, fpesce, frankbu, jacob-delgado, nrjpoddar, therealmitchconnors S List supported releases
googleforgames/open-match 1271 HazWard Pending Oct 27 HazWard, Laremere M Unavailable gRPC match functions forces us to wait the proposalCollectionInterval before failing
community 5275 gjtempleton Pending Oct 27 jdumars, mwielgus XS SIG-Autoscaling - Update meeting details
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2057 MarcusNoble Pending Oct 27 chuckha, ncdc M ✨ Support custom AMI lookup with EKS
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6857 hafe Pending Oct 27 EppO, oomichi M install etcdctl script when etcd deployment type is kubeadm
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2070 MarcusNoble Pending Oct 27 chuckha, detiber, randomvariable L ✨ Add IRSA to EKS workload clusters
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1657 AutomatedTester Pending Oct 27 alex1545, smukherj1 XXL Update python rules to remove deprecation messages
test-infra 19710 tosi3k LGTM Oct 27 feiskyer, jkaniuk, mborsz, wojtek-t M Enable new log dumping mechanism for all scalability periodic jobs
community 5274 markyjackson-taulia LGTM Oct 27 idvoretskyi, nikhita, parispittman XS Adding Marky Jackson to mentoring approvers
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2050 MarcusNoble Pending Oct 27 ncdc, vincepri S ⚠️: change AWSMachinePool subnets to an optional list of IDs
kubernetes 95870 claudiubelu LGTM Oct 27 dims, hasheddan, listx XS pause image: Stricter registry prefix regex
kubernetes 93370 alaypatel07 Pending Oct 27 a-robinson, alaypatel07, cheftako, liggitt, sftim, soltysh, stewart-yu, wojtek-t XXL Add cronjob controller v2
kubernetes 95687 tangwz LGTM Oct 27 Huang-Wei, adtac, ahg-g, alculquicondor, liu-cong, soulxu, tangwz L scheduler: make Profile an interface.
kubernetes 95823 SataQiu LGTM Oct 27 Huang-Wei, SataQiu, adtac, alculquicondor, damemi, timothysc M scheduler: move percentagesOfNodesToScore to the scheduler profile
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 398 farah Pending Oct 27 ZongqiangZhang, aveshagarwal, farah, ingvagabund L Adding replica check when evicting managed pods from node
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1691 prafull01 Pending Oct 27 Adirio, DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, gabbifish, prafull01 L :sparkles: Make the edit command to be a plugin.
release 1661 saschagrunert LGTM Oct 27 cpanato, hasheddan, saschagrunert M Move anago 'stage source tree' step into 'krel anago push'
kube-state-metrics 1041 jw-s Pending Oct 27 LiliC, jw-s, lilic, olivierlemasle, tariq1890 XXL add annotation metrics and ability to exclude.
klog 183 rf232 LGTM Oct 27 44past4, hoegaarden, jayunit100, rf232, serathius L Add support to add a logfilter
istio/istio 27932 shamsher31 Pending Oct 27 brian-avery, esnible, shamsher31 M istioctl proxy-config log: add label selector to filter logs
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1644 estroz Pending Oct 27 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, droot, estroz, hasbro17, joelanford, vincepri XXL :warning: (go/v3-alpha) default to v1 CRDs and webhooks
kubernetes 95881 cezarsa Pending Oct 27 andrewsykim, caseydavenport, lbernail, thockin M proxier/ipvs: Retrieve all IPVS services in a single call
enhancements 1481 ecordell Pending Oct 27 ecordell, justinsb, neolit123 L Add manifest bundle kep
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1714 camilamacedo86 Pending Oct 27 Adirio, NicolasT, camilamacedo86, droot, mengqiy L :book: add migration guide from v2 to v3
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 323 cpanato Pending Oct 27 detiber, gab-satchi, maisem, rsmitty XXL WIP 🏃 Deprecate hack tools go mod
kubernetes 95907 aojea Pending Oct 27 danwinship, dims, khenidak, neolit123, robscott, thockin L dualstack endpoints integration tests
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3833 wfernandes Pending Oct 27 benmoss, fabriziopandini, vincepri XL WIP: 📖 Add Management Cluster Operator CAEP
kubeflow/internal-acls 364 jlewi LGTM Oct 27 Bobgy, Jeffwan, rmgogogo XS PSG transition: jlewi -> bobgy
kubernetes 95667 zshihang Pending Oct 27 dchen1107, dims, liggitt, mikedanese, neolit123, zshihang L move BoundServiceAccountTokenVolume to beta
enhancements 2085 elevran Pending Oct 27 JeremyOT, LappleApple S Typos in README
kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server 620 s-urbaniak Pending Oct 27 dgrisonnet, serathius M pkg/*: move to klog/v2
test-infra 19694 k8s-ci-robot Pending Oct 27 fejta XXL Update prow to v20201026-3118d2e26b, and other images as necessary.
website 24633 bluefriday Pending Oct 27 bluefriday, gochist, jmyung, pjhwa, seokho-son XXL Translate k8s 1.19 release note in korean
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3869 Evalle LGTM Oct 27 fabriziopandini, justinsb, ncdc M ✨ Forward-port modifies DockerMachine condition status to report for control plane to be ready
kubernetes 93873 roycaihw Pending Oct 27 caesarxuchao, deads2k, roycaihw XL Apiserver updates storageversions API and filters certain write requests during bootstrap
kops 10077 hakman Pending Oct 27 justinsb, mikesplain XXL Rebrand kops to kOps
kube-state-metrics 1283 ekrecker Pending Oct 27 brancz, lilic XS Fix some typos
istio/istio 28296 linsun Pending Oct 27 stevenctl S update MC install gw test to use istioctl
istio/istio 28272 brian-avery Pending Oct 27 carolynhu, dgn, sdake S Update
istio/istio 28253 morvencao Pending Oct 27 linsun, morvencao, shamsher31 M improve install req message.
istio/istio 28261 howardjohn Pending Oct 27 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, mandarjog, ramaraochavali, sdake L Wait until ACK before sending additional pushes
kubeflow/kubeflow 5138 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 27 jlewi, kunmingg XS Bump lodash from 4.17.11 to 4.17.19 in /components/gcp-click-to-deploy
kubeflow/kubeflow 5168 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 27 kunmingg, pdmack XS Bump elliptic from 6.4.1 to 6.5.3 in /components/gcp-click-to-deploy
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1664 varshaprasad96 Pending Oct 27 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, estroz, varshaprasad96 XL (:sparkles:)Scaffold conversion webhook template (v3-alpha plugin)
kubeflow/kubeflow 5263 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 27 SachinVarghese, StefanoFioravanzo M Bump lodash from 4.17.14 to 4.17.20 in /components/centraldashboard
istio/istio 28181 irisdingbj Pending Oct 27 irisdingbj, linsun, stevenctl L make istiod-less as default remote for integration test
klog 186 torresdal Pending Oct 27 DirectXMan12, detiber, dims, serathius, torresdal, yagonobre XS Fix issue where no keys and values are sent to logr when using structured logging with json
istio/istio 28215 daixiang0 Pending Oct 27 daixiang0, ericvn, frankbu, howardjohn M Samples: use more common images
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1745 Adirio Pending Oct 27 Adirio, camilamacedo86, estroz M 👻 Enhance regex patterns
test-infra 19702 alvaroaleman LGTM Oct 27 alvaroaleman, clarketm, stevekuznetsov XL Genyaml: Add PopulateStruct func to autopopulate structs
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 460 BaluDontu Pending Oct 27 SandeepPissay, divyenpatel XS Fix for vanilla file services solution in a VC deployment when there is no cluster available in a datacenter
kubernetes 95889 elliotfehr Pending Oct 27 caesarxuchao, derekwaynecarr XXL [WIP] Ability to add assertions to responses for HTTP health checks
perf-tests 1530 pohly Pending Oct 27 mborsz, pohly, wojtek-t M PVC creation test
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 578 chaodaiG Pending Oct 27 fejta, michelle192837, spiffxp XS Add missing sinker RBAC on knative prow
kops 10065 bharath-123 Pending Oct 27 bharath-123, hakman, johngmyers, justinsb, olemarkus, zetaab L Avoid waiting on validation during rolling update for inapplicable instance groups
kubernetes 91592 jayunit100 Pending Oct 27 MrHohn, aojea, gwang550, jayunit100, lavalamp, mattfenwick XXL new NetworkPolicy Validation suite
kubernetes-csi/csi-lib-iscsi 23 27149chen Pending Oct 27 j-griffith, saad-ali XS add myself to OWNERS
website 24752 josejayesh Pending Oct 27 bradtopol, sftim XS simplifying the sentence
kubernetes 95834 mrmassis Pending Oct 27 resouer, smarterclayton S [Issue #95707] Remove WindowsGMSA and WindowsRunAsUserName features from code
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 513 andyzhangx Pending Oct 27 lpabon, msau42, saad-ali M upgrade azure translation lib to fix the azure file migration issue
kubernetes-sigs/ingress-controller-conformance 85 aledbf Pending Oct 27 bowei, thockin XS Remove prefix path rule scenario
test-infra 19684 marseel LGTM Oct 27 mborsz, shyamjvs XS Enable density in load for 500 kubemark periodic job and delete density in 100 kubemark periodic
enhancements 2022 johanneswuerbach Pending Oct 27 gjtempleton, kikisdeliveryservice, mwielgus XL KEP: Support scaling HPA to/from zero pods for object/external metrics
kubernetes 95915 wojtek-t Pending Oct 27 gmarek, jpbetz, karan S Allow configuring etcd progress notify interval on GCE
istio/release-builder 452 jacob-delgado Pending Oct 27 brian-avery XS Publish istio 1.6.13
kubernetes 95635 RaunakShah LGTM Oct 27 deads2k, dims, seans3, soltysh M Alter wording to describe pods using a pvc
istio/ 8363 sdake Pending Oct 27 ericvn, sdake XS Add TOC links to website
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2072 arghya88 Pending Oct 27 arghya88, detiber, ncdc, randomvariable M 🐛Validate that additional security groups can not have filters
kubernetes 94844 duyanghao Pending Oct 27 aojea, aramase, caesarxuchao, deads2k, duyanghao, hzxuzhonghu, lavalamp, logicalhan M add http2 health check for SetTransportDefaults
cloud-provider-openstack 1272 takmatsu Pending Oct 27 Fedosin, lingxiankong, ramineni XS [cinder-csi-plugin] Add error handling for list fucntions before creating
website 24725 bridgetkromhout Pending Oct 27 aramase, khenidak, reylejano-rxm, sftim XS Dual stack 1.20 doc update - Placeholder
test-infra 19680 vicsufer Pending Oct 27 MushuEE, clarketm, fejta, vicsufer S Show commit of current building jobs
kubernetes 86478 fgsl Pending Oct 27 deads2k, juanvallejo XXL Add initial brazilian portuguese translations #80650
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2071 arghya88 Pending Oct 27 arghya88, chuckha, randomvariable, vincepri M 🐛allow underscore for ssh key file name
kubernetes 95734 fromanirh Pending Oct 27 AlexeyPerevalov, RenaudWasTaken, dims, feiskyer, fromanirh XXL podresources APIs: concrete resources apis
kubernetes-sigs/nfs-subdir-external-provisioner 7 Bledai Pending Oct 27 Bledai, ashishranjan738, jackielii, jsafrane, kmova M Update path creation and implemented possibility save data after removing PV
kubernetes 95741 katiewasnothere Pending Oct 27 Random-Liu, krmayankk XS Add WindowsContainerResources to UpdateContainerResourcesRequest
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1911 aojea LGTM Oct 27 BenTheElder, munnerz, neolit123, pohly XS fix bazel build out of k/k repo
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 574 chaodaiG Pending Oct 27 e-blackwelder, fejta, michelle192837, spiffxp XS Deploy knative monitoring on postsubmit
kubeflow/katib 1344 andreyvelich Pending Oct 27 gaocegege, sperlingxx, terrytangyuan XXL Early Stopping Implementation
kops 10091 hakman Pending Oct 27 L [WIP] Simplify the kops logo
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2032 arghya88 Pending Oct 27 arghya88, detiber, michaelbeaumont, ncdc, randomvariable, rudoi L :seedling: Refactor error handling in webhooks to use API Machinery
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3864 maplain Pending Oct 27 benmoss, fabriziopandini, ncdc, vincepri L 🌱 Avoid draining when KCP object is being deleted
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-nfs 71 mayankshah1607 Pending Oct 27 andyzhangx, msau42 XS test: add `ControllerGetCapabilities` and `ValidateVolumeCapabilities in sanity test
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 1239 adrianludwin Pending Oct 27 Fei-Guo, GinnyJI, rjbez17, tashimi, yiqigao217 L HNC v0.6 docs: conditions and configuration
test-infra 19520 alvaroaleman Pending Oct 27 alvaroaleman, chaodaiG, cjwagner, matthyx L Tide: Add checkrun support
test-infra 19605 nckturner Pending Oct 27 fejta, randomvariable, spiffxp, wongma7 M Cloud build configuration for cloud-provider-aws
website 24421 Arhell Pending Oct 27 chenopis, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm M update table
website 23523 arjunrn Pending Oct 27 DirectXMan12, annajung, arjunrn, gjtempleton, josephburnett, mwielgus, sftim, tengqm M Added docs about container resource metric source for HPA
website 23825 tengqm Pending Oct 27 kbhawkey, mikedanese, sftim, steveperry-53, tengqm L Add documentation for secret types
googleforgames/agones 1870 dotcom Pending Oct 27 EricFortin, domgreen, dzlier-gcp M [Unreal SDK] Added a response code check to some functions
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3838 Arvinderpal Pending Oct 27 Arvinderpal, CecileRobertMichon, JoelSpeed, alexeldeib XL ✨ Add command and client for `clusterctl alpha rollout restart` 1347 Shell32-Natsu LGTM Oct 27 dims, monopole M Add group for kustomize
kubernetes 95553 ingvagabund Pending Oct 27 alculquicondor, damemi, dims, ingvagabund, liggitt, resouer, saad-ali, sttts, wojtek-t L Move resource name related helpers to
kubernetes-client/c 36 ityuhui Pending Oct 27 brendandburns M [WIP] Support multi-thread
kube-state-metrics 1247 jw-s Pending Oct 27 brancz, dgrisonnet, jimmyseto, jw-s, lilic L Support regex for label allow list
website 24751 yaowenqiang Pending Oct 27 howieyuen, pigletfly XS [zh] fix wrong anchor link
cloud-provider-openstack 1290 hamzazafar Pending Oct 27 jichenjc, lingxiankong L make batch member update configurable
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1744 prafull01 LGTM Oct 27 Adirio, camilamacedo86, estroz XS :sparkles: Upgrade the version of kubernetes to v1.18.0 for local e2e tests
kubernetes-sigs/yaml 39 ezeeyahoo Pending Oct 27 derekwaynecarr, dims, lavalamp S Adding PPC64LE arch
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1642 inercia Pending Oct 27 Lemmons, Raffo, hjacobs, inercia, njuettner XL Support Ambassador Host resources as sources
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 512 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
kubernetes 94115 andrewsykim LGTM Oct 27 SergeyKanzhelev, andrewsykim, dashpole, derekwaynecarr, dims, ehashman, odinuge, oomichi, sjenning L kubelet: respect exec probe timeouts
kubernetes 95831 cpanato LGTM Oct 27 deads2k, dims, mkumatag, pwittrock, soltysh XS wait for the pod be running to get the spec to apply the changes
kubeflow/community 402 swiftdiaries Pending Oct 27 Bobgy, Jeffwan, RFMVasconcelos, abhi-g, andreyvelich, jlewi, rmgogogo, swiftdiaries, yanniszark L create wg-deployment
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6855 medined Pending Oct 27 bozzo, oomichi M update version of ingress-nginx controller in docs.
kubeflow/website 2312 andreyvelich Pending Oct 27 8bitmp3, RFMVasconcelos, gaocegege, johnugeorge XXL [WIP] Katib v1beta1 documentation update
kubernetes-sigs/cri-tools 667 adams0619 Pending Oct 27 dougsland, hickeyma, mrunalp, saschagrunert M docs: add getting started w/development guide
kubernetes 95481 thinpark Pending Oct 27 MHBauer, deads2k, iotty, lavalamp, soltysh, thinpark XS [client-go]: make test code close to it's testing target source
kubernetes 95908 chenk008 Pending Oct 27 chenk008, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, hasheddan, liggitt, xiang90 XS fix Quantity string nil
test-infra 19690 prafull01 LGTM Oct 27 alexeldeib, camilamacedo86, mengqiy M :sparkles: Add job config to run kubebuilder e2e tests on kubernetes version v1.18.0
kubernetes-csi/csi-release-tools 109 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali XS only run alpha tests for latest Kubernetes release
kubernetes-csi/csi-release-tools 110 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali XS work around "kind build node-image" failure
kubernetes 95912 khs1994 Pending Oct 27 RainbowMango, coffeepac XS fixed addons fluentd-elasticsearch statefulset format error
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 469 humblec Pending Oct 27 bswartz, gnufied, humblec, jsafrane, lpabon, msau42, xing-yang L Set READONLY flag in CSI PV based on PVC accessmode
enhancements 2113 jayunit100 Pending Oct 27 andrewsykim, dcbw, rikatz, thockin L WIP Add a matchName selection option to the NetworkPolicy namespace selector API
kubernetes 95892 JornShen Pending Oct 27 JornShen, gnufied, jsafrane, mattcary, msau42 XS Fix plugin name in fsgroupapplymetrics of csi and flexvolume
enhancements 2090 rikatz Pending Oct 27 abhiraut, andrewsykim, cmluciano, danwinship, jayunit100, rikatz L Add PortRange KEP
kubernetes 95739 huffmanca Pending Oct 27 gnufied, hongchaodeng, huffmanca, msau42, saad-ali M Relax validation for CSIVolumeFSGroupPolicy and move to beta
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6860 axelgobletbdr Pending Oct 27 EppO, holmsten XS fixed bug in etcd retention where backups are not sorted by date
website 24739 WisWang LGTM Oct 27 jimangel, sftim, tengqm XS Update
website 24702 Drake8710 Pending Oct 27 Arhell, daminisatya, steveperry-53 M Add View application logs objective as a contribution CCOSS 2020
kubernetes 95909 pohly Pending Oct 27 jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali XS PV controller: don't delete PVs when PVC is not known yet
minikube 9503 priyawadhwa Pending Oct 27 medyagh, priyawadhwa, sharifelgamal L Implement schedule stop for unix
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 353 pallabi-sutradhar Pending Oct 27 BaluDontu, pallabi-sutradhar, shreesha21, subramanian-neelakantan, vMansiShah, xing-yang L allow vsan-sna calls to placement engine
kubernetes-sigs/kind 692 aojea Pending Oct 27 Arvinderpal, BenTheElder, aojea, danwinship, krzyzacy, munnerz, song-jiang XL Add dual stack support
kubernetes 95910 p0lyn0mial LGTM Oct 27 cjcullen, hasheddan, jsafrane, sttts S Automated cherry pick of #95725: DelegatingAuthorizationOptions: exposes and sets a default
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3863 fabriziopandini LGTM Oct 27 CecileRobertMichon, fabriziopandini, ncdc, sedefsavas, vincepri L 🐛 KCP health checks handle consistently errors and check failures
kubernetes 95856 knight42 Pending Oct 27 cheftako, derekwaynecarr, tallclair L refactor(apiserver): disable insecure port
kubernetes 95835 DP19 LGTM Oct 27 DP19, andrewsykim, aojea, danwinship, spiffxp M Add e2e test for Service ExternalIPs
sig-release 1305 wilsonehusin LGTM Oct 27 JamesLaverack, RobertKielty, hasheddan, saschagrunert, wilsonehusin L Update release notes draft to version v1.20.0-alpha.3
kubernetes 95174 tsmetana Pending Oct 27 FengyunPan2, anguslees XS Don't add empty AZ labels to OpenStack pre-provisioned PVs
kubernetes 91877 knabben Pending Oct 27 aaronlevy, derekwaynecarr, knabben, liggitt, mtaufen, rata, resouer, wojtek-t M Moving lock related flags to Kubelet configuration
kubernetes 94210 beekhof Pending Oct 27 beekhof, derekwaynecarr, odinuge, sftim, sjenning, slintes, yujuhong L Systemd watchdog support
enhancements 2026 chendave Pending Oct 27 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, alculquicondor, chendave L Add KEP 1923 - try nominated node first
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1822 vsychov Pending Oct 27 Raffo, njuettner, sheerun, vsychov L Move shouldTTLUpdate from plan to provider. 24749 npu21 Pending Oct 27 Arhell XS fix Docker file link 24748 npu21 Pending Oct 27 Arhell XS fix Docker file link 24746 gaoguangze111 Pending Oct 27 XS Update links in page 24740 xieyanker Pending Oct 27 XS Fix format error 24739 WisWang Pending Oct 27 XS Update 24736 Paige49 Pending Oct 27 seokho-son XS scale-stateful-set translate ko
helm 8873 Hellcatlk Pending Oct 27 XS Add unit test for pkg/plugin/cache/cache.go
charts 23962 AustinCooper79 Pending Oct 27 XS Update dashboards-json-configmap.yaml
charts 23961 mathieuherbert Pending Oct 27 XS [stable/traefik] add option terminationGracePeriodSeconds
charts 23960 runlevel5 Pending Oct 27 XS [stable/traefik] Update traefik version from 1.7.25 to 1.7.26
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4310 kolyshkin Pending Oct 27 XS [WIP] test: do test user namespace
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4310 kolyshkin Pending Oct 27 XS [WIP] test: do test user namespace
istio/istio 28308 marcaurele Pending Oct 27 S bookinfo: add ENV variables to override default port number
website 24749 npu21 LGTM Oct 27 Arhell, ianychoi, seokho-son XS fix Docker file link
kubernetes 94244 yue9944882 Pending Oct 27 MikeSpreitzer, hzxuzhonghu, lavalamp, timothysc, yue9944882 XL Resource policy rules: matching names
kubernetes 90002 SataQiu Pending Oct 27 SataQiu, aojea, bowei, thockin XL kube-proxy: refactor UpdateServiceMap function as a method of ServiceMap
kops 10111 javipolo Pending Oct 27 gjtempleton, javipolo, johngmyers, olemarkus, zetaab M Add nodeLocalDNSCache.kubeDnsOnly option
klog 184 endocrimes Pending Oct 27 DirectXMan12, jayunit100, neolit123, serathius, thockin, yuzhiquan M klog: Add WarningS
kubernetes 95063 aojea Pending Oct 27 andrewsykim, danwinship, mwielgus L [WIP] Add more dual stack tests
istio/istio 28187 shamsher31 Pending Oct 27 irisdingbj, shamsher31 M remove-from-mesh: skip system namespace to remove sidecar
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 221 marquiz Pending Oct 27 ArangoGutierrez, Ethyling, balajismaniam L Dockerfile: change the base image
kubeflow/pipelines 4677 juliusvonkohout Pending Oct 27 Bobgy, rmgogogo XS feat(backend) Update argo from 2.7.5 to 2.11.6
kubernetes 95906 harche Pending Oct 27 bsdnet, karan XS Verify iptable rules are applied for tcp, udp and icmp
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-host-path 214 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
test-infra 19705 aojea Pending Oct 27 MrHohn, jingax10 L add periodic jobs for dual stack
kube-state-metrics 1280 jangdm Pending Oct 27 brancz, lilic S Fix pod-metric missing reasons
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1012 dkorzuno Pending Oct 27 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, justaugustus L Add SecurityProfile.EncryptionAtHost parameter to enable host-based VM encryption
kubernetes 95900 Murphylu1993 Pending Oct 27 deads2k, mikedanese M azure: update InitiateDeviceAuth with InitiateDeviceAuthWithContext
minikube 9538 priyawadhwa Pending Oct 27 blueelvis, medyagh, priyawadhwa, tstromberg M Add --network flag to select docker network to run with docker driver
release 1660 saschagrunert Pending Oct 27 hasheddan, justaugustus L WIP: Add krel stage/release subcommand documentation
istio/istio 28307 hzxuzhonghu Pending Oct 27 L Xds proxy improve
kubeflow/pipelines 4675 Ark-kun Pending Oct 27 Bobgy, rmgogogo, rui5i XS fix(backend): Caching - Make the cache key depend on output names and paths
kubeflow/pipelines 4639 NikeNano Pending Oct 27 Bobgy, NikeNano, rmgogogo L fix(backend): added setup structure to simplify adding new tests and removing duplicated code. Fixes #4630
kubernetes-sigs/sig-windows-tools 112 marosset LGTM Oct 27 ddebroy, michmike, vitaliy-leschenko L WIP - Adding containerd support to kubeadm related scripts/specs/etc
perf-tests 1526 prameshj Pending Oct 27 mborsz, prameshj, wojtek-t M Run a DNS workload as part of load tests.
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1818 elsesiy Pending Oct 27 Raffo, njuettner M Update to Go 1.15 & update Azure dependencies
kubeflow/kfserving 1161 jagadeeshi2i Pending Oct 27 Tomcli, yuzliu XL WIP: Add torchserve to v1beta1 spec
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 657 hidekazuna Pending Oct 27 jichenjc, justinsb M 🏃 Cleanup unused variables
website 24746 gaoguangze111 Pending Oct 27 brendandburns, thockin L Update links in page
kubeflow/pipelines 4676 Ark-kun Pending Oct 27 gaoning777, hongye-sun XS Components - GCP - Delayed the KFP_UI_METADATA_PATH initialization
kubernetes 95865 joakimr-axis Pending Oct 27 cheftako, pwittrock, roycaihw, spiffxp S Fix shellcheck issues in cluster/gce/gci/
perf-tests 1517 adtac LGTM Oct 27 mborsz, tosi3k, wojtek-t L [cherry pick 1.16] scheduler-suite: pod-affinity, pod-anti-affinity, pod-topology-spread
website 24748 npu21 LGTM Oct 27 Arhell, makocchi-git, nasa9084 XS fix Docker file link
kubernetes 94676 JornShen Pending Oct 27 JornShen, gnufied, knight42, liggitt, msau42, verult S Fix flaky unit test Test_Run_Positive_VolumeMountControllerAttachEnabledRace data race
kubeflow/pipelines 4645 juliusvonkohout Pending Oct 27 Ark-kun, numerology XS feat(backend): Rootless and secure leightweight python component pipelines with k8sapi
istio/istio 28244 lambdai Pending Oct 27 costinm, howardjohn, linsun L Networking: Add scaffold of tunnel EDS builder
kubernetes 94196 andrewsykim Pending Oct 27 DangerOnTheRanger, SergeyKanzhelev, andrewsykim, andyzhangx, cheftako, chrislovecnm, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, liggitt, mikedanese, nckturner, samuelkarp, tallclair XXL kubelet: initial support for CRI auth plugins
istio/istio 27578 shamsher31 Pending Oct 27 costinm, howardjohn, shamsher31 S Use revision for validatingwebhookconfiguration
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 407 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
istio/istio 28067 shamsher31 Pending Oct 27 esnible, linsun, shamsher31 XS kube-inject: hide namespace flag in favour of istioNamespace
kubernetes-csi/node-driver-registrar 117 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
kubernetes-csi/livenessprobe 86 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
kubernetes-csi/external-resizer 121 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
cluster-registry 284 wyyxd2017 Pending Oct 27 madhusudancs, perotinus XS fix a invalid url
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1337 aojea Pending Oct 27 BenTheElder, aojea, kihahu, masaeedu, neiljerram, neolit123, tao12345666333 L Doc: KIND complex network scenarios
kubernetes 95396 stlaz Pending Oct 27 deads2k, liggitt, logicalhan, stlaz, sttts XL webhooks,aggregation: add metrics to count certs missing SAN
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-iscsi 29 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2035 Evalle Pending Oct 27 arghya88, ncdc, richardcase, rudoi S 🌱 Remove unused allow additional roles feature flag related code
kubernetes 95718 SergeyKanzhelev Pending Oct 27 SergeyKanzhelev, brendandburns, caesarxuchao, egernst, tallclair XXL RuntimeClass GA
kubernetes-csi/csi-test 301 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
kubernetes 95641 fonsecas72 Pending Oct 27 Random-Liu, SergeyKanzhelev, feiskyer, fonsecas72, sjenning, tallclair M Adding 'Accept' header to HTTP Probe
kubernetes 95895 roycaihw Pending Oct 27 a-robinson, caesarxuchao, cheftako XL Apiserver lease garbage collector
kubernetes-sigs/security-profiles-operator 138 cmurphy LGTM Oct 27 cmurphy, hasheddan, pjbgf, saschagrunert XXL Remove support for ConfigMap seccomp profiles
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-nfs 72 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6862 electrocucaracha Pending Oct 27 bozzo, holmsten S Sets cgroup v1 in Fedora +31
kubernetes-csi/csi-lib-utils 63 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 103 pohly Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali L master: update release-tools
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6787 sufuf3 Pending Oct 27 EppO, LuckySB, hafe, holmsten, sufuf3, woopstar S Add synchronized time checking
kubernetes 95705 tkashem Pending Oct 27 deads2k, jpbetz, liggitt, mikedanese, roycaihw, seh, tkashem, wojtek-t XL [WIP] Enhance webhook retry logic
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-runtime 24 yue9944882 Pending Oct 27 drewwells, gabbifish, pwittrock, yue9944882 L Moving jsonfile storage from apiserver-builder
kubernetes 95899 SergeyKanzhelev LGTM Oct 27 andrewsykim, derekwaynecarr, matthyx XS cleanup of leftover part of a comment. Follow up for #94109
enhancements 2084 saschagrunert Pending Oct 27 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr XS Rename seccomp-operator to security-profiles-operator
release 1659 puerco Pending Oct 27 cpanato, justaugustus, saschagrunert M Add isPushableBranch() function to determine which branches are pushed
kubernetes 95884 Riaankl LGTM Oct 27 Huang-Wei, draveness, liu-cong S Promote: verify PriorityClass endpoints e2e test to Conformance +5 Endpoints
community 5252 nikhita Pending Oct 27 BenTheElder, spiffxp, stevekuznetsov XS sig-testing: add e2e-framework repo
community 5272 nikhita Pending Oct 27 saad-ali, xing-yang XS sig-storage: add cosi-api repo
kubernetes 95876 saschagrunert Pending Oct 27 andrewsykim, dims, mrunalp, saschagrunert XXL WIP: Propose seccomp protobuf type definitions for CRI graduation
istio/istio 28274 yskopets Pending Oct 27 M cherry-pick: pilot: GlobalUnicastIP of a model.Proxy should be set to the 1st applicable IP address in the list (#28260)
enhancements 2116 SergeyKanzhelev Pending Oct 27 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr XS Updating PodOverhead to beta to reflect the today state
enhancements 1915 kk-src Pending Oct 27 janetkuo, kikisdeliveryservice, kk-src, kow3ns, krmayankk, mattcary, mikejoh, mittachaitu, msau42, pohly, saad-ali, xing-yang L KEP-1847: Auto remove PVCs created by StatefulSet
kops 10118 hakman Pending Oct 27 mikesplain, zetaab S Fix release notes links to point to https://kops.sigs.k8s
cloud-provider-openstack 1289 zetaab LGTM Oct 27 FengyunPan2, anguslees, jichenjc S ManageSecurityGroups for octavia
kubernetes 95897 roycaihw Pending Oct 27 S Fake client example: document how to handle a race with informer
kubernetes 95662 SergeyKanzhelev Pending Oct 27 SergeyKanzhelev, andrewsykim, krmayankk M The function shouldRecordEvent will panic when the value of input obj…
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 362 chrisamert Pending Oct 27 aramase, ritazh S Allow the 'updateStrategy' of the Daemonset to be configured in Helm
test-infra 19691 joostas Pending Oct 27 fejta, matthyx, stevekuznetsov L [WIP] Verify owners remove label if OWNERS file was removed
website 24628 coolguyhong Pending Oct 27 coolguyhong, ianychoi, pjhwa, seokho-son, yoonian, ysyukr L Translate connecting-frontend-backend to Korean(#24422)
kubernetes 94812 aojea Pending Oct 27 andrewsykim, aojea, danwinship, johnbelamaric L e2e test for services using pods with hostNetwork as backend
istio/istio 27861 nikolay-pshenichny Pending Oct 27 howardjohn, nikolay-pshenichny XL Add integration test for FILE_MOUNTED_CERTS
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 155 cheftako Pending Oct 27 Jefftree, Sh4d1, caesarxuchao XL Added code to track tainting of a tunnel.
kubernetes 95040 MHBauer LGTM Oct 27 MHBauer, SergeyKanzhelev, klueska, oomichi, resouer, sjenning, tallclair, vpickard S move node performance tests to separate job
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-nfs 69 mayankshah1607 Pending Oct 27 mayankshah1607, msau42, saad-ali L CI: Add K8s external storage E2E tests
istio/istio 28298 hzxuzhonghu Pending Oct 27 M Validate: envoyfilter patch value should not be empty
enhancements 1961 hase1128 Pending Oct 27 44past4, Hellcatlk, KobayashiD27, dashpole, ehashman, hase1128, kikisdeliveryservice, logicalhan, zhijianli88 L Propose log tracking KEP
kubeflow/kfserving 1141 AnyISalIn Pending Oct 27 Tomcli, jinchihe XXL support PMML server
website 24736 Paige49 Pending Oct 27 pjhwa, seokho-son, ysyukr M scale-stateful-set translate ko
istio/istio 28303 shamsher31 Pending Oct 27 carolynhu, howardjohn, ostromart, shamsher31 XS update warning message for upgrading istio version
kops 10114 kenji-cloudnatix Pending Oct 27 hakman, justinsb, mikesplain, rifelpet XXL Add Azure support
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6859 miff2000 Pending Oct 27 bozzo, holmsten L Support dual stack IPv4 & IPv6 networking
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 446 kavyashree-r Pending Oct 27 divyenpatel, dougm, gohilankit L Added Polling in static provisioning test cases
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 363 aramase Pending Oct 27 ritazh XS chore: update demo in the readme
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 416 robscott Pending Oct 27 hbagdi, jpeach, robscott L Updating Gateway hostname to more closely match HTTPRoute hostname
googleforgames/agones 1869 markmandel LGTM Oct 27 ilkercelikyilmaz, pooneh-m S Built tools: Update install with Allocation certs
istio/istio 28161 istio-testing Pending Oct 27 costinm, howardjohn, linsun S Automator: update istio/api@master dependency in istio/istio@master
kubeflow/kfserving 1150 jinchihe Pending Oct 27 Tomcli, animeshsingh, ifilonenko, yuzisun XXL Generate SDK for KFServing v1beta1
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 407 hbagdi Pending Oct 27 bowei, danehans, hbagdi, jpeach, robscott M define app-protocol annotation for k8s < 1.18
kubernetes 93413 thinpark Pending Oct 27 CaoShuFeng, deads2k, sttts XS []: fixup go vet
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1405 bkatyl Pending Oct 27 EricEdens, adjackura, dntczdx, zoran15 S Update translate.ps1 to better handle being unable to obtain metadata setting values
googleforgames/agones 1867 ilkercelikyilmaz Pending Oct 27 ilkercelikyilmaz, markmandel, pooneh-m, roberthbailey L Add gRPC load test for allocation service
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1617 renovate-bot Pending Oct 27 alex1545, smukherj1 XS Update dependency build_bazel_rules_nodejs to v2.2.2
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1616 renovate-bot Pending Oct 27 alex1545, smukherj1 S Update dependency @bazel/typescript to v2.2.2
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 616 renovate-bot LGTM Oct 27 chases2, michelle192837 XS Update dependency build_bazel_rules_nodejs to v2.2.2
istio/istio 28267 ramaraochavali Pending Oct 27 howardjohn, ramaraochavali M add xds proxy metrics
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 399 hbagdi Pending Oct 27 Miciah, bowei, hbagdi, howardjohn, robscott XS docs: clarify that gateway merging is not allowed
test-infra 19687 MushuEE Pending Oct 27 MushuEE, amwat, spiffxp M Kettle keeps hitting "malformed" xml
kubernetes 91051 gavinfish Pending Oct 27 liggitt, towca, yliaog L Add Starting log with correlator options func for event broadcaster
istio/istio 28300 istio-testing Pending Oct 27 ostromart M [release-1.8] Fix operator revision handling
kubernetes 95886 zshihang Pending Oct 27 liggitt, smarterclayton, sttts L add a general e2e test for TokenRequest
kubernetes 95533 roycaihw Pending Oct 27 SataQiu, caesarxuchao, deads2k, roycaihw, smarterclayton L Add kube-apiserver lease controller
istio/istio 27903 yangminzhu Pending Oct 27 gargnupur, howardjohn, mandarjog, yangminzhu L add RESPONSE_CODE_DETAILS and CONNECTION_TERMINATION_DETAILS to access log
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 653 hidekazuna Pending Oct 27 hidekazuna, jichenjc, justinsb, vincepri M ✨ Delete automatically created floating IP when deleting cluster
istio/istio 28297 zerobfd Pending Oct 27 M Allow patching multiple webhooks
kubernetes 95890 barney-s Pending Oct 27 pjh, yujuhong L If image has stack driver agent installed, use it.
istio/istio 28295 istio-testing Pending Oct 27 sdake M [release-1.8] Add for vendor optimized profiles
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-filestore-csi-driver 69 saikat-royc Pending Oct 27 jingxu97, mattcary M Find instance network dynamically
node-problem-detector 430 wawa0210 Pending Oct 27 wangzhen127, xueweiz XS avoid npd pod schedule on windows node
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 463 yuyiying Pending Oct 27 BaluDontu, RaunakShah, divyenpatel, dougm M Change code.Internal to codes.Aborted for ControllerUnpublishVolume
website 24704 RA489 Pending Oct 27 neolit123, steveperry-53, zparnold M Steps for control-plane drain/uncordon upgrade
kubernetes 95522 mfojtik Pending Oct 27 deads2k, liggitt, mfojtik, neolit123, soltysh, sttts XXL WIP: remove insecure-port and deprecated insecure serving
kubernetes 95780 jingxu97 LGTM Oct 27 jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali, verult S Enable Volume Expansion tests for Windows
kops 9794 rdrgmnzs Pending Oct 27 gjtempleton, olemarkus, rdrgmnzs, rifelpet XXL Prevent unintended resource updates to LB attatchments
kubernetes 95679 EdDev LGTM Oct 27 andrewsykim, dcbw, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, oomichi M test, e2e: Remove duplication when using PodClient.CreateSync 24730 lmm Pending Oct 27 XS Update Calico description on 'Cluster Networking' page 24728 nate-double-u Pending Oct 27 sftim XS Copy updates for 24727 raghvenders Pending Oct 27 XS Clean up reference section
helm 8942 donggangcj Pending Oct 27 XS Fix helm-lint print only one error
ingress 6374 kolorful Pending Oct 27 ChiefAlexander XS Allow users adding extraRoleRules and extraClusterRoleRules in RBAC
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4309 kolyshkin Pending Oct 27 XS circleci: use ubuntu 20.04
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6862 electrocucaracha Pending Oct 27 XS Sets cgroup v1 in Fedora +31
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6861 catblade Pending Oct 27 XS Fix Calico install for BGP
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6862 electrocucaracha Pending Oct 27 XS Sets cgroup v1 in Fedora +31
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6861 catblade Pending Oct 27 XS Fix Calico install for BGP
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4309 kolyshkin Pending Oct 27 XS circleci: use ubuntu 20.04
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 511 vincentwu0101 Pending Oct 27 msau42, saad-ali XS 构建docker image必须要有二进制文件文件
enhancements 2114 mortent Pending Oct 27 janetkuo, kow3ns, mattfarina, prydonius, soltysh, tnozicka XL Update KEP for graduating PodDisruptionBudget to GA
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 456 gohilankit Pending Oct 27 BaluDontu, RaunakShah, chethanv28, divyenpatel, gohilankit, shalini-b M Replace Once.Do in GetVirtualCenterInstance with double lock singleton pattern
kubernetes 95775 DangerOnTheRanger Pending Oct 27 DangerOnTheRanger, cheftako, cici37, dims, mikedanese M [WIP] Move credential provider code to staging/
kubeflow/arena 366 heluocs Pending Oct 27 denverdino, xiaozhouX XS fix arena submit distribute training command
kubernetes 95872 22dm LGTM Oct 27 jdumars, neolit123, rramkumar1, thockin, yifan-gu S Fix the kube-proxy document
minikube 9559 sharifelgamal Pending Oct 27 blueelvis, medyagh, prasadkatti M WIP: github action test improvements
kubernetes 91347 zhijianli88 Pending Oct 27 Joseph-Irving, hoegaarden XS fix typo vailable -> available
istio/istio 28294 yangminzhu Pending Oct 27 incfly, liminw L support nested JWT claims in AuthorizationPolicy
ingress-nginx 6352 unacceptable Pending Oct 27 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano S Patch 1
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 632 mattcary Pending Oct 27 davidz627, jingxu97, mattcary, msau42, saikat-royc L Enable XFS selectively for GKE clusters with proper COS support
kubeflow/website 2316 andreyvelich Pending Oct 27 8bitmp3, gaocegege, johnugeorge S [WIP] Add Katib metric strategies info
istio/istio 28293 howardjohn Pending Oct 27 L [release-1.8] Fixes for trust domain configuration
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 261 mortent Pending Oct 27 Liujingfang1, mortent, seans3, soltysh XL Update the ManifestReader interface and implementations to use Unstructured
istio/istio 27884 hzxuzhonghu Pending Oct 27 howardjohn XL Decouple upstream connection lifecycle with per stream error
autoscaler 3566 benmoss Pending Oct 27 aleksandra-malinowska, benmoss, elmiko, feiskyer XXL Simplify update-vendor script
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1593 renovate-bot Pending Oct 27 alex1545, smukherj1 S Update dependency typescript to v4
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1548 renovate-bot Pending Oct 27 alex1545, rubensf, smukherj1 S Update dependency @types/node to v12.19.2
release 1548 panpan0000 Pending Oct 27 MrHohn, jingax10 S Enhance the detection logic for host iptables mode
kubernetes 95301 lorenz Pending Oct 27 derekwaynecarr, dims, gnufied, jingxu97, jsafrane, msau42, sjenning L Automatically remove orphaned pod's dangling volumes
test-infra 19009 rmohr Pending Oct 27 cpanato, feiskyer, hasheddan, justaugustus L Prepare config-forker for unique names in prow
kubeflow/website 2315 andreyvelich Pending Oct 27 8bitmp3, gaocegege, johnugeorge S [WIP] Disable ephemeral storage in Katib Config
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3773 shysank Pending Oct 27 CecileRobertMichon, detiber, devigned, justinsb, shysank, vincepri L ✨ Support deletePolicy in MachineDeployment
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 991 CecileRobertMichon Pending Oct 27 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, jsturtevant, juan-lee XXL 🌱 Update Calico addon template to v3.16.3
kubernetes-csi/docs 379 xing-yang Pending Oct 27 lpabon, msau42, saad-ali M Add doc for volume health monitor
kubernetes 95833 lianghao208 LGTM Oct 27 MHBauer, lavalamp, pwittrock, xichengliudui XS Mark reason for lint errors about generated code
community 5224 celanthe Pending Oct 27 castrojo, celanthe, mrbobbytables L Updating Contributing Guide to adhere to style guide
kubernetes 89464 fankangbest Pending Oct 27 fankangbest, gnufied, huffmanca, humblec, verult S do not remove volume dir when saveVolumeData fails
istio/test-infra 3005 fejta Pending Oct 27 michelle192837 L Prepare to switch istio prow to use prow-controller-manager.
test-infra 19305 istio-testing Pending Oct 27 michelle192837, wojtek-t XXL Update TestGrid for istio
kubernetes 95847 qingsenLi LGTM Oct 27 SergeyKanzhelev, matthyx, sjenning S fix typo in e2e test
kubernetes-sigs/boskos 43 kkeshavamurthy Pending Oct 27 detiber, ixdy, justinsb, kkeshavamurthy M support boskos resource of type image-builder-aws-account
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 3125 natasha41575 Pending Oct 27 Shell32-Natsu, apelisse, monopole, natasha41575, pwittrock L added secondary merge key for `ports` field in ContainerPort
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 386 jpeach Pending Oct 27 bowei, danehans, hbagdi, jpeach, robscott L Update the FAQ.
istio/ 8341 shankgan Pending Oct 27 myidpt L Adding support for experimental Custom CA integration using Kubernetes CSR API
kubernetes 95736 Jefftree Pending Oct 27 Jefftree, apelisse, deads2k, kwiesmueller L Reuse SSA type converter for resources in the same API Group
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 577 fejta Pending Oct 26 chaodaiG, spiffxp L Prepare to switch oss/knative to prow-controller-manager
kubernetes-csi/docs 378 xing-yang Pending Oct 26 msau42, saad-ali M Add doc for snapshot validation webhook
kubeflow/kfserving 1156 jagadeeshi2i Pending Oct 26 Tomcli, chauhang, jinchihe, yuzisun L Feature: Add torchserve custom model sample
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3870 srm09 Pending Oct 26 detiber, fabriziopandini, ncdc, srm09 L 🐛 Addresses workload coredns test flakes
istio/ 8224 ericvn Pending Oct 26 ericvn, frankbu XS More retries for flakes
cloud-provider-aws 143 nicolehanjing Pending Oct 26 M00nF1sh, justinsb, nicolehanjing L zones: initial implementation of Zones interface
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 1237 adrianludwin Pending Oct 26 Fei-Guo, GinnyJI, JimBugwadia, rjbez17, yiqigao217 XL Add an FAQ with requirements and scaling info
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 262 seans3 Pending Oct 26 barney-s, mortent, pwittrock M Export ExpandDir function and add an extra return value
istio/istio 28088 jtrbs Pending Oct 26 howardjohn XXL [WIP] convert TestAuthorization_mTLS to be multicluster supported
kubernetes 83421 johscheuer LGTM Oct 26 Random-Liu, dashpole, johscheuer, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning, sjpotter, yujuhong S Kuberuntime: Get imagefs stats directly from CRI
kubernetes 95871 damemi Pending Oct 26 alculquicondor, damemi, draveness, jsafrane, liggitt L Change function signature for MatchNodeSelectorTerms
googleforgames/agones 1863 markmandel Pending Oct 26 markmandel, pooneh-m, roberthbailey M Add QPS settings to Allocation endpoints
kubernetes 95863 RaunakShah Pending Oct 26 andrewsykim, copejon, xing-yang L Volume snapshot e2e test to validate PVC finalizer
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 1236 adrianludwin Pending Oct 26 Fei-Guo, rjbez17, yiqigao217 M Don't block object deletion in dying namespaces
istio/ 8349 howardjohn Pending Oct 26 frankbu M Add traffic requirements documentation
googleforgames/open-match-ecosystem 11 jonfoust Pending Oct 26 L Skill Based Matchfunction
istio/api 1698 yangminzhu Pending Oct 26 costinm, dcberg, duderino, hzxuzhonghu, liminw, linsun, louiscryan, mandarjog, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson, yangminzhu XL update EXTENDED action in AuthorizationPolicy
kubeflow/website 2304 yilun-msft Pending Oct 26 8bitmp3, eedorenko, sudivate M Adding docs for Azure MySQL
cloud-provider-aws 128 nicolehanjing Pending Oct 26 HaibaraAi96, M00nF1sh, andrewsykim XXL loadbalancer: add initial implementation of LoadBalancer interface
website 24728 nate-double-u LGTM Oct 26 kbhawkey, nate-double-u, sftim, steveperry-53, thockin S Copy updates for
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 144 charleszheng44 Pending Oct 26 Jefftree, caesarxuchao, charleszheng44, cheftako XL Feature: implement the BackendManager list
website 24698 SergeyKanzhelev Pending Oct 26 SergeyKanzhelev, annajung, dchen1107, egernst, kbhawkey, sftim, tallclair S RuntimeClass GA
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2828 anmolbabu Pending Oct 26 anmolbabu, jberkhahn, mszostok L Allow passing username & password as flags to broker register
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 575 bjh83 Pending Oct 26 e-blackwelder, michelle192837 XS Add OWNERS file for KUnit GoB instance
kubernetes 82844 johscheuer Pending Oct 26 AlexeyPerevalov, aojea, cmluciano, dcbw, dnardo, johscheuer, khenidak L Update cni spec version to 0.3.1 to support multiple ips
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3830 fabriziopandini Pending Oct 26 JoelSpeed, detiber, fabriziopandini, sedefsavas, srm09, vincepri XL ✨ KCP remediates unhealthy machines
kubernetes 78837 danielqsj Pending Oct 26 cheftako, mikedanese, resouer, roycaihw, smarterclayton XS fix leader election LeaseDuration/RenewDeadline validation
istio/ 8371 istio-testing Pending Oct 26 JimmyCYJ M [release-1.7] Release notes for 1.7.4
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1297 makkes Pending Oct 26 hectorj2f, xunpan XXL Transition CRDs from v1beta1 to v1
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1498 drGrove Pending Oct 26 Raffo, drGrove, joshdk, linki, njuettner, seanmalloy, vinny-sabatini M Cleanup Docker context and decrease build time
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 467 divyenpatel Pending Oct 26 RaunakShah, chethanv28 XS upgrade docker images for linter checks
minikube 9487 prezha Pending Oct 26 blueelvis, medyagh, tstromberg M add --watch flag for minikube status
kubernetes 95883 Huang-Wei Pending Oct 26 alculquicondor, draveness, hex108 S Automated cherry pick of #95812: Fix a bug that Pods with topologySpreadConstraints get
kubeflow/pipelines 4336 RedbackThomson Pending Oct 26 Ark-kun, Jeffwan, RedbackThomson, akartsky, awcchungster, jkuruba, mameshini, mbaijal, surajkota XXL refactor(components): AWS SageMaker - Full component refactoring
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 601 robbie-demuth Pending Oct 26 jsafrane, robbie-demuth, wongma7 XS Fix the name of the snapshot controller leader election RoleBinding
istio/istio 28232 stevenctl Pending Oct 26 S set network label when istioctl creates namespace
website 24701 ramnar Pending Oct 26 krousey, ramnar, sftim, steveperry-53, tengqm XS commands to create job and cronjob
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 398 hbagdi Pending Oct 26 bowei, danehans, hbagdi, howardjohn, jpeach, robscott S future proof open-ended ProtocolType
istio/ 8364 sdake Pending Oct 26 ericvn S Add steering links to
website 24727 raghvenders Pending Oct 26 lavalamp, sftim, steveperry-53 XS Clean up reference section
kubeflow/katib 1349 ChenjunZou LGTM Oct 26 andreyvelich, gaocegege, sperlingxx XS fix typo in crd-experiment
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 408 danehans Pending Oct 26 bowei, hbagdi, jpeach, robscott L Updates Filter Naming and Docs
website 24730 lmm Pending Oct 26 kbhawkey, sftim, thockin S Update Calico description on 'Cluster Networking' page
kubeflow/kfctl 419 adrian555 Pending Oct 26 PatrickXYS, Tomcli M [IBM] limit reconcile requests to specific kfdef update events and a couple of operator fixes
cloud-provider-vsphere 389 gwang550 Pending Oct 26 andrewsykim, divyenpatel, dougm, dvonthenen, gwang550 L fix dual stack is not supported
minikube 9542 prezha Pending Oct 26 afbjorklund, medyagh, sharifelgamal L replace set-env with Env Files in GitHub Actions
istio/istio 27200 shamsher31 Pending Oct 26 howardjohn, morvencao, shamsher31 L Fix failed to create EnvoyFilter in other namespaces
kubernetes 93510 smarterclayton Pending Oct 26 listx, mkumatag L DO NOT MERGE: test/utils/image: Support a single repository
kubernetes 94875 rajaskakodkar Pending Oct 26 justaugustus, mkumatag XS Bump QEMU version to 5.1.0-2 to fix agnhost image on s390x
kubernetes 95535 zshihang LGTM Oct 26 MaciekPytel, cpanato, jingax10, liggitt S Automated cherry pick of #94987 upstream release 1.19
istio/ 8362 istio-testing Pending Oct 26 brian-avery, ericvn S [release-1.7] 1.6.13 release notes
ingress-nginx 6374 kolorful Pending Oct 26 ChiefAlexander, cmluciano S Allow users adding extraRoleRules and extraClusterRoleRules in RBAC
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3871 benmoss LGTM Oct 26 fabriziopandini, vincepri XS 🌱 Print provider type and name to match config file naming
kubernetes 95683 obeyda Pending Oct 26 MHBauer, hongchaodeng, jingyih, ncdc L fix staticcheck failures: apiserver/pkg/{storage,util}
minikube 9548 afbjorklund Pending Oct 26 blueelvis, medyagh, prasadkatti M Optionally use ssh for docker-env instead of tcp
kubernetes-sigs/wg-policy-prototypes 21 ancatri Pending Oct 26 JimBugwadia, hannibalhuang XXL Create sample_compliance_operator_result.json
community 5211 justaugustus Pending Oct 26 celestehorgan, jdumars, lachie83, parispittman, zacharysarah M wg-naming: Add workflow for proposing recommendations
istio/proxy 3070 bianpengyuan Pending Oct 26 M Update envoy dep
website 24565 michielvangendt Pending Oct 26 msau42, xing-yang XS Fix broken link
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2037 gab-satchi Pending Oct 26 chuckha, gab-satchi, justinsb XXL ✨ Watches instance state changes and reconcile AWSMachine if necessary
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 270 justaugustus Pending Oct 26 dims, saschagrunert, spiffxp M [WIP] Update to klog v2.3.0 1057 yodahekinsew Pending Oct 26 listx, thockin XS [TEST] fake promotion to test vulnerability presubmit check
kubernetes 95880 ialidzhikov LGTM Oct 26 Huang-Wei, alculquicondor, liu-cong S Automated cherry pick of #95812: Fix a bug that Pods with topologySpreadConstraints get
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3668 alexander-demichev Pending Oct 26 JoelSpeed, vincepri M ✨ Transfer machine labels to node
kubernetes 95489 ankeesler Pending Oct 26 ankeesler, cheftako, deads2k, dims, liggitt, smarterclayton XXL exec credential provider: wire in cluster info (superset of #91192)
kubernetes 92165 RenaudWasTaken Pending Oct 26 RenaudWasTaken, dashpole, derekwaynecarr XXL Gradudate the Pod Resources API to G.A
website 24645 geoffcline Pending Oct 26 bradtopol, geoffcline, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm S revise style guidelines for capitalization
istio/istio 28280 istio-testing Pending Oct 26 shankgan M [release-1.8] Issue #27606: Minor Bug fixes, mostly renaming
kops 9011 christianjoun Pending Oct 26 christianjoun, hakman, johngmyers, joshbranham, liranp, olemarkus, rifelpet, timothyclarke XXL WIP: Implemented API loadbalancer class, allowing NLB and ELB support on AWS.
autoscaler 3589 jbartosik Pending Oct 26 MaciekPytel, krzysied, mwielgus L Cache controllers
release 1658 puerco Pending Oct 26 dougm, justaugustus M Push git objects using new go code
kubeflow/manifests 1567 nakfour Pending Oct 26 PatrickXYS, crobby, krishnadurai XXL WIP Adding Openshift stack
kube-state-metrics 1279 dsonck92 Pending Oct 26 brancz, lilic S Update to reflect new --labels-allow-list
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-packet 174 detiber Pending Oct 26 deitch, detiber, displague, gianarb, mrmrcoleman M [WIP] Update README and template
kubeflow/pipelines 4662 akartsky Pending Oct 26 Jeffwan, RedbackThomson, akartsky, mameshini, surajkota S fix(components): AWS SageMaker - Retry delete EKS Cluster after Integ test failure
istio/istio 28273 yskopets Pending Oct 26 S cherry-pick: do not update root certs for destination rule certs (#27268)
examples 391 satyamuralidhar Pending Oct 26 idvoretskyi, sebgoa M Create tomcat.yml
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 1235 adrianludwin Pending Oct 26 GinnyJI, JimBugwadia, rjbez17 XS Add newline before subns footnote 24725 bridgetkromhout Pending Oct 26 XS Dual stack 1.20 doc update - Placeholder 24724 lsj9383 Pending Oct 26 XS fix restart pod -> restart init container 24722 yaowenqiang Pending Oct 26 tanjunchen XS [zh] fix wrong anchor link
charts 23956 yachtcaptain23 Pending Oct 26 XS [stable/metabase] Add yachtcaptain23 to as a reviewer and approver
charts 23955 kevinleturc Pending Oct 26 XS [incubator/kafka] Update liveness probe to be compatible with Kafka 2.6.0
charts 23954 mattfarina Pending Oct 26 XS Making the deprecation notice more prominent
charts 23953 KlavsKlavsen Pending Oct 26 XS add support for useExistingRole
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 1234 adrianludwin Pending Oct 26 Fei-Guo, GinnyJI, rjbez17, srampal S Cap the backoff for the object reconciler to 5s
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6860 axelgobletbdr Pending Oct 26 XS fixed bug in etcd retention where backups are not sorted by date
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6860 axelgobletbdr Pending Oct 26 XS fixed bug in etcd retention where backups are not sorted by date
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6859 miff2000 Pending Oct 26 XS Support dual stack IPv4 & IPv6 networking
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6859 miff2000 Pending Oct 26 XS Support dual stack IPv4 & IPv6 networking
enhancements 2115 fromanirh Pending Oct 26 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr S doc: clarify the usage of GetAllocatableResources
kubernetes 95781 heyste Pending Oct 26 claudiubelu, justaugustus, listx, smarterclayton M Add verbose flag to porter so http method can be returned to client
kubernetes 93459 Riaankl Pending Oct 26 BobyMCbobs, Random-Liu, dashpole, spiffxp L Updated Create Pod+PodStatus resource lifecycle test - +4 endpoint coverage
website 24724 lsj9383 Pending Oct 26 Arhell, idealhack, pigletfly XS fix restart pod -> restart init container
kubeflow/website 2314 sudivate Pending Oct 26 8bitmp3, Jeffwan S Update owners file for Azure
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 321 cpanato LGTM Oct 26 detiber, rsmitty, vincepri L 🏃 manager: small flags refactor
community 4607 liggitt Pending Oct 26 derekwaynecarr, dims, smarterclayton, thockin S WIP - plural/singular guidance
kubeflow/katib 352 YujiOshima Pending Oct 26 YujiOshima, hougangliu, libbyandhelen, texasmichelle XL Manual suggest
kubeflow/katib 586 gyliu513 LGTM Oct 26 andreyvelich, gaocegege, hougangliu XS WIP Do not use /tmp/katib as host path.
kubeflow/katib 624 andreyvelich Pending Oct 26 DeeperMind, gaocegege, garganubhav, hougangliu, richardsliu XS Set TrialName from the GetSuggestionReply
kubeflow/katib 675 kunmingg Pending Oct 26 DeeperMind, YujiOshima, andreyvelich, hougangliu, kunmingg, richardsliu M add release scripts
kubeflow/katib 683 karthikv2k Pending Oct 26 Akado2009, andreyvelich, garganubhav XS Upgrading ks version for e2e testing
kubeflow/katib 887 mannuscript LGTM Oct 26 Akado2009, gaocegege, garganubhav, johnugeorge S Change version of of api from extnesion/v1beta1 to apps/v1 in manifest files
kubeflow/katib 1205 andreyvelich LGTM Oct 26 andreyvelich, gaocegege, johnugeorge, sperlingxx L Validate possible operations for Grid suggestion
kubeflow/katib 1213 elikatsis Pending Oct 26 Akado2009, DeeperMind, andreyvelich L Extend gRPC controller-algorithm communication & Add Suggestion state Exhausted
kubeflow/mpi-operator 213 carmark Pending Oct 26 carmark, everpeace, gaocegege, terrytangyuan XXL [WIP] Update CRD for client validation
kubeflow/mpi-operator 244 NikeNano Pending Oct 26 carmark, gaocegege XXL Start of the e2e work
kubeflow/tf-operator 1175 pingsutw Pending Oct 26 ChanYiLin, andreyvelich, gaocegege, johnugeorge, pingsutw, terrytangyuan L Support failurePolicy like successPolicy
kubeflow/tf-operator 1185 Corea Pending Oct 26 gaocegege, jinchihe, terrytangyuan XS Fix error when `conditions` is empty.
kops 9940 bmelbourne Pending Oct 26 bmelbourne, johngmyers, joshbranham, rifelpet, zetaab XXL Set minimum Terraform version to 0.12.26/0.13.0
perf-tests 1519 marseel Pending Oct 26 krzysied, oxddr L Do no merge
istio/ 8325 bianpengyuan Pending Oct 26 douglas-reid, mandarjog M Update stats inclusion to use proxy config instead
istio/ 8354 bianpengyuan Pending Oct 26 douglas-reid, mandarjog M Add guide about provision Istio certs for prometheus scraping
utils 161 kvaps Pending Oct 26 gnufied, jingxu97, jsafrane, kvaps, msau42 XS Fix OverlayFS mountpoint check for files
istio/release-builder 448 stewartbutler Pending Oct 26 howardjohn XS Mirroring images to gcr
istio/istio 27915 gargnupur Pending Oct 26 bianpengyuan, douglas-reid, mandarjog, nmittler, stevenctl XL Convert Stackdriver and Stats telemetry tests to use Multicluster
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 451 sashrith Pending Oct 26 chethanv28, divyenpatel XXL VCP to CSI migartion tests 1
kubernetes-sigs/container-object-storage-interface-controller 6 brahmaroutu LGTM Oct 26 jsafrane, saad-ali, wlan0 S Basic makefile template to get release tools
autoscaler 3462 surajnarwade Pending Oct 26 arjunrn, bskiba, jbartosik, krzysied, surajnarwade XXL [WIP] Add functionality to dynamically reload the VPA certs
istio/tools 1270 kushthedude Pending Oct 26 XS chore: add meshery in perf-tools/
kubernetes-sigs/container-object-storage-interface-spec 7 brahmaroutu LGTM Oct 26 jsafrane, saad-ali, xing-yang XS Add approvers to facilitate project management
kubernetes-sigs/container-object-storage-interface-spec 8 brahmaroutu LGTM Oct 26 saad-ali, wlan0, xing-yang XXL Create proto definitions for cosi
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 399 theishshah Pending Oct 26 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, droot, estroz, mengqiy L 🐛 Provide error when CRD has multiple versions marked for storage
kubernetes 95801 jingxu97 LGTM Oct 26 gnufied, saad-ali XS Add jingxu97 to volume/util owners
kubernetes 95770 jingxu97 Pending Oct 26 jsafrane, saad-ali XS Remove ready directory which created in empty volumeMounter setUp func
cloud-provider-vsphere 392 alex1989hu Pending Oct 26 SandeepPissay, alex1989hu, andrewsykim, cheftako, dvonthenen XS Use Exists operator in toleration
kubernetes-sigs/sig-windows-tools 111 vitaliy-leschenko Pending Oct 26 jsturtevant, marosset, michmike, neolit123, vitaliy-leschenko M automation for building flannel related containers
kubernetes 94334 RaunakShah Pending Oct 26 RaunakShah, copejon, gnufied, msau42, pohly, xing-yang L Add e2e test to validate performance metrics of volume lifecycle operations
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3799 shysank Pending Oct 26 detiber, justinsb, ncdc, shysank, vincepri L 🐛 Indicate in KCP conditions, when template cloning fails
kubernetes 84205 TGPSKI Pending Oct 26 TGPSKI, liggitt, logicalhan, mikedanese, sftim, thockin L Add SOCKS5 proxy support for kubectl exec
kubernetes-csi/csi-proxy 102 jmpfar Pending Oct 26 ddebroy, jingxu97, msau42 XXL Adding SetMutualChapSecret method to iSCSI API
kops 10101 johngmyers Pending Oct 26 hakman, rdrgmnzs, rifelpet XXL Prepare for version 1.20
kubernetes 94526 Danil-Grigorev Pending Oct 26 BaluDontu, brancz, dougm M Add vCenter info metric
autoscaler 3140 hectorj2f Pending Oct 26 Bessonov, Jeffwan, MaciekPytel, elmiko, feiskyer, hectorj2f, michaelgugino L doc: proposal custom cloud provider over gRPC
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1005 CecileRobertMichon Pending Oct 26 cpanato, devigned, nader-ziada S Update E2E Kubernetes versions
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1401 EricEdens Pending Oct 26 dntczdx, zoran15 XL boot_inspect: Differentiate between SLES and SLES for SAP
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 974 CecileRobertMichon Pending Oct 26 CecileRobertMichon, cpanato, devigned XXL Enable configurable API Server Load Balancer
kubeflow/manifests 1593 andreyvelich Pending Oct 26 gaocegege, jlewi, johnugeorge XXL [WIP] Katib 0.10 v1beta1 release
kubernetes-client/python 1291 coders-i Pending Oct 26 palnabarun, roycaihw, yliaog S Corrected Grammar Mistakes in
kubernetes 95841 chewong LGTM Oct 26 jsturtevant, kow3ns, smarterclayton XS fix: do not hardcode nginx image URL in rc e2e test case
kubernetes-client/python-base 216 hpasapp Pending Oct 26 dims, mbohlool, palnabarun, yliaog XS pyyaml => ruamel
istio/istio 27299 kyessenov Pending Oct 26 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, rshriram M update CODEOWNERS
steering 175 parispittman LGTM Oct 26 derekwaynecarr, dims, liggitt, mrbobbytables, nikhita, spiffxp XS draft term limits
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 322 cpanato Pending Oct 26 gab-satchi, rsmitty M WIP 🏃 update CAPI to v0.3.10
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 408 MaxRink Pending Oct 26 MaxRink, davidewatson, kkeshavamurthy, ncdc L Add subiquity-based flavour for Ubuntu 20.04 based upon UEFI
kubernetes 95531 damemi Pending Oct 26 adtac, ahg-g, alculquicondor, damemi, deads2k, draveness, ingvagabund, liggitt, msau42 XXL Move NodeSelectorRequirementsAsSelector to
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1693 Hugome Pending Oct 26 Raffo, hjacobs, jgrumboe, linki, njuettner XL feat: add gloo proxy source
kubernetes-client/gen 172 tg123 Pending Oct 26 brendandburns, mbohlool S fix csharp generator missing model
kubernetes 89832 PxyUp Pending Oct 26 PxyUp, matthyx, mattjmcnaughton, tallclair, yifan-gu L feat(probe): add grpc probe
kubeflow/kfserving 1155 adriangonz Pending Oct 26 jinchihe, yuzisun, yuzliu XXL Add support for MLServer in the SKLearn predictor
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1395 EricEdens Pending Oct 26 dntczdx, zoran15 M SLES import: Improve error messaging when SUSE not found on disk
kubernetes-sigs/downloadkubernetes 16 khos2ow Pending Oct 26 justaugustus, khos2ow, mauilion, saschagrunert XL Add checksum link
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6854 medined Pending Oct 26 bozzo, oomichi M Notes About Server In admin.conf
kubernetes-sigs/downloadkubernetes 17 khos2ow Pending Oct 26 justaugustus, tpepper XS Make OS filter items always sorted
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 413 damemi Pending Oct 26 Huang-Wei, damemi, ingvagabund, k82cn, lixiang233, rhockenbury, seanmalloy XL Add PodTopologySpread strategy
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6825 michalskalski Pending Oct 26 EppO, floryut, michalskalski, oomichi XS Handle dns_mode set to 'none' in generate nameservers task
kubernetes 95849 lixiaobing1 Pending Oct 26 alculquicondor, soulxu, wgliang S update predicateOrdering according to filter pluginset
istio/istio 28180 carolynhu Pending Oct 26 S [WIP] Add validate minAvailable/Replicas for HA mode by default with value validations
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2043 richardcase Pending Oct 26 detiber, michaelbeaumont, ncdc, randomvariable, richardcase M 🐛 fix: add required iam permission for managed node groups
kubernetes 95784 hanlins Pending Oct 26 MrHohn, andrewsykim, aojea, brendandburns, hanlins XL Add unit tests for iptables rules in IPVS proxier
kops 10109 bmelbourne Pending Oct 26 gjtempleton, olemarkus L [WIP] Set minimum Terraform version to 0.12.26/0.13.0
kubernetes 94636 hprateek43 Pending Oct 26 adtac, alculquicondor, chendave, hprateek43, liggitt, saad-ali, soltysh, soulxu L Added config parameter for CPU threads
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6856 ufoproger Pending Oct 26 EppO, holmsten XS Register missing outputs in role "remove-node/pre-remove"
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1658 ImJasonH Pending Oct 26 eytankidron S Push images sequentially in push-all
community 4705 Miciah Pending Oct 26 hiddeco, johnbelamaric, liggitt, robscott M API conventions: Discourage use of ObjectReference
kubernetes 93396 wking Pending Oct 26 liggitt, piosz S WIP: Event: Document TTL and best-effort-ness
kubernetes 95719 tsmetana Pending Oct 26 gnufied, jsafrane, thockin M [WIP] PV Controller: Add plugin name and volume mode to PV metrics
istio/istio 27486 kabooboo Pending Oct 26 howardjohn, kabooboo, morvencao, ndouchin M Comply to helm3's way of handling namespaces
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3818 namnx228 Pending Oct 26 CecileRobertMichon, fabriziopandini, namnx228, sedefsavas, vincepri XL WIP: 🌱 Add e2e test for node drain timeout feature
kubeflow/internal-acls 363 PatrickXYS LGTM Oct 26 Bobgy, PatrickXYS, animeshsingh, ellistarn, jlewi, rmgogogo, yuzisun XS Grant aws-kf-ci-bot write access to kfserving
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-runtime 25 yue9944882 Pending Oct 26 liggitt, pwittrock M Feat: Standalone local debug extension
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 57 cwdsuzhou Pending Oct 26 Huang-Wei, cwdsuzhou, denkensk XXL Implementation of coscheduling base on crd[Part 2]: coscheduling refactor-must have
kubernetes-sigs/ip-masq-agent 52 JJJJJones Pending Oct 26 JJJJJones, MrHohn, bowei, delulu, mtaufen, varunmar M Solve SNAT race condition using --random-fully
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1563 YanChii Pending Oct 26 Raffo, linki, njuettner, vinny-sabatini M avoid large rfc2136 queries
website 24719 tengqm Pending Oct 26 howieyuen, idealhack XL [zh] Translate docs/
test-infra 19686 justaugustus LGTM Oct 26 cblecker, hasheddan, mithrav, spiffxp, xmudrii L docs: Add tombstone for Kubernetes version markers
sig-release 1304 palnabarun Pending Oct 26 jeremyrickard, kikisdeliveryservice L [WIP] Update Enhancements Handbook
kubernetes 95643 ping035627 LGTM Oct 26 jsafrane, saad-ali XS Automated cherry pick of #94781: Don't attempt to detach an FC device if we don't know its name
kubernetes 95644 ping035627 LGTM Oct 26 jingxu97, jsafrane, saad-ali XS Automated cherry pick of #94781: Don't attempt to detach an FC device… on release-1.19
kubernetes 95820 foriequal0 Pending Oct 26 derekwaynecarr, smarterclayton M Do not remove non namespaced resources when the namespace is enforced
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1907 electrocucaracha LGTM Oct 26 munnerz, neolit123 S Upgrade Ingress resource definition from v1beta1 to v1
test-infra 19643 cynepco3hahue Pending Oct 26 sjenning, vpickard M Provide jobs for e2e-node memory manager tests
kubernetes 94444 derekwaynecarr LGTM Oct 26 2rs2ts, brendandburns, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, dims, ivan4th, jingxu97 L Add support to size memory backed volumes
kubernetes-client/python 1299 hpasapp Pending Oct 26 roycaihw, yliaog S pyyaml => ruamel
kubernetes 95517 mlavacca LGTM Oct 26 mlavacca, smarterclayton, soltysh, yliaog M Warning log callback in client-go 24719 tengqm Pending Oct 26 XS [zh] Translate docs/ 24718 nakamume Pending Oct 26 XS removed duplicate step numbers
helm 8936 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 26 XS Bump from 0.19.2 to 0.19.3
charts 23952 shashankkoppar Pending Oct 26 XS [stable/superset] Add deployment strategy option
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6857 hafe Pending Oct 26 XS install etcdctl script when etcd deployment type is kubeadm
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6857 hafe Pending Oct 26 XS install etcdctl script when etcd deployment type is kubeadm
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6856 ufoproger Pending Oct 26 XS Register missing outputs in role "remove-node/pre-remove"
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6856 ufoproger Pending Oct 26 XS Register missing outputs in role "remove-node/pre-remove"
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 1299 hpasapp Pending Oct 26 XS pyyaml => ruamel
kubernetes-incubator/apiserver-builder-alpha 559 yue9944882 Pending Oct 26 XS Rebasing non-etcd examples to apiserver-runtime
kubernetes-incubator/apiserver-builder 559 yue9944882 Pending Oct 26 XS Rebasing non-etcd examples to apiserver-runtime
kubeflow/pipelines 4638 DavidSpek Pending Oct 26 Ark-kun, Bobgy, DavidSpek, elikatsis, numerology S feat(sdk): Set current namespace in local KFP context if running in multi-user mode and from notebook
test-infra 19674 tosi3k LGTM Oct 26 BenTheElder, jkaniuk, wojtek-t S Return non-zero code on logexporter failures
test-infra 19675 tosi3k LGTM Oct 26 BenTheElder, jkaniuk, mborsz, spiffxp, wojtek-t L Move log dump script and logexporter config out of kubekins directory
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6610 floryut Pending Oct 26 bozzo, floryut, holmsten, mattymo, oomichi L Update kube-ovn to 1.5.0
test-infra 17215 tosi3k LGTM Oct 26 cjwagner, jkaniuk, stevekuznetsov, tosi3k L Add GCS_ARTIFACTS_DIR env var handling in pod-utils
kubeflow/kfserving 1081 aurorazl Pending Oct 26 gaocegege, jinchihe L Add support for local file
autoscaler 3640 Fgruntjes Pending Oct 26 Jeffwan, feiskyer, mwielgus XXL Cloudprovider hetzner
test-infra 19488 saschagrunert Pending Oct 26 fejta, saschagrunert, shyamjvs, xmudrii XL Allow staging via krel for kubetest
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 269 safanaj Pending Oct 26 damemi, farah, ingvagabund, safanaj, seanmalloy M review duplicates strategies
kubernetes 88891 jfbai Pending Oct 26 bhagwat070919, jpbetz, lavalamp, roycaihw, sttts S fix potential data race
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-builder-alpha 559 yue9944882 Pending Oct 26 DirectXMan12, pwittrock, yue9944882 XXL Rebasing non-etcd examples to apiserver-runtime
kubernetes 91687 SaiHarshaK Pending Oct 26 SaiHarshaK, SergeyKanzhelev, dashpole, jingxu97, johscheuer, jsafrane, lavalamp, sttts, vishh L fix golint for pkg/volume/vsphere_volume
test-infra 19601 Rustin-Liu LGTM Oct 26 Rustin-Liu, alvaroaleman, cblecker, fejta, michelle192837 M Remove useless config
kubernetes 89465 shibataka000 Pending Oct 26 josephburnett, mwielgus, piosz S Fix HPA bug about unintentional scale out during updating deployment when using PodMetric.
kubernetes 93477 JoeryH Pending Oct 26 justinsb, liggitt, thockin XS Fix response schema for delete batch/v1/jobs
kubernetes 95666 thockin Pending Oct 26 aojea, caesarxuchao, juanvallejo, khenidak, thockin XXL Don't call service Validate / Prepare hooks twice
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 83 anfernee LGTM Oct 26 Sh4d1, cheftako, dberkov L Http connect integration test
istio/istio 27957 BbolroC Pending Oct 26 S Support the docker build on s390x
istio/common-files 326 BbolroC Pending Oct 26 XS Add support on s390x
website 24718 nakamume Pending Oct 26 cody-clark, parispittman S removed duplicate step numbers
kubeflow/pipelines 4493 rafalbigaj LGTM Oct 26 Bobgy, eterna2, rafalbigaj, rmgogogo XL feat(backend): new server API to read run log. Fixes #4468
kubeflow/website 2311 BAlmeidaS Pending Oct 26 8bitmp3, Bobgy, jlewi, joeliedtke, rmgogogo M Update GCP doc - setting a custom domain
kubeflow/metadata 242 danielsiwiec LGTM Oct 26 Bobgy, gaoning777, jinchihe XS Fix a typo in metadata sample notebook
kubeflow/internal-acls 367 jlewi LGTM Oct 26 Bobgy, chensun, james-jwu, rmgogogo XXL Autosync groups using GitOps
kubernetes 90442 joakimr-axis Pending Oct 26 joakimr-axis, lavalamp, phenixblue, roycaihw, xichengliudui M Fix shellcheck failures in cluster/gce/gci/
kubernetes-csi/docs 373 Kartik494 Pending Oct 26 lpabon, xing-yang XS Update Crd Link
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3707 jichenjc Pending Oct 26 fabriziopandini, jichenjc, vincepri, wfernandes L Remove hard code manifest version and hash
kubernetes 95790 aojea Pending Oct 26 andrewsykim, aojea, bowei, deads2k, gmarek, liggitt, thockin, wojtek-t M autodetect global addresses on loopback interfaces
kubeflow/internal-acls 366 danielsiwiec Pending Oct 26 Bobgy, rmgogogo, terrytangyuan XS Update org.yaml
istio/istio 28257 zirain Pending Oct 26 howardjohn XS add new flag on pilot-agent cmd to pass log-path to envoy
org 2288 zacharysarah Pending Oct 26 pwittrock, soltysh XS Remove myself as a SIG CLI admin
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3808 superbrothers Pending Oct 26 CecileRobertMichon, JoelSpeed, fabriziopandini, superbrothers L ✨ clusterctl completion: Add dynamic shell auto completion
website 24201 CriaHu Pending Oct 26 SataQiu, chenrui333, tanjunchen, tengqm L translate docs/setup/production-environment/tools/
website 24238 fancc LGTM Oct 26 idealhack, tanjunchen, tengqm, xiangpengzhao XL Translate Restrict a Container's Syscalls with Seccomp into Chinese
kubernetes 91614 zerodayz LGTM Oct 26 awly, lavalamp, soltysh, zerodayz XS Fix golint failures: pkg/controller/certificates #68026
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 483 cuisongliu Pending Oct 26 DirectXMan12, droot, mengqiy S ✨ feature(master): support mutating name and validating name for webhook
kubernetes 95757 nilo19 LGTM Oct 26 aramase, feiskyer, ritazh M Cherry pick of #95748: Update the PIP when it is not in the Succeeded provisioning state during the LB update
kubernetes 95756 nilo19 LGTM Oct 26 brendandburns, feiskyer M Cherry pick of #95748: Update the PIP when it is not in the Succeeded provisioning state during the LB update
kubernetes 95758 nilo19 LGTM Oct 26 andyzhangx, feiskyer, justaugustus M Cherry pick of #95748: Update the PIP when it is not in the Succeeded provisioning state during the LB update
bazelbuild/rules_k8s 619 renovate-bot Pending Oct 26 chases2, michelle192837 XS Update dependency com_github_grpc_grpc to v1.33.1
kubernetes 90571 cure Pending Oct 25 brendandburns, cure, dcbw, deads2k, mattjmcnaughton L Remove obsolete search limitations in resolv.conf
kubernetes 93518 mtaufen Pending Oct 25 liggitt, stealthybox, sttts XXL [WIP] Convert Kubelet to use legacyflag
kubernetes 94172 BenTheElder LGTM Oct 25 BenTheElder, SataQiu, dims, liggitt, spiffxp, vishh XS fail early if not on linux in
kubernetes 92818 andyzhangx Pending Oct 25 andyzhangx, davidopp, feiskyer, liggitt, northtyphoon L fix: pull image error with azure managed identity
kubernetes 94000 justaugustus Pending Oct 25 BenTheElder, dims, justaugustus, liggitt, mkumatag, mrbobbytables, spiffxp, thockin, xichengliudui XS OWNERS_ALIASES: Add justaugustus to sig-testing-reviewers
kubernetes 92827 yuanhuaiwang Pending Oct 25 enisoc, janetkuo, kow3ns, krmayankk, mortent, smarterclayton, wojtek-t XS Remove resync period for disruption controller
istio/istio 28098 abhide Pending Oct 25 costinm, howardjohn, linsun M WIP: Adds support for URI RegexRewrites
kubernetes 61595 cpanato Pending Oct 25 cpanato, dchen1107, femrtnz, marceloboeira, mauri870, mengqiy, rikatz, sttts XXL add initial translation for pt_BR for kubectl
kubernetes 91666 squeed Pending Oct 25 danwinship, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning S pkg/kubelet: add KUBE-FIREWALL-IN chain, move localnet rule to it
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 1560 walkley Pending Oct 25 XS add iam-policy-cn.json to support aws-cn(AWS China regions) partition
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6855 medined Pending Oct 25 XS update version of ingress-nginx controller in docs.
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6855 medined Pending Oct 25 XS update version of ingress-nginx controller in docs.
website 24419 sftim Pending Oct 25 bradtopol, kbhawkey, rajeshdeshpande02, sftim, tengqm M Improve localization sync tool
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1711 camilamacedo86 Pending Oct 25 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, estroz, gabbifish, pwittrock XXL :sparkles: add kubebuilder/tooling and controller setup to use binaries from the project bin
istio/istio 28155 sdake Pending Oct 25 brian-avery, howardjohn, irisdingbj, jwendell, ostromart, sdake, shamsher31 M Add for vendor optimized profiles
kubernetes 92806 hardikdr Pending Oct 25 bertinatto, hardikdr, hex108, paurosello, wgliang XS [1.17] Respect maxPDVols env-var against node allocatable
klog 173 sheeeng Pending Oct 25 andyxning, detiber, neolit123, piosz XS feature: explicit verbosity option
kubernetes 93109 zhouya0 Pending Oct 25 smarterclayton, soltysh S Move kubectl get-context validate logic to Validate function
minikube 9551 yehiyam Pending Oct 25 medyagh, tstromberg M add ImageRepository to addons templates
istio/istio 27538 nomstradamus Pending Oct 25 M 25549 Check for duplicate ports in http grpc and tcp
kubernetes 92998 SataQiu Pending Oct 25 mengqiy, soltysh M Remove the dependency between autoscale command and generators
kubernetes 92735 munnerz Pending Oct 25 dims, liggitt, munnerz, thockin M Update hack/ to handle unused indirect transitive dependencies
kubernetes 91350 zhijianli88 Pending Oct 25 BenTheElder, cblecker, johnSchnake, listx, stevesloka XS build/go-runner: fix init-docker-buildx checking condition
kubernetes 92631 zachmandeville Pending Oct 25 hh, johnbelamaric, spiffxp XXL add endpoint-coverage.yaml to testdata
kops 9855 rifelpet Pending Oct 25 KashifSaadat, mikesplain, rifelpet XXL WIP Initial support for Bottlerocket OS
kops 9832 rifelpet Pending Oct 25 MoShitrit, geojaz XXL Add support for private instances on GCE
kops 9761 rifelpet Pending Oct 25 hakman, johngmyers, olemarkus, rdrgmnzs, rifelpet XL Setup a second ELB listener when an AWS ACM certificate is used
kubernetes 95439 HerrNaN Pending Oct 25 HerrNaN, mengqiy, pwittrock, soltysh L cleanup: use i18n.T on all command descriptions
kubernetes 91212 deads2k Pending Oct 25 caesarxuchao XL add common methods for handling finalizers
kubernetes 89754 ZP-AlwaysWin LGTM Oct 25 Pingan2017, brendandburns, dixudx, smarterclayton M Fix event the timestamp is < unknown >
kubernetes 88894 zioproto Pending Oct 25 cheftako, mikedanese L Automated cherry pick of #88487: Use compute v1 api to specify network tier
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 1560 walkley Pending Oct 25 L add iam-policy-cn.json to support aws-cn(AWS China regions) partition
enhancements 810 Liujingfang1 Pending Oct 25 Liujingfang1, bacongobbler, barney-s, bgrant0607, crimsonfaith91, easeway, enisoc, kow3ns, lavalamp, mattfarina, pwittrock, seans3, smarterclayton, soltysh, technosophos L add kep for better pruning in apply
website 23033 forvaidya LGTM Oct 25 bradtopol, kbarnard10, kbhawkey, sftim XS Update 24709 Pick1a1username Pending Oct 25 XS Kubernetes Object Management in Japanese Updated
kubernetes 92252 tnqn Pending Oct 25 krmayankk, soltysh S Clean up unused code in statefulset e2e
website 24709 Pick1a1username Pending Oct 25 inductor, oke-py XS Kubernetes Object Management in Japanese Updated
kubernetes 94087 derekwaynecarr Pending Oct 25 dchen1107, deads2k, derekwaynecarr, mtaufen, sjenning M WIP: kubelet waits for node lister to sync at least once
website 24697 shreyanshjain806 Pending Oct 25 Arhell, bradtopol, celestehorgan M Create
kubernetes 95848 boddumanohar Pending Oct 25 jingxu97, msau42, xing-yang L add e2e tests for volume snapshot secrets
kops 10098 srikiz Pending Oct 25 hakman, olemarkus, srikiz XS [Digital Ocean] Use Debian10 as default image
kubernetes 92024 lixiaobing1 Pending Oct 25 brendandburns, smarterclayton, soltysh S fix typos for kubectl create deployment --port
kubernetes 95825 chensheng0 Pending Oct 25 juanvallejo, nikhiljindal XS remove client QPS limit
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 1553 guan840912 Pending Oct 25 XS fix: iam policy about targetgroup
gengo 189 YunWang Pending Oct 25 smarterclayton, wojtek-t S typo
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 1553 guan840912 Pending Oct 25 XS fix: iam policy about targetgroup
website 24492 tengqm LGTM Oct 25 howieyuen, markthink, xichengliudui XL [zh] Translate cloud-controller-manager reference
website 24674 tengqm LGTM Oct 25 howieyuen, markthink, pigletfly XXL [zh] Translate docs/setup/production-environment/windows/
website 24693 colindev Pending Oct 25 markthink, pigletfly, xichengliudui XS Update
kubernetes 92136 sttts Pending Oct 25 apelisse, caesarxuchao, dims, yue9944882 M WIP: apiserver: add --termination-goaway flag to drain HTTP/2 early
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 587 jichenjc Pending Oct 25 hidekazuna, jichenjc, vincepri XS Add 6443 port description
community 4571 thockin Pending Oct 25 derekwaynecarr, dims, lavalamp, liggitt, mikedanese, thockin L WIP: nil defaults
istio/istio 28097 bianpengyuan Pending Oct 25 L Endpoint label test
istio/istio 28138 istio-testing Pending Oct 24 XS Automator: update proxy@release-1.8 in istio/istio@release-1.8
kubernetes 92121 stantonxu Pending Oct 24 cheftako, ixdy, jiahuif, justaugustus, stantonxu L Fix golint failure - "cmd/cloud-controller-manager/app/apis/config/v1alpha1" - replace PR #91869
kubernetes 92707 serathius Pending Oct 24 feiskyer, logicalhan, nikhiljindal, smarterclayton, sttts M [WIP] Move klog flags to
gengo 188 jpeach Pending Oct 24 jpeach, lavalamp, nikhita, sttts M Capture the values of constant declarations.
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6193 mattymo Pending Oct 24 EppO, LuckySB, Miouge1, floryut, mattymo M Enable coredns-custom optional configmap
kubernetes 92357 pancernik Pending Oct 24 alculquicondor, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, pancernik L Introduce feature gates to Scheduler component config
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 227 prithviramesh Pending Oct 24 jqmichael, jsafrane, leakingtapan, prithviramesh L Configuring region in efs-utils.conf from AWS_DEFAULT_REGION
kubernetes-sigs/krew-index 886 sahil-lakhwani Pending Oct 24 ahmetb, corneliusweig S add kubectl-creyaml plugin
istio/istio 25359 shamsher31 Pending Oct 24 costinm, howardjohn, linsun, lizan, rshriram, shamsher31 S use include_eds in config_dump for proxy
istio/istio 27507 rolandkool Pending Oct 24 S Allow setting holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts per deployment
kubernetes 95853 hypnoglow Pending Oct 24 gmarek, humblec M Fix golint issues in pkg/controller/podgc
kubernetes 92437 sweeneyb Pending Oct 24 apelisse, jennybuckley, mengqiy L delete one key per delete directive in strategicPatch
website 24451 oomichi LGTM Oct 24 irvifa, makocchi-git, oke-py XS ja: Fix output of 'kubectl rollout status'
kubernetes-client/csharp 504 brendandburns Pending Oct 24 krabhishek8260 XS Update YamlDotNet to 8.1.2
website 24425 hikkie3110 LGTM Oct 24 bells17, makocchi-git, nasa9084 L update for v1.18
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6854 medined Pending Oct 24 XS Notes About Server In admin.conf
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6854 medined Pending Oct 24 XS Notes About Server In admin.conf
kubernetes 95045 jchauncey Pending Oct 24 BenTheElder, justaugustus, listx, tanjunchen XS feat(pause): move to using distroless/static:nonroot instead of scratch
kubernetes 95298 tosi3k Pending Oct 24 dims, wojtek-t L WIP DO NOT SUBMIT
test-infra 19606 ameukam Pending Oct 24 bartsmykla, thockin M [WIP] Add canary job for ci-org-peribolos
kubernetes 95761 ingvagabund Pending Oct 24 caesarxuchao, cheftako, neolit123 XXL WIP: Move rbac under component helpers
kubernetes 95793 ingvagabund Pending Oct 24 andrewsykim, aojea, neolit123, sttts L Move apiserver auth sa and user under component helpers
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 383 Kartik494 Pending Oct 24 jingxu97, yuxiangqian L [WIP] Use Patch Instead Update For Resources VolumeSnapshot VolumeSnapshotContent
istio/istio 27888 howardjohn Pending Oct 24 costinm, howardjohn, jacob-delgado, nrjpoddar, ostromart, sdake XXL Remove global.yaml
kubernetes 92989 WLun001 Pending Oct 24 brianpursley, soltysh, zhouya0 S add kubectl fish shell completion
istio/istio 27984 xulingqing Pending Oct 24 howardjohn, xulingqing, yangminzhu XXL Add regex function in string matcher
istio/istio 27387 moricho Pending Oct 24 moricho, shamsher31 L 'istioctl proxy-status' and 'version' to use XDS version 1359 justinsb Pending Oct 24 KashifSaadat, olemarkus M Promote artifacts for kops 1.18.2
minikube 9545 afbjorklund Pending Oct 24 medyagh, prasadkatti L Add minikube support for the "generic" VM driver
enhancements 1990 adrianreber Pending Oct 24 adrianreber, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, rst0git, schrej L Add checkpoint-restore KEP
website 24706 bobsaintcool Pending Oct 24 Smana, abuisine, irvifa XS Fix links MD syntax typo in FR documentation
kops 9271 rifelpet Pending Oct 24 johngmyers, joshbranham, justinsb, rifelpet L [WIP] Add API fields for AWS OIDC Provider
kubernetes 95269 SataQiu Pending Oct 24 NicolasT, Random-Liu, SataQiu, TeddyAndrieux, derekwaynecarr, feiskyer, krmayankk, odinuge L Fix panic when kubelet register if a node object already exists with no Status.Capacity or Status.Allocatable
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6572 bmelbourne Pending Oct 24 EppO, Miouge1, floryut, holmsten, mattymo L Add RHEL support subscription registration
minikube 9535 afbjorklund Pending Oct 24 RA489, josedonizetti, medyagh, tstromberg L Add support for podman v2 to podman-env command
kubernetes 90700 justaugustus Pending Oct 24 BenTheElder, alculquicondor, brianpursley, dims, neolit123 L build: Migrate pause image building to k/release
kubernetes 94173 RainbowMango LGTM Oct 24 caesarxuchao, lavalamp, smarterclayton, yliaog M Remove redundant assignment and update deprecated function call
kubernetes 93293 soltysh Pending Oct 24 caesarxuchao, deads2k, liggitt, soltysh, sttts M kubeconfig: add explicit path, if specified to loading precedence 24706 bobsaintcool Pending Oct 24 XS Fix links MD syntax typo in FR documentation 24704 RA489 Pending Oct 24 neolit123 XS Steps for control-plane drain/uncordon upgrade 24702 Drake8710 Pending Oct 24 XS Add View application logs objective as a contribution CCOSS 2020 24701 ramnar Pending Oct 24 XS commands to create job and cronjob
minikube 9496 AlphaWong Pending Oct 24 afbjorklund, prasadkatti, tstromberg XS doc: update minikube quick start in macos
test-infra 19574 ameukam Pending Oct 24 MushuEE, ameukam, cpanato, justaugustus, spiffxp M Create ci-kubernetes-build-canary job
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 505 jgallucci32 Pending Oct 24 ddebroy, leakingtapan, wongma7 XS Add controller support for custom EC2 Endpoints
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 519 RogerReed Pending Oct 24 bertinatto, leakingtapan XS added service account name on node daemonset
kubeflow/kfserving 1149 theofpa LGTM Oct 24 pugangxa, salanki, yuzisun L Introduce defaultTimeout for predictor and apply in tfserving
kubernetes 95720 draveness LGTM Oct 24 SataQiu, SergeyKanzhelev, klueska, nolancon, qiutongs, vishh S style: update comments in topology manager
istio/api 1566 abhide Pending Oct 24 abhide, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, ramaraochavali, rshriram, smawson M Extend VS.HTTPRoute with RegexRewrite
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 576 bjh83 Pending Oct 24 chaodaiG, e-blackwelder XS Add torvalds/master branch to Prow config
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 389 xing-yang Pending Oct 24 jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali, xing-yang XXL Move snapshot APIs from v1beta1 to v1 24698 SergeyKanzhelev Pending Oct 24 XS RuntimeClass GA
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 1390 glenonn Pending Oct 24 M00nF1sh XS Fix security group reconciliation loop
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 1366 Fedomn Pending Oct 24 M00nF1sh XS rewrite TargetGroup filter using ELBV2 DescribeTargetGroups API
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 1359 tcmichael Pending Oct 24 M00nF1sh XS On node events, reduce reconciling ingresses requests.
kubernetes-sigs/aws-load-balancer-controller 1290 zxkane Pending Oct 24 XS doc: workaround fix for deploying external-dns
kubernetes 92938 lbernail Pending Oct 24 andrewsykim, brendandburns, thockin XS Disable sysctlRouteLocalnet to address CVE-2020-8558
kubeflow/pytorch-operator 243 MATRIX4284 LGTM Oct 24 andreyvelich, gaocegege XS v1beta foldeer has been renamed to v1 so needs the path too
ingress-gce 1292 spencerhance Pending Oct 24 bowei, freehan, spencerhance, thockin S Update SSLPolicy e2e test to use a unique policy name
minikube 9510 ilya-zuyev Pending Oct 24 medyagh, tstromberg L [WIP] Support non-default docker endpoints
istio/istio 28182 ostromart Pending Oct 24 howardjohn M WIP: operator test
kubeflow/pipelines 4664 Ark-kun Pending Oct 24 numerology, rmgogogo M feat(samples): Added the caching sample
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1009 alexeldeib Pending Oct 23 CecileRobertMichon, alexeldeib, juan-lee L 💎 provision vnet for aks clusters
kubernetes 95698 masap LGTM Oct 23 brendandburns, m1093782566, oomichi, thockin XS ipset: Fix trivial typos in some error messages
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 3139 runewake2 Pending Oct 23 mortent, phanimarupaka, pwittrock L WIP: Update Multi Module Check to Scan Commits
kubernetes-client/javascript 535 brendandburns Pending Oct 23 drubin XS Update to version 0.12.4
minikube 9537 tstromberg Pending Oct 23 afbjorklund, medyagh, priyawadhwa XS Enable TCP Path MTU Discovery when an ICMP black hole is detected
istio/release-builder 441 jwendell Pending Oct 23 JimmyCYJ XS Publish 1.7.4
istio/istio 28248 istio-testing Pending Oct 23 bianpengyuan S [release-1.7] make stackdriver test platform agnostic
kubernetes 95472 ahmedtd Pending Oct 23 ahmedtd, cjcullen, deads2k, liggitt, roycaihw, smarterclayton, sttts L Remove MPL-licensed dep from lruexpirecache
istio/istio 28246 istio-testing Pending Oct 23 bianpengyuan S [release-1.8] make stackdriver test platform agnostic
kubernetes 92466 mborsz Pending Oct 23 liggitt, logicalhan, mborsz, tallclair, wojtek-t M Improve observability of node authorizer
community 4218 mariantalla LGTM Oct 23 MikeSpreitzer, apelisse, jennybuckley, liggitt, mariantalla S [WIP] Document patch strategy markers in api-conventions
istio/istio 28152 jacob-delgado Pending Oct 23 bianpengyuan, brian-avery, gargnupur XS Update fake-stackdriver to the one used in istio/proxy release-1.6
kubernetes 95771 vinayakankugoyal LGTM Oct 23 dchen1107, karan, loburm, roycaihw, vinayakankugoyal S Grant group KUBE_POD_LOG_READERS_GROUP access to read pod logs on gke…
community 5244 alejandrox1 Pending Oct 23 MHBauer, MushuEE, RobertKielty, SergeyKanzhelev, hasheddan, justaugustus, knabben, qiutongs, spiffxp, stevekuznetsov, thejoycekung L Added guide for monitoring CI
kubernetes 95508 tnqn LGTM Oct 23 SergeyKanzhelev, derekwaynecarr, krmayankk, yifan-gu L Automated cherry pick of #92614: Don't create a new sandbox for pod with
test-infra 19645 kkeshavamurthy Pending Oct 23 bartsmykla, cblecker, detiber, dims, fejta, hongkailiu, ixdy, kkeshavamurthy S Support for Image Builder - AWS sub-accounts
istio/istio 27686 kyessenov Pending Oct 23 costinm, howardjohn, kyessenov, linsun, rshriram L envoyfilter: add ECDS suport
test-infra 19669 MushuEE Pending Oct 23 e-blackwelder, spiffxp S Update Experimental query for Pod-Util Support
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 1002 mboersma Pending Oct 23 CecileRobertMichon, devigned, justaugustus, mboersma XXL [WIP] ✨ Support GPU nodes with "nvidia-gpu" flavor
kubernetes 95839 egernst Pending Oct 23 Random-Liu, dashpole, matthyx, smarterclayton M resource-metrics: add pod/sandbox metrics to endpoint
website 24692 SergeyKanzhelev Pending Oct 23 SergeyKanzhelev, andrewsykim, sftim S ExecProbeTimeout feature gate introduction
kubernetes 95207 tkashem Pending Oct 23 MikeSpreitzer, caesarxuchao, deads2k, lavalamp, logicalhan, sttts, tkashem, wojtek-t, yue9944882 L Add a new metric to measure apiserver request filter latency
kubernetes 95572 huffmanca Pending Oct 23 davidz627, gnufied, huffmanca, mattcary, saikat-royc L Included e2e test for CSIDriver FSGroupPolicy
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 459 chethanv28 Pending Oct 23 RaunakShah, SandeepPissay, chethanv28, divyenpatel XS Add volume capabilities validation in Vanilla Create Volume Request
community 5206 celestehorgan Pending Oct 23 celestehorgan, coderanger, derekwaynecarr, gkarthiks, jdumars, justaugustus, ricochet, spiffxp, thejoycekung, zacharysarah S [WG Naming] Add recommendation template
kubernetes 89935 verult Pending Oct 23 msau42, pohly L multi-reader stress test for in-tree plugins
minikube 9517 legal90 Pending Oct 23 RA489, medyagh, priyawadhwa, tstromberg M Update "parallels" driver library and make this driver built into minikube
website 24528 sftim Pending Oct 23 jimangel, kbarnard10, kbhawkey S Add object to glossary
kubernetes 95410 benhxy Pending Oct 23 MaciekPytel, SataQiu, justaugustus, mwielgus, piosz L Fix static check for pkg/controller/podautoscaler
kubernetes 95581 snowplayfire Pending Oct 23 josephburnett, mwielgus, soltysh XS fix hpa setStatus error "currentMetrics invalid value null"
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 360 aramase Pending Oct 23 ritazh XXL [WIP] feat: add netlify book configuration
kubernetes 95571 eddiezane Pending Oct 23 brianpursley, eddiezane, knight42, liggitt, pwittrock, soltysh L Update cobra dependency to v1.1.1
kubernetes 95076 dougsland LGTM Oct 23 dougsland, eddiezane, jingax10, mtaufen, soltysh, zhouya0 S kubectl: deprecate --delete-local-data
enhancements 2082 apelisse Pending Oct 23 apelisse, deads2k, lavalamp, liggitt, sttts L Address "Built-in Defaulting" KEP feedback
kubernetes 84061 gyuho Pending Oct 23 gyuho, hongchaodeng, jaypipes, jpbetz, liggitt, shyamjvs, sttts, wojtek-t, yliaog XS apiserver: disable info level gRPC logging
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 5545 mattymo Pending Oct 23 Miouge1, holmsten, woopstar S use correct ip for checking kubeconfig kube-apiserver ip
test-infra 19671 mrbobbytables LGTM Oct 23 fejta, spiffxp S Remove retired wg labels
GoogleCloudPlatform/oss-test-infra 573 chaodaiG LGTM Oct 23 e-blackwelder, fejta, spiffxp L Add knative boskos to monitoring
kubernetes 94959 tnqn LGTM Oct 23 SergeyKanzhelev, dchen1107, dims, resouer L Automated cherry pick of #92614: Don't create a new sandbox for pod with 24697 shreyanshjain806 Pending Oct 23 XS Create
test-infra 19665 fejta Pending Oct 23 e-blackwelder, spiffxp XS Restore RBE parallelism
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 3118 brianpursley Pending Oct 23 Shell32-Natsu, justinsb, monopole L Implement WNode methods
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-nested 1 christopherhein Pending Oct 23 charleszheng44, christopherhein, enxebre, justinsb, mtaufen, munnerz, vincepri XXL WIP: Adding initial proof of concept creating nested CRDs for each object
istio/istio 27540 abhide Pending Oct 23 abhide, esnible M Output Istio Proxy and Envoy Version for pc bootstrap
kubernetes-sigs/nfs-subdir-external-provisioner 12 codayblue Pending Oct 23 ashishranjan738, jsafrane M Add arm64 support
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 511 kevindelgado Pending Oct 23 DirectXMan12, mengqiy, pwittrock L 🐛 Don't generate description on metadata of CRD structural schema
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-filestore-csi-driver 64 xvzf LGTM Oct 23 davidz627, mattcary, msau42, saikat-royc XXL Update Libraries and use new File service creation API
test-infra 19586 MHBauer Pending Oct 23 bart0sh, bsdnet, dims L drop docker version of kubelet-benchmark
kubernetes 95740 cici37 Pending Oct 23 andrewsykim, brendandburns, cheftako L Move cloud-controller-manager to staging
bazelbuild/bazel-toolchains 906 rbe-toolchains-copybara-robot Pending Oct 23 alex1545, nlopezgi, rbe-toolchains-pr-bot, rubensf, smukherj1 XS Update rules_docker version
kubernetes 95454 jiahuif Pending Oct 23 cheftako, lavalamp L [WIP] controller manager health check PoC
kubernetes 95783 roycaihw Pending Oct 23 sttts L webhook unittest: wait for webhook registration before running test cases
istio/api 1707 xulingqing Pending Oct 23 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson, xulingqing, yangminzhu XS add regex matching semantics for authz policy
kubernetes-sigs/contributor-playground 522 nmpacheco Pending Oct 23 guineveresaenger, jberkus XS add nmpacheco to remote LEARNERS
test-infra 19589 bvwells Pending Oct 23 alvaroaleman, bvwells, e-blackwelder, spiffxp S Add golangci-lint to presubmit checks with minimal configuration
minikube 9501 sharifelgamal Pending Oct 23 medyagh, priyawadhwa S revert unneeded hack for crio runtime
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1077 aaronhenshaw Pending Oct 23 Raffo M Expose ExternalIP of Node as annotation on headless service
kubernetes 95247 kishorj Pending Oct 23 2rs2ts, M00nF1sh, jsafrane, justinsb, kishorj XS reconcile AWS NLB attributes on service creation
autoscaler 3641 yaroslava-serdiuk Pending Oct 23 MaciekPytel S change how DaemonSet utilization is calculated
kubernetes 95774 ialidzhikov LGTM Oct 23 apelisse, kwiesmueller, smarterclayton M Automated cherry pick of #95240: Do not update managedFields timestamp when they don't change
kubernetes 95773 ialidzhikov LGTM Oct 23 apelisse, hzxuzhonghu, kwiesmueller M Automated cherry pick of #95240: Do not update managedFields timestamp when they don't change
kubernetes 95384 YuikoTakada LGTM Oct 23 cofyc, dashpole, lichuqiang S Remove deprecated metrics in controller/volume
kubernetes-sigs/sig-windows-tools 109 vitaliy-leschenko Pending Oct 23 benmoss, marosset XS Update flannel docker image to 0.13.0
kubernetes 95810 ruiwen-zhao Pending Oct 23 enj, ericchiang L Fix staticcheck failures on apiserver/plugin/pkg/{authenticator, auth…
kubernetes 95731 farah Pending Oct 23 ahg-g, derekwaynecarr, k82cn, mindprince, qiutongs L Delete framework/v1alpha1 folder and change remaining import paths
website 24643 cognifloyd Pending Oct 23 Arhell, enisoc, foxish XS Fix minor typo in StatefulSets docs
kubernetes 92739 cnphil LGTM Oct 23 cnphil, deads2k, jennybuckley, liggitt, mikedanese, roycaihw, sttts M Add fail-open audit logs to validating admission webhook
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3855 benmoss Pending Oct 23 detiber, justinsb, vincepri XXL ✨ Add Kubetest2 provider
kubeflow/pipelines 3709 elikatsis Pending Oct 23 Ark-kun, Bobgy, IronPan, elikatsis, jingzhang36, numerology M Fix workflow.uid global variable usage
kubernetes 93239 saberrey Pending Oct 23 dchen1107, odinuge, sjenning M Preferentially pull the the images of critical pod
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 419 eratnch Pending Oct 23 eratnch, justinsb, kkeshavamurthy, vincepri L Add gcp capi images
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 461 chethanv28 Pending Oct 23 BaluDontu, chethanv28, divyenpatel, xing-yang XS Update rules for customresourcedefinitions API
community 5253 jayunit100 Pending Oct 23 benmoss, dims, jayunit100, markyjackson-taulia, marosset, michmike, mrbobbytables, neolit123 XS Update
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6766 dprabhua Pending Oct 23 EppO, bozzo, holmsten L Utils to setup Repo for offline/Airgap installation
kubernetes 95828 arjunrn LGTM Oct 23 josephburnett, mwielgus, piosz M Automated cherry pick of #95647: If we set SelectPolicy MinPolicySelect on scaleUp behavior or
website 24041 zhouya0 Pending Oct 23 alculquicondor, davidopp, kevin-wangzefeng, sftim, zhouya0 XS Add toleration with toleration seconds condition
kubernetes 95829 arjunrn LGTM Oct 23 MaciekPytel, josephburnett M Automated cherry pick of #95647: If we set SelectPolicy MinPolicySelect on scaleUp behavior or
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3850 vincepri Pending Oct 23 CecileRobertMichon, detiber, ncdc M :warning: Use metadata watch for CRDs when converting references
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-gcp 310 snehala27 Pending Oct 23 justinsb, krousey, rsmitty, snehala27 M ✨ Support FailureDomains override(optional) in GCPClusterSpec
test-infra 19286 RobertKielty Pending Oct 23 spiffxp S WIP : CI Signal Policy Violation: A DashboardTab config MUST CONTAIN an alert contact email address.
kubernetes 95650 josephburnett LGTM Oct 23 MaciekPytel, piosz L Automated cherry pick of #95560: Ignore deleted pods.
kubernetes 95651 josephburnett LGTM Oct 23 MaciekPytel, mwielgus L Automated cherry pick of #95560: Ignore deleted pods.
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1149 FillZpp LGTM Oct 23 DirectXMan12, FillZpp, alvaroaleman, vincepri M :warning: Use application/vnd.kubernetes.protobuf as content-type if possible
website 24602 sftim Pending Oct 23 kbhawkey, onlydole, sftim, zparnold M Tweak wording for Workloads overview
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1661 srajmane Pending Oct 23 alex1545, smukherj1 M Add s390x support to load puller and loader binary
kubernetes 95032 claudiubelu Pending Oct 23 BenTheElder, claudiubelu, ixdy, justaugustus, listx, mkumatag XS test images: Removes -p yes flag from qemu-user-static script call
kubeflow/pipelines 4622 shaikmanu797 Pending Oct 23 Ark-kun, NikeNano, chensun, hongye-sun, neuromage, numerology, shaikmanu797 M feat(sdk): Replace print statements with click style echo statements with ANSI colors
enhancements 833 brendandburns Pending Oct 23 bboreham, bgrant0607, caesarxuchao, deads2k, detiber, ecordell, erictune, jzelinskie, lavalamp, mattfarina, sttts L Add a retrospective KEP for Custom Resource Definitions.
kubernetes-sigs/azuredisk-csi-driver 572 Sakuralbj Pending Oct 23 ZeroMagic, andyzhangx S test: enable azuredisk-tag-e2e in in-tree situation.
kubernetes 95379 robscott Pending Oct 23 bowei, smarterclayton M Automated cherry pick of #94107: Updating kube-proxy to trim space from
kubernetes 95377 robscott Pending Oct 23 bowei, caseydavenport M Automated cherry pick of #94107: Updating kube-proxy to trim space from
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1793 cgroschupp Pending Oct 23 Raffo, njuettner M WIP: Feature/infoblox ptr
autoscaler 3629 davidjumani Pending Oct 23 Jeffwan, aleksandra-malinowska XXL Adding support for Apache CloudStack as a cloudprovider
kubernetes 95747 SataQiu Pending Oct 23 dims, liggitt, saad-ali M Fix the validation logic for Job/CronJob RestartPolicy field
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 375 marquiz Pending Oct 23 Ethyling, zvonkok M docs: sync navbar from jekyll-rdt-theme v2.0.9
cloud-provider-openstack 1240 jichenjc Pending Oct 23 jichenjc, ramineni, ricolin M [cinder-csi-driver] bump node-driver-registrar to 2.0.1
kubeflow/code-intelligence 188 GauravSarkar Pending Oct 23 hamelsmu, inc0, zhenghuiwang XS Update automl.ipynb
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 368 marquiz Pending Oct 23 ArangoGutierrez, Ethyling, marquiz, zvonkok XXL Migrate documentation from README to docs/
website 23942 liu-xuewen Pending Oct 23 tanjunchen, xiangpengzhao, zacharysarah, zhangxiaoyu-zidif XS Update
website 24616 AGH0RI Pending Oct 23 Arhell, kbarnard10, xiangpengzhao XS Update index.html
kubernetes 95824 cwdsuzhou Pending Oct 23 Random-Liu, yujuhong XS Fix node cache race when kubelet restarts
minikube 9536 afbjorklund Pending Oct 23 RA489, blueelvis S Add repo prefix to the dashboard images
charts 23947 quentinplessis Pending Oct 23 XS [stable/ingressmonitorcontroller] Support image pull secrets
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3857 jan-est Pending Oct 23 CecileRobertMichon, fabriziopandini, vincepri M 📖 Update KCP proposal with scale in
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3810 sedefsavas LGTM Oct 23 JoelSpeed, fabriziopandini, justinsb, neolit123, sedefsavas, vincepri M 🌱 Add etcd endpoint health check to KCP
test-infra 19660 cpanato Pending Oct 23 justaugustus, spiffxp M releng: promote ci-kubernetes-build-fast-canary to be the official job
kubernetes 95816 Lion-Wei Pending Oct 23 dchen1107, yujuhong M parallelize update podCache in PLEG relist
kubernetes 95791 floryut Pending Oct 23 MrHohn, bowei, prameshj XS Update nodelocaldns yaml to use 1.15.16 image
istio/istio 27849 esnible Pending Oct 23 esnible, howardjohn, irisdingbj, shamsher31, zerobfd L List Istio injectors
kubernetes 95818 ping035627 Pending Oct 23 msau42, ping035627, saad-ali XS Clean code: optimize some logs of mount
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-openstack 656 prankul88 LGTM Oct 23 iamemilio, jichenjc, m1093782566 S 🐛 Update reference to the latest version of CAPO v0.3.1
kubernetes 95799 jsafrane Pending Oct 23 danwinship, deads2k L Remove kubectl calls from storage e2e tests
istio/istio 28214 richardwxn Pending Oct 23 M [test-only] Operator test check
kubernetes 95351 aojea Pending Oct 23 andrewsykim, anfernee, aojea, mkumatag L Support IPv6 on the e2e test ""should resolve connection reset issue #74839 "
kubernetes 95593 mborsz Pending Oct 23 derekwaynecarr, wojtek-t S [WIP] HACK: experimental hack to reduce allocations during watch event spikes.
minikube 9534 vinu2003 Pending Oct 23 RA489, josedonizetti XS stop: removed setEventLogPath for stop process
website 24073 shuzokato Pending Oct 23 inductor, kakts, makocchi-git, nasa9084 M ja: Make docs/concepts/extend-kubernetes/ follow v1.18 of the original text
kubeflow/website 2299 jbottum Pending Oct 23 8bitmp3, alfsuse, knkski S Update
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 444 kavitha-jm Pending Oct 23 SandeepPissay, divyenpatel L Test to Check volume life cycle after VCReboot
kubernetes 93948 Kerstin08 Pending Oct 23 aarnaud, adelina-t, claudiubelu, dims, madhanrm, mkumatag, oomichi, thomacos XL [WIP] Add e2e test for windows device manager
kubernetes 88759 andyzhangx Pending Oct 23 andyzhangx, gnufied, humblec, jsafrane, kkmsft, msau42, seh M feat: ignore mount dir check in csi node stage/publish
kubernetes 68719 jlegrone Pending Oct 23 dixudx, janetkuo, jlegrone, kow3ns, liggitt, mikebrow, saad-ali, smarterclayton, tedyu, tnozicka M Add label
kubernetes 83730 claudiubelu Pending Oct 23 PatrickLang, Random-Liu, TBBle, bclau, dashpole, liggitt, mtaufen, yujuhong M Windows: Fixes /etc/hosts file mounting support for containerd
kubernetes 90727 dcbw Pending Oct 23 aojea, dashpole, dcbw, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton M kuberuntime: clean up container and suppress sandbox creation if pod is done
kubernetes 80618 liggitt Pending Oct 23 brendandburns, bsalamat, neolit123 L WIP - set apiVersion/kind in list items
kubernetes 93859 habibrosyad Pending Oct 23 habibrosyad, lavalamp, thockin, vishh S fix vendor/ staticcheck
kubernetes 93417 xieyanker Pending Oct 23 cofyc, jsafrane, rootfs XS RBD volume change os.Remove to os.RemoveAll
minikube 9066 inductor Pending Oct 23 blueelvis, medyagh, prasadkatti, priyawadhwa S Add install minikube with homebrew on Linux
minikube 9523 afbjorklund Pending Oct 23 josedonizetti, tstromberg XS Upgrade buildroot and kernel minor version
kubernetes 95697 masap Pending Oct 23 aojea, brendandburns, islinwb, masap M ipset: Address a TODO, add test for TestEntry() with IPv6 address
kubernetes 95743 benhxy Pending Oct 23 cjcullen, mml, vishh S Use host IP instead of for kube-apiserver healthcheck.
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-runtime 23 yue9944882 Pending Oct 23 DirectXMan12, pwittrock S Refactors subresource interfaces
kubernetes 95732 claudiubelu Pending Oct 23 claudiubelu, dims, mkumatag M use instead of dockerhub images
istio/test-infra 2996 irisdingbj Pending Oct 23 XS rename the make target for externalIstiod multi cluster test
website 23965 yokohama4580 Pending Oct 23 bells17, inductor S Create for Japanese
kubernetes 95065 JornShen Pending Oct 23 BenTheElder, JornShen, aojea, cmluciano, spiffxp, thockin, wojtek-t L refector service some e2e cases to make it runing in multi providers
kubernetes 95800 bjrara Pending Oct 23 deads2k, smarterclayton XS Bugfix missing rbac policy for kube-scheduler to read policy from configmap
istio/istio 27563 sdake Pending Oct 23 costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, ramaraochavali, rshriram, sdake M Wait to send more pushes until receive has ACKed
minikube 9533 Hellcatlk Pending Oct 23 medyagh, tstromberg M Add unit test 24693 colindev Pending Oct 23 XS Update 24692 SergeyKanzhelev Pending Oct 23 XS ExecProbeTimeout feature gate introduction
charts 23945 toneill818 Pending Oct 23 XS [stable/airflow] Allow extra ConfigMaps and Secrets to be added as Environment Variables
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 375 marquiz Pending Oct 23 XS docs: sync navbar from jekyll-rdt-theme v2.0.9
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 1168 Divya063 Pending Oct 23 Divya063, JimBugwadia, rjbez17, tashimi XS [MTB] Fixed ci-test script
istio/istio 28206 liwenhao0810 Pending Oct 23 incfly, liwenhao0810 L E2E test for trust domain alias client side secure naming.
minikube 9531 prezha Pending Oct 23 RA489, tstromberg L hack/update: golang version
kubernetes 92692 Pingan2017 LGTM Oct 23 Pingan2017, jingxu97, msau42, saad-ali S fix bug for verify attached volume loop
minikube 9532 prezha Pending Oct 23 blueelvis, prasadkatti L hack/update: kicbase version
kubernetes 95787 qingsenLi LGTM Oct 23 caseydavenport, dcbw, dims, johnbelamaric XS format incorrectAddresses in klog
kubernetes 95811 jingxu97 Pending Oct 23 jingxu97, jsafrane, verult M WIP
minikube 9529 prezha Pending Oct 23 priyawadhwa, sharifelgamal XL hack/update: kubernetes version
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1696 camilamacedo86 Pending Oct 23 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, gabbifish, joelanford L :sparkles: store webhooks config info and add make run and force options (only v3+)
test-infra 19668 BenTheElder Pending Oct 23 BenTheElder, chaodaiG, dims, wojtek-t M drop docker as a dependency in kubetest
istio/tools 1267 richardwxn Pending Oct 23 ericvn, howardjohn, mandarjog, richardwxn S add new monitors for release qual test
minikube 9526 prezha Pending Oct 23 afbjorklund, josedonizetti, medyagh XL hack/update: base library
minikube 9464 prezha Pending Oct 23 afbjorklund, sharifelgamal XXL automate update processes
minikube 9527 afbjorklund Pending Oct 23 RA489, medyagh S Update kicbase base image and sync with kind
kubeflow/manifests 1587 yilun-msft Pending Oct 22 eedorenko, krishnadurai, zhenghuiwang L Add overlay to support Azure Database for MySQL
enhancements 2094 mcluseau Pending Oct 22 aojea, caseydavenport, danwinship, htuch, mattklein123, mcluseau, thockin XL [DO-NOT-MERGE] [WIP] 20201010 kube-proxy v2: reworking the proxy's architecture
minikube 9379 Git-Jiro Pending Oct 22 Git-Jiro, medyagh, sharifelgamal, tstromberg M Make none driver work as regular user (use sudo on demand)
cloud-provider-openstack 1277 claudiubelu Pending Oct 22 adisky, jichenjc, lingxiankong, openstacker S [magnum-auto-healer] Uses OpenStack instance ID from Node ProviderID
enhancements 2111 dougsland Pending Oct 22 pwittrock, soltysh L sig-cli: Use XDG Base Directory Specification
kubernetes 94661 PurelyApplied Pending Oct 22 BenTheElder, PurelyApplied, brendandburns, dashpole, ehashman, fejta, loburm L [KEP-1933] Provide hack/ testing target for static analysis.
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 445 kavitha-jm Pending Oct 22 BaluDontu, divyenpatel L E2e Test for static provisioning of file volume
istio/api 1662 kidiyoor Pending Oct 22 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, mandarjog, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson L Distinguish upstream errors from local error for outlier detection
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 3135 Shell32-Natsu Pending Oct 22 justinsb, monopole, pwittrock L cleanup namespace transformer
kubernetes 89155 tedyu LGTM Oct 22 Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, haosdent, mmerkes, rphillips, sjenning, smarterclayton, tedyu, yifan-gu S manager#syncPod should cover reconciliation
kubeflow/manifests 1592 kubeflow-bot Pending Oct 22 PatrickXYS, krishnadurai S [auto PR] Update the pytorch-operator image to tag vmaster-g518f9c76
charts 23943 digiserg Pending Oct 22 XS [incubator/cassandra] Optionally override seeders list
charts 23940 kevinsulatra Pending Oct 22 XS [stable/docker-registry] Enable externalIP as a feature
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 372 marquiz Pending Oct 22 ArangoGutierrez, kad XL release-0.6: sync CI and docs/ from master
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 336 marquiz Pending Oct 22 Ethyling, kad XL nfd-master: patch node object instead of rewriting it
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 340 marquiz Pending Oct 22 kad, zvonkok S test/e2e: interpret node names in config as regexps
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 356 marquiz Pending Oct 22 kad, zvonkok M nfd-worker: add special handling for --sources=all
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 371 marquiz Pending Oct 22 ArangoGutierrez, Ethyling M docs: make the list of available versions dynamic
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 369 marquiz Pending Oct 22 ArangoGutierrez, marquiz, zvonkok M Replace with an issue template
kubernetes-sigs/node-feature-discovery 370 marquiz Pending Oct 22 ArangoGutierrez, Ethyling XXL Change deployment instructions to point use correct image
kubernetes 92527 michaelbeaumont Pending Oct 22 derekwaynecarr, gmarek S Move pkg/kubelet/apis to
test-infra 19576 MushuEE Pending Oct 22 amwat, spiffxp S Update Kettle Staging docs with more detail
kubernetes 95567 claudiubelu LGTM Oct 22 BenTheElder, justaugustus, listx, spiffxp, thockin L test images: Mirrors dockerhub images to staging
kubernetes 93068 deads2k Pending Oct 22 cheftako, cici37, liggitt, nicksardo, yifan-gu XXL [wip] expose featuregate names in
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1016 EleanorRigby Pending Oct 22 detiber, ncdc, yastij M Add support for adding custom vmx keys
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 917 alexander-demichev Pending Oct 22 alexander-demichev, justinsb, ncdc, randomvariable, yastij S Get insecure flag value from provider config for session creation
istio/ 8323 howardjohn Pending Oct 22 frankbu, howardjohn XS Extra notes on TLS for protocol sniffing docs
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1225 adrianludwin Pending Oct 22 DirectXMan12, alenkacz L Ensure that webhook server is thread/start-safe
website 24138 annajung Pending Oct 22 bradtopol, zparnold L Official 1.20 Release Docs
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1835 swapmat-f5 Pending Oct 22 Raffo, njuettner, seanmalloy, vinny-sabatini XXL Add F5 DNS as a new provider
istio/istio 27737 esnible Pending Oct 22 L List control planes
website 23294 feloy Pending Oct 22 feloy, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm XXL [WIP] [GSoD'20] Update how the Kubernetes website serves API references
website 24669 dashpole Pending Oct 22 SomtochiAma, daminisatya, zparnold XS Docs for: API Server Tracing
kubeflow/pytorch-operator 300 wuchen03 LGTM Oct 22 andreyvelich, gaocegege, jinchihe, johnugeorge S Updated the image name format for the
kubeflow/pytorch-operator 295 myonlyzzy LGTM Oct 22 andreyvelich, gaocegege, jinchihe, johnugeorge XS update pytorch-operator deployment manifests file
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 454 subramanian-neelakantan Pending Oct 22 chethanv28, divyenpatel S Set the order of priority of StoragePool errors to be reported
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 1193 mbtamuli Pending Oct 22 JimBugwadia, adrianludwin, rjbez17 M Add e2e tests acting-as different accounts
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 465 vincepri Pending Oct 22 DirectXMan12, droot XXL [WIP] ✨ Add openapiv3 generator
kubernetes 84429 zxl381 Pending Oct 22 gaurav1086, msau42, saad-ali, verult XS volume: add critical section to prevent potential data race
istio/ 8337 hickeyma Pending Oct 22 frankbu, sdake, shamsher31 S Update the docs to add OpenShift install profile
kubernetes-client/javascript 526 jhagestedt Pending Oct 22 brendandburns, mbohlool XS Fix timeout on watch.js requestOptions
kubernetes-client/java 1322 netikras Pending Oct 22 brendandburns, netikras, yue9944882 L Exec.exec returning Future and hiding Process as an implementation detail
kubernetes 87461 bboreham LGTM Oct 22 dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, dims, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning XS kubelet: ensure static pod UIDs are unique
kubernetes 95423 apelisse Pending Oct 22 apelisse, deads2k, liggitt, logicalhan, sttts M WIP: CRs: Default non-nullable nulls
enhancements 1551 xing-yang Pending Oct 22 ShyamsundarR, c3y1huang, childsb, datamattsson, humblec, kylezh, rbo54, saad-ali, sftim, vishnuitta, xing-yang XL Add Volume Group KEP
kubernetes 95411 MHBauer LGTM Oct 22 klueska, mikebrow, oomichi XS always collect containerd logs during e2e-node tests
kubernetes 95521 masap LGTM Oct 22 MHBauer, dchen1107, dims, sjenning, yifan-gu XS kube-eviction: Fix SI of process quantity
kubernetes 95608 MHBauer LGTM Oct 22 bart0sh, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, dims XS enable benchmark by matching test config
kubernetes 95534 oomichi LGTM Oct 22 derekwaynecarr, dims, mattjmcnaughton, sjenning XL Add unit tests for dockershim/exec.go
kubernetes 95287 arghya88 Pending Oct 22 ahg-g, alculquicondor, arghya88, derekwaynecarr L config.Plugins should not be composed of pointers
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 382 jsturtevant Pending Oct 22 CecileRobertMichon, codenrhoden, detiber, jsturtevant, kkeshavamurthy, ksubrmnn, moshloop, ncdc, perithompson XXL Windows image configuration scripts and Azure builder
kubernetes 94624 dims Pending Oct 22 MHBauer, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, dims, jayunit100, liggitt, michmike XS Deprecate Dockershim
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1828 vsychov Pending Oct 22 Raffo, njuettner L Try #3: Support encrypted DNS txt records
istio/istio 27779 houshengbo Pending Oct 22 costinm, howardjohn, ostromart, sdake M Change the default value of runAsNonRoot to false
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6148 mattymo Pending Oct 22 LuckySB, Miouge1 XS Enable /etc/hosts creation without ansible_default_ipv4
kubernetes-sigs/multi-tenancy 1217 Divya063 Pending Oct 22 Fei-Guo, JimBugwadia, srampal M [MTB] Added image pull policy benchmark
dashboard 5449 floreks Pending Oct 22 jeefy, maciaszczykm XXL [WIP] Design and create new API
kubernetes 94814 adtac Pending Oct 22 Huang-Wei, adtac, ahg-g, alculquicondor, hex108, liggitt, soulxu XL optimise defaultpreemption: enumerate fewer candidates
kubernetes 86274 liggitt Pending Oct 22 cheftako, smarterclayton M WIP - Consider whether a type can be encoded as protobuf when negotiating a serializer
website 24589 wking Pending Oct 22 bradtopol, michaelgugino, steveperry-53 XS content/en/docs/tasks/run-application/configure-pdb: Acceptable overlapping PDBs
kubernetes-sigs/ingress-controller-conformance 84 aledbf Pending Oct 22 bowei, thockin M Update images and
autoscaler 3321 MaciekPytel Pending Oct 22 Jeffwan, MaciekPytel, aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer L Gce pricing fixes
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1834 celestialorb Pending Oct 22 Raffo, njuettner M adding owner to CloudMap service instances
minikube 9506 prezha Pending Oct 22 afbjorklund, josedonizetti, medyagh, prezha S add support for namespace
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1659 razvanor Pending Oct 22 alex1545, smukherj1 XL Add container_layer_prune to remove files from container_layer. Fixes…
kubernetes 92850 tallclair LGTM Oct 22 claudiubelu, listx, mkumatag, tallclair L Enhance agnhost netexec for SSRF E2Es 24674 tengqm Pending Oct 22 XS [zh] Translate docs/setup/production-environment/windows/
helm 8933 wawa0210 Pending Oct 22 XS Fix invalid semver version number of the helm package command will escape
helm 8932 wawa0210 Pending Oct 22 XS helm search supports semver pre version numbers starting with 0
helm 8930 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 22 XS Bump from 0.19.2 to 0.19.3
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4297 saschagrunert Pending Oct 22 XS Add interface to Rust library
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4297 saschagrunert Pending Oct 22 XS Add interface to Rust library
istio/istio 28178 howardjohn Pending Oct 22 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, ramaraochavali M Add support for applications listening on Pod IP
kubeflow/kubeflow 5353 robbertvdg Pending Oct 22 kunmingg, yanniszark XS Allow intra namespace traffic by default
minikube 9390 prezha Pending Oct 22 RA489, afbjorklund, medyagh, prezha, priyawadhwa, tstromberg XS don't pollute json output with errors
enhancements 1975 aojea Pending Oct 22 aojea, caseydavenport, danwinship, dcbw, khenidak, thockin S dual-stack probes/health checks
kubernetes 93286 sttts Pending Oct 22 cheftako, lavalamp, liggitt, marun, yue9944882 M kube-aggregator: sync startup with APIService handlers
google/cadvisor 2699 louiznk Pending Oct 22 S Feat: use memory limit from cgroup when set and lower
istio/istio 27543 tanjunchen Pending Oct 22 esnible, howardjohn, morvencao, shamsher31 M istioctl/cmd/remove-from-mesh:Don't remove 'istio-proxy' if it is only container and don't remove used volumes
website 24541 rushi47 Pending Oct 22 Arhell, davidopp, foxish, kbhawkey, rushi47, sftim XS Update Line no 119, PDB Example
kubernetes 95678 SaiHarshaK Pending Oct 22 SaiHarshaK, dougsland, soltysh, zhouya0 M check if kubectl version required values are empty
istio/istio 28185 andrewshaoyu Pending Oct 22 S istioctl can specify different tags with multi gateways
enhancements 1444 saschagrunert LGTM Oct 22 BenTheElder, aojea, dchen1107, evrardjp, hasheddan, kikisdeliveryservice, liggitt, pjbgf, saschagrunert, tallclair XL KEP for promoting AppArmor to GA
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 271 kavitha-jm Pending Oct 22 akutz, divyenpatel XS dummy_file
kubernetes 94895 mauriciovasquezbernal LGTM Oct 22 gnufied, jingxu97, jsafrane, mauriciovasquezbernal, sjenning S volume: Change owner of symlinks too
test-infra 17181 eddycharly Pending Oct 22 alvaroaleman, stevekuznetsov XXL [Pipeline] add v1beta1 codegen
kubeflow/manifests 1409 kubeflow-bot Pending Oct 22 jlewi, krishnadurai S [auto PR] Update the centraldashboard image to tag v1.1.0-g35d7484a
kubeflow/manifests 1411 kubeflow-bot Pending Oct 22 abhi-g, krishnadurai S [auto PR] Update the kfam image to tag vmaster-g9f3bfd00
kubeflow/manifests 1403 slenky LGTM Oct 22 Bobgy, krishnadurai, slenky XS Update ObjectStoreConfig.PipelineFolder in api-server configmap
kubernetes 95503 Riaankl LGTM Oct 22 andrewsykim, aojea, cmluciano, heyste, johnbelamaric, oomichi, spiffxp L Write PodProxyWithPath & ServiceProxyWithPath test - + 12 endpoint coverage
kubernetes 92441 derekwaynecarr Pending Oct 22 Random-Liu, dashpole, dchen1107, resouer, sjenning M WIP Ensure init and ephemeral containers are reclaimed
charts 23936 KadenLNelson Pending Oct 22 XS [stable/sealed-secrets] Add Prometheus + Grafana monitoring resources
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4293 kolyshkin Pending Oct 22 XS test: rm disabling selinux from userns tests
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1835 swapmat-f5 Pending Oct 22 XS Add F5 DNS as a new provider
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1834 celestialorb Pending Oct 22 XS adding owner to CloudMap service instances
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4293 kolyshkin Pending Oct 22 XS test: rm disabling selinux from userns tests
kubernetes 95630 masap Pending Oct 22 aojea, cheftako, deads2k, masap, ncdc S test: Add service cluster IP range unit test
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 3129 Shell32-Natsu Pending Oct 22 droot, mengqiy, monopole XL Update edit patch command
kubeflow/pytorch-operator 209 YesterdayxD Pending Oct 22 YesterdayxD, andreyvelich, gaocegege M use the priority of kube-batch
cloud-provider-openstack 1175 ramineni Pending Oct 22 Fedosin, ricolin S Enable Snapshot e2e tests
enhancements 2101 mauriciovasquezbernal Pending Oct 22 derekwaynecarr, mauriciovasquezbernal, mrunalp, sftim XL keps/127: Support User Namespaces
kubernetes 95776 justaugustus Pending Oct 22 lavalamp, listx M [go1.15] Update to go1.15.3
kubernetes-sigs/structured-merge-diff 173 christarazi Pending Oct 22 apelisse, jpbetz, lavalamp XS Fix panic on pointer to embedded struct
kubernetes 92608 lubronzhan Pending Oct 22 BaluDontu, abrarshivani, divyenpatel, lubronzhan M Remove node when the vm is deleted in vsphere
minikube 9439 prezha Pending Oct 22 blueelvis, prezha, tstromberg L automate pushing kicbase image from snapshot to stable after release
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1904 hh Pending Oct 21 aojea, krzyzacy S WIP: Modify hack/ci/ to support audit logging
enhancements 2110 mhenriks Pending Oct 21 jsafrane, xing-yang XL API for PVC Namespace Transfer
istio/istio 27378 jtrbs Pending Oct 21 costinm, howardjohn, jtrbs, linsun, rshriram, stevenctl XL [WIP] Convert security reachability and strict mtls tests into multicluster supported
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 213 jqmichael Pending Oct 21 jsafrane, nckturner, wongma7 L Added e2e test for driver version upgrade
kubernetes 92342 gavinfish LGTM Oct 21 CaoShuFeng, deads2k, fedebongio, smarterclayton XS Fix typo in apiserver config.file file
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 247 tatodorov Pending Oct 21 d-nishi, jsafrane XS deploy/kubernetes/base/node.yaml: Fixing deployment on Bottlerocket.
GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-tools 1399 dntczdx Pending Oct 21 EricEdens, zoran15 L allow custom compute service account
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 397 SanikaGawhane Pending Oct 21 EleanorRigby, SanikaGawhane, detiber, justinsb, kkeshavamurthy M WIP: Add chrony module for supported distros and providers
kubernetes 93258 zshihang Pending Oct 21 brendandburns, liggitt, mikedanese, thockin, zshihang L mv TokenRequest and TokenRequestProjection to GA
kubernetes 95270 SaiHarshaK Pending Oct 21 liggitt, seans3, soltysh, zhouya0 XS fix staticcheck failures for kubectl scale and add error check for Visit()
node-problem-detector 435 adammw Pending Oct 21 dchen1107, xueweiz M Add healthchecker flag for kubelet healthz path
istio/release-builder 439 ericvn Pending Oct 21 ericvn, howardjohn, jwendell XL Start of release branch automation
enhancements 2109 AlexeyPerevalov LGTM Oct 21 dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr S Fix PodResourcesLister service name
minikube 9508 tstromberg Pending Oct 21 medyagh, priyawadhwa S Remove hard-coded list of valid cgroupfs mountpoints to bind mount
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6772 hafe Pending Oct 21 LuckySB, bozzo, hafe, holmsten L Verify Kubernetes/kubespray upgrade path
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 406 chethanv28 Pending Oct 21 SandeepPissay, divyenpatel XS Test e2e pipeline
istio/istio 28160 istio-testing Pending Oct 21 bianpengyuan, howardjohn XL [release-1.8] Update go dependencies before 1.8 branch
kubernetes 94744 SaiHarshaK Pending Oct 21 seans3, zhouya0 L poc for fixing local flag bug across all sub commands
website 23767 bergerhoffer Pending Oct 21 caesarxuchao, dchen1107, kbhawkey, sftim L Updating nodes page per style suggestion
test-infra 18028 midnightconman Pending Oct 21 alvaroaleman, cblecker, krzyzacy, midnightconman, spiffxp S Teach Plank V1 To Create Pods In Multiple Namespaces
test-infra 19169 mikedanese LGTM Oct 21 BenTheElder, amwat, e-blackwelder, fejta, mikedanese S add transistion images for bazel 3.4.1
cloud-provider-gcp 168 DangerOnTheRanger Pending Oct 21 DangerOnTheRanger, cheftako, mtaufen, yujuhong M [WIP] Add auth-provider-gcp for out-of-tree credential provision 24669 dashpole Pending Oct 21 XS Docs for: API Server Tracing
kubernetes 95768 danwinship Pending Oct 21 derekwaynecarr, yujuhong M Document the NodeAddressType values
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4292 wgahnagl Pending Oct 21 XS [WIP] replaces sed and python with jq
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4292 wgahnagl Pending Oct 21 XS [WIP] replaces sed and python with jq
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 372 marquiz Pending Oct 21 XS release-0.6: sync CI and docs/ from master
test-infra 19641 BobyMCbobs LGTM Oct 21 cheftako, johnbelamaric, oomichi XS Increase interval to every 3h
kubernetes 95373 tkashem LGTM Oct 21 caesarxuchao, deads2k, jpbetz, liggitt, logicalhan, sttts, tkashem, wojtek-t XS increase latency buckets for admission metrics
website 24424 sftim Pending Oct 21 davidopp, kbhawkey, lavalamp L Revise large cluster guidance
kubernetes 95210 erikwilson Pending Oct 21 bobbypage, mattjmcnaughton, shubheksha, yujuhong XS Add cadvisor machine metrics
enhancements 1921 KielChan Pending Oct 21 KielChan, bobbypage, dashpole, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, kikisdeliveryservice L make cadvisor metrics set configurable in kubelet
kubernetes 93650 KielChan Pending Oct 21 KielChan, bobbypage, dashpole, feiskyer, kikisdeliveryservice L make cadvisor metrics set configurable in kubelet
test-infra 17939 chizhg Pending Oct 21 alvaroaleman, chizhg, fejta L hook only unmarshals the hmac token secret when it's changed
googleforgames/open-match 1268 HazWard Pending Oct 21 HazWard, Laremere L Adding Exclude property to DoubleRangeFilter and test coverage.
kubernetes 95319 jprzychodzen Pending Oct 21 andrewsykim, caesarxuchao, cheftako, jiahuif, liggitt, resouer, wojtek-t L Add ClientTimeout to LeaderElection configuration
website 24415 sftim Pending Oct 21 caesarxuchao, davidopp, kbhawkey, sftim, tengqm L Remove cluster management task
kubernetes 95345 harche Pending Oct 21 alejandrox1, harche, matthyx, mmerkes, rphillips, vpickard S Make stats summary tests more flexible
minikube 9467 sharifelgamal Pending Oct 21 medyagh, prasadkatti, tstromberg XS specify correct context in minikube kubectl test
kubernetes 95435 like-inspur Pending Oct 21 coffeepac, huangyuqi, logicalhan S Update fluentd-es-configmap.yaml
istio/istio 28135 istio-testing Pending Oct 21 costinm, howardjohn, linsun XS Automator: update istio/api@release-1.8 dependency in istio/istio@release-1.8
kubernetes-sigs/apiserver-network-proxy 77 anfernee Pending Oct 21 Sh4d1, caesarxuchao, zanetworker L Only exit on os.Interrupt
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 971 GrigoriyMikhalkin Pending Oct 21 alexeldeib, vincepri XS CR-965: added subpaths for health checks
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6823 jseguillon LGTM Oct 21 ant31, oomichi, woopstar XS Update kubevirt Centos7 from 1809 to 2003
enhancements 2107 danwinship Pending Oct 21 caseydavenport, thockin XS Mark SCTP as implemented
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 499 kevindelgado Pending Oct 21 DirectXMan12, mengqiy, munnerz, pwittrock L ✨ Add test and warning for v1beta1 default removal
website 24410 neolit123 Pending Oct 21 celestehorgan, kbarnard10, neolit123, tengqm, yagonobre L kubeadm: promote the "kubeadm certs" command to GA
website 22736 sftim Pending Oct 21 justaugustus, onlydole, tpepper, zparnold XXL Create a "releases" page
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 452 bhavyachoudhary Pending Oct 21 RaunakShah, xing-yang XS WIP: checking e2e tests pipeline health, kindly ignore
kubernetes 93144 knight42 Pending Oct 21 knight42, krousey, liggitt, soltysh, yliaog L feat(client-go): not follow http redirects by default
kops 10076 rifelpet Pending Oct 21 johngmyers, mikesplain XXL WIP - generate an acm cert in the e2e job and use it in the cluster
istio/ 8301 shamsher31 Pending Oct 21 frankbu, howardjohn, shamsher31 S Global trustDomain setting is deprecated in favour of meshConfig.trustDomain
kubernetes 92932 gnufied Pending Oct 21 gnufied, jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali XL Ensure that for RWX volumes expansion is called on all nodes
website 24474 sftim Pending Oct 21 chenopis, kbhawkey, lavalamp, sftim M Tweak docs about Kubernetes API versions
enhancements 1950 k-wiatrzyk Pending Oct 21 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr XS Update Topology Manager Graduation Criteria
minikube 9407 ilya-zuyev Pending Oct 21 ilya-zuyev, medyagh, prasadkatti, tstromberg S Add a Makefile variable to run a subset of integration tests files
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1735 Quentin-M Pending Oct 21 Raffo, RobAtticus, linki, seanmalloy, sheerun L fix regression in NodePort (SRV) support, introduce feature flag & add Node label selector support
kubernetes-sigs/azurefile-csi-driver 458 Sakuralbj Pending Oct 21 ZeroMagic, andyzhangx XS feat: set actimeo=30 by default mountOptions
kubernetes 85097 saschagrunert Pending Oct 21 caesarxuchao, dchen1107, liggitt, saschagrunert S Update go-systemd to v22.0.0
kubernetes 93443 robscott Pending Oct 21 freehan, m1093782566, mortent XL Extracting EndpointSliceTracker into a new shared EndpointSlice package
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2916 dearchap Pending Oct 21 Shell32-Natsu, dearchap, droot, mortent, phanimarupaka XXL Add configmap json patch transformer plugin
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6846 champtar Pending Oct 21 bozzo, oomichi XL Helm v3 only
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2951 dearchap Pending Oct 21 Liujingfang1, dearchap, monopole, mortent, phanimarupaka, seh M Add ability to specify behavior adding configmap
cloud-provider-alibaba-cloud 166 gujingit Pending Oct 21 aoxn, xlgao-zju M remove unnecessary api calls
minikube 9445 aledbf Pending Oct 21 RA489, tstromberg S Update ingress-nginx image to v0.40.2
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1214 camilamacedo86 Pending Oct 21 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, coderanger, mariantalla, mengqiy M :sparkles: allow pass the assets path via the envinroment config
kubernetes 90839 liuxu623 Pending Oct 21 freehan, jayunit100, johnbelamaric, johscheuer, liuxu623, mattjmcnaughton, nicksardo, thockin XS Fix bandwidth burst too large
kubernetes 92343 knight42 Pending Oct 21 brianpursley, dixudx, knight42, soltysh, zhouya0 S fix(kubectl): print error if users place flags before plugin name
ingress-nginx 6356 AlexisMtr Pending Oct 21 ChiefAlexander, ElvinEfendi S Add securitycontext settings on defaultbackend
minikube 8555 RA489 Pending Oct 21 afbjorklund, medyagh, prasadkatti, tstromberg M Document how to run minikube in China
kubernetes-sigs/application 211 bogdanpetrea Pending Oct 21 kow3ns, pwittrock M Improve service status
helm 8928 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 21 XS Bump from 0.19.2 to 0.19.3
ingress 6356 AlexisMtr Pending Oct 21 XS Add securitycontext settings on defaultbackend
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4287 timyinshi Pending Oct 21 mrunalp XS modify the usage of grpc-max-send-msg-size
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 371 marquiz Pending Oct 21 XS docs: make the list of available versions dynamic
kubernetes-incubator/node-feature-discovery 370 marquiz Pending Oct 21 XS Change deployment instructions to point use correct image
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4287 timyinshi Pending Oct 21 mrunalp XS modify the usage of grpc-max-send-msg-size
kubernetes-incubator/bootkube 1102 invidian Pending Oct 21 XS Fix vendored dependencies
website 24642 cezaryzukowski Pending Oct 21 annajung, eagleusb, kbarnard10, kbhawkey L The Memory Manager official documentation
kubernetes 95221 kkohtaka LGTM Oct 21 coderanger, jsafrane, sttts S Fix a doc comment for CustomResourceDefinitionCondition
kubernetes-sigs/bootkube 1102 invidian Pending Oct 21 aaronlevy, andrewrynhard XXL Fix vendored dependencies
kubernetes 95614 wilsonehusin Pending Oct 21 MHBauer, caesarxuchao, smarterclayton, sttts, wilsonehusin XS Fix golint failures in client-go/transport
kubernetes 95526 krol3 Pending Oct 21 jpbetz, pancernik, sttts, thockin M chore: Is error method
gengo 185 detiber Pending Oct 21 smarterclayton, sttts S Add support for generating defaults for external types
istio/istio 26316 hovonako Pending Oct 21 JoshVanL, costinm, hovonako, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, myidpt, rshriram, shankgan XXL Signing Workload Certificate via custom Certificate Authorities
kubernetes 90407 dacohen Pending Oct 21 gnufied, justinsb S Support Private IPs for AWS NLBs
istio/istio 27983 hzxuzhonghu Pending Oct 21 JimmyCYJ, hzxuzhonghu M [release-1.7] Cache the http client in order to reuse the connection
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6450 gaima8 Pending Oct 21 holmsten, mirwan XS echo in dash (/bin/sh) does not support -e, /bin/echo does regardless
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 596 muhyousri Pending Oct 21 leakingtapan, wongma7 L add sidecar container support for arm64 for kubernetes +1.17
kubernetes 91875 Arvinderpal Pending Oct 21 Arvinderpal, aojea, danwinship, fabriziopandini, liggitt, neolit123, sftim L Update docs to reflect that the largest supported service subnet
kubernetes 95286 SergeyKanzhelev LGTM Oct 21 dchen1107, jingxu97, sjenning L Deprecating PodUnknown podPhase
kubeflow/code-intelligence 186 GauravSarkar Pending Oct 21 hamelsmu, jlewi, zhenghuiwang XS Update 01_AcquireData.ipynb
kubernetes 65262 dixudx Pending Oct 21 Random-Liu, dixudx, liggitt, peter-wangxu, tallclair, yujuhong L Implement lifecycle tcp hook
kubeflow/website 2171 Ark-kun Pending Oct 21 8bitmp3, dsdinter, joeliedtke, neolunar7, paveldournov S [WIP] KFP - Updated the documentation regarding metrics
istio/api 1705 yangminzhu Pending Oct 21 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson M link to the correct workload selector used in security API
kubernetes 95282 xing-yang Pending Oct 21 lavalamp, msau42, smarterclayton, thockin L Move Snapshot to GA
kubernetes 93898 pupapaik Pending Oct 21 Random-Liu, dchen1107, knight42, mtaufen, pupapaik, vishh XS Always update pod IP in case of hostNetworking
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 253 jurgenweber Pending Oct 21 d-nishi, jsafrane, leakingtapan, wongma7 S add hostAliases to the helm chart to handle cross VPC mountpoint
kubernetes-client/java 1312 SameeraGrandhi Pending Oct 21 SameeraGrandhi, brendandburns, yue9944882 XL WIP: Kubectl Rollout outline framework
minikube 9480 prezha Pending Oct 21 josedonizetti, tstromberg M get greatest instead of just latest Kubernetes version
dashboard 5651 WoozyMasta Pending Oct 21 jeefy, maciaszczykm XXL [WIP] Russian translation
istio/api 1625 GregHanson Pending Oct 21 GregHanson, dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson S clarify INSERT support for HTTP_ROUTE
kubeflow/website 2034 edwardstudy Pending Oct 21 nickchase, paveldournov XS Fix typo in
website 23842 tengqm Pending Oct 21 davidopp, kbhawkey, liggitt, tengqm L Improve ServiceAccount administration doc
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6846 champtar Pending Oct 21 XS Helm v3 only
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6846 champtar Pending Oct 21 XS Helm v3 only
kubernetes 85136 changyaowei Pending Oct 21 jingxu97, pmorie, rata, saad-ali, xing-yang S Remove ready directory which created in empty volumeMounter setUp func
kubernetes 92656 vinu2003 Pending Oct 21 derekwaynecarr, knight42, pwittrock, smarterclayton, valaparthvi, vinu2003 L fix: improved the way CSR object fields(CN & O) displayed
enhancements 1168 poelzi Pending Oct 21 bsalamat, derekwaynecarr, k82cn, poelzi, smarterclayton L Propose KEP Teardown Pressure & Teardown Priority
kubernetes 94833 whypro LGTM Oct 21 Random-Liu, hex108, yujuhong, zhouya0 S Store high level pod container image to runtime container annotations.
kubeflow/manifests 1575 pvaneck LGTM Oct 21 PatrickXYS, adrian555, animeshsingh, krishnadurai, pvaneck, yuzisun XXL Update kfserving manifests for v0.4.1
kubernetes 94737 saikat-royc Pending Oct 21 cheftako, gnufied, jingxu97, mattcary, msau42, piosz, saikat-royc XL Fix race condition between CSI NodeUnstage and DeleteVolume calls
kubernetes-sigs/instrumentation-tools 2 logicalhan Pending Oct 20 brancz, dashpole, lilic, logicalhan XXL Merge promq code into instrumentation-tools
kubernetes 95263 Git-Jiro Pending Oct 20 juanvallejo, justinsb, roycaihw M revert some changes of PR66807 to fix OpenAPI spec
kubernetes 95655 vteratipally LGTM Oct 20 bsdnet, karan, mml, roycaihw M Moving docker options to daemon.json
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 946 jaypipes Pending Oct 20 alexeldeib, alvaroaleman, jaypipes, vincepri M :bug: ensure multiple Option values append predicates
istio/istio 28128 howardjohn Pending Oct 20 costinm, linsun XL Remove old Istiod DNS code
istio/tools 1264 carolynhu Pending Oct 20 XS [WIP] Optimize collect_metrics part for benchmark test
kubernetes 95203 alculquicondor Pending Oct 20 alculquicondor, deads2k, jsafrane, lavalamp, neolit123, thockin L Set default schedulerName in REST handler
kubernetes-sigs/security-profiles-operator 140 rhafer Pending Oct 20 hasheddan, rhafer, saschagrunert L WIP: PoC for Recording seccomp profiles
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 977 nader-ziada Pending Oct 20 CecileRobertMichon, devigned, juan-lee, nader-ziada XL [WIP] adding multi tenancy for controller using aad-pod-identity
kubernetes 95675 dougsland Pending Oct 20 deads2k, dougsland, pwittrock, soltysh XS client-go/tools: kubectl port-forward should stop when an error occur
kubernetes 95664 DirectXMan12 Pending Oct 20 dchen1107, gmarek, yliaog M Don't spawn a goroutine for every event recording
istio/api 1701 richardwxn Pending Oct 20 dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson XS deprecate addon field from the operator
website 24655 markruler Pending Oct 20 ianychoi, pjhwa, ysyukr M Translate setup/production-environment/tools/kubeadm/self-hosting/ into Korean
kubernetes 95046 SergeyKanzhelev Pending Oct 20 SergeyKanzhelev, dchen1107, krmayankk, tallclair M RuntimeHandler test - mark as serial instead of disruptive and provide non-serial alternative
website 24418 liggitt Pending Oct 20 awly, bradtopol, kbhawkey, liggitt, smarterclayton S Clarify external kubelet server approver requirements
istio/test-infra 2988 chaodaiG Pending Oct 20 e-blackwelder XXL Modernize monitoring stack
kubernetes 95649 HaonanFeng Pending Oct 20 derekwaynecarr, thockin XS Fix the issue where pod-related alerts are not cleared in time due to flow restriction
community 5243 spiffxp Pending Oct 20 castrojo, celestehorgan, justaugustus, neolit123, parispittman L Try recommending alternatives to master
kubernetes 95479 cynepco3hahue Pending Oct 20 brendandburns, cynepco3hahue, derekwaynecarr, klueska, neolit123, resouer XXL Memory manager
enhancements 2013 mitar Pending Oct 20 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, mitar XL Expose status.containerStatuses[*].imageID through Downward API
kubernetes 92206 mlmhl Pending Oct 20 Huang-Wei, cofyc, mlmhl, resouer, wojtek-t S scheduler: only watch CSINode events when CSI related plugins enabled
istio/istio 28023 carolynhu Pending Oct 20 howardjohn S [WIP] Update operator addson testdata 24655 markruler Pending Oct 20 XS Translate setup/production-environment/tools/kubeadm/self-hosting/ into Korean 24651 markruler Pending Oct 20 XS Update Korean i18n strings and ordering the entries
ingress 6352 unacceptable Pending Oct 20 XS Patch 1
charts 23932 ajithkumar-natarajan Pending Oct 20 XS Update spinnaker readme for helm 3.0
website 22934 paulczar Pending Oct 20 justaugustus, kbhawkey, onlydole, paulczar, sftim XL Remove Master/Slave terminology from stateless application tutorial.
istio/istio 27418 shankgan Pending Oct 20 costinm, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, myidpt, ostromart, sdake, shankgan XL Adding RA (Registration Authority) functionality to Istiod to integrate with CA's using k8s CSR Api
kubernetes 83268 odinuge Pending Oct 20 dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, odinuge, spiffxp, zmerlynn XS Add timeout config for node_e2e tests
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3825 wfernandes Pending Oct 20 benmoss, fabriziopandini, wfernandes L 🌱 Ensure provider deployments are available on init
kubernetes 92243 hpandeycodeit Pending Oct 20 ncdc, soltysh XXL Add kubectl events alpha command
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 326 marunachalam Pending Oct 20 SandeepPissay, dougm XS test-pr-kindly ignore
kubernetes-sigs/kubefed 1292 hectorj2f Pending Oct 20 alenkacz, font, gyliu513, hectorj2f, irfanurrehman, jimmidyson, kensipe, makkes XL feat: collect remote resource status when enabled
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-azure 988 mboersma Pending Oct 20 CecileRobertMichon, cpanato, devigned, mboersma, nader-ziada L 💚 cluster should have healthy time synchronization
kubernetes 92967 cezaryzukowski Pending Oct 20 SergeyKanzhelev, derekwaynecarr, k-wiatrzyk, klueska, pwittrock, sjenning, swhan91 XXL Topology Manager Scope (container | pod) Feature
kubernetes 95613 MHBauer LGTM Oct 20 ConnorDoyle, MHBauer, bart0sh, dims, mrunalp, odinuge S CAP_NET_RAW should be NET_RAW
enhancements 1439 mtaufen Pending Oct 20 BenTheElder, justinsb, liggitt, luxas, mauilion, mtaufen, neolit123, obitech, rosti, stealthybox, sttts, timothysc XL KEP: Instance-specific ComponentConfig
kubernetes-sigs/service-apis 374 rosenhouse Pending Oct 20 bowei, robscott XS document NamedAddress
kubernetes 89115 smarterclayton Pending Oct 20 derekwaynecarr, jsafrane, liggitt, mwielgus, smarterclayton XS api: Improve godoc for container execution to clarify
kubernetes 90440 lubinsz Pending Oct 20 derekwaynecarr, feiskyer XS Node-e2e density test failure due to a nil pointer panic
release 1441 puerco LGTM Oct 20 cpanato, jeefy, saschagrunert, tallclair, tpepper, xmudrii S [WIP] Add CVE Information to template.go
istio/api 1702 howardjohn Pending Oct 20 dcberg, duderino, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson L Cleanup mesh config docs
istio/api 1664 shankgan Pending Oct 20 costinm, dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, linsun, louiscryan, myidpt, nrjpoddar, rshriram, shankgan, smawson L Amending mesh CA config to include k8s CA config
kube-state-metrics 1237 scottrigby Pending Oct 20 brancz, lilic, scottrigby, torstenwalter XXL Host stable/kube-state-metrics helm chart
kubernetes 95196 thockin LGTM Oct 20 apelisse, juanvallejo, justinsb, khenidak, lavalamp, liggitt, thockin L Automatically wipe dependent fields on service "type" updates
enhancements 2025 irozzo-1A Pending Oct 20 Jefftree, andrewsykim, anfernee, bowei, caesarxuchao, cheftako, irozzo-1A, youssefazrak XL KEP: Extending Apiserver Network Proxy to handle traffic originated from Node network
perf-tests 1349 tosi3k Pending Oct 20 oxddr, wojtek-t S WIP add leaking deployment
kops 9840 rifelpet Pending Oct 20 KashifSaadat, olemarkus M Add nil support for setting fields via reflection
perf-tests 1539 tosi3k Pending Oct 20 jkaniuk, mborsz, oxddr, wojtek-t M [WIP] Fix OOM tracker in clusters with large number of events
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2052 MarcusNoble Pending Oct 20 chuckha, ncdc M ✨ Add support for MANAGEMENT_IAM_ARN env var
kubeflow/testing 759 subodh101 LGTM Oct 20 Jeffwan, jlewi S Update set values tests
kubeflow/blog 49 yashjakhotiya Pending Oct 20 ChanYiLin, StefanoFioravanzo, andreyvelich, gaocegege, kimwnasptd, terrytangyuan, thesuperzapper, yashjakhotiya M GSoC '20: Kubeflow Customer User Journey Notebooks with Tensorflow 2.x Keras
kubernetes 91898 wangkai1994 Pending Oct 20 brendandburns, lavalamp XS bump grpc to v1.30
kubernetes 92743 liggitt Pending Oct 20 caesarxuchao, jpbetz, liggitt XL WIP - fix GC uid race
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2048 MarcusNoble Pending Oct 20 detiber, richardcase, vincepri M 🐛: handle all subnets properties for AWSMachinePool
website 24651 markruler Pending Oct 20 steveperry-53, zparnold L Update Korean i18n strings and ordering the entries
kubernetes-sigs/aws-efs-csi-driver 268 js-timbirkett Pending Oct 20 justinsb, nckturner XS feat: Update efs-utils to 1.28.1
website 24640 apelisse Pending Oct 20 XS Placeholder for Built-in Defaulting
kubeflow/website 2266 ZeeshanAnwar15 Pending Oct 20 aronchick, terrytangyuan XS V1.0 branch
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2051 MarcusNoble LGTM Oct 20 arghya88, chuckha, vincepri S 🐛 Add fallback if subnets not provided on AWSMachinePool 24648 neha-viswanathan Pending Oct 20 XS WIP: short link for k8s cheat sheet
charts 23930 mkoziel2000 Pending Oct 20 nblumhardt XS [stable/seq] Add default nodeSelector targeting Linux OS for Seq
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1828 vsychov Pending Oct 20 njuettner XS Try #3: Support encrypted DNS txt records
kubernetes 78107 claudiubelu Pending Oct 20 bowei, caseydavenport, claudiubelu, freehan M tests: Simplifies resolv.conf test
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 592 guymguym Pending Oct 20 DirectXMan12, droot, guymguym, pwittrock, vincepri L 🐛 Fix #537 - Add apiutil option WithDiscoveryFilter() for NewDynamicRESTMapper()
kubernetes 94439 claudiubelu Pending Oct 20 alejandrox1 L tests: Refactor agnhost image pod usage - common (part 2)
kubernetes 89424 claudiubelu Pending Oct 20 droslean, listx, mkumatag L test images: Adds Windows Container image support for etcd, pause
kubernetes 91382 ica10888 Pending Oct 20 deads2k, ica10888, zhouya0 M feat: more accurate description in multiple containers
perf-tests 1339 mborsz Pending Oct 20 krzysied, mm4tt L [WIP] Add rolling upgrade in the middle of performance test.
kubernetes 95685 njuptlzf Pending Oct 20 caseydavenport, johnbelamaric XS Automated cherry pick of #89823: add loaded module
kubeflow/kfserving 1147 pugangxa Pending Oct 20 ifilonenko, salanki L Migrage to CRD version v1
kubernetes 92719 claudiubelu Pending Oct 20 L test images: Adds Windows support for resource-consumer
kubernetes 88777 immutableT Pending Oct 20 RainbowMango, brancz, deads2k, enj, immutableT, liggitt, logicalhan, tallclair XL Instrument authenticators.
kubernetes 92433 claudiubelu Pending Oct 20 jpbetz, wenjiaswe, yliaog L Adds Windows support for etcd image
website 24632 santachopa Pending Oct 20 gochist, ianychoi, pjhwa, santachopa S Translate reference/glossary/ in Korean
kops 9865 zetaab Pending Oct 20 drekle, joshbranham, mitch000001 L WIP: OpenStack: possibility to detach instances from the load
website 24648 neha-viswanathan Pending Oct 20 kbarnard10, sftim XS WIP: short link for k8s cheat sheet
kubernetes-sigs/aws-alb-ingress-controller 1290 zxkane Pending Oct 20 M00nF1sh, alejandrox1, sudo6si XS doc: workaround fix for deploying external-dns
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3811 fabriziopandini Pending Oct 20 CecileRobertMichon, fabriziopandini, randomvariable, sedefsavas, vincepri L 🌱 Add Kubernetes conformance E2E test
autoscaler 3483 detiber Pending Oct 20 Jeffwan, detiber, displague, feiskyer, invidian L [WIP][cluster-autoscaler][packet] Do not panic on api errors
kubernetes 91906 l1b0k Pending Oct 20 Random-Liu, SergeyKanzhelev, feiskyer, l1b0k M sort containers by attempt number
kubeflow/kubeflow 5351 LuChengTHU Pending Oct 20 SachinVarghese, StefanoFioravanzo, avdaredevil XS Fix development README for central dashboard
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 448 marunachalam Pending Oct 20 RaunakShah, SandeepPissay, chethanv28 M Fix for E2E Testcase "Verify health status of pvc after bringing SV API server down"
kubeflow/gcp-blueprints 141 fabito Pending Oct 20 Bobgy, fabito, jlewi, rmgogogo XS Explicitly disable container native load balancing (neg) 24645 geoffcline Pending Oct 20 XS revise style guidelines for capitalization
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4282 lumjjb Pending Oct 20 XS [DNM] Test ocicrypt upgrade
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4282 lumjjb Pending Oct 20 XS [DNM] Test ocicrypt upgrade
kubernetes-client/python-base 199 DrAuYueng Pending Oct 20 DrAuYueng, mbohlool, roycaihw, yliaog XS resource version reset default when event object resource version inv…
node-problem-detector 478 neoseele Pending Oct 20 Random-Liu, andyxning, wangzhen127 S fix: node memory metrics are off by 1024
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 124 rajansandeep LGTM Oct 20 atoato88, droot S Remove duplicate fn
kompose 1326 namusyaka Pending Oct 20 kadel, sebgoa XS add warning that tells why the service is not created
kubernetes 82162 krmayankk Pending Oct 20 LouisPlisso, david-mcmahon, janetkuo, krmayankk, lavalamp, liggitt, m1093782566, tnozicka XL API: maxUnavailable for StatefulSet
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-proportional-autoscaler 92 mcavoyk Pending Oct 20 MrHohn, bowei XXL feat: use polymorphic scale client
kubernetes 89009 lblackstone Pending Oct 20 smarterclayton, sttts S Add docstring for metadata in authorization types
kubernetes 95187 javidiaz LGTM Oct 19 SergeyKanzhelev, bsdnet, javidiaz, odinuge, sjenning, wojtek-t L Adding failure scenario for long FQDN and setHostnameAsFQDN feature
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 526 risinger Pending Oct 19 jsafrane, leakingtapan, wongma7 S Chart option to disable default toleration of all taints
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1192 kevindelgado Pending Oct 19 DirectXMan12, alvaroaleman, kevindelgado, mengqiy, pwittrock L :seedling: Controller Lifecycle Management design doc
website 23350 mpatters72 Pending Oct 19 liggitt, mpatters72, munnerz, sftim, xiangpengzhao XS Update, include cert export
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1180 kevindelgado Pending Oct 19 DirectXMan12, alvaroaleman, droot, joelanford, kevindelgado L [WIP] :seedling: Controller Lifecycle Management
enhancements 1418 anguslees Pending Oct 19 anguslees, asauber, danwinship, dcbw, mvladev, thockin L [WIP] Apiserver discovery URL env variable
kubernetes 92968 andrewsykim Pending Oct 19 andrewsykim, bowei, feiskyer, jsafrane, robscott, thockin XXL Add Terminating Condition to EndpointSlice
kubernetes 93458 Riaankl Pending Oct 19 foxish, kow3ns, liggitt, oomichi L Updated Create AppsV1Deployment resource lifecycle test - +6 endpoint coverage
kubeflow/internal-acls 351 tbaums Pending Oct 19 james-jwu, rmgogogo, terrytangyuan XS Add myself to org (new co-chair of on-prem SIG)
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1655 dhalperi Pending Oct 19 alex1545, smukherj1 M Update distroless dependencies
website 24554 sftim LGTM Oct 19 daminisatya, irvifa, rajeshdeshpande02 S Set code owners for /.github
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 374 vMansiShah Pending Oct 19 divyenpatel, xing-yang M Added new metadata to PVC
website 24567 saintmalik Pending Oct 19 celestehorgan, onlydole XS Fix broken url in docs 24643 cognifloyd Pending Oct 19 XS Fix minor typo in StatefulSets docs 24642 cezaryzukowski Pending Oct 19 annajung, eagleusb XS The Memory Manager official documentation 24641 AlexeyPerevalov Pending Oct 19 XS Actuallize podresources description 24640 apelisse Pending Oct 19 XS Placeholder for Built-in Defaulting 24639 ankeesler Pending Oct 19 XS WIP: exec credential provider: cluster info details
charts 23924 ezimanyi Pending Oct 19 XS Remove ezimanyi as owner of spinnaker chart
kubernetes-csi/external-attacher 265 bnrjee Pending Oct 19 micahhausler, msau42, pohly XS Add go ldflags using LDFLAGS at the time of compilation
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 81 lianghao208 Pending Oct 19 Huang-Wei, denkensk S Update cross_node_preemption: get pod from informer cache instead of API server
kubernetes 77269 claudiubelu Pending Oct 19 claudiubelu, ixdy, listx, mkumatag XXL test images: Adds Windows Container images support (part 3)
enhancements 2097 jayunit100 Pending Oct 19 ddebroy, marosset M Updating the CRI-ContainerD KEP with a few details
kubeflow/pipelines 4641 NikeNano Pending Oct 19 Bobgy, rmgogogo L fix(backend): make the scheduleworkflowontroller timezone aware. Fixes #2653[WIP]
minikube 9000 segevfiner Pending Oct 19 RA489, blueelvis, medyagh L WIP: Add new external-dns addon for exposing ingress & LoadBalancer external IPs to the host
kubernetes 84206 mucahitkurt Pending Oct 19 cofyc, dashpole, feiskyer, jingxu97, jsafrane, mattjmcnaughton, msau42, mucahitkurt, vishh M check volume directories instead of mounts for cleanupOrphanedPodDirs
kubernetes 82778 chendave Pending Oct 19 cblecker, chendave, listx, mkumatag, spiffxp M Differentiate build process for non-amd platforms
community 4939 MikeSpreitzer Pending Oct 19 spiffxp, stevekuznetsov XS Added some notes about k8s-gubernator/triage
cloud-provider-openstack 1197 peterrosell LGTM Oct 19 jichenjc, peterrosell, ricolin M [cinder-csi-plugin] find device by path from lun address
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 1045 yastij Pending Oct 19 detiber, fabriziopandini, randomvariable, vincepri S add the v1alpha4 API changes for CAPV
kubeflow/pipelines 4156 Ark-kun LGTM Oct 19 Bobgy, IronPan, chensun, numerology XL feat(sdk): SDK - Components - Replaced Kubernetes options with generic launcher options
kubeflow/pipelines 4066 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 Bobgy, chensun, hongye-sun, numerology XS Components - google-cloud - storage - Added the GSUtil options parameter to the uploader components
kubeflow/pipelines 3917 akartsky Pending Oct 19 Jeffwan, mameshini L [AWS SageMaker] Integration test for mnist sample pipeline
kubeflow/pipelines 3585 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 gaoning777, hongye-sun, numerology S SDK - Compiler - Stopped basing the workflow name on the pipeline name
kubeflow/pipelines 3629 rmgogogo Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, Bobgy, SinaChavoshi, neuromage, numerology, rmgogogo XL draft structure of CLI installer
kubeflow/pipelines 3203 amitripshtos Pending Oct 19 Ark-kun, amitripshtos, gautamkmr, hongye-sun, numerology L Suspense resume feature - Python SDK part
kubeflow/pipelines 3448 Ark-kun Pending Oct 19 hongye-sun, numerology, rui5i L SDK - Components - Refactoring - _resolve_graph_task now creates tasks directly
kubernetes 95628 chrishenzie Pending Oct 19 hongchaodeng, msau42, saad-ali L Make CSIDriver.spec.podInfoOnMount mutable
kubernetes 95575 oomichi Pending Oct 19 SataQiu, oomichi, thockin XS Replace non-ascii string under test/
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1725 estroz Pending Oct 19 camilamacedo86, droot, joelanford M :bug: (v3-alpha) Makefile: fix source error, improve output text
website 24420 sftim Pending Oct 19 daminisatya, kbhawkey, zparnold L Revise “Configure a Pod to Use a ConfigMap”
kubernetes 84810 adamnovak Pending Oct 19 adamnovak, lavalamp, mwielgus, roycaihw XS Note that 'Foreground' deletion is still non-blocking
website 24169 sftim Pending Oct 19 kbhawkey, mbevc1, mikedanese, sftim, steveperry-53, tengqm XL Revise Secret concept
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 1975 randomvariable Pending Oct 19 chuckha, ncdc, northrup, richardcase M Add support for running controllers using kiam via clusterctl
istio/istio 28074 tareqhs Pending Oct 19 costinm, ostromart, sdake S configurable logging in operator chart
autoscaler 2989 JulienBalestra Pending Oct 19 feiskyer, losipiuk M cluster-autoscaler: override by annotation node scale down time
kubernetes 95399 jimil749 LGTM Oct 19 cici37, lavalamp, sttts S fix: staticcheck errors pkg/endpoints/filters and pkg/endpoints/metrics
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1653 MattTannahill Pending Oct 19 alex1545, rubensf, smukherj1 XS Fixed load() call for pip_deps in WORKSPACE described in README
kubernetes 85423 tnozicka Pending Oct 19 liggitt, soltysh, tnozicka L Add Stale field printer to distinguish status for an older version of the object
website 24639 ankeesler Pending Oct 19 lavalamp, liggitt M WIP: exec credential provider: cluster info details
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1823 bubba Pending Oct 19 Raffo, njuettner L Add Vercel provider
enhancements 2103 ankeesler Pending Oct 19 deads2k, enj XS WIP: exec credential provider: updates to KEP after cluster info PR
perf-tests 1498 hanamantagoudvk Pending Oct 19 krzysied, mborsz, wojtek-t XL Enhancing Network Performance Benchmarking Testcases
istio/test-infra 2987 ericvn Pending Oct 19 XS Add release-builder job to trigger branch automation
kubernetes 95453 danwinship Pending Oct 19 MrHohn, andrewsykim, aojea, jayunit100 M Don't depend on DNS in NetworkPolicy tests
autoscaler 3630 marc-sensenich Pending Oct 19 aleksandra-malinowska, feiskyer XS Allow for the leader election resourcelock to have a configurable name
kubernetes 95308 hprateek43 Pending Oct 19 ahg-g, alculquicondor, dims, hprateek43, liggitt XXL Add v1beta2 for kube-scheduler
kubernetes-sigs/alibaba-cloud-csi-driver 315 mowangdk Pending Oct 19 haoshuwei, xianlubird XS Update ubuntu pkg source
kubernetes-sigs/application 210 rstefan1 Pending Oct 19 michelleN, prydonius XS Fix service status
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 402 perithompson Pending Oct 19 detiber, jsturtevant, justinsb, kkeshavamurthy, perithompson XXL Windows vhd configuration - Vsphere (OVA) Builder
kubernetes 95701 masap Pending Oct 19 islinwb, m1093782566 M ipset: Address a TODO, add test for netmask
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 595 jsafrane Pending Oct 19 bertinatto, ddebroy L WIP: [do not merge] Resize ext4 filesystem on NodeStage
website 24308 hikhvar Pending Oct 19 daminisatya, hikhvar, kbhawkey, mkorbi, tengqm S Add missing git submodules init to german README.
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 420 vadv Pending Oct 19 aveshagarwal, damemi, ingvagabund, k82cn, vadv L RemoveDuplicates behavior when the number of pods is greater than the number of nodes
minikube 9433 vinu2003 Pending Oct 19 josedonizetti, medyagh, priyawadhwa, tstromberg, vinu2003 L WIP: start: fix to delete existing cluster when 'delete-on-failure' is set 24633 bluefriday Pending Oct 19 jmyung, pjhwa XS Translate k8s 1.19 relaese note in korean 24632 santachopa Pending Oct 19 pjhwa XS Translate reference/glossary/ in Korean
helm 8915 zheng1 Pending Oct 19 XS Bugfix: panic when chart contains requirements.lock
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 1291 coders-i Pending Oct 19 XS Corrected Grammar Mistakes in
kubernetes-sigs/kind 1897 AndiDog Pending Oct 19 BenTheElder, aojea, munnerz M site: Add TOC to configuration page, show page title in <title>, add spacing below sidebar
perf-tests 1390 jprzychodzen Pending Oct 19 krzysied, oxddr L [WIP] Add rolling upgrade in the middle of performance test.
kubernetes 91237 johscheuer Pending Oct 19 deads2k, derekwaynecarr XS Remove unused port flag for create service
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 510 bonifaido Pending Oct 19 droot, pwittrock M :bug: keep name in ObjectMeta for volumeClaimTemplates
minikube 7865 jradtilbrook Pending Oct 19 RA489, medyagh, priyawadhwa S Convert PVC storage path to /var/tmp
kubernetes 95691 fudali113 Pending Oct 19 caesarxuchao, kow3ns L Support cronjob next schedule time
autoscaler 3606 Ladicle Pending Oct 19 Ladicle, bskiba, jbartosik, krzysied XL Generate VPA CRD v1 from types.go
test-infra 19600 jprzychodzen Pending Oct 19 jprzychodzen, mborsz, wojtek-t S [scalability] Migrate performance tests to E2
kubernetes-client/python 1197 DiptoChakrabarty Pending Oct 19 DiptoChakrabarty, roycaihw, yliaog L Delete from yaml
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 231 dav1x Pending Oct 19 akutz, dougm XS Add listing for OCP support
ingress-nginx 5650 whalecold Pending Oct 19 ElvinEfendi, whalecold M Fix(metrics): correct metrics service name when traffic was send to canary service
dns 367 champtar Pending Oct 19 MrHohn, bowei, champtar, justaugustus, prameshj S Use debian-iptables for k8s-dns-node-cache, bump debian-base version
kubernetes-sigs/alibaba-cloud-csi-driver 314 sp0cket Pending Oct 19 haoshuwei, xianlubird XS Update rbac.yaml 24628 coolguyhong Pending Oct 19 XS Translate connecting-frontend-backend to Korean(#24422)
helm 8913 cvila84 Pending Oct 19 XS do not check YAML if nothing was parsed
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1823 bubba Pending Oct 19 XS Add Vercel provider
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-host-path 210 fengzixu Pending Oct 19 jsafrane, saad-ali, xing-yang XXL [WIP]feature: support external-heath-monitor
ingress-nginx 6338 cofyc Pending Oct 19 ElvinEfendi, aledbf, cofyc M fine-grained control over canary: add canary-weight-total to configure the total weight
kubernetes 95645 ping035627 Pending Oct 19 jingxu97, mtanino, saad-ali XS Automated cherry pick of #94781: Don't attempt to detach an FC device… on release-1.17
community 5241 xing-yang Pending Oct 19 guineveresaenger, msau42, spiffxp, xing-yang XS Add CSI driver doc to developer guide
website 24136 jess-edwards Pending Oct 19 cody-clark, kbarnard10, parispittman, sftim M new blog post: Custom K8s Scheduler for Highly Available Apps
kubernetes 95579 masap LGTM Oct 19 Jefftree, dchen1107, justinsb, lavalamp, masap XS test: Fix using deprecated default cluster IPs
kubeflow/pipelines 4293 shawnzhu LGTM Oct 18 Ark-kun, Bobgy, Jeffwan, animeshsingh, numerology, shawnzhu, yanniszark S feat(sdk/client): guess user namespace before using default namespace value
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 126 rajansandeep LGTM Oct 18 atoato88, droot S Cleanup naming in utils for better clarity
kubeflow/pipelines 4199 NikeNano Pending Oct 18 Ark-kun, NikeNano, animeshsingh, hlu09, numerology M feat(compiler): add dsl operation for parallelism on sub dag level
kubernetes 90879 Riaankl Pending Oct 18 krmayankk, neolit123, oomichi, smarterclayton M Create ReplicationController retry tooling
autoscaler 3205 otterley Pending Oct 18 Jeffwan, otterley, piosz L AWS: Use smallest instance type found in MixedInstancesPolicy
kubernetes 92524 kensipe Pending Oct 18 liggitt, ncdc, roycaihw L fixes apiserver staticchecks for u1000 not used
kubernetes 83417 ramonberrutti Pending Oct 18 alejandrox1, caesarxuchao, hongchaodeng, lavalamp, nikhiljindal XS Fix doc about watcher timeout
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1822 vsychov Pending Oct 18 njuettner XS Move shouldTTLUpdate from plan to provider.
istio/istio 27465 irisdingbj Pending Oct 18 howardjohn, hzxuzhonghu, irisdingbj, linsun L support token reload for istio-kubeconfig secret
minikube 9377 sharifelgamal Pending Oct 18 josedonizetti, tstromberg L WIP: add new macOS test config
utils 171 hase1128 Pending Oct 18 DirectXMan12, dashpole, hase1128, lavalamp, liggitt, mengqiy, mm4tt, serathius, smarterclayton, thockin, wojtek-t M Migrate klog to InfoS method
kubernetes 90767 NMFR Pending Oct 18 enj, mikedanese M Prevent a OIDC panic if persister is nil
kubernetes-sigs/bootkube 1083 invidian Pending Oct 18 aaronlevy, andrewrynhard XXL Add support for installing helm charts using helm 3 as a library during “bootkube start”
kubernetes 92032 kwiesmueller Pending Oct 18 apelisse, kwiesmueller, liggitt, sttts S return typed errors for cr conversions
kubernetes 93092 gaurav1086 Pending Oct 18 deads2k, jimmidyson, logicalhan, wojtek-t XS [apiserver/metrics] reset: fix range issue
kubeflow/gcp-blueprints 137 subodh101 Pending Oct 18 Bobgy, jlewi, rmgogogo, subodh101 M Improve kf set values
enhancements 717 brahmaroutu Pending Oct 18 brahmaroutu, calebamiles, johnSchnake, johnbelamaric, justaugustus, spiffxp, timothysc, tpepper M Proposal to add Conformance Document as part of Release Documentation.
website 23119 devries Pending Oct 18 SueKocher, celestehorgan, devries, foxish, savitharaghunathan, sftim M Replace master/slave with primary/replica in MySQL StatefulSet example
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 423 kavyashree-r Pending Oct 18 BaluDontu, dougm, kavyashree-r, sashrith L Added VMDK test cases for static provisioning on SVC
kubernetes 92658 AndersonQ Pending Oct 18 AndersonQ, brianpursley, k8s-ci-robot, pwittrock, seans3, sttts S cleanup: fix golint errors in pkg/kubectl/cmd/convert
website 23042 sftim Pending Oct 18 ericchiang, kbhawkey, savitharaghunathan, sftim, sttts, zacharysarah L Update cluster auditing task page
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1001 varshaprasad96 Pending Oct 18 alvaroaleman, camilamacedo86, droot, hasbro17, joelanford, varshaprasad96 M :sparkles: Add helper to handle panics in reconciler 24621 seokho-son Pending Oct 18 XS Fix ko glossary managed service title
kubernetes 93021 p0lyn0mial Pending Oct 18 SataQiu, alenkacz, deads2k, p0lyn0mial, smarterclayton, sttts XL integration test for dynamic certificate reload in the kube-aggregator
kubernetes 86918 rphillips Pending Oct 18 andrewsykim, anguslees, aojea, danwinship, gnufied, nckturner, rphillips, zmerlynn M aws: add ipv6 addresses for NodeAddresses
website 22871 feloy Pending Oct 18 anthonydahanne, rekcah78, sftim L [wip] docs | concepts | workloads | controllers | statefulset
community 4923 JimBugwadia Pending Oct 18 JimBugwadia, cblecker, ericavonb, hannibalhuang, mrbobbytables XS fix meeting time and URL
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 73 denkensk Pending Oct 18 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, gongx, yuanchen8911 XXL Capacity Scheduling Plugin
kubernetes 93240 smileusd Pending Oct 18 jingxu97, saad-ali XS rbd info remove warnning info when cluster not configuration
kubernetes 92379 liuxu623 Pending Oct 18 SergeyKanzhelev, mattjmcnaughton, resouer, yujuhong M fix pod status ready condition
test-infra 18026 midnightconman Pending Oct 18 cblecker, chases2, cjwagner S Teach sinker To Reap Pods In All Namespaces
website 23492 rodrigoporcionato LGTM Oct 18 Arhell, femrtnz, jcjesus XS Update _index.html
website 20459 mhamdisemah Pending Oct 18 jaredbhatti, mhamdisemah, mohamedsgap, sftim XL Init Arabic Localization
website 22923 irvifa Pending Oct 18 irvifa, kbarnard10, sftim, steveperry-53 M feat: Add GitHub Action workflow for link checker
kubernetes 92414 panpan0000 Pending Oct 17 derekwaynecarr, lavalamp, mikedanese, panpan0000 S fix pkg/controller/resourcequota static check
kubernetes-csi/external-provisioner 449 humblec Pending Oct 17 jsafrane, msau42, saad-ali, xing-yang M Make driverName configurable in general functions like createFakePVC
website 24614 chhanz Pending Oct 17 gochist, pjhwa, ysyukr M Translate reference/kubectl/ into Korean
website 24603 ljnaresh Pending Oct 17 bowei, ljnaresh, sftim, thockin XS Replace alpine with busyboxplus image to have better net tools
istio/istio 27371 costinm Pending Oct 17 JimmyCYJ, costinm, howardjohn, liminw, yangminzhu M Small change to STS, to support Istiod JWT
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1479 sagor999 LGTM Oct 17 hjacobs, njuettner, ytsarev L Infoblox multiple A records support 24616 AGH0RI Pending Oct 17 XS Update index.html 24614 chhanz Pending Oct 17 XS Translate reference/kubectl/ into Korean
cloud-provider-vsphere 396 dvonthenen Pending Oct 17 SandeepPissay, andrewsykim, imkin S Update to k8s references to v1.18.9 on the release-1.18 branch
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1819 vsychov Pending Oct 17 Raffo, njuettner, seanmalloy, sheerun, vinny-sabatini L Cloudflare. Filter by only registered in k8s zones
kubernetes 95292 dougsland Pending Oct 17 derekwaynecarr, seans3, smarterclayton, soltysh M kubectl: allow users to use args with KUBECTL_EXTERNAL_DIFF
kubernetes 95656 abserari Pending Oct 17 brendandburns, dchen1107, neolit123, thockin S fix-todo-in-pkg/util/taints
utils 165 danwinship Pending Oct 17 danwinship, liggitt, thockin XXL Import BoundedFrequencyRunner from
kubernetes 95674 masap Pending Oct 17 thockin L iptables: Address a TODO, check existing chain before chain deletion/creation
website 24489 pjhwa Pending Oct 17 gochist, seokho-son, ysyukr L Translate reference/scheduling/ into Korean 24610 vikashviraj Pending Oct 17 XS Update 404.html 24607 Faraz743 Pending Oct 17 XS Imrpove doc
website 24610 vikashviraj Pending Oct 17 Arhell, steveperry-53, tengqm XS Update 404.html
website 24607 Faraz743 Pending Oct 17 Arhell, bradtopol, kbhawkey XS Imrpove doc
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder 1667 MartinForReal Pending Oct 17 DirectXMan12, camilamacedo86, droot, pwittrock M ⚠️(v3+ only) feat: update cert-manager crd to v1.0 in kubebuilder v3
website 24141 kvaps Pending Oct 17 Jefftree, caesarxuchao, daminisatya, kbhawkey, kvaps, sftim M Add missing steps to configure konnectivity-server
kubernetes 83101 jfrabaute Pending Oct 17 caesarxuchao, chenyan19209219, smarterclayton S Add ordinal annotation for statefulsets
kubernetes 95668 fudali113 Pending Oct 17 krmayankk, mortent, soltysh S feat: delete cronjob controlelr tooLate judge, because that tooLate i…
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6044 Miouge1 Pending Oct 17 EppO, floryut M [WIP] Add a large cluster CI test job
kubernetes 92744 uablrek Pending Oct 17 andrewsykim, davidopp, rikatz, thockin, uablrek L Implement ServiceSpec.AllocateLoadBalancerNodePorts
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6282 Miouge1 Pending Oct 17 EppO, holmsten M [WIP] Test cluster.yml with molecule
kubeflow/pipelines 4544 Udiknedormin LGTM Oct 17 Ark-kun, Udiknedormin, numerology M fix(sdk): Allow keyword-only arguments in pipeline function signature
kubeflow/pipelines 3489 d-kavaliou Pending Oct 17 IronPan, jingzhang36 XS Add s3fs package to support visualization of s3 data
kubeflow/pipelines 4182 Jeffwan Pending Oct 17 Ark-kun, eterna2, numerology L feat(sdk): Enable AWS ALB authentication in KFP SDK Client
istio/istio 27276 istio-testing Pending Oct 17 howardjohn, jwendell, sdake L [release-1.7] Create an istio-operator generated manifest for development
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 376 shalini-b Pending Oct 16 SandeepPissay, divyenpatel, dougm XS Add step to configure DNS server in file volumes documentation
kubernetes 91282 ZP-AlwaysWin Pending Oct 16 Random-Liu, SergeyKanzhelev, derekwaynecarr, mattjmcnaughton, yujuhong S Update to set pod lastTransitionTime when condition transitioned from…
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 415 fyangd Pending Oct 16 EleanorRigby, ncdc, vincepri M Add `DEBUG` env var to turn on debug
ingress-nginx 6339 Antiarchitect Pending Oct 16 ElvinEfendi, cmluciano M canary: Test for specific paths replacemant
kubernetes-sigs/aws-iam-authenticator 348 cmdallas Pending Oct 16 christopherhein, micahhausler XS (arn): add iso/isob to arn partition check
kubernetes 95661 oomichi Pending Oct 16 mtaufen, sjenning M Add unit tests for kubelet cadvisor_linux
test-infra 19612 mikebrow Pending Oct 16 dchen1107, yujuhong XS turning on prow pre-submit jobs and build must pass
kubernetes 89688 cprayer Pending Oct 16 adohe-zz, brianpursley, bseenu, cprayer, juanvallejo, neolit123, seans3, soltysh M Added 'No resources found' message to logs command
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1506 seanmalloy Pending Oct 16 hjacobs, linki, seanmalloy XXL Add Initial BlueCat Provider Support
istio/tools 1259 carolynhu Pending Oct 16 M [WIP] Fix perf dashboard x-axis range issue for older releases
kubernetes-sigs/cli-utils 245 mortent Pending Oct 16 Liujingfang1, barney-s, monopole, mortent, seans3, soltysh L [WIP] Define the public API for cli-utils
kubernetes 95208 kireledan Pending Oct 16 M00nF1sh, micahhausler L [WIP] Support multiple certificates for AWS network loadbalancers (legacy-aws-cloud-provider)
istio/proxy 3054 kyessenov Pending Oct 16 bianpengyuan, mandarjog XS test: set timeout 24603 ljnaresh Pending Oct 16 XS Replace alpine with busyboxplus image to have better net tools 24602 sftim Pending Oct 16 XS Tweak wording for Workloads overview
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 600 jeremyje Pending Oct 16 jingxu97, mattcary, saad-ali, saikat-royc S Move Dockerfile next to CSI main, remove $BASE_IMAGE arg.
kubernetes 95657 oomichi Pending Oct 16 feiskyer, yifan-gu M Add unit tests for cri/remote/utils
charts 23916 ramzis Pending Oct 16 XS [stable/openebs] Fixes dead link to artifact hub in readme
ingress 6339 Antiarchitect Pending Oct 16 XS canary: Test for specific paths replacemant
ingress 6338 cofyc Pending Oct 16 ElvinEfendi XS fine-grained control over canary: add canary-weight-total to configure the total weight
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 321 Tomcli Pending Oct 16 drewbutlerbb4, fenglixa XL Feature branch for moving to Tekton 0.16
istio/istio 27209 shamsher31 Pending Oct 16 bianpengyuan, carolynhu, costinm, howardjohn, richardwxn, sdake, shamsher31 M Fix PDB and HPA related issues
kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server 602 AkashSarda Pending Oct 16 AkashSarda, brancz, kawych, serathius M [WIP] Flag Validations
kubernetes 95544 SaiHarshaK Pending Oct 16 SaiHarshaK, apelisse, seans3 S warn user about resource being deleted
kubernetes 94848 dinever Pending Oct 16 josephburnett, mwielgus, piosz XS refactor: use GetPodReadyCondition instead of GetPodCondition to extracts the pod ready condition
kubernetes-sigs/security-profiles-operator 137 saschagrunert Pending Oct 16 M Switch to controller-runtime 0.7.0-alpha.0
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 336 rafalbigaj Pending Oct 16 animeshsingh, drewbutlerbb4 M feat(backend): ARTIFACT_COPY_STEP_TEMPLATE - custom template for copy step
kube-openapi 210 apelisse Pending Oct 16 apelisse, jpbetz, roycaihw, sttts, yujuhong L Generate OpenAPI default field from +default comment marker
kubernetes 95653 abserari Pending Oct 16 smarterclayton, vishh S fix golint failures at pkg/util/taints
kubernetes 94165 soltysh Pending Oct 16 derekwaynecarr, dixudx, liggitt, sallyom, seans3, soltysh L Use filepath instead of path when dealing with paths in kubectl cp
cloud-provider-aws 138 nckturner Pending Oct 16 M00nF1sh, leakingtapan, nckturner, randomvariable M WIP Makefile target to build and push image for release
minikube 9471 tbox1911 Pending Oct 16 blueelvis, medyagh, priyawadhwa XS start gluster with no auth
perf-tests 1534 mborsz Pending Oct 16 oxddr, wojtek-t XS [WIP] DO NOT SUBMIT
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 592 galindro Pending Oct 16 S feat: Update index.yaml helm chart version to 0.6.1
test-infra 19604 randomvariable Pending Oct 16 shyamjvs, wojtek-t S Remove recommended skips in conformance README.
kubernetes-sigs/k8s-container-image-promoter 223 listx Pending Oct 16 ps882 L auditor: use shorter ExponentialBackoff for Cloud Run
test-infra 19602 jprzychodzen Pending Oct 16 mborsz, wojtek-t XS [scalability][presubmit] Migrate performance tests to E2
autoscaler 3127 bhargav-naik Pending Oct 16 MaciekPytel, aleksandra-malinowska, bhargav-naik, hectorj2f, losipiuk L Proposal for decoupling ClusterAutoScaler from CloudProvider implemen…
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1819 vsychov Pending Oct 16 Raffo XS add only-registered-domains-filter flag
kubernetes-incubator/external-dns 1818 elsesiy Pending Oct 16 njuettner XS Update to Go 1.15 & update Azure dependencies
kubernetes-csi/csi-lib-iscsi 26 osery Pending Oct 16 j-griffith, osery, saad-ali M Fix build issues.
kubernetes 94254 pigletfly Pending Oct 16 enisoc, soltysh XS fix receiver name
perf-tests 1538 jprzychodzen Pending Oct 16 krzysied, mborsz, wojtek-t S Add CL2_PROMETHEUS_SLOW_APISERVER
kubernetes 94455 ping035627 Pending Oct 16 enisoc, krmayankk, smarterclayton, soltysh XS Optimization log in replica_set.go
kubernetes 91966 danieldn Pending Oct 16 cheftako, eparis, gmarek XS Preserves leaseDuration in leaderelection
kubernetes 95609 fromanirh Pending Oct 16 mtaufen, tallclair, vishh XS e2e: topology manager: use deletePodSync for faster delete
kubernetes-client/python 1285 palnabarun Pending Oct 16 roycaihw, yliaog S Release 12.0.1
kubernetes 91659 k-toyoda-pi Pending Oct 16 kow3ns, krmayankk, smarterclayton, soltysh M Remove a unit test for PDB with multiple controllers
istio/istio 27239 cocotyty Pending Oct 16 cocotyty, ericvn, howardjohn, jacob-delgado, myidpt, zhaohuabing S cert template remove SignatureAlgorithm
istio/istio 27341 zhaohuabing Pending Oct 16 howardjohn S Add a global switch so we can disable default retry policy(#27340)
kubernetes 95256 Git-Jiro Pending Oct 16 brianpursley, soltysh XL remove generators from service
istio/enhancements 7 brian-avery Pending Oct 16 ostromart, sdake L [WIP] Add maturity file and clarify requirements
kubeflow/kfserving 1099 narennadig Pending Oct 16 Tomcli, jinchihe, narennadig, yuzisun L Adding time series
kubernetes 95464 yue-wen Pending Oct 16 M00nF1sh, jsafrane, micahhausler, nckturner L allow setting the proxy protocol only on certain backends
kubernetes 95476 abserari Pending Oct 16 hongchaodeng, lavalamp S Fix golint failures in pkg/registry/batch/job
kubernetes 94978 micnncim Pending Oct 16 deads2k, knight42, micnncim, seans3, soltysh L Add WithNamespace option to cli-runtime name printer 24589 wking Pending Oct 16 XS content/en/docs/tasks/run-application/configure-pdb: Acceptable overlapping PDBs
charts 23914 azenk Pending Oct 16 XS [stable/coredns] Properly indent pod annotations
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4272 r10r Pending Oct 16 XS Run systemd service with full permissions required for cgroup v2 device controller.
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4272 r10r Pending Oct 16 XS Run systemd service with full permissions required for cgroup v2 device controller.
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 1286 palnabarun Pending Oct 16 XS [WIP] Add GitHub Actions workflow for running End to End tests
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 1285 palnabarun Pending Oct 16 roycaihw XS Release 12.0.1
kubernetes 94977 wangao1236 LGTM Oct 16 humblec, oomichi, sttts M style(pkg/volume/csi/fake): fix golint failures
kubernetes 95350 wangao1236 LGTM Oct 16 MHBauer, mikedanese, saad-ali S Fix golint failures in pkg/volume/util/volumepathhandler
kubernetes 89801 chenkaiyue Pending Oct 16 chenkaiyue, ialidzhikov, krmayankk, mortent, soltysh S update statefulset pod when it is not running and has ErrImagePullBackOff error
istio/istio 28001 jtrbs Pending Oct 16 XL [WIP] Test multicluster
node-problem-detector 472 vteratipally LGTM Oct 16 Random-Liu, andyxning, bsdnet XS Fix for issue
kubernetes 95090 krol3 Pending Oct 15 ahg-g, alculquicondor, changshuchao, hwdef, pancernik, piosz XS chore: use errors.Is in PluginArgs validation tests
kubernetes 90753 MrHohn Pending Oct 15 MrHohn, aojea, bowei, deads2k, juanvallejo, liggitt, thockin L Move IP de-allocation logic for Service into AfterDeleteFunc
kubernetes-client/python 1286 palnabarun Pending Oct 15 roycaihw, yliaog S [WIP] Add GitHub Actions workflow for running End to End tests
istio/api 1670 stewartbutler Pending Oct 15 dcberg, duderino, howardjohn, linsun, louiscryan, nrjpoddar, rshriram, smawson S Adding HoldApplicationUntilProxyStarts to proxyconfig
istio/istio 27842 yangminzhu Pending Oct 15 costinm, howardjohn, liminw, linsun, rshriram, yangminzhu XXL ext_authz: add initial EXTERNAL action support
istio/istio 27743 ecliptik Pending Oct 15 XS proxyv2 - update Dockerfile to use distroless multi-arch image
kubernetes 94448 abhay-krishna Pending Oct 15 BenTheElder, hwdef, spiffxp XS Build non-static Kubernetes binaries as position-independent executables (PIE) 1247 justinsb LGTM Oct 15 dims, rdrgmnzs, zetaab M Promote artifacts for kops 1.17.2
kubeflow/manifests 1585 kubeflow-bot Pending Oct 15 PatrickXYS, krishnadurai XS [auto PR] Update the xgboost-operator image to tag vmaster-g56c2c075
istio/istio 27696 stewartbutler Pending Oct 15 howardjohn L Adding support for HoldApplicationUntilProxyStarts in proxyconfig 1098 justinsb LGTM Oct 15 geojaz, nikhita M Promote artifacts for kops 1.18.0 1087 justinsb LGTM Oct 15 dims, nikhita M Promote kops 1.19.0-alpha.2 binary artifacts 1086 justinsb Pending Oct 15 mikesplain, rdrgmnzs S Promote kops 1.19.0-alpha.2 images
kubernetes 95603 soltysh Pending Oct 15 deads2k, mbohlool, piosz M Introduce api-extensions category in k8s apiserver
kubernetes 95599 masap Pending Oct 15 lavalamp, ncdc S kube-apiserver: Remove deprecated default service cluster IP support
kubernetes 95585 answer1991 Pending Oct 15 gaorong, lavalamp, piosz L storage value transformer KMS enable TLS connection
kubernetes 95491 n1r1 Pending Oct 15 caesarxuchao, mikedanese, resouer XS [WIP] Apply LeaseLock owner-refrences to Lease
kubernetes 95482 zhouya0 Pending Oct 15 lavalamp, logicalhan M Fix metrics fake clientset resource and kind match
kubernetes 95414 espindola Pending Oct 15 deads2k, wojtek-t S Propagate KeyLogWriter to rest.Config
kubernetes 95615 oomichi Pending Oct 15 cheftako, liggitt S wip Change the default value authorizetion-mode to ..
kubernetes 74956 mfojtik Pending Oct 15 deads2k, liggitt, mfojtik, sttts XS apiserver: switch authorization to use protobuf client
charts 23909 AshutoshNirkhe Pending Oct 15 XS Add support for providing priority class name, solves #23908
kubernetes 95323 houjun41544 Pending Oct 15 MHBauer, hasheddan, justaugustus L Delete the duplicate description of v1.19.0 dependency
kubernetes 95415 cmdallas LGTM Oct 15 chrislovecnm, justinsb, nckturner XS (aws_credentials): update ecr url validation regex
enhancements 2056 bswartz Pending Oct 15 bswartz, deads2k, humblec, jsafrane, msau42, xing-yang L Reformat populators KEP
kubernetes-client/csharp 498 JochenGuck Pending Oct 15 brendandburns, krabhishek8260, tg123 M Add missing interfaces
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 427 seanmalloy Pending Oct 15 aveshagarwal, damemi, ingvagabund, lixiang233, seanmalloy M Fix Version Output For Automated Container Builds
perf-tests 1338 mborsz Pending Oct 15 krzysied, oxddr S [WIP] Experimentally disable secrets and configmaps
enhancements 2060 uthark Pending Oct 15 bowei, caseydavenport, dcbw, khenidak, kikisdeliveryservice, uthark XL Support Service CIDR Block Migration for Clusters
kubernetes-sigs/aws-ebs-csi-driver 589 matthiaslee Pending Oct 15 d-nishi, ddebroy L WIP: Rebasing PR #524, Volume metrics
kubernetes-client/python 1283 dependabot[bot] LGTM Oct 15 roycaihw, yliaog XS Bump actions/setup-python from v2.1.3 to v2.1.4
perf-tests 1325 mborsz Pending Oct 15 krzysied, oxddr XS [WIP] Increase scrapeTimeout for master
enhancements 948 kfox1111 Pending Oct 15 alvaroaleman, dharmab, hongchaodeng, kargakis, kfox1111, lavalamp, mattfarina, prydonius L ConfigMap / Secret Orchestration
kubernetes 95611 fromanirh Pending Oct 15 derekwaynecarr, matthyx S WIP: e2e: topology manager: wait for sriov removal
kubernetes-sigs/secrets-store-csi-driver 245 mitsutaka Pending Oct 15 aramase, mitsutaka, ritazh, tomhjp XXL Replace e2e test with onsi/ginkgo
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-release-tools 10 paranoidsp Pending Oct 15 Adirio, DirectXMan12, mengqiy XS :sparkles: Add check for comments in PR description
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 368 bavarianbidi Pending Oct 15 davidewatson, vincepri XXL alphabetical sort of all json files
kubernetes 95605 duboc LGTM Oct 15 dixudx, rikatz, smarterclayton XS Remove debug print from create quota
kubernetes 93877 bjrara Pending Oct 15 MikeSpreitzer, ahg-g, bjrara, lavalamp, yue9944882 L Bugfix missing metrics and test cases to ensure terminated request metrics is not missing
kubernetes-sigs/ingress-controller-conformance 56 aledbf Pending Oct 15 bowei, thockin S Update OWNERS file
website 24555 magnologan Pending Oct 15 ericchiang, magnologan, soltysh S Update
autoscaler 3545 dbenque Pending Oct 15 aleksandra-malinowska, dbenque, elmiko, feiskyer L ignoring terminated pods in scaledown
autoscaler 3608 bpineau Pending Oct 15 Jeffwan, feiskyer L Fix BalanceSimilarNodeGroups when scaling from zero
kubernetes 94672 MikeSpreitzer Pending Oct 15 andyxning, x13n L [WIP] Add sampling histogram
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 248 dongsupark Pending Oct 15 CecileRobertMichon, codenrhoden, detiber, dongsupark, figo, moshloop XL capi: support Flatcar Container Linux
kubernetes 93709 ash2k Pending Oct 15 deads2k, roycaihw, sttts XS Make RetryWatcher sleep interruptible
kubernetes 92828 marload Pending Oct 15 fejta, hwdef, pwittrock S Refactoring: Deduplication
release 1644 saschagrunert Pending Oct 15 hasheddan, hoegaarden, saschagrunert M Add krel push `Version` option
istio/istio 27326 guyromb Pending Oct 15 guyromb, howardjohn L Kubernetes Ingress - Allow specifying gateway via annotation (solve 404 TLS issues)
helm 8896 yxxhero Pending Oct 15 XS fix helm dep build/update doesn't inherit --insecure-skip-tls-verify …
helm 8892 donggangcj Pending Oct 15 XS fix the error caused by helm lint not pulling values outside of the default value for schema validation
charts 23906 AshutoshNirkhe Pending Oct 15 XS Add support for providing priority class name, solves #23899
kubernetes-incubator/client-python 1283 dependabot[bot] Pending Oct 15 XS Bump actions/setup-python from v2.1.3 to v2.1.4
perf-tests 1535 liu4480 Pending Oct 15 krzysied, wojtek-t XS using port report by node instead of from config
kubernetes-sigs/kubetest2 61 saschagrunert Pending Oct 15 BenTheElder, amwat, cofyc, justaugustus, puerco, saschagrunert, spiffxp XL Stage sources via k/release API (krel)
kubernetes 90541 MikeSpreitzer Pending Oct 15 MikeSpreitzer, adtac, ahg-g, deads2k, jpbetz, lavalamp, tanjunchen, yue9944882 L Introduce delays in APF controller fights over FlowSchemaStatus 225 stp-ip Pending Oct 15 bartsmykla, cblecker, idvoretskyi, misterikkit, stp-ip, thockin M Migrate shortener to TXTDirect
istio/istio 27795 tareqhs Pending Oct 15 morvencao, tareqhs S allow configuring pull secrets for operator
kubernetes 95371 staebler LGTM Oct 15 MikeSpreitzer, deads2k, jpbetz, liggitt M plumb channel for lifetime of filter watermarks
kubernetes 95189 ncopa Pending Oct 15 jingxu97, saad-ali M Remove dependency of external find utility (#95186)
kubernetes 92079 janosi Pending Oct 15 BenTheElder, aojea, cmluciano, danwinship, dcbw, janosi, saschagrunert XS Run SCTP HostPort e2e test only if the container runtime is Docker
kubernetes 95303 staebler Pending Oct 15 MikeSpreitzer S do not allow inflight watermark histograms to fall too far behind
kubernetes 91707 kadisi Pending Oct 15 RainbowMango, enisoc, kadisi, krmayankk, tnozicka L fix unexpected append mutations about pkg/controller packages
enhancements 1362 brahmaroutu Pending Oct 15 brahmaroutu, childsb, msau42, saad-ali L Verification Test Suite Process for CSI Implementations
autoscaler 3609 bpineau Pending Oct 15 Jeffwan, bpineau, feiskyer, mwielgus M Flag for exclusive usage of template infos (with warnings)
kops 9704 nckturner Pending Oct 15 andrewsykim, ayberk, johngmyers, joshbranham, nckturner, olemarkus XL Add aws-cloud-controller-manager config to addons
kubernetes-csi/docs 327 humblec Pending Oct 15 lpabon, msau42 XL Update csi docs and correct errors
helm 8890 laverya Pending Oct 15 XS update dependency to v2.3.0 from v2.2.8
charts 23904 unalterable Pending Oct 15 XS Oauth2-proxy: Readme changes only (Link correction)
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4269 haircommander Pending Oct 15 XS add
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4269 haircommander Pending Oct 15 XS add
kubernetes 95056 ping035627 Pending Oct 15 jingxu97, verult, vladimirvivien XS Cherry pick of #94389: add lock for csi node update
kubernetes 95577 knabben LGTM Oct 15 SergeyKanzhelev, mattjmcnaughton, oomichi, spiffxp, yujuhong XS Removing flaky tag from preStop test
website 24538 Cweiping Pending Oct 15 Cweiping, Random-Liu, onlydole, sftim XS fix node-conformance apiserver adress flag error
kubernetes 93285 aarnaud Pending Oct 15 BenTheElder, aarnaud, ddebroy, derekwaynecarr, liggitt, michmike, mindprince, thomacos, yifan-gu M Port deviceManager to windows container manager to enable GPU access
test-infra 19571 zshihang LGTM Oct 14 cheftako, justaugustus, msau42 XS add feature CSIServiceAccountToken to alpha tests
node-problem-detector 475 vteratipally LGTM Oct 14 Random-Liu, bsdnet, dchen1107 XS catching hung task with pattern like "tasks airflow scheduler: *"
kubernetes 93130 zshihang Pending Oct 14 jingxu97, liggitt, mikedanese, msau42, saad-ali, zshihang XXL plumb service account token down to csi driver
test-infra 16329 droslean Pending Oct 14 cblecker, clarketm, justaugustus, stevekuznetsov M enable cherrypick plugin in kubernetes org
kubernetes 89990 yuansmin Pending Oct 14 dchen1107, lavalamp, piosz S CSI is GA in k8s v1.13
ingress-gce 1131 rramkumar1 Pending Oct 14 bowei, skmatti, thockin L Condense logging_test.go to reuse one Ingress by applying transitions in logical order
kubernetes 95569 oomichi Pending Oct 14 Random-Liu, mtaufen M Move dirExists() to kubelet_test
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 508 xpivarc Pending Oct 14 mengqiy, pwittrock M :bug: Set string as type if field of struct has a string json tag
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 125 rajansandeep LGTM Oct 14 Liujingfang1, atoato88 L Use latest version for tests
kubernetes-csi/external-snapshotter 310 humblec Pending Oct 14 jingxu97, lpabon XL Add snapshot CRD API reference doc for the repo.
kubernetes 88771 prameshj Pending Oct 14 MrHohn, cheftako, freehan, mikedanese, prameshj M Remove feature gate for ILB Custom Subnet. 24567 saintmalik Pending Oct 14 XS Fix broken url in docs
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4266 haircommander Pending Oct 14 XS WIP: improve timeout handling
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4266 haircommander Pending Oct 14 XS WIP: improve timeout handling
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 407 MaxRink Pending Oct 14 EleanorRigby, MaxRink, codenrhoden, davidewatson, detiber, vincepri S [WIP] Add kube-vip as another preloaded Image for vmware
kubernetes 83444 mariantalla Pending Oct 14 apelisse, hoegaarden, jennybuckley L [WIP] Set ownership of `spec.replicas` to scale subresource
ingress-gce 1150 rramkumar1 Pending Oct 14 MrHohn, bowei, freehan, rramkumar1 L Add event when BackendConfig is an orphan
enhancements 923 kwiesmueller Pending Oct 14 apelisse, deads2k, jennybuckley, kwiesmueller, lavalamp, liggitt, smarterclayton, tedyu L Add a KEP for introducing declarative fieldManager
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 377 randomvariable Pending Oct 14 EleanorRigby, MaxRink, justinsb, randomvariable, vincepri L [WIP] Add Fedora 32 support for VMware builder
kubernetes-sigs/kubespray 6161 mattymo Pending Oct 14 LuckySB, Miouge1, floryut S Scale up coredns to 1 replica before upgrade if using manual mode
website 24014 Arhell Pending Oct 14 Arhell, habibrosyad, jimangel, kbhawkey, sftim, steveperry-53 S add cncf-landscape shortcode for training page
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 1211 bboreham Pending Oct 14 DirectXMan12, alvaroaleman, bboreham, joelanford L 🌱 Add distributed tracing framework
kubernetes-sigs/external-dns 1701 ericrrath Pending Oct 14 Raffo, linki, njuettner L OCI provider: add support for instance principal authentication
kubernetes-client/python 1184 unterstein Pending Oct 14 roycaihw, yliaog XS Update pyyaml due to CVE-2017-18342
kubernetes 94986 tkashem Pending Oct 14 apelisse, hzxuzhonghu, lavalamp, liggitt, soltysh, sttts, tkashem, wojtek-t L drop managed fields from audit entries
release 1640 justaugustus Pending Oct 14 hasheddan, sethmccombs M [WIP] gcb: Add hack to rewrite version markers
kubeflow/kfserving 1105 mszacillo Pending Oct 14 Tomcli, yuzliu XL Add GCS support and tests
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2031 randomvariable Pending Oct 14 chuckha, justinsb M [wip] CAPA Maintainer promotions
test-infra 19544 chaodaiG Pending Oct 14 alvaroaleman, cjwagner, petr-muller XS Rerun prow job: log debug instead of error on user errors
bazelbuild/rules_docker 1648 nlewo Pending Oct 14 alex1545, rubensf, smukherj1 XS Repository names must be lowercase
perf-tests 1389 tosi3k Pending Oct 14 jprzychodzen L WIP Create objects periodically updated during load test
google/cadvisor 2697 dims Pending Oct 14 S Update to new docker(v19.03.13) and containerd(1.4.1)
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2033 randomvariable Pending Oct 14 justinsb, rudoi XL WIP: Adds a AWS request throttler based upon per-operation type buckets
kubernetes 86139 jasimmons LGTM Oct 14 MorrisLaw, Random-Liu, derekwaynecarr, jasimmons, liggitt, mattjmcnaughton, riking, sjenning, yifan-gu L Normalize HTTP lifecycle handlers with HTTP probers
kubernetes-csi/csi-driver-image-populator 13 kvaps Pending Oct 14 msau42, saad-ali XS Update
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-aws 2034 randomvariable Pending Oct 14 chuckha, rudoi XXL WIP: e2e: Add a scale test.
kubeflow/website 2286 kelvins Pending Oct 14 RFMVasconcelos, berndverst S Add delete notebooks section to troubleshoot
sig-release 1109 justaugustus Pending Oct 14 Verolop, dougm, listx, markyjackson-taulia, tpepper L [WIP] releng: Initial commit of Golang update handbook
perf-tests 1320 mborsz Pending Oct 14 mm4tt, wojtek-t XS [WIP] Cherry pick of and dependencies/fixes
kubernetes-sigs/image-builder 388 prankul88 LGTM Oct 14 justinsb, randomvariable, vincepri XS Update Ubuntu ISO image to 18.04.5
release 1638 saschagrunert Pending Oct 14 hasheddan, hoegaarden XS Take `NoUpdateLatest` into account for krel push 24565 michielvangendt Pending Oct 14 XS Fix broken link
ingress 6328 amuraru Pending Oct 14 bowei XS Use exponential buckets in request_size metric
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4262 tdiesler Pending Oct 14 XS Fix reference to cri-o install instructions
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4262 tdiesler Pending Oct 14 XS Fix reference to cri-o install instructions
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3708 fabriziopandini Pending Oct 14 JoelSpeed, vincepri L 🌱 Implement e2e test for clusterctl upgrade
kubernetes-sigs/service-catalog 2822 mszostok Pending Oct 14 jberkhahn, piotrmiskiewicz XL [WIP] Fix setting userinfo field
ingress-nginx 6328 amuraru Pending Oct 14 aledbf, bowei, cmluciano XS Use exponential buckets in request_size metric
kubernetes 94643 lonng LGTM Oct 14 JornShen, derekwaynecarr, lonng, mattjmcnaughton, oomichi, resouer S Avoid unnecessary calls if other error occurred
kubernetes-sigs/azurefile-csi-driver 454 monaka Pending Oct 14 ZeroMagic, andyzhangx, monaka XS Fix tolerations in the daemon-set.
kubernetes 91285 aojea Pending Oct 14 aojea, neolit123, tanjunchen L WIP integration test services finalizers
kubernetes 92172 rvmzes Pending Oct 14 eparis, lavalamp, soltysh XS Add comment for Image and imagePullPolicy
cloud-provider-sample 5 wyyxd2017 Pending Oct 14 andrewsykim, mcrute XS fix invalid url
website 23994 liu-xuewen Pending Oct 14 Arhell, chenrui333, pigletfly, tanjunchen XS Update
test-infra 19547 mayankshah1607 Pending Oct 14 andyzhangx, msau42 XS disable sanity test job on `k-csi/csi-driver-nfs`
kubeflow/website 2284 subodh101 Pending Oct 14 alfsuse, joeliedtke XS Nit use credentials
enhancements 1893 php-coder LGTM Oct 14 caseydavenport, cmluciano, dcbw XS 1453-ingress-api/ fix a link
kubernetes 95178 ncopa Pending Oct 14 jeffvance, saad-ali S Fix du command to be portable (#95172)
kubernetes 95281 SaiHarshaK Pending Oct 14 SaiHarshaK, bskiba, hwdef, spiffxp M fix staticcheck failures for test/e2e and test/integration
kubernetes 95541 cofyc Pending Oct 14 ahg-g, cofyc, jingxu97, msau42 M volume binding: report UnschedulableAndUnresolvable status instead of an error when bound PVs not found
website 24472 purplemysticx Pending Oct 14 howieyuen, tanjunchen, xichengliudui XS Update cluster-intro.html: Fix Chinese typo
helm 8886 yxxhero Pending Oct 14 XS Add --skip-refresh option in helm dep build
charts 23894 scott-grimes Pending Oct 14 XS stable/fluentd include spec.serviceName if either autoscaling.enabled or useStatefulSet
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6825 michalskalski Pending Oct 14 XS Handle dns_mode set to 'none' in generate nameservers task
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6825 michalskalski Pending Oct 14 XS Handle dns_mode set to 'none' in generate nameservers task
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 428 damemi Pending Oct 14 XS Start using helpers from
kubernetes-sigs/kubebuilder-declarative-pattern 123 rajansandeep LGTM Oct 14 DirectXMan12, atoato88 S Fix metrics reconcilation
kubernetes-sigs/sig-storage-local-static-provisioner 182 cofyc Pending Oct 14 jsafrane, msau42 M WIP: Clean up a bit
kubernetes 82784 honkiko Pending Oct 14 fatedier, honkiko, imroc, jingxu97, jsafrane, msau42, ypnuaa037 S fix issue 68211 modified subpath configmap mount fails when container restarts
kubernetes-csi/docs 372 chrishenzie Pending Oct 14 msau42, saad-ali M Outline csi-prefixed parameters included by --extra-create-metadata
enhancements 1988 matthyx LGTM Oct 14 SergeyKanzhelev, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr M Document implementation history of startupProbe
test-infra 19559 MushuEE Pending Oct 13 MushuEE, amwat, spiffxp S BQ classic UI link deprecated Oct 1st
kubernetes-sigs/controller-tools 501 vincepri Pending Oct 13 DirectXMan12, alvaroaleman, liggitt, mengqiy, pwittrock, vincepri XL :seedling: Update dependencies to v1.19.2
kubernetes 95201 gkarthiks Pending Oct 13 dims, gkarthiks, roycaihw XS fix: add group in oai documentation
kubernetes-sigs/descheduler 428 damemi Pending Oct 13 aveshagarwal, k82cn M Start using helpers from
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api 3752 ncdc Pending Oct 13 CecileRobertMichon, benmoss, detiber, fabriziopandini, ncdc, vincepri L 🐛 MHC: need Cluster infra for node startup timeout
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2620 seans3 Pending Oct 13 Liujingfang1, frankfarzan, monopole, phanimarupaka, pwittrock, seans3 L Adds no-process annotation to optionally avoid pipeline processing
kubernetes-sigs/kustomize 2594 mortent Pending Oct 13 Liujingfang1, mortent, phanimarupaka, pwittrock L Return an error if setting a value that is not legal for the type 24555 magnologan Pending Oct 13 XS Update 24554 sftim Pending Oct 13 XS Set code owners for /.github
kubernetes 95117 andrewsykim Pending Oct 13 andrewsykim, deads2k, liggitt, soltysh, sttts, yliaog XS fake dynamic client: document that List does not preserve TypeMeta in UnstructuredList
test-infra 19535 jiahuif LGTM Oct 13 amwat, cjwagner, spiffxp XS really remove kubetest2
cloud-provider-vsphere 395 MartinWeindel Pending Oct 13 SandeepPissay, divyenpatel S optionally check for orphan, unmanaged load balancer service
sig-release 1088 saschagrunert LGTM Oct 13 cpanato, hasheddan, idealhack, justaugustus, listx, onlydole S Add basic release engineering description
kubeflow/kfserving 1130 mttcnnff Pending Oct 13 salanki, yuzliu M Swap boto3 in for minio in storage initializer
test-infra 12440 matthyx Pending Oct 13 alvaroaleman, cblecker, cjwagner, matthyx, stevekuznetsov XL Implement ConfigTree in approve plugin
kubeflow/kubeflow 5309 jrykr Pending Oct 13 MartinForReal, kimwnasptd, yanniszark XS Use valid commit for kubeflow/components/common module.
kubernetes-sigs/controller-runtime 860 BobVanB Pending Oct 13 droot, pwittrock XXL :sparkles, minor: Add SideEffects to builder
kubernetes 85207 teraflik LGTM Oct 13 ash2k, caesarxuchao, mqliang, wojtek-t S Add peek function to heap data-store in client-go
kubeflow/pipelines 4210 Bobgy Pending Oct 13 Ark-kun, Bobgy, gaoning777, joeliedtke, rmgogogo L doc: versioning policy and feature stages docs. Part of #4533
kubeflow/pipelines 3447 Ark-kun Pending Oct 13 Ark-kun, gaoning777, hongye-sun, numerology, rui5i M SDK - Components - Making whole TaskSpec available to the container and graph handlers
kubeflow/pipelines 3816 Ark-kun Pending Oct 13 Bobgy, chensun, jessiezcc, numerology, paveldournov, rmgogogo XXL SDK - Components - Added the create_component_from_tfx_component function
kubeflow/pipelines 3827 Ark-kun LGTM Oct 13 Bobgy, chensun, gaoning777, hongye-sun, numerology S refactor(sdk/client): Refactored _create_job_config to _create_api_run_object
kubeflow/pipelines 3880 Ark-kun LGTM Oct 13 Ark-kun, elikatsis, gaoning777, hongye-sun, numerology, rmgogogo M feat(sdk/dsl): Added BaseOp.set_retry_strategy
kubeflow/pipelines 4155 Ark-kun Pending Oct 13 Bobgy, IronPan, chensun, numerology L feat(sdk): SDK - Components - Added support for editing components
kubeflow/pipelines 4535 izapolsk Pending Oct 13 Ark-kun, chensun, neuromage, numerology M feat(sdk): added pipeline name option to kfp run submit
kubeflow/pipelines 4552 Ark-kun Pending Oct 13 Ark-kun, Bobgy, chensun, neuromage, numerology M fix(sdk): Compiler - Fixed pipeline parameters with empty default values
kubeflow/pipelines 4575 numerology Pending Oct 13 Ark-kun, Bobgy, IronPan, NikeNano, chensun, numerology, shaikmanu797 L chore: Add doc strings marking the feature stages for SDK.
kubeflow/pipelines 4610 Ark-kun Pending Oct 13 Bobgy, IronPan, chensun, numerology M chore(sdk): Refactoring - Moved the component bridge installation to the compiler
kubeflow/pipelines 4611 Ark-kun LGTM Oct 13 Ark-kun, Bobgy, chensun, numerology, rmgogogo XS feat(sdk): Dropped support for Python 3.5. Fixes #4584
enhancements 1411 michaelgugino Pending Oct 13 JoelSpeed, bboreham, dchen1107, derekwaynecarr, elmiko, jsafrane, klueska, mattjmcnaughton, michaelgugino, sftim, timothysc, yastij L add KEP: Node Maintenance Lease
autoscaler 3593 RainbowMango Pending Oct 13 Jeffwan, feiskyer XXL tidy cluster-autoscaler go modules
kubernetes 92863 AkihiroSuda Pending Oct 13 AkihiroSuda, Random-Liu, SergeyKanzhelev, giuseppe, nicksardo, tedyu L kubelet & kube-proxy: support rootless mode
kubernetes 92956 zhouya0 Pending Oct 13 brianpursley, soltysh L Remove dependency of generators from create rolebinding
perf-tests 1386 jprzychodzen Pending Oct 13 mborsz, mm4tt XL [WIP] Remove delete part of config
perf-tests 1383 tosi3k Pending Oct 13 oxddr, wojtek-t M [WIP] Remove service creation
istio/ 8246 shamsher31 Pending Oct 13 shamsher31 M Add health check using TCP socket 24541 rushi47 Pending Oct 13 XS Update Line no 119, PDB Example
helm 8881 tomahawk28 Pending Oct 13 XS Prune the last release history in case no deployed succeed before
helm 8879 hickeyma Pending Oct 13 XS fix(lint): Lint error message for valid names
charts 23892 PierreC1024 Pending Oct 13 olemarkus XS [stable/mysql] add MySQL password secret annotations
charts 23891 kvaps Pending Oct 13 XS [stable/nfs-server-provisioner] add deprecation warning
kubernetes-incubator/descheduler 427 seanmalloy Pending Oct 13 XS WIP: fix version output
cloud-provider-openstack 1236 jichenjc Pending Oct 13 Fedosin, anguslees, jichenjc, seanschneeweiss L [all]refactory metrics code so that additional code can consume it
kubernetes 93036 ZhiFeng1993 LGTM Oct 13 ZhiFeng1993, juanvallejo, mwielgus, oomichi M Fix staticcheck for e2e test autoscaling package
kubernetes 95504 masap Pending Oct 13 gmarek, jsafrane XS Fix a copy-paste error in a comment 24538 Cweiping Pending Oct 13 XS fix node-conformance apiserver adress flag error
charts 23889 hyperbolic2346 Pending Oct 13 XS [stable/lamp] Adding quote to git sync wait
kubernetes-sigs/cri-o 4258 haircommander Pending Oct 13 XS network stop: don't segfault if sandbox isn't created yet
kubernetes-incubator/kargo 6823 jseguillon Pending Oct 13 XS Update kubevirt Centos7 from 1809 to 2003
kubernetes-incubator/kubespray 6823 jseguillon Pending Oct 13 XS Update kubevirt Centos7 from 1809 to 2003
kubernetes-incubator/cri-o 4258 haircommander Pending Oct 13 XS network stop: don't segfault if sandbox isn't created yet
kubernetes 92152 brianpursley Pending Oct 13 brianpursley, seans3, soltysh L Add warning if client/server version difference exceeds the supported skew
kubeflow/manifests 1562 thesuperzapper LGTM Oct 13 PatrickXYS, andreyvelich, gaocegege, johnugeorge, krishnadurai, zhenghuiwang M fix mysql deployment strategy
website 24479 MehranJanfeshan Pending Oct 12 celestehorgan, onlydole XS Correcting grammatical errors on Pod lifetime section.
kubernetes-sigs/gcp-compute-persistent-disk-csi-driver 618 jingxu97 Pending Oct 12 jingxu97, mattcary, msau42 M Add CSI Windows Support Doc
kubeflow/kfp-tekton 328 drewbutlerbb4 LGTM Oct 12 Tomcli, ckadner M feat(ui) Update UI to account for the When expression
test-infra 19537 amwat Pending Oct 12 BenTheElder, spiffxp XS Allow junit files to be under subdirectories.
kubernetes-sigs/scheduler-plugins 75 yuanchen8911 Pending Oct 12 Huang-Wei, ahg-g, denkensk M Optimize Permit and Unreserve plugins in coscheduling
kubernetes 94786 Riaankl Pending Oct 12 andrewsykim, danwinship, heyste, liggitt, oomichi M Write Proxy 301 redirect Test - +7 Endpoint coverage
kubernetes 94949 Riaankl Pending Oct 12 andrewsykim, caseydavenport M Write NodeProxy Redirect Test - +7 endpoint coverage test
kubernetes 89793 huffmanca Pending Oct 12 dchen1107, hongchaodeng, msau42, xing-yang S Moving CSI Node storage version to v1
kubernetes-client/javascript 505 brendandburns Pending Oct 12 drubin, kscharm, mbohlool M Improve closing behavior for cache/informer.
kubernetes-sigs/vsphere-csi-driver 387 chethanv28 Pending Oct 12 RaunakShah, dougm XL Fix errors reported by gocritic
website 24460 phumberdroz Pending Oct 12 Kashomon, phumberdroz, sftim, soltysh S Fixes a couple of spelling mistakes
website 24525 sftim Pending Oct 12 jimangel, kbarnard10 S Improve explanation about pod template updates 24528 sftim Pending Oct 12 XS Add object to glossary 24525 sftim Pending Oct 12 XS Improve explanation about pod template updates
helm 8875 jonasrutishauser Pending Oct 12 XS Support subcharts from chartcenter
charts 23888 ramsesrm Pending Oct 12 XS [stable/airflow] Add namespace and correct service name in NOTES.txt
kubernetes-sigs/federation-v2 1297 makkes